2006 Teacher's Choices-Primary Readers (Grade K-2)

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Since 1989,  the International Reading Association started the Teachers' Choices project  that will encourage young people to read. These are books that kids will enjoy—and that contribute to learning across the curriculum. Teachers and parents will  find exceptional for curriculum use or reading aloud uses.

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release date: Jan 06, 2005
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From summer's flourishing flowers to autumn's succulent fruits, everything begins with a tiny little seed.
In this fascinating chronicle, young readers will learn how seeds grow, and how they vary in shape, size, and dispersal patterns. From cherry pits to exploding pods, to sticktight seeds that cling to your shoes, acclaimed photographer and author Ken Robbins illuminates how wondrous nature springs up throughout the year before our very eyes.
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On Earth
Climb aboard a giant spaceship . . . the Earth! In glorious art, G. Brian Karas illuminates our Earth and its cycles and does a brilliant job of making the concepts of rotation and revolution understandable. As you travel, watch shadows disappear into night, and feel the sun on your face as winter turns into spring. All these amazing things happen because the Earth is constantly in motion, spinning and circling, gliding and tilting. As passengers of the Earth, our voyage never ends!
release date: Oct 01, 2005
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If You Decide To Go To The Moon
Two artists at the height of their powers have created a beautiful book with an unforgettable message about the moon and an even more important message about the earth. A publishing event!

"If you decide to go to the moon," writes Faith McNulty, "read this book first. It will tellyou how to get there and what to do after youland. The most important part tells you how to get home.
Written in the second person, the text allows the reader to participate in every aspect of the journey, from packing ("don't forget your diary and plenty of food") to liftoff (at first you'll feel heavy; don't worry") to traveling thorugh space (where "the moon glows like a pearl in the black, black sky"). The reader lands at the Sea of Tranquility, the site of the first lunar landing

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I'm A Superhero
I'm A Superhero reaches beyond borders and cultures, helping children and their families to be brave, helping parents explain cancer to their young children, and helping families cope with one of life's most difficult situations through love and humor.
Written by four-year-old Daxton Wilde with the help of his mother while he was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments for a brain tumor, the book places Wilde as the central character, a superhero fighting "a bad guy named Cancer" with the help of "Captain Chemo."
Daxton Wilde was just four years old when doctors discovered a tumor on his brain. Months of aggressive treatment including chemotherapy and radiation followed, but Daxton never once complained. He turned instead to drawing. He drew his doctors, his nurses, his first helicopter ride, and his family as they kept him company in the hospital. He also loved to draw pictures of the superhero he created, "Captain Chemo," who battled the bad guy growing inside him.
Although Daxton Wilde lost his battle with cancer at age five, his touching story lives on to help others. I'm a Superhero has already been translated into Spanish and Japanese, and will soon feature translation in Arabic, German, Thai, and Chinese.
"Daxton the Superhero" still has lots of work to do. After all, heroes are always up, up, and away... and on to the next courageous deed.
Daxton Wilde was a five-year-old superhero who battled "the bad guy named cancer" with unfailing optimism and bravery. During his illness, Daxton spent much of his treatment at home with his family, where he worked on writing and illustrating this book with the help of is mother, Sherry. Sherry and her husband, Scott, live with their children in Utah.
The Daxton Wilde Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing hope, comfort, and strength to those suffering from the psychological trauma associated with cancer, especially in children. The Daxton Wilde Foundation was created to help spread Daxton's inspirational story around the world. A portion of royalties from sales of the book will be donated to the foundation. For more information, go to www.daxtonwilde.com.
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Edith Ellen Eddy
Edith Ellen Eddy likes to climb trees,collect spiders, finger paint anywhere and play in the dirt, much to the exsperation of her parents.
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Dad, Jackie, and Me
IT IS THE SUMMER OF 1947 and a highly charged baseball season is underway in New York. Jackie Robinson is the new first baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers--and the first black player in Major League Baseball. A young boy shares the excitement of Robinson's rookie season with his deaf father. Each day he listens eagerly to the Brooklyn Dodgers games on the radio. When his father arrives home from work, the boy uses sign language to tell him about the Dodgers. His father begins to keep a scrapbook, clipping photos and articles about Jackie. Finally one day the father delivers some big news: they are going to Ebbets Field to watch Jackie play in person! Author Myron Uhlberg offers a nostalgic look back at 1947, and pays tribute to Jackie Robinson, the legendary athlete and hero who brought a father and son--and an entire New York community--together for one magical summer. Illustrator Colin Bootman's realistic, full-color illustrations capture the details of the period and the excitement of an entire city as Robinson helps the Dodgers win the long-awaited pennant.
release date: Oct 01, 2005
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Can You Find It Inside?
Based on the best-selling series, Can You Find It? , this edition focuses on art set inside, providing a fun way for young readers to learn about classic art by bringing the museum to them.

Can You Find It Inside? makes discovering art fun! After reading this book, young readers will be saying, "I spy great art!" Here's a seek-and-find book that invites youngsters to look at art in a special way: very closely! Whether it's a restaurant by Edward Hopper, a breakfast table by Fairfield Porter, or a game of keep-away by Seymour Joseph Guy, in this book each of the thirteen paintings, reproduced in full color, invites young children to explore works of art depicting a variety of indoor scenes.

Written in simple rhyme with major works form The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, this book asks children to take a close, closer and closest look at classic fine art at an early age.
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Beyond the Great Mountains: A Visual Poem about China
Ed Young's spare prose, as lovely as a rice-paper painting, describes in measured detail the beautiful and mystical land that the author so clearly loves. The unique format and gorgeous paper-collage illustrations, highlighted with Chinese characters, combine to convey the many facets of China to form a poetic picture of the land's grace, depth, and majesty.
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Bearcub and Mama
Bearcub follows his mama wherever she goes. By Mama's side, he discovers how to catch a fish and dig for grubs. With Mama's help, he learns to climb a tree and find honey. One day, Bearcub is exploring the high country when the sky darkens and a storm blows in. But this time, Mama is not there. Frightened and alone, Bearcub must rely on himself --- and all that his mama has taught him --- to weather the fierce winter storm.

Told in simple, evocative language and illustrated in rich, luminous colors, Bearcub and Mama is a reassuring story about growing up and the powerful bond between mother and child.
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Army Ants
Discusses the roles of different workers in a colony of army ants, how the colony travels, and how a new colony is created.
Title: Army Ants
Author: Markle, Sandra
Publisher: Lerner Pub Group
Publication Date: 2005/09/01
Number of Pages: 39
Binding Type: LIBRARY
Library of Congress: 2004029668
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