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release date: Oct 15, 2018
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People-Centered Leadership (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Too often, leaders see a 'gap' as a problem or something to avoid. In his work with leaders and organizations at growth-transition points, Scott Patchin has become convinced that the basic challenge of leadership comes down to creating and managing the gaps - those spaces between where you are now and where you want to be.

In this insightful whitepaper, Patchin outlines the three key gaps that every leader must master for effective leadership and the steps you can take to fill those gaps. He then looks at the four habits you should develop and commit to in order to successfully manage each individual performance gap.

Also included:
- Three hidden threats to effectively managing the gap
- How to take ownership of your gaps
- Steps to create an action plan
- Self-assessment
release date: Oct 15, 2018
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7 Minute Change (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

WARNING: Your Life Needs To Change...

Whether you know it or not, your life is subpar.

I don't say that to point fingers or anything.

But it's true.

Your life is not nearly as great and happy as it could be. As it should be.

Don't believe me?

How many days do you come home from work, completely beat and feeling like crap?

How many days are you too tired to play with your kids and create memories that are actually worth something?

How often do you feel like you're just wasting your time, and not accomplishing anything worthwhile?

If you're like most people the answer to all of those questions is: too often.

But I'm Here To Help You Make The Changes You Need!

You see, I used to be exactly where you are now.

Each day seemed like a dreary, worthless...nightmare.

I was never happy, didn't exercise anymore, barely got anything done, and was a complete wreck.

But then one day everything changed...

See, one day I discovered something that completely changed everything, and allowed me to do things I had never thought possible before.

With one simple technique I was able to:

  • Double and sometimes TRIPLE productivity.

  • Relieve the mountain of stress on my shoulders.

  • Pack on some much needed muscle.

  • Feel great 24/7.

  • Sharpen my talents. (And learn new ones.)

  • And much, MUCH more.

And the best part?


How is this possible, you ask?


The 7 Minute Superhuman Method

If your life is lacking, (which, to be blunt, it undoubtedly is) then the 7 Minute Superhuman technique could be the ONE thing you're looking for to turn your world right side up.

The 7 Minute method incorporates the use of snazzy little 7 minute routines that help motivate you, prepare you, inspire you, and destine you for success!

That may seem over-simplistic -- but that's the point!

Most self-help books and courses teach you how to use long elaborate techniques and programs to supposedly change your life.

The problem?

They're too complex, so you get bummed out and quit.

And never make any lasting improvements in your life.

7 Minute Superhuman will change that.

While simple enough that a child could use them, the techniques in this book will change your life dramatically and help you break out of the "dreardom" that is your current lifestyle.

If you want to break away from unhappiness and become FREE -- NOW is your chance!

This book contains the simple and easy to implement techniques and methods that you need to change your life.

All you have to do is buy the book, read through it one time, apply what you learn, and then reap the rewards for years to come.
release date: Oct 04, 2018
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Self Improvement Training: 10 Practical Tips To Improve Yourself

How long have you carried within you the longing or desire to succeed?

Do you yearn to improve your life, to turn things around for the better and to start achieving all the unaccomplished goals you set for yourself?

Do you feel like life is stuck in a rut, and you’re getting more discouraged as the days go by?

What if there was a way for you to do this and to start right now?

Self-Improvement Training is the manual that everyone who wants to make a dramatic difference in their lives needs. Discover the most powerful, practical strategies you will need to help you get from where you are right now, to where you want to be in life.

Unlock the power of the 10 most practical tips you need to begin turning your life around. The most successful individuals in the world got to where they are because they work hard to set themselves apart from the rest, and they are armed with the knowledge of how to do it.

Start seeing a dramatic transformation in your life with the life-changing strategies and approaches you will discover throughout this book. Be guided every step of the way as you work towards achieving your goal and obtain the skills you need to improve yourself.

Sometimes, all it takes is knowing the right strategies that can make all the difference in the world.

