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release date: May 24, 2017
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Beiträge zur Verbraucherforschung (Reihe in 2 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Die Aufmerksamkeit der Öffentlichkeit wurde lange durch die Privatsphäre in sozialen Netzwerken und das Tracking der Online-Werbewirtschaft gebunden, weil dies die sichtbare Seite des Verbraucherdatenschutzes ist. Die Beiträge des ersten Bandes der "Beiträge zur Verbraucherforschung" rücken einen zukunftsweisenden Trend ins Blickfeld der interdisziplinären Verbraucherforschung und der verbraucherpolitischen Akteure: die Informatisierung des Alltags. Im Zentrum der Beiträge steht die Frage, ob und wie die Datensouveränität der Verbraucherinnen und Verbraucher unter den Bedingungen des Konsums im Internet, der Nutzung digitaler Dienste und in einer vernetzten Welt erhalten, wiederhergestellt oder gestärkt werden kann.

Mit Beiträgen von

Prof. Dr. Britta Böckmann, Prof. Dr. Rainer Böhme und Sebastian Luhn, MSc, Prof. Dr. Georg Borges und Dipl.-Jur. Sascha Adler, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Greveler, Prof. Dr. Artus Krohn-Grimberghe und Prof. Dr. Christoph Sorge.

Reihe "Beiträge zur Verbraucherforschung"

Das 2011 gegründete Kompetenzzentrum Verbraucherforschung NRW (KVF NRW) der Verbraucherzentrale NRW hat die Aufgabe, die interdisziplinäre Verbraucherforschung in Nordrhein-Westfalen zu fördern, um eine Wissensbasis als Grundlage für effizientes verbraucher- und wirtschaftspolitisches Handeln zu schaffen. Mit den "Beiträgen zur Verbraucherforschung" dokumentiert das KVF NRW seine halbjährlichen Workshops, die die Diskussion zwischen Wissenschaft, Politik und Verbraucherorganisationen anregen sollen.

Dieser Band ist das Ergebnis des Workshops von November 2012.
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release date: May 17, 2017
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How to See the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: A Practical Guide for the First-Time Eclipse Watcher
A concise guide to the most anticipated astronomical event in history.
On the morning and early afternoon of August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will pass across the lower continental United States for the first time since 1918. More than 300 million people live within a day's drive of the narrow path of this eclipse, so it may be the most watched astronomical event in human history.

If you’ve never seen the drama of a total solar eclipse before, as the world darkens for a few moments and the landscape is bathed in the unearthly silver-white glow of the solar corona, this may be the best opportunity to see a total solar eclipse in your lifetime.

To help you see the 2017 total solar eclipse, this concise and practical guide shows you everything you need to know to be in the right place at the right time—and with the right tools—to see this amazing astronomical event. Even if you’ve never observed a solar eclipse before.And even if you don’t know the first thing about astronomy.You’ll learn a little of the background behind this solar eclipse. You’ll discover the best places to observe it across its long and narrow path. And you’ll find out how to choose and use inexpensive solar eclipse glasses, solar filters,maps, and other basic tools to help you safely see this astounding and memorable event.
release date: May 13, 2017
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Greenhouse Gardening: Greenhouse Gardening for Beginners



Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Setting Up a Greenhouse Garden
  • Growing Plants in Your Greenhouse
  • Ways to Control the Climate in the Greenhouse
  • Some of the Best Planting Methods in the Greenhouse
  • How to Get Rid of the Pests
  • Much, Much, More!

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release date: Apr 30, 2017
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A History of Egypt from the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest
James Henry Breasted (1865-1935) was an American archaeologist, Egyptologist, and historian. After completing his PhD at the University of Berlin in 1894, he joined the faculty of the University of Chicago.
In 1901 he became director of the Haskell Oriental Museum at the university, where he continued to concentrate on Egypt. In 1905 Breasted was promoted to professor, and was the first chair in Egyptology and Oriental History in the United States. In 1919 he became the founder of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, a center for interdisciplinary study of ancient civilizations. Breasted was a committed field researcher, and had a productive interest in recording and interpreting ancient writings, especially from sources and structures that he feared may be lost forever.
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release date: May 07, 2017
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How To Make Money Beekeeping: This Book Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know To Start Prosperous Beekeeping Career

How To Make Money Beekeeping:

This Book Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know To Start Prosperous Beekeeping Career

This book, How to Make Money Beekeeping, is a great guide for first-time beekeepers. It will also provide a great refresher course for those beekeepers that are having trouble making profit out of their beekeeping projects.

