release date: Nov 06, 2009
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MotionLabHD Treadmill Training Systems
MotionLab Treadmill Training Systems is a special DVD that you watch while you are exercising on your treadmill, bicycle, or rowing machine But this is an oversimplification. It is what Astronauts are using on the International Space Station! MotionLab represents a profound scientific breakthrough in mental, physical and technical conditioning, using rich inspirational media and sophisticated autogenic training techniques. Coaches know that students learn skills best from being mentored by experts; by following athletes and imprinting perfect movement over time. MotionLab is a rapid means to improve technique in a given sport. Choose from a wide selection of workouts, spectacular locations and sport modes: Run the West Coast trail in the Pacific Rim National park, through old growth forest; Trek along the sea cliffs of Gross Morne park in Newfoundland; Try snow-shoeing and Nordic skiing in the Laurentains; Attend a group trail run in Gatineau hills or a solo run in the leaves during fall colours; Experience a marathon with 10,000 runners; Mountain-bike the national-championship race-course with competitors; Kayak lakes and rivers; Pre-visualize in an Olympic cross country ski race; Ride through the countryside on your bicycle; Hike to the top of a volcano; Traverse a Rocky Mountain glacial pass; Stroll the boardwalks over paradise meadows, or Traverse an endless beach at sunset.
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