release date: Mar 09, 2010
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Hachi: A Dog's Tale
Gere/Allen/Alexander ~ Hachi-Dogs Tale
True loyalty is a rarity, but occasionally, invincible bonds form almost instantaneously--often in the most unlikely places. So it is with college professor Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) and a young puppy that's been abandoned at the local train station. Dubbed Hachiko because of the Japanese symbol for good luck that's hanging from his collar, the young Akita puppy instantly captivates Parker's heart. Parker's wife, Cate (Joan Allen), is less than enthusiastic about welcoming the puppy into their home. But when he's not claimed after a few days and Cate begins to realize how strongly Hachi and her husband have bonded, she relents and Hachi becomes a part of the family. Hachi is a somewhat peculiar dog that refuses to learn to fetch or master other people-pleasing tricks. But he is a faithful companion and friend to Parker, alerting him of potential dangers and accompanying him to the train station each morning and meeting him there after his return trip each evening. One morning, Hachi initiates a game of fetch with Parker, who is both pleased and a bit confused at the dog's sudden interest in the game. In spite of Hachi's efforts to get Parker to continue playing with him, Parker's sense of duty compels him to board the train and head for work. Parker does not return on his scheduled train, or any train that evening, and the devoted Hachi waits late into the night until a family member comes to take him home. Hachi returns to the train station day after day, year after year, ever faithful in his hope that Parker will once again step off the train to meet him. Prepare to be moved to tears by this beautiful, seemingly simple film--it's about so much more than just the relationship between a man and his dog. --Tami Horiuchi
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DirectorsLasse Hallstrom,Lasse Hallstr m,Lasse Hallström
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