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release date: Nov 23, 2017
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Quit Your Job in 6 Months (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Ordinary Job, Ordinary Life

“Quit your job? But I thought having a job was a good thing!”
Jobs feel safe. We show up, do what we’re supposed to do, and a check for the same amount comes in every couple of weeks. We can feel safe, secure, and comfortable with that. We can budget for housing, transportation, and food. We might even get a few weeks of vacation each year and have enough left over to go somewhere nice. So what’s the problem?

Average Isn’t Satisfying, and Repetition is Drudgery

The problem is that average just isn’t satisfying. We can be thankful that we’re not homeless or completely impoverished all we want, but that still doesn’t scratch the itch we all have to live an extraordinary life—to spend more time doing what we love, less time doing what we don’t love, and have more financial wealth to support our adventures.

On top of that, most jobs involve doing the same things over and over again. You don’t learn. One day blends into the next. You don’t grow. Your life lacks richness, diversity, and excitement. All put together this doesn’t make for a very inspiring way to live the one life you get.

Quit, and Do Your Own Sh*t

In Quit Your Job in 6 Months: Why You Should Quit Your Job and How You Can, author and internet entrepreneur Buck Flogging reveals all of his internet business secrets to help you build a business from zero to $100 per day or more in 6 months or less—all in your spare time using time-efficient tactics that work, with minimal startup costs.

If you want a shot at achieving real wealth and living the dream life of freedom to work anywhere in the world with an internet connection, the four book Quit Your Job in 6 Months series will teach you everything you need to know.

Available in paperback, audiobook, and as an eBook for instant download on major book retailers everywhere.

To get insider information that can help show you the way, go to:

release date: Nov 23, 2017
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Smashwords Guides (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: The Smashwords Style Guide has helped indie authors produce and publish over 130,000 high-quality ebooks. 200,000 copies of the Smashwords Style Guide have downloaded!

This guide offers simple step-by-step instructions to create and format an ebook using Microsoft Word.

The Smashwords Style Guide is required reading for any author who wants to distribute their book via Smashwords to major ebook retailers such as the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and Diesel.

Authors and publishers who don't yet use Smashwords can still benefit from the Guide. It provides detailed information on how ebook formatting is different from print formatting, how to create a reflowable ebook, and it offers step by step illustrated instructions on how to tame the beast of Microsoft Word.



Welcome to Smashwords!
Do-it-yourself, or hire help?
Good formatting examples
What Smashwords publishes, what we don’t publish
Five common formatting mistakes to avoid
How Smashwords publishes books
How Smashwords distributes books
How ebook formatting is different from print formatting
How we convert your book into multiple ebook formats
The three secrets to ebook formatting
How to avoid (and fix) AutoVetter errors
Introduction to Meatgrinder conversion system
Your required source file
Understanding the different ebook formats



Making Word Behave
Step 1: Make a back up
Step 2: Activate Word’s Show/Hide
Step 3: Turn off Word’s “AutoCorrect” and “AutoFormat” features
Step 4: Eliminate text boxes
Step 5: The Nuclear Method

Step 6: Unify Manuscript around Normal paragraph style
Step 7: Managing and modifying paragraph styles, fonts
Step 7a. How to choose the best paragraph separation method (first line indent or block?)
Step 7b: How to implement your chosen paragraph separation method
Step 7b-a: How to define a proper first line indent
Step 7b-b: How to define trailing “after” space for block paragraphs
Step 7b-c: Special tips for poetry, cookbooks and learning materials
Step 7b-d: How to define proper line spacing
Step 8: Check your normalized text
Step 9: Why you should never use tabs or the space bar for indents
Step 10: Managing paragraph returns
Step 11: Managing hyperlinks
Step 12: Designating chapter breaks, page breaks, section breaks
Step 13: Working with images
Step 14: Text justification
Step 14a: Centering text
Step 15: Managing font sizes
Step 16: Style formatting, symbols and glyphs
Step 17: Headers and footers
Step 18: Margins, page sizes and indents
Step 19: Add the Heading style to your Chapter headers (optional)