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release date: Oct 06, 2018
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Kanban: Visualize work and maximize efficiency- Your guide to the basics

You want to beat the competition and achieve optimal efficiency. 

So, how do you achieve this? The answer:


Implementing Kanban to your existing organization ensures minimal disruption and allows you to identify strategies which enhance your results and minimize waste.

Here's just a small taste of the problems implementing Kanban can help you overcome:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Communication gaps
  • Product inconsistency
  • Lack of productivity
  • Rigid frameworks

and much much more.....

With its central focus on constant improvement Kanban is the solution you're looking for!

In this book you will learn the basics of Kanban including:

  • Implementation guide
  • Kanban boards and cards
  • The 2 bin system
  • Scaling
  • Comparisons to other workflow methods
  • Kanban in your personal life
  • Kanban in school and at home

Grab your copy today and learn how you can improve your efficiency at work, home and in your personal life!

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release date: Mar 05, 2018
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The Power of Self Discipline: Resist Temptations, Control Impulses, Boost Mental Toughness & Willpower, and Create A Life of Success & Abundance

With self-discipline, all things are possible. Without it, even the simplest goal can seem like the impossible dream."~ Theodore Roosevelt

Do you often find yourself struggling to resist your unworthy temptations? Does every little distraction drift you instantly from your most important task? 

Do you always wonder how high performers manage to control their impulse and stay focused on their goals? Do you think every successful person is born with innate self-control abilities?

Imagine if you could resist any temptations and race like a horse with its blinkers on. Imagine having a vast reservoir of willpower to handle difficult things smoothly.

The Power of Self Discipline will help you truly understand the underlying reasons why people succumb to their instant gratification, despite being rational humans. This book will equip you with actionable strategies to strengthen your willpower. You will learn habits and routines backed up by neuroscience and psychological researches conducted by top self-control experts to improve self-control.

The Power of Self Disciplinewill reveal

Beat Instant Gratification, Overcome Distractions, and Improve Your Focus

  • Learn the psychology and economics of why Chimpanzees demonstrate better self-control than humans & what to do about it.
  • Why False Hope Syndrome seriously destroys your dreams, and how you can overcome this?
  • Identify the psychological factors that drain your willpower without you knowing it.
  • Learn why a rational human being chooses one single reward instantly, when he can get double in two minutes?
  • How What-The-Hell Effect drowns you deeper into your indulgences, and the ways to control it.

Powerful Habits To Activate Self-Control & Strengthen Your Willpower Muscle

  • Leverage the power of our Prefrontal Cortex’s three part structure to boost your willpower.
  • How “Energy Budget Model” governs your behaviour and ways to optimize it.
  • How Using Commitment devices enables you to stay disciplined.
  • How lack of sleep steals your willpower and even makes you a bad person
  • The neuroscience research supporting the mindfulness techniques to get rid of any bad habits.
  • Strategies to avoid emotional choices and make rational decisions.

Learn Mental Toughness Strategies from the World's Most Disciplined 

  • Mental Toughness Tenets of Navy SEAL- learn to develop your grit and self-control.
  • How 4X4 breathing technique can help to you immediately regain your calm even during highly stressful situations.
  • Learn How simple mindfulness based techniques can calm your mind, reduce stress and help you quit any bad habits.

Brian Tracy once rightly said:

“Your ability to discipline yourself to set clear goals, and then to work toward them every day, will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor.”

Self-discipline is the key to execute most difficult tasks, and sets apart achievers from the ones who remain in mediocrity for life. Don’t settle for mediocrity, as you can achieve whatever you want.

Be Disciplined, and Take Action Towards Self-Mastery Now...

release date: Oct 06, 2018
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Product Strategy: Mastering the Basics and dominating the competition

So you have a great product. Guess what? Your competitors have one as well.

How do you ensure that your product stands out? How do you guarantee the success of your hard work? 

The answer:

Product Strategy

All great products need a great strategy. In fact, a great strategy may save a mediocre product but very rarely does it work the other way!

