release date: Aug 20, 2017
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Purposeful Productivity: A Guide to Goal Planning, Stopping Procrastination and Building Online Businesses.
A collection goal setting and planning essays for building online businesses.

This essay collection will show you how you can get clear on your goals, create a plan to achieve them and stay focused on your most important tasks until you’ve hit your target.

By the end of reading this collection, you’ll know how to put into place a simple, effective planning system which actually gets you results.

We all know it’s hard to stay focused.

With so many distractions, it can feel impossible to stay on track. It’s easier than ever to get distracted by shiny object syndrome.

Yet, it’s clear that staying focused and confident in your direction are essential for your business's long term success.

It’s one thing to know and another to actually do. Small Business owners and entrepreneurs often spend their time running around putting out fires, going down paths that have nothing to do with what they want to achieve, or where they want their businesses to be going.

Download this free, short essay collection and get yourself up and running with a system that’s proven to get results.

The concepts in these essays have helped hundreds of business owners stay accountable, on track, and stress-free

This collection is based on my own personal planning system, one that’s evolved over nearly a decade of working with six-figure eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

It’s the same system I used to stay on track while I wrote my best-selling book The End Of Jobs.

After you read this book:

You’ll finally be clear on where you want your business to go.

You can wake up every day confident about what you’ll be working on, and where it’s moving you towards.

You’ll be stressed free, focused on your work, and finally have space again to think.

Inside Purposeful Productivity:

Integrated systems-science principles like Antifragility and Optionality, so that you can be ahead of the game with the right approach to 21st century, online entrepreneurial thinking.

A step-by-step guide to your own business system plan, balancing the above concepts so you can work towards your goals with clarity, confidence, and focus - while also staying flexible to change and surprises.

The Entrepreneur’s Weekly Review, so you can stay on track,reorient, and recap the most effective way at the end of the week.

The Entrepreneur's Daily Ritual, so you’ll know how to manage your time, jump-start your day, and learn the tricks for getting things done fast.

TEMPLATES - for every system covered: Everything you need to get started constructing a system that fits your needs and gets you on track, today.


These are some of the most popular and impactful essays I have ever written, available here, for your convenience.

I’m throwing in the above bonuses because I want to make sure you have everything you need to make this information as actionable and as useful as possible.

All of this content, all of these templates, links, tools, advice, examples and explanation are yours for free.

Once you decide you're ready to join the hundreds of other entrepreneurs the concepts in these essays have helped regain their clarity, confidence and focus, simply click the download button and get started.
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