The book has got all the basic information you need to prepare for beekeeping, and also to help you in actual bee rearing. It also has valuable information on how best to market your bee products. In this book, you will learn that bees are not the dreaded insects that ordinary folk fear, but valuable insects that can be handled safely. You will also learn that you do not need advanced education in matters of agriculture for you to run a successful beekeeping business.

This book has sections for everything you need to know about beekeeping, including the different income streams that are readily available for you, once you begin rearing bees. Read on…

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release date: May 17, 2017
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Reef Aquarium: The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide - Learn How to Easily Keep and Maintain your Marine Fish and Corals


The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide - Learn How to Easily Keep and Maintain your Marine Fish and Corals

It is normal for somebody to search for setting up an ideal reef tank. Anybody beginning in this interest needs to comprehend that there is more than one approach to making an excellent reef aquarium. This basic actuality will shield you from pulling out your hair out as you attempt to comprehend the tremendous measure of data accessible today.

A starting reef aquarist is bound by an unimaginable measure of clashing feelings, faulty items, and unconfirmed truths. Because of this, it is very necessary to have a fundamental knowledge of why certain strategies are utilized and what makes them effective.

Reef tanks are relatively new to the aquarium leisure activity. Individuals had been trying different things with keeping corals, particularly in systems that are natural, since the mid-1960's. However, it was the 1980's and mid-1990's that saw the beginnings of trying hard to import, keep, and breed reef creatures.

This guide is for those who have a hobby for fish keeping and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have been in the hobby for some time, this guide will help you with the basics of a reef aquarium. Every step from purchasing a good aquarium to added materials in an aquarium is explained in depth.

This is important to know the methods and tricks to maintain clean and look after your fish in the aquarium as any lapse can cause a death of fish in your aquarium.

All these issues are thoroughly discussed in this book. After reading this book you will become an expert and choose the best aquarium and to better look after its inhabitants.

The chapters included are:

  • What is a Reef Tank
  • Basic Requirements for Reef Aquarium
  • Difference between Freshwater aquarium and Saltwater aquarium
  • Setting up Saltwater Aquarium
  • Maintaining Successful Reef Tank
  • Tips to maintain Healthy Reef Fish Aquarium

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release date: Jan 06, 2017
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Python: Programming: Your Step By Step Guide To Easily Learn Python in 7 Days (Python for Beginners, Python Programming for Beginners, Learn Python, Python Language)

Are You Ready To Learn Python Easily?

Learning Python Programming in 7 days is possible, although it might not look like it’s easy at first, especially if you are someone with meager experience in dealing with a programming language. As you learn, you will see that it is not that difficult to understand, and it becomes easier when you add patience, diligence, and discipline.
This book has all the materials that you need in learning basic Python Programming. It is presented in easy to understand format – much of technical jargons were eliminated, although you might still find some, but they are the terms that you will likely (almost always) encounter when creating your codes. You will find no such trouble in understanding the terms, and how to do it properly. Samples are provided for you, and explanations are also presented so you won’t get lost and still have fun while learning.
You will be glad that you have this book with you while learning Python. Discover many things that you can do with Python programming, and you might even start a new career.

Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Python For Beginners Book:

✓ Introduction
✓ Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of the Python
✓ Chapter 2: Python Syntax
✓ Chapter 3: Important Strings and Console Output
✓ Chapter 4: The Conditionals and Control Flow
✓ Chapter 5: Understanding Lists, Tuples, and Dictionaries
✓ Chapter 6: The Loops
✓ Chapter 7: Understanding the Functions
✓ Chapter 8: Coding a Full Program
✓ Chapter 9: Reserved Words and Functions
✓ and much more

What Are You Waiting For?

Start Coding Python Right Now!

release date: May 21, 2017
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Spirituality: A Working Scientific Hypothesis For Our Lives
Human being is one of the most complicated life form I have ever known. It is a being which can sacrifice its own life to protect another, but also at the same time can sacrifice another life for its own pleasure. While a majority of the population struggles through every day to fulfill basic needs like food, shelter and security, we have on the contrary some who display amazing acts of creation like music, dance, scientific innovation, paradigm shifting philosophical ideas, etc. which appears as a different dimension of living. Creativity is used for inspiring, transforming and empowering fellow humans & also at the same time, to create weapons of mass destruction. No other life forms I have noticed have ever exhibited such a level of contradiction. It is so baffling, and has always made me wonder, what is all this about? Who am I? What is life? What am I doing here? Is there a purpose to my existence?

