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release date: Aug 13, 2014
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How To Raise Your Kids And Still Have Time For Yourself: The Ultimate Guide For Time Management And Raising Children Wisely (Time management, raising children, ... management, parenting, stress management)

"Me Time" As a Priority

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

It's no secret that time takes on a whole new dimension once you're a parent. A lot of parents are struggling with finding some time for themselves while raising and taking care of their children. Life can be very stressed and busy.

It is very important to know how to manage your time so you can take care of kids while also fulfilling your own wishes. In this book you’re going to discover how to manage your time wisely. You will learn about the importance of “me time” and how to finally get it for yourself.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • How To Get Yourself Some “Me Time”
  • Time Management Strategies With An Infant, a Toddler or School-age Children
  • Easy Activity Planning That You And Your Kid Will Enjoy
  • The Power Of Daily Ritual
  • "Me Time" As a Priority
  • Effective parenting tips
  • Much, Much More!

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Tags: parenting, raising kids, raising children, time, time management, time with children, me time, alone time, free time. daily ritual, stress management.
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release date: Jun 18, 2018
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Baby Sleep Training: The Complete Baby Sleep Training Guide to Help your Baby Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy

Are you looking for a "Complete" guide that will hold your hand (just as you will hold the hand of your newborn) and teach you how to give your bundle of joy a good night sleep? Then this baby sleep training book is what you need!

Babies are a blessing to every household. But despite being perhaps the best adventure in the world, taking care of a baby is no easy task and is an incredibly great responsibility for any new parent.During the early days of raising a child, many parents fail to understand the importance and science of the psychology of a baby’s sleep cycle.

And let’s face it—you can't expect to get adequate sleep if your child doesn't have a good night sleep, right?

Going through this baby sleep training guide, you will be able to:

  • Get an in-depth understanding of your child’s sleep cycle and get to know what makes it tick, how it works, and how you can control it.
  • Learn foolproof and easy-to-implement training methods that will bring peace to your baby’s heart and give your little one some well-deserved sound sleep, in turn giving you the rest you need.
  • Understand how the different sleeping positions affect your baby’s sleep pattern.
  • Acquire knowledge regarding “Colic” and understand how to respond to your baby’s crying.

To give you an overview of the chapters in this book:

  • Introduction: The brief introduction of the book will gently ease you into the whole topic by giving you an outline of the objectives of the book.
  • Chapter 1: This chapter explains in explicit detail the importance of sleep training. The primary focus is to break down the underlying principles of sleep training and how it will benefit you and your child.
  • Chapter 2: The second chapter goes deep into the concept of your baby’s sleep cycle and helps you understand the different stages of your baby's sleep. This chapter is broken down into multiple sections, each focusing on a specific stage from newborn (1-3 months) to 6-9 months.
  • Chapter 3: The third chapter puts a heavy emphasis on actually teaching you about the different training techniques such as CIO and Parent Soothing Method. It will help you to identify the most appropriate technique for your child and teach you to implement the various techniques.
  • Chapter 4: This chapter will help you create an environment that will maximize your baby’s ability to sleep and help you understand both the physical and emotional conditions needed to promote it.
  • Chapter 5: While the previous chapter focuses on the environment, this chapter will dive into the various sleeping positions recommended for your baby. Follow the outlines provided here for maximum health benefits!
  • Chapter 6: The 6th chapter of the book focuses on the fundamental differences between normal crying and the condition colic and outlines when you should consult your baby’s doctor.
  • Chapter 7: The final chapter gives you a summary of the amount of sleep required based on the age of your child.
  • Give your baby and yourself the power of a good night’s sleep. Get your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this screen and learn how to help your baby sleep the whole night through.

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release date: Jul 03, 2018
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Entrenamiento de Baño para Niños Pequeños: 2 Días de Entrenamiento Súper Simple Que Sí Funciona ( Libro en Español / Toddler Potty Training Spanish Book Version ) (Spanish Edition)

Por tiempo limitado: compra la versión en papel de este libro y obtén la versión Kindle eBook incluida - ¡GRATIS!

¡Aprende Cómo Entrenar a Tu Hijo Para Ir al Baño en 2 días o Menos!