Building Navigation
Step 20: Building navigation into the manuscript
Step 20a: Creating the NCX
Step 20b: Creating the linked Table of Contents
Step 20c: Advanced link building (Footnotes, Endnotes)
Step 20d: Troubleshooting and testing

Front Matter
Step 21: Front matter
Step 21a: Blurbs (optional)
Step 21b: Title and copyright page (required!)
Step 21c: Add a Smashwords license statement below copyright page

The End of Your Book
Step 22: The end of your book

Step 23: Preparing your cover image
Step 24: Review requi
release date: Nov 12, 2017
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Dropshipping: Step-By-Step Guide to $10,000 per Month in 10 Weeks or Less
Do you dream about making a name for yourself through the development of a business, but don’t know where to start? Do you understand that the internet can be a place where small businesses can thrive, but need to learn more about what type of business you should be thinking about starting? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to download this book, Dropshipping: Step-by-Step Guide to $10,000 per Month in 10 Weeks or Less right away! This book is going to kickstart your potential for earning a whole lot of money via the internet. What’s great about dropshipping is that it’s a business that you can develop entirely on your own schedule. With a dropshipping business, you are truly in control of how you make a living.

In addition to providing you with the opportunity to make a dime, dropshipping allows you to reap from what the internet can be provide you in terms of marketing tools and online outreach. After reading this book, concepts regarding how to start a dropshipping business through platforms such as Shopify and Amazon, as well as concepts pertaining to online marketing in general, will feel wholly familiar. Do yourself a favor and download this book right now.

After reading this book, you will be able to grasp these specific topics more concretely:

  • How the dropshipping supply chain works and where an e-commerce dropshipping business fits into this chain
  • How to use the Shopify and Amazon FBA platforms in a step-by-step fashion and with Oberlo integration
  • Mistakes to avoid when developing your business
  • How to create ads on Facebook to promote your dropshipping goals
  • Tips on how to discipline yourself when targeting certain groups of people online

You’re guaranteed to learn all of this information, and more. There’s no point in wondering how far your dropshipping business will take you, if you never provide yourself with the tools to get started! Don’t delay developing your full potential! Download this book, Step-by-Step Guide to $10,000 per Month in 10 Weeks or Less immediately!
release date: Nov 05, 2017
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Dropshipping: 6 Steps To Start A Successful Dropship Ecommerce Business And Optimization Strategies To 10x Your Store Profits

Are you tired of slaving away in your job and feel like you have no freedom at all?

Have you ever dreamed about making money online and telling your boss “I quit!”?

Maybe Dropshipping is for you...

The book: Dropshipping, is a comprehensive guide that explains how you can easily setup a successful Dropshipping ecommerce business from scratch and earn Passive Income online.

You can run a Dropshipping store anywhere in the world, giving you Financial Freedom and Location Independence which is why this method has proved so popular in the modern Digital Nomadmovement.

You may have only recently heard of Dropshipping but this method is almost as old as ecommerce itself and has been around since 1999.   

The competition in the ecommerce market has become stiffer in recent years and the main objective of this Step-By-Step guide is to highlight the fundamental aspects of Dropshipping enabling you to create your own profitable store in a short period of time. The book has been designed to answer all of the questions asked by a Beginner.  

The book begins with explaining what Dropshipping is all about and then it moves on to describe the advantages of Dropshipping over conventional ecommerce. In the opening chapter, the book gives a clear explanation of what Dropshipping is.

You will learn about the different Supply Chain strategies involved with Dropshipping and which will be most suitable for you.  

The book also covers the following:

  • Niche Selection
  • Finding Suppliers
  • How To Create Your Ecommerce Store Using Shopify
  • Hiring Virtual Assistants (VA’s)
  • Automating Your Store
  • Optimization For Better Conversions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • How To Sell Your Store and 20x Your Profit!

