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release date: Jan 01, 1986
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Franklin and Harriet
Most of the time, Franklin likes being a big brother to his toddler sister Harriet. But when Harriet tries to commandeer Franklin¹s favorite toy - his stuffed dog Sam - he begins to see her in a different light. Harriet cries a lot and needs to be watched every minute. Sometimes she is stinky. Worst of all, she now thinks Sam belongs to her!
release date: Aug 16, 1993
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Where Are You Going, Manyoni?
"Manyoni is on her way to school; she gets up at dawn to walk two hours across the plain, along the Limpopo riverbed....As seen in Stock's beautifully rendered impressionistic watercolors...wild animals and birds are on almost every spread--more than 30 in all....A lovely book that draws the reader right in."--Kirkus Reviews. Pronouncing glossary.
release date: Mar 05, 2002
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Dr. Laura
From Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the God's Top Ten cassette/CD is comprised of the theme song and 10 songs from the God's Top Ten video. Each song concentrates on an individual commandment and is great as a stand along product as well as companion to the video. Award-winning producer Scott Votaw, President of KidzVid Entertainment, produces the original songs from KidzVid Entertainment.
release date: Mar 01, 1996
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I'm on the Potty: 14 Sing Alongs (Kids Sing-Along Songs)
Im On The Potty is a delightful collection of 14 Sing-Along Songs set to classic Nursery Rhyme melodies. Audio cassette recommended for ages 2 and up. Progress chart and stickers are included.
release date: Jan 01, 1997
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Jack's Garden
"Building on a rhyme that will be familiar to many children, author-illustrator Cole creates an enticing guide to creating a garden. 'This is the garden that Jack planted...' The final illustration presents a satisfied-looking boy surrounded by a lush, bird-filled flower garden....A concluding page of gardening suggestions serves as a springboard to books with more specific guidelines."--Horn Book.
release date: Jul 14, 1997
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Arthur's Really Helpful Word Book
Marc Brown's beloved, bespectacled Arthur, a storybook favorite among primary graders for more than twenty years, is now a hero to the millions of preschoolers who watch his daily show on PBS television. To reach this younger audience, Marc Brown has pulled out all the stops and created a word book that truly lives up to its name--it's really helpful! In this big, exciting book Marc Brown has pictured and labled more than 1,000 everyday words in environments ranging from the zoo to Mom's office. And, as a bonus not found in any other word book, each page makes learning a playful game by exploring the imagination and reinforcing early-learning concepts in a fun way. Here's a book that grows with the child from toddler to first grade--use it first to help develop a baby's spoken vocabulary and later to teach counting, colors, the alphabet, opposites, shapes, and other basics. When "back to school" rolls around this year, Arthur, his sister D.W., and their friends and family are ready to make it more fun than ever!  
release date: Jan 01, 2002
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Laura Numeroff's 10-Step Guide to Living with Your Monster

Is your monster misbehaving?
Is he eating your favorite shirts?
Is he using your hairbrush to clean his teeth?
Is he annoying your family on car trips?
Never fear those monster mishaps again!

Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans, the world's leading experts on monsters and the mischief they make, have created the ultimate 10-Step Guide to Living With Your Monster.

A portion of the proceeds from Laura Numeroff's 10-Step Guide To Living With Your Monster will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

release date: Apr 13, 2010
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Inch by Inch
A small green inchworm is proud of his skill at measuring anything—a robin's tail, a flamingo's neck, a toucan's beak. Then one day a nightingale threatens to eat him if he cannot measure his song. Children will enjoy the clever inchworm's solution and delight in finding the tiny hero on every page.

Every inch the classic, this was the first of Lionni's books to win the Caldecott Honor.
release date: Jan 01, 2001
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Shake a Leg!
Reading is one of the most important skills a child will ever learn. When you read to children, you are sharing an experience that prepares them to learn to read. Jellybean Books have been written especially to be read aloud to toddlers and preschoolers aged 3-5 years old. Every book is lively, colorful, filled with fabulous characters, and priced to please.
release date: Apr 01, 1993
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An enduring classic about how a little boy's stuffed dog is lost and found again, first published in the United States as David and Dog.
release date: May 01, 2001
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I had a Rooster
I had a rooster and the rooster pleased me
I fed my rooster on the green berry tree
The little rooster went cock-a-doodle doo
Dee doodle dee doodle dee doodle dee doo

Start with a crowing rooster and turn the pages to see the animals pile up, one by one. As the lyrics add a meowing cat, a quacking duck, and more friendly critters, the stepped pages offer a creative way to read a cumulative story without leaving any of the animals behind.

