release date: Jan 23, 2018
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BURN 1,000 Calories per hour! Developed by core performance guru, Linda LaRue RN MEd, ATC, The CORE TRANSFORMER® 3D 1,000 Calorie BURN Kit is a revolutionary new, workout that torches off that top layer of belly fat fast by BURNING an incredible 1,000 calories per hour! (Testing by Body Bugg analysis.) And, it also target tones your deepest core muscles, just like a laser, along with your entire body too. The uniquely patented, 3-dimensional, CORE TRANSFORMER® rubber tubing system creates a constant resistance that keeps you in your customized fat-burning zone. You ll build lean muscle in all the right places, plus sculpt your shoulders, tame that triceps jiggle, build a tighter butt, a strong back, and of course, flat, chiseled abs. You'll see results in one month or less guaranteed! Kit Includes CORE TRANSFORMER® Exercise Tube and 3 Complete Workouts Workout 1: 20 Minute 3D BURN Express is a 300 calorie-burning core workout that easily fits into your busy day because it s only 20 minutes. This fun routine includes our favorite, 3-D standing moves that shape your mid-section fast and train every inch of your body from the inside out. Workout 2: 40 Minute 3D BURN uses the CORE TRANSFORMER® exercise tube for exclusive 3-Dimensional, constant-resistance exercises that reach your deepest core muscles and the rest of your body to help you smoke 600 PLUS calories in record time. Workout 3: 60 Minute 1,000 Calorie 3D BURN targets your ENTIRE body 3-dimensionally (like a gyroscope!) to build flat abs, a strong back and a balanced body. If your goal is a defined waistline and lightning-fast weight loss, take this 1,000-CALORIE BURN CHALLENGE! *The CORE TRANSFORMER® is eco-friendly and made from natural, sustainable rubber trees.
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