You should buy this book now if you want to take your first steps to making money online!

release date: Oct 05, 2017
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How to Promote Your Self-Published Kindle Books for Free: Forget Facebook groups! There's a better way to promote your self-published book for free.
So you've written a book. Congratulations! Join the club. Get in line. The restrooms are in the back.

Today there are thousands upon thousands of self-published authors. Most of them are invisible. Nobody knows about them or their books. The sad truth is that writing a book is the easy part. Getting it out there, getting it seen, that's the hard part. But you've probably figured that out on your own already. You're a smart cookie.

So now you're trying to figure out how to promote your book and get the best bang for your buck. A lot of people waste their time posting links in Facebook groups.

Forget Facebook groups! There's a better way to promote your self-published book for free.
Discover more books in the following subjects:
release date: Jul 10, 2014
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40 Rules for Internet Business Success: Escape the 9 to 5, Do Work You Love, Build a Profitable Online Business and Make Money Online (Internet Business Series)
Actionable Advice from Someone That's Actually Done It

Did you know that most "how to make money online" and "passive income" books are written by people that have never actually launched a real online business?

Stop reading entrepreneurship books that were written by pretenders. Read 40 Rules for Internet Business Success and you'll learn from a multi-millionaire entrepreneur that has created multiple six-figure and seven-figure online businesses from scratch.

Matthew Paulson, Founder of, has weathered the failures and triumphs of entrepreneurship for more than a decade. 40 Rules for Internet Business Success is his collection of core principles and strategies he has used to identify new business ideas, launch new companies and grow his businesses.

By reading 40 Rules for Internet Business Success, you will learn to:
  • Throw away your business plan! Create a scalable business model that actually works.
  • Identify a target market that is desperate for your company's products and services.
  • Launch your first product or service faster by building a minimum viable business.
  • Create a reliable and repeatable marketing strategy to keep new customers coming.
  • Understand why most "passive income" business ideas are doomed to fail (and how to beat the odds.)
  • Build systems that make your business run like a well-oiled machine.
  • Maximize your company's earnings potential with the three keys of revenue growth.
Whether you want to learn how to make money online, create passive income streams or build a massive online business empire, 40 Rules for Internet Business Success will help you turn your dream of starting a business into reality.

EXTRAS WITH EVERY PURCHASE: After purchasing the book, open it and follow the directions inside to receive access to the two bonus audio interviews titled 40 Bootstrapped Business Ideas and The Seven Deadly Sins of New Entrepreneurs.

Want to learn how to make money online?

Get your copy of 40 Rules for Internet Business Success today and learn how starting a business may be the best decision you ever made. Scroll to the top of the page and click on the buy button.
release date: Feb 28, 2017
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The Author Startup: A Radical Approach To Rapidly Writing and Self-Publishing Your Book On Amazon (Self-Publishing Success Series 1)

How to Launch Your Book like a "Lean" Startup Company

You won't find this anywhere else.

“What is the fastest way I can get my book done?”

I pondered the question a minute. There is all this extravagant education out there on writing a book, filled with hundreds of things to do. But the truth is, you do 20% of the work for 80% of the result (The Pareto Principle).

How does one accomplish this? By streamlining all the tasks down to the minimum requirements, and focusing on those.

The Author Startup is a process to create a minimum viable product for your book. It is used to get your book out there and build momentum for you.

In The Author Startup, you will:

  • Learn the Boogie Board Approach for publishing

  • Use concepts similar to The Lean Startup for your book

  • Learn the exact tools I used to create and publish a book in 26 days

  • Find out how to defeat the “Imposter Syndrome”

  • Receive a complete Action Plan that will change your approach and attitude for publishing your book

The book contains links to an entire action plan, including video demos. Don’t wait to start your book, learn the quickest way to get it published now!
release date: Nov 15, 2017
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Sideline Marketing Business: Making Money on the Side via Clickbank Marketing, Affiliate Promotions & Short Book Self-Publishing

Create a Successful Part-Time Internet Marketing Business from Scratch

You don't need any business experience, huge capital or your own product to get started.

Earn fast cash online and make passive income while working at home.