Aquí tienes una forma efectiva de entrenar a tu hijo durante el fin de semana: Descubre la mejor manera de entrenar a tu pequeño hoy para ayudarte a ahorrar dinero, aumentar la confianza de tu hijo y que vaya al baño mucho antes de lo previsto.

Oferta de tiempo limitado: ¡Adquiere esta guía comprobada por solo $2.99! Precio regular en $ 7.99. Léela en tu PC, Mac, teléfono inteligente, tableta o dispositivo Kindle.
¿Alguna vez quisiste entrenar a tu hijo en la bacinilla pero te faltaba tiempo para hacerlo?
¿Alguna vez has querido aprender información sobre el entrenamiento para ir al baño como la siguiente?
- ¿Qué hacer cuando tu niño se niega o no quiere hacer el entrenamiento para ir al baño?
- ¿A qué edad o cuándo está listo un niño para ir al baño?
- ¿Cómo ayudar a tu niño pequeño a ir al baño - sin estrés?

Si respondiste "Sí" a cualquiera de las preguntas anteriores, este libro "Entrenamiento De Baño para Niños Pequeños: 2 Días de Entrenamiento de Baño Súper Simple Que Sí Funciona" es para ti.

En este libro, estás a punto de descubrir la verdad sobre el entrenamiento para ir al baño y saber por qué muchos padres en el mundo occidental están "atrasados" cuando se trata de la edad en la que entrenan a su niño en el baño.
★★ Aquí Está Lo Que Aprenderás: ★★
1.¿Cómo funciona el campo de entrenamiento para ir al baño en 2 días y cómo hacer que sea más fácil para los padres que trabajan o están ocupados?
2.. Detalles específicos del método de 2 días y por qué es una de las formas más efectivas de entrenar a su hijo en el retrete
3..Cómo idear un plan para tu niño pequeño, que incluya qué comprar para el entrenamiento del baño, elegir una recompensa, prepararlos para el gran fin de semana
4..Consejos de Entrenamiento de Baño para Niños
5..Consejos de Entrenamiento de Baño para Niñas ... ¡y muchos más!

★★ Beneficios adicionales de adquirir este libro: ★★
•Aprenderás a enseñarle a tu hijo a estar completamente libre de pañales, incluso en viajes largos en automóvil y en la noche
•Averiguar los valiosos motivos por los que debes entrenar para ir al baño antes de lo previsto, incluyendo por qué es más efectivo en la mayoría de los casos

★★ PLUS: Incluye la sección extra "Consejos Útiles Para Papás": técnicas que pueden usar para entrenar a sus hijos para ir al baño ★★

 Al implementar las lecciones de este libro, tu pequeño será un guerrero entrenado para ir al baño en muy poco tiempo. Esto se traduce en menos dinero gastado en pañales lo cual es un ahorro para ti, así como una mayor confianza en tu hijo. Como beneficio adicional, ya no tendrás que preocuparte si la guardería o su niñera los cambia con la suficiente frecuencia porque irán al retrete por su cuenta.
¡No esperes más y aprovecha esta Oferta por Tiempo Limitado! Desplázate hacia arriba y haz clic en el botón "Comprar Ahora" para comenzar su objetivo de aplicar el entrenamiento efectivo de tu hijo para que vaya al baño y así obtener resultados que te ahorran tiempo y te liberan del estrés.

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release date: Feb 17, 2015
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Oops! The 9 Ways We Screw Up Our Toddlers
Becoming a parent is a scary thing. Even more scary when we see how some of the kids around us act. We are determined that our babies will not grow up and display those same ugly behaviors! But the first time we're fending off a nasty tantrum in the bookstore, we begin to doubt our resolve. Oops! takes you through the top nine reasons that kids act rotten. It all begins with the parents! From spoiling to hovering, not allowing kids to gain independence and learn how to work through problems makes them whiny, dependent, and disrespectful. As young adults, this leads to an inability to navigate school, build healthy relationships, and become responsible wage earners. (Live at home until you're 35 - no big deal!) Oops teaches you what parental behaviors to avoid and how to raise a happy, well-adjusted little person!
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release date: May 03, 2015
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A Kiss from Mommy
The tender messages in this picture book differ from every other book about “mommy’s kisses.”