Emmy-Award winning artist, Laura Vaccaro Seeger beautifully illustrates a traditional folk song popularized by singer Pete Seeger. A CD recording and the written music make this the perfect gift for folk music fans of all ages!
release date: Dec 12, 1995
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The Adventures of Little Proto (Odds Bodkin Musical Story Collection)
Little Proto's adventures--67 million years ago--on Magnolia Island, where an old Triceratops lives. A heart-warming story with four original songs and sound effects. Accompanied by 12-string guitar.
release date: Oct 04, 1997
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The World of William Joyce Scrapbook
Come play with William Joyce! Go on a treasure hunt. Decorate Easter eggs. Design Halloween costumes. Invent the un-invented. This scrapbook is your invitation to come play with the world's number-one advocate of global silliness. This is not a coffee-table tribute—if you tried to put it on a table, it would leap off, scratch its binding, and do the hokey-pokey. It's an opportunity for kids and kids-at-heart to find out what being an artist and writer is all about and take a sneak peek at the dreams and doodles of one of the industry's leading talents. Did you know that at Christmas, William Joyce decorates his living room with not one Christmas tree, but a dozen? That his very first picture book at the age of nine landed him in the principal's office for the afternoon?
Packed with a year's worth of holiday photographs, rib-tickling anecdotes, early sketches, snippets of future projects, and more, The World of William Joyce Scrapbook is your chance to take a leisurely ramble through an elegantly mischievous landscape, where adventure is de rigueur, and everything turns out A-OK.

release date: Jan 01, 1993
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Who Is the Beast?
A friendly tiger is confused by jungle animals fleeing from a beast, until he discovers he is the beast! “Graced with a compelling beauty, this gifted author/illustrator's imaginative story presents a timeless message to young readers.”--Publishers Weekly
release date: Jun 06, 1988
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One Grain of Sand

Sleep, baby, sleep...

Generations of children have been soothed to sleep by the comforting sound of lullabies. Twenty-four of these beloved bedtime songs are brought together and performed here by some of the best-known folk singers of all time. Accompanied by the guitar, Pete Seeger, Oscar Brand, and many others lend their warm voices to this treasury of traditional music for sleepy children.


All the Pretty Little Horses (Pete Seeger)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Oscar Brand)
Sleep, Little One, Sleep (Elizabeth Knight)
Raisins and Almonds (Frank Cooke)
Go To Bed First (Oscar Brand)
Dance to Your Daddy (Jean Ritchie)
Rock-A-Bye Baby (Oscar Brand)
Hush Little Baby (Pete Seeger)
Simba (Oscar Brand)
Bye, Baby Bunting (Ruth Welcome)
Petit Chat Noir (Oscar Brand)
Golden Slumbers(Elizabeth Knight)


Prettiest Boy in the County-O (Jean Ritchie)
Bye'n Bye (Pete Seeger)
Sleep, Baby (Juanita Cascone)
Coventry Carol (Oscar Brand)
Cuc-a-Nandy (Robin Roberts)
Kiowa Lullaby (Oscar Brand)
Lalo (Wallace House)
Can Ye Sew Cushions (Robin Roberts)
Who Killed Cock Robin (Oscar Brand)
Dance to Your Daddy (Robin Roberts)
Little Pierrot (Juanita Cascone)
Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Elizabeth Knight)

'Rock-a-bye-Baby,' 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,' and 'All the Pretty Horses' are just a few of the beautiful songs included in this collection of best-loved lullabies.Performed by folk artist greats Pete Seeger and Oscar Brand, this recording features classic musical gems that have been passed down from generation to generation. Featuring 'Hush Little Baby,' 'Sleep, Baby, Sleep,' 'Raisins and Almonds,' 'Go to Bed First,' 'Kiowa Lullaby.'

release date: Dec 02, 1994
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Mark Kistler's Imagination Station
Host of public television's Mark Kistler's Imagination Station, shows young artists the cool and fun way to draw in 3-D!
Hey, you!
Open this book and learn how to draw in three dimensions! Mark Kistler's Imagination Station has thirty-six exciting drawing adventures. Mark teaches you the different skills you need in order to create such masterpieces as:
* Dinosaurs in the Sky
* The Cool Cloud Colony
* The Magnificent Moon Base
* The Delightful Diving Dolphins
* Professional Pollution Patrollers
* Super Solar System
* And thirty other excellent adventures that will have you drawing like this:
There's also a special guide for parents and teachers at the end of the book.
release date: Dec 01, 1999
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The Musical Life of Gustav Mole
On the audio cassette, Patrick Macnee is Gustav. The original music is performed by talented instrumentalists and vocalists.
release date: Mar 13, 2001
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Lisa's Airplane Trip
Lisa's Airplane Trip is one of two titles launching the Misadventures of Gaspard and Lisa series. Lisa experiences for the first time in her life what it is like to travel on an airplane when she flies by herself to meet her uncle in the United States. The meal, movie, and other passengers provide endless amusement for Lisa--until an unfortunate accident with her orange juice. Fortunately, a very nice flight attendant makes everything better with a quick wash in the bathroom, followed by a special trip to the cockpit.
release date: Jan 01, 1991
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The Eye Book
Our eyes see flies.
Our eyes see ants.
Sometimes they see
pink underpants.

