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release date: Jul 23, 2017
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Potion Voyages (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: The oceans of the world grant different magical gifts to those who drink of them, as long as the potion of water is pure enough, and the drinker has the right innate potential to use the magic to its fullest.

Beneath the many burning suns that are both a source of energy and an oppressive force, one empire grows in power under the influence of its evil advisor, Cassius, whose intellect is greatly multiplied by the waters of one of these oceans. He devises a way to manipulate the hideously disfigured imperial prince, Octavian, after healing his deformity using another ocean's waters and then exploiting the handsome royal's growing vanity.

Wicked things from the spirit world set their own plans into motion, revealing to Cassius some long hidden and dangerous knowledge, which he uses to build powerful castles and expand Octavian’s empire that he rules from the shadows.

A talented young singer named Taesa has the misfortune of attracting the greedy empire's attention and she is taken into captivity. Octavian demands that she pay him tribute with her music, which is greatly enhanced by the waters of yet another ocean which she drinks. However, her voice is far more powerful than anyone realizes and it will later prove to have an effect that extends beyond moving the emotions of those listening.

An ancient historian, Judith, will observe much of this evil unfold and write these terrible things into her chronicle of events. However, she is forbidden from interfering to save, or even give warning to, the innocent in the path of destruction. Judith can only hope that the righteous of the world will drink from the other oceans of power, using their magic to bring an end to Cassius’ evil schemes.
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