Learning the key elements of a great strategy is key to ensuring a productive rollout. Here's just a small taste of the problems a great strategy solves:

  • Unclear product goals
  • Customer miscommunication
  • Poor vision and hefty backlogs
  • Lack of feedback
  • Poor marketing

and much much more.....

Product strategy encompasses a large number of principles. In this book you will learn the basics which will help you get your strategy up and running in no time!

Here's a small taste of what you'll learn:

  • Elements of a great vision
  • Optimal marketing strategies
  • Customer feedback
  • How to fix a bad strategy
  • Product management
  • Important roles
  • Careers in product management

Grab your copy today and learn how you can ensure a successful product launch and create the results you desire within your organization!

release date: Oct 06, 2018
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Scrum Project Management: Avoiding project mishaps: an introduction

Is your project suffering from missed deadlines? Poor communication despite your best efforts?

How do you turn this ship around? How do you guarantee the success of your hard work? 

The answer:

Scrum Project Management

The days of implementing waterfall techniques to project management are long gone. With rising complexity and quicker turn around times, project delivery is a grwoing challenge.

With Agile techniques, specifically Scrum, you can solve all these problems. Here's just a small taste of the issues you will no longer face:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Lack of organizational flexibility
  • Poor product delivery
  • End user dissatisfaction
  • Poor communication between your teams

and much much more.....

The Scrum methodology encompasses a large number of principles. In this book you will learn the basics which will help you implement agile techniques in record time!

Here's a small taste of what you'll learn:

  • What is Scrum?
  • Key elements and roles
  • Measuring success
  • Scrum compared to other models
  • Roles beyond basic ones
  • How scrum helps you
  • Core versus non core roles

Grab your copy today and learn how you can ensure a successful product delivery and create the results you desire within your organization!

release date: Oct 09, 2018
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Mental Models: 30 Tools To Master Logic And Productivity
Have you ever wondered what separates the most successful people from the rest of us? Is it superior genetics, or better education? Not at all! The real reason some people are able to reach top levels of performance is their reliance on mental models. They have learned and integrated systematic thinking into their own mental toolbox. They can leverage these models to produce better than average results.

A mental model is just a simplified way of looking at a more complex problem. It allows you to more easily understand and reach an accurate conclusion. You may not be aware, but you use models every day. A map is an example of a model that most people understand. When you leave your house to go to work you don’t need to constantly consult written directions, you have internalized the map. You have a mental model of how to get to work. This saves you time and simplifies your life. Now imagine being able to internalize mental models for different and more complex types of problems.

Author, Kevin Wagonfoot, covers 30 mental models that you can use to improve any facet of your life. The book is broken down into eight chapters, each containing several relevant models. Chapters include:

  • Decision Making

  • Dealing With Others

  • Understanding

  • Creativity

  • Reasoning

  • Negotiating

  • Learning

  • Working

While there are literally thousands of different mental models out there, this book serves as a guide to understanding some of the most basic and broadly applied models. If you have ever wanted to streamline your thought process, increase your mental horsepower, or just simplify your life buy this book today.
release date: Oct 05, 2018
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The Blogger's Guide to Leading a Movement (The Bloggers Guides Series Book 9)
You will enjoy Katie Hornor’s unforgettable message of how we can all leverage the message we’ve been given to grow a mission and ultimately a movement. Katie has been thrilling international audiences since her late teens and this truly one-of-a-kind message will have you excitingly talking about this book for years to come! From her experience developing a movement and training leaders for the past 10 years, she will share unique insights into how we can live out the proven mantra of “your message matters.”This message of importance and the steps Katie shares will help you, the reader, to better lead and succeed in today’s diverse, global and connected environment. In this book you'll find practical tools to:Begin to publish your message and grow a followingMultiply your impact and time by crafting missional courses around your messageStep out as a solid leader in your movementLearn the two unique habits of movement leaders that you can start doing todayAnd of course, so much more!This is number 9 in the Blogger's Guide series by (formerly
1 - 10 of 406 results

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