Through rhyme which doesn’t miss a beat, we see the many ways a little girl’s mommy uses kisses to teach, coax, soothe, encourage, play and convey a myriad of other expressions of love.

This story is also unique in showing the way a mother’s loving kisses are passed down from generation to generation, providing a satisfying ending, with the newest generation about to receive her rich inheritance.

If you are a mother with a young daughter, buy this book for her—you’ll both treasure it!
release date: Sep 08, 2010
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Better Baby Sleep: A Handbook for Parents
"Better Baby Sleep" was written by a Parent Education professional to help parents understand infant sleep. It provides fully researched information and advice on how to encourage their babies, breast-fed or not, to sleep through the night. It highlights the importance of infant sleep safety and much more. It’s short and sweet and hopefully will help families get a good night’s rest.
release date: Mar 29, 2014
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Kid's Sleeping Disorders: Help Your Child Overcome Sleep Disorders
Does your child suffer from many a sleepless night?
Have you ever wanted to know what you can do to improve your child’s sleep?
In ‘Kid’s Sleeping Disorders’ you will learn the most common reasons that cause kids to have sleep disorders and more importantly the necessary steps you as a parent can take to help your child overcome them and sleep better.
Let’s face it, if your child sleeps better they will have more energy during the day, perform better at school and will be much less likely to have health issues. It also means you get to enjoy your sleep as well. After all you are likely to be a better parent if you are not fatigued during the day.
Some of the key points covered in ‘Kid’s Sleeping Disorders’ include;
-Why having a consistent routine before bedtime improves the quality of your child’s sleep
-What you should do to help your child overcome night time fears
-When your child should move into their own room
-The major medical issues you should be aware of that can contribute to your child losing sleep
-Steps to take if your child is a sleep-walker
-Why diet can affect your child’s quality of sleep
-How to help your child overcome bed=wetting
And a number of other key points to help you overcome a range of sleep issues that your child may experience.
by: Nanny P
release date: May 11, 2014
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Raising Happy Healthy Children: A Nanny P Blueprint (Nanny Notes on Toddlers)
The series, "Nanny Notes on Toddlers", tackles some of the most common issues that parents deal with when it comes to raising children of the ages 1-3 years old. In this blueprint we go over info and tips that have to do with each of these common areas.

You'll discover a set of strategies for helping you parent your toddler in ways that will have your child feeling happy and confident as he or she tackles these important milestones and issues.

Nanny P blueprints are written with the busy parent in mind. Each blueprint is designed to tackle a specific issue in a short and concise way so that you do not need to spend time reading through a lot of other material to find tips and methods for the specific topic you are looking to address.

If you're looking for fun and helpful ways to parent your toddler, then this book is for you!
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release date: Jul 24, 2015
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Corry the monkey is done sucking his thumb (Smart Stories Book 2)
Corry the monkey wants to play with the older animals but he still sucks his thumb!

This story helps children to stop thumb sucking by assisting the child to subconsciously accept behavioural change as he or she listens to a story. Children learn through stories and easily associate with the characters in stories. This natural tendency provides a parent a wonderful opportunity to guide his or her child’s behaviour and feelings and teach them understandings with which to improve their EQ.

In the ebook, notes are provided which teach parents, educators and play therapists the valuable skills of story telling. The notes are interspersed in the story and explain why certain words and ideas are offered in the story.
release date: Jul 27, 2015
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Benny the lion learns it's not his fault (Smart Stories Book 5)
Benny the lion is crying because he thinks he did something bad. his mommy and daddy are fighting and they don' t play with him so much anymore.

This story helps children to understand that they are not to blame when their parents are in conflict and offers parents who have fallen into this trap a chance to rectify the problem.

Children learn through stories and easily associate with the characters in stories. This natural tendency provides a parent a wonderful opportunity to guide his or her child’s behaviour and feelings and teach them understandings with which to improve their EQ.

In the ebook, notes are provided which teach parents, educators and play therapists the valuable skills of story telling. The notes are interspersed in the story and explain why certain words and ideas are offered in the story.
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