All of us have encountered these questions during some point in our lives. And yet very few of us pursue the answers. Through this book, I am going to share with you the reason why these questions became so important in my life, how did I set out to find the answers, how it has transformed my life and why it is important for you to seek answers to these questions.

Science is an expression of the basic longing that a human being has to know and explore everything. Today we use scientific methodology to explore the world around us, and this has enabled and empowered us immensely in understanding many things and effectively uses them to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. But, when it comes to understanding the nature of life and of ourselves, we fail to employ a scientific methodology. Either people simply never pay any attention to this important aspect or usually they tend to have preconceived notions inherited from our family, society and the culture around us. Faith, religion, spirituality, etc are words usually associated to these preconceived notions and hasty conclusions about life.

Because of science’s unfortunate history in the hands of religion not so long ago and the very foundations of science was to release the intellectuals from the dogmas of religion, there is still a sense of dichotomy when we hear words like science and spirituality.

When we refer to something as scientific, we imply an active involvement of intelligence, exploration and reasoning. And what prevents us from using the same to answer these questions? What if we could use the same precision and clarity of scientific methodology to understand and explore ourselves?

Combining the facts from our modern sciences about the nature of our world, and by examining the nature of human beings, this book presents Spirituality as a working scientific hypothesis which brings into light the phenomenal complexity, intelligence and beauty of the process we call as life, and enable you to see the world and to see yourself from a new perspective, realizing the true nature and the immense potential of being a human.
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release date: May 10, 2017
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Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope: Everything you need to know to get started in astronomy and astrophotography
Dobsonian telescopes are the most popular beginner telescope and first came to prominence in the 1960ís. They have provided many thousands of amateur sky-watchers with a low-cost, dependable telescope which allows them to see deep into the night skies.

There are numerous types of this popular telescope which are available to buy, and getting the one that best suits your needs is something that could prove to be a challenge.

In this new book by Allan Hall, Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope, you will find all the information you will need to make the most informed choice on your purchase, including:

*A brief history of the telescope
*The different manufacturers
*Selecting the right one for your purposes
*Set up and use
*Useful tips and tricks
*Where to find more information
*And much moreÖ

A telescope is not an insignificant purchase and you may want to make sure you spend your hard earned money where it counts when it comes to getting the right piece of equipment for your star-gazing, so it pays to make sure that you are going to buy something that is relevant to you and which will give you many years of pleasure.

By reading Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope, you will become more informed and better positioned to make the right choice, the first time.

And with a special section devoted to the accessories you can buy, including things like eyepieces, filters, cases, collimators and many more, you will also be making the right choices when it comes to these too.

Whether you are watching the skies from the comfort of your own back yard, or using your telescope at a remote dark site it pays to get the right equipment for you.

Get your copy of Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope now! Make sure you know all about this wonderful type of telescope, before you buy.
release date: Sep 15, 2015
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The 85% Solution: MTHFR is Overpowering Our Medical System -- Chances Are You Have It Too…

The 85% Solution

The newest book from best-selling (10 #1 books on Amazon) author Dan Purser MD.

Learn how most of the US population carries the gene for this mysterious disorder – MTHFR -- and up to 15% actually have the disease – they have methylation problems, folate deficiency, and lack of methylfolate in their diet and it’s killing them, and possibly you. (Folic acid is toxic to you and the right folate, the safe folate -- natural methylfolate -- is necessary.)

Learn about the meaning of MTHFR Heterozygous, C677T, MTHFR Homozygous, A1298C, folate depression, as you find out how to use a MTHFR Protocol for each disease, use natural folate, methylfolate dosage, MTHFR vitamins, and how to diagnose or figure out if you have MTHFR disease, giving you AMAZING relief in this UNIQUE MTHFR Book by famous medical author, Dan Purser MD.

Have you had problems with depression but most anti-depressants made it worse?

Birth control pill problem or they’ve FLIPPED you or a loved one completely out and were quickly stopped?

Are you fatigued all the time but despise stimulants and amphetamines which doctors seem to readily prescribe?

Regular vitamins give you a gut ache and nausea and make you feel worse?

Do you need to drink energy drinks just to stay awake? And you’re only 23? Why?

Also, treatment protocols are discussed and new and cheaper and easier way to make the correct diagnosis are detailed and explained – many lab examples are also given.
Get it now – today! And start feeling the clarity, and energy for the first time in your life!

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