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release date: Sep 01, 2009
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Reading Together
A dynamic guide to more than 100 books that will get kids talking and reading more.

How do children become good readers? In Reading Together, educational consultant Diane W. Frankenstein shares the secret: guiding children to find an appropriate book and talking with them about the story helps them connect with what they read.

This engaging guide shares advice for parents, teachers, librarians, and caregivers on how to help children find what to read, and then through conversation, how to find meaning and pleasure in their reading. With more than 100 great book recommendations for kids from Pre-K through grade six, as well as related conversation starters, Reading Together offers a winning equation to turn children into lifelong readers. Some of the award-winning books discussed include Betty G. Birney's World According to Humphrey, Gennifer Choldenko's Notes from a Liar and Her Dog, and David Shannon's Bad Case of Stripes.
release date: Sep 21, 2005
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Horror: Another 100 Best Books features one hundred of the top names in the horror field discussing one hundred of the most spine-chilling novels ever written. Each entry includes a synopsis of the work as well as publication history, biographical information about the author of each title, and recommended reading and biographical notes on the contributor. Author Ramsey Campbell also offers a new foreword to the book describing the evolution of horror over the past two decades — from the way it's written by a crop of new and exciting writers to the way it's received by a new market of readers. Horror: Another 100 Best Books will be the definitive guide to the tremendous library of horror fiction available today —a reference that no fan can live without.
release date: Jul 17, 2001
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Best Books for Kids Who (Think They) Hate to Read
Get Your Child Hooked on Books!
Reading can become a favorite part of any child's life—even children who think they hate to read. And, with the help of this unique book, it's easy to put your reluctant reader on the path to becoming an enthusiastic reader. Inside are 125 books that are certain to ignite your child's interest in reading. You'll find a variety of titles with real kid appeal—the best of the best for children of all reading levels. These books will captivate your child's interest and create a passion you never thought possible. So, for the love of reading and your child, come inside, explore all 125 books, and discover:
·Complete descriptions and synopses
·The appeal of each book to reluctant readers
·Suggested audience and reading levels
·Recommended readings if your child enjoys a particular book
·And much, much more!
By developing a love of reading and an emotional connection to books and ideas, your child can develop and maintain a high level of interest in reading—and get a head start on life.
"An excellent resource for parents and educators interested in promoting literacy among children, with practical tips on how to make reading a fun, educational, and rewarding experience for children of all ages."
Stephen Green, Ph.D., child development specialist, Texas A&M University
release date: Jan 01, 2004
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Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children 2nd Ed

With wit, candor, and boundless enthusiasm, Valerie V. Lewis and Walter M. Mayes have selected more than 2,000 wonderful books for children from birth to age 12. Here is the most useful, candid, and convenient guide to children's literature ever published, featuring in-depth reviews, concise ratings, tips for finding the perfect book for your child, and mountains of essential hints and sound advice to help you pass along the gift of reading to the next generation. This fully revised and updated edition includes:

  • Reviews of the best new books for children
  • More of Valerie and Walter's patented back-and-forth dialogue
  • Handy cross-references by theme and interest
  • And much, much more
  • From stories that babies can literally chew on, to the very best choices for bridging the gap between listening and reading, to the right books to tempt an adamant nonreader, this truly is the last word on children's reading and the first book a parent should buy.

    release date: Dec 01, 1988
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    Packed with photographs of the most terrifying scenes in cinema history, this unique, definitive, comprehensive guide traces the story of horror, decade-by-decade, and provides a witty and informative critique of over 200 films from all over the world, plus any TV series and literature that informed them, offering a superb introduction for beginners as well as something new for the die-hard horror fan.
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