Clickbank Affiliate Promotion
- How to find the best product to promote through YouTube product reviews
- 3 research to do before you do your actual review presentation
- The exact criteria that you should use in order to have a better chance of promoting something that will convert into sales
- How to create a video review in 5 easy steps
- The only 2 tools you need for product review creation
- How to optimize your video for maximum power for YouTube SEO rankings
- How to create a simple video description that helps your video rank on Google and YouTube
- How to boost your SEO rankings for as low as $15 and 2 minutes work.

Untapped Niches Affiliate Marketing
- The exact step by step system that will help you go from newbie to a profitable online marketer
- How to determine good keyword and know if it'll be profitable or not
- The "top 10 method" for finding keywords that will help you find "money keywords" fast
- How to create a website from scratch! Even if you don't have any technical knowledge whatsoever!
- How to write a product review from A to Z
- How to ran your website by applying some simple seo backlinking tactics
- How to structure your backlinks so you'll rank faster in Google!

Mini Book Profits
- How the "chicken soup for the soul" series will help you make a lot of money on Amazon
- The entire step by step process of how to write, publish and sell ebooks online
- How to find the most profitable sub-topics
- How to outline your book in 20 minutes
- How to write your book the easy way
- How to outsource your book cover in 5 minutes or less
- How to publish your book the right way
- How to promote your books for free

These methods are perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than these business ideas.

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by: ICI
release date: Nov 13, 2017
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Network Marketing Company Commando: Best Network Marketing Books, Build Your Team, Serve Others,  Network Marketing Secrets Revealed

Attention! Want to start a network marketing business?
Discover the secrets to choosing the right network marketing company! Learn to choose the right path from the start.

Do you know what network marketing is all about?

If you're not, here's a brief review of it:

Network marketing is a way to reach your target market by recruiting individual representatives and leverage on their network.

You will not only be making sales by using word of mouth or referalls but also by getting others to join your business.

Companies are using network marketing to reach a wider audience without doing much of the hardwork.

For example, if your friend or family member recommended the latest movie or anew restaurant in town, you would definitely to want check it out yourself.

You need to build relationships and earn people's trust so they will know you have nothing to hide. In the future they will keep coming back to you for more.

However before you join any company, you need to know a few things about them.

Whether they have a good track record, are they ethical and provide you with the necessary tools and support system to succeed in your business.

Learn to network with the right mentors to accelerate your learning process and traing your downlines to increase your sales.

All your questions will be answer in this guide!
release date: Nov 15, 2017
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Earning Extra Profits: 3 Proven Ways to Make Fast Cash Online. YouTube Recording, Fiverr Freelancing & Amazon Self-Publishing.

Create a Successful Part-Time Internet Marketing Business from Scratch

You don't need any business experience, huge capital or your own product to get started.

Earn fast cash online and make passive income while working at home.

15-Minute YouTube Profits
- How to choose a game to publish on YouTube
- What game to install first and how to install it
- The 2 tools that you need in order to apply this business idea
- How to properly create your YouTube channel
- How to optimize your video for maximum SEO rankings on YouTube
- How to promote your videos outside of YouTube for free
- The one thing that you should never forget to do right so you can easily double your video views
- Other games that are also proven money makers

Ultimate Fiverr’s Guide for Newbies
- How to set up your account properly
- 7 reasons why you should start freelancing on Fiverr
- How to find the best profitable services to offer
- A list of the most bought service on Fiverr
- How to set up your gig listing and create a sales letter that converts viewers into customers!
- How to go from earning $30 to $1,000 per month with the power of the upsell
- How to expand beyond Fiverr
- A list of the best freelancing services to expand with

Mini Book Profits
- How the "chicken soup for the soul" series will help you make a lot of money on Amazon
- The entire step by step process of how to write, publish and sell ebooks online
- How to find the most profitable sub-topics
- How to outline your book in 20 minutes
- How to write your book the easy way
- How to outsource your book cover in 5 minutes or less
- How to publish your book the right way
- How to promote your books for free

These methods are perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than these business ideas.

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