Oh, say can you see? Dr. Seuss's hilarious ode to eyes gives little ones a whole new appreciation for all the wonderful things to be seen!
release date: Jan 01, 2003
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John Denver
This exuberant adaptation of the famous song by John Denver is sure to make you smile, even on a dark and cuddly evening with your child. It helps if you can sing--the musical score is included--or just pop in the CD that comes with the hardback edition of the book. Sunshine On My Shoulders celebrates friendship, sunshine and the simple joy of being together. A charming little girl and her father (who looks a bit like John Denver) enjoy a day together in the sun with a guitar, butterflies, a cat, a mouse, and lots of other critters. The illustrations abound with light, color and lots of humorous detail. This is the first of the John Denver & Kids series.
release date: Sep 19, 1994
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Soccer Crazy
Simon loves the moon, especially when it is full and shines high in the sky. Then he discovers that it gets smaller every night. Why? And where do the pieces fall? Simon tries to find the answer and the missing pieces, before he happily discovers the moon returning to its original shape, round and shiny, like a bright balloon.
release date: Jan 01, 1997
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Bunny Money
A tale of funny bunny money for Rosemary Wells's bestselling Max and Ruby!

It's Grandma's birthday, and Ruby knows exactly what Grandma would love-a beautiful ballerina box. Max also knows what she'd love-a scary pair of ooey-gooey vampire teeth. Ruby has saved up a walletful of bills, but as unexpected mishap after mishap occurs, money starts running through the bunnies' fingers.... Will they have enough left for the perfect present? Wells' adorable story is also a fun and lively introduction to early math.
release date: Aug 10, 2001
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Leo the Lightning Bug
Leo wins our hearts and gains self-confidence in his struggle to make his very own light.
release date: Jun 30, 1999
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Fly Like a Butterfly
" extensive repertoire of...postures that are perfect for children....challenging, imaginative, and fun, and they will really get kids in shape...Khalsa uses the poses to tell a story--a unique and inspiring book that radiates simplicity and joy--two of the most telling fruits of yoga."--Yoga International. "Parents with young children will quickly discover this gem...helps parents get youngsters involved in healthy activities by introducing them to animals and adventures through exercises like the spider stretch, bear walk, or fish pose; controlled breathing; and even relaxation techniques."--Library Journal--starred review.
release date: Oct 01, 2001
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Who Hops?
From the cow that doesn't hop to the giraffe that doesn't crawl, animals on brightly colored page after page offer up giggles galore and a delightfully silly look at the way some creatures do--and don't--get around.
When the time comes to guess who hops and flies and slithers and swims and crawls, observant young readers just might know the answer!
release date: Feb 01, 1996
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The Lion and the Little Red Bird
A little bird discovers why a lion's tail changes color each day.
release date: Jan 01, 2005
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Oh My Baby, Little One
When Baby Bird says good-bye to his mama at school each morning, he feels sad. Mama Bird feels sad, too. Sometimes it's hard to be apart. But as Mama Bird says, the love they share is with them always, keeping them close until the best part of the day--when they are together again. •From the illustrator of the bestselling Time for Bed, with more than 725,000 copies sold •A heartwarming story about the universal experience of parents and children being temporarily separated
release date: Jan 01, 1984
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Grandfather Twilight
When day is gone, and shadows begin to deepen, it is time for Grandfather Twilight to close his book, put on his jacket, and go for a walk through the forest.

Little birds hush as he walks by, and the rabbits and other small creatures watch in silence as he performs his very special evening task and returns to his house among the trees. Small readers and listeners, too, will sense the serenity of this poetic story, and will be comforted to learn that the twilight is a gentle, friendly time.

Exquisite pictures extend and illuminate the text, to reveal the nightly miracle so faithfully performed by Grandfather Twilight. Perfect for reading aloud and for sharing at bedtime, this beautiful and reassuring book will be cherished by old and young alike.
1 - 28 of 28 results

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