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release date: Sep 25, 2017
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7 Minute Change (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

WARNING: Your Life Needs To Change...

Whether you know it or not, your life is subpar.

I don't say that to point fingers or anything.

But it's true.

Your life is not nearly as great and happy as it could be. As it should be.

Don't believe me?

How many days do you come home from work, completely beat and feeling like crap?

How many days are you too tired to play with your kids and create memories that are actually worth something?

How often do you feel like you're just wasting your time, and not accomplishing anything worthwhile?

If you're like most people the answer to all of those questions is: too often.

But I'm Here To Help You Make The Changes You Need!

You see, I used to be exactly where you are now.

Each day seemed like a dreary, worthless...nightmare.

I was never happy, didn't exercise anymore, barely got anything done, and was a complete wreck.

But then one day everything changed...

See, one day I discovered something that completely changed everything, and allowed me to do things I had never thought possible before.

With one simple technique I was able to:

  • Double and sometimes TRIPLE productivity.

  • Relieve the mountain of stress on my shoulders.

  • Pack on some much needed muscle.

  • Feel great 24/7.

  • Sharpen my talents. (And learn new ones.)

  • And much, MUCH more.

And the best part?


How is this possible, you ask?


The 7 Minute Superhuman Method

If your life is lacking, (which, to be blunt, it undoubtedly is) then the 7 Minute Superhuman technique could be the ONE thing you're looking for to turn your world right side up.

The 7 Minute method incorporates the use of snazzy little 7 minute routines that help motivate you, prepare you, inspire you, and destine you for success!

That may seem over-simplistic -- but that's the point!

Most self-help books and courses teach you how to use long elaborate techniques and programs to supposedly change your life.

The problem?

They're too complex, so you get bummed out and quit.

And never make any lasting improvements in your life.

7 Minute Superhuman will change that.

While simple enough that a child could use them, the techniques in this book will change your life dramatically and help you break out of the "dreardom" that is your current lifestyle.

If you want to break away from unhappiness and become FREE -- NOW is your chance!

This book contains the simple and easy to implement techniques and methods that you need to change your life.

All you have to do is buy the book, read through it one time, apply what you learn, and then reap the rewards for years to come.
release date: May 10, 2017
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Digital Power To The People: How to fight the Corporate monster controlling your life

Did you know that the corporate world is deliberately bleeding you dry?

The corporate soul is faster, stronger, and sneakier than any government or regulator. It aims to plunge you deeper and deeper into debt until you become no more than a hamster on a wheel, endlessly scurrying to try to pay your way out. Meanwhile, you are manipulated into buying more and more . . .

Tired of being a modern slave of the production line?

The first step is to recognize corporate brainwashing for what it is: an insidious, consumerist force that is not subject to principles of morality, ethics, or compassion. Digital Power to the People is your guide to breaking the slavery-to-debt cycle. It exposes the insidious workings of consumerist forces and provides antidotes for you to utilize in your day to day life.

Wake up and tune in to the power you hold in your wallet!

Choose to be part of a change! This booklet will show you how you can make that change by altering the way that money flows in your life and in the world. Each time you pull out your credit card, or choose not to pull it out, you can do more to change the world than does your vote on Election Day! Open your eyes and say “no more!” to corporate manipulation!

Scroll up to get your copy of Digital Power to the People now!

release date: Dec 06, 2013
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Sell Your Stuff, Save Your Life
There is no question that you need an emergency fund. The question is how do you find the money for that emergency fund. In this book, Holly South shows you how to raise money to cover all of your insurance deductibles - home, auto, and health - by simply selling the items you already have in your home.

This book takes you through daily activities focused on building an emergency fund by selling items you no longer use, finding and saving "extra" money, and reducing your expenses. There's inspiration and ideas for each day of the month to keep you focused on items you can easily sell online or locally. Reach your first 30 day milestone by holding a huge yard sale. Then, keep the momentum up by continuing to sell collectibles and other large items, and turning trash to treasure.

Then, take a look at ideas on where to put your emergency fund so that your hard earned cash isn't spent on a whim...and continues to grow!
release date: Nov 25, 2012
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925 Ideas to Help You Save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire A Millionaire So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World
Devin Thorpe has collected over 150 essays on personal and family finance to help you learn how to be happier with your money, to live more frugally and investment more wisely.

925 Ideas... is an easy and readable guide to help your family find financial peace. Author Devin D. Thorpe explains:

1) how you and your spouse can find agreement on money matters,

2) how to teach your kids about money,

3) how to pay for your children's college education,

4) how to live like a millionaire (spoiler alert! Frugally)

5) how to come up with $25,000 in a crisis

6) how to make ends meet on one income

7) how to get out of debt and stay out of debt

8) why home ownership should be your family's top financial priority

9) how to ask your boss for a raise

10) how to use your finances to do more good in the world.

And much more!

Devin D. Thorpe is the author of the highly regarded book, Your Mark on the World and is the founder of the Your Mark on the World center, championing social good. The Your Mark on the World center believes that everyone, no matter their level of income, can give more and do more to make the world a better place. The empowering lessons of 925 Ideas will enable you to leave your mark on the world.

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release date: Sep 13, 2017
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Debt-Free: Simple Steps to a Debt-Free Life Without the Hype
Debt-Free:Simple Steps to a Debt-Free Life Without the Hype is the book that should be in everyone personal library. Debt plays a big roll in your life. The unfortunate part is most people do not know how to control debt and worst off is they get so far behind with no help in mind. This book will show you how to:
-Stop Borrowing Money
-Establish an Emergency Fund
-Organize Your Debt
-Negotiate Your Debt

Dont lose any more sleepless nights due to having too much debt.
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release date: Jan 06, 2016
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TRAVEL for FREE: How to score FREE Flights, Rental Cars & Accommodations, dramatically reduce Airfares, Get paid to Travel & START a DIGITAL NOMAD BIZ ... in the World! (Travel Smart Series Book 1)

Discover the Secret Booking Tricks of TOP TRAVEL Pros:

- how to score FREE Flights & Accommodation

- how to find discount coupons in seconds

- how to find mistakes airfares (like my flight from New York to Paris for $137….)

- how to GET PAID to travel….

- solid strategies to finance long term travel,
and while you travel.

Budget Travel

TRAVEL for FREE - can help you save thousands of Dollars on travel bookings, experience foreign countries like a local - and even become a Digital Nomad if you would like to just travel for a few years and/or live in another country for a while.

Becoming a Digital Nomad

The author has lived the Digital Nomad livestyle for several years and is currently travelling through Africa and Australia. She is successfully running several online businesses - including a publishing company with several #1 Bestsellers - while travelling the world and living the life of her dreams.

Her new company and travel blog - SassyZenGirl Lifestyle - is helping people achieve the travel freedom so many crave - without going broke or staying in crowded hostel dorm rooms.

BUDGET TRAVEL: The Ultimate Guide contains a whole, extensive chapter on the many possibilities of Online Entrepeneurship - even if you have no experience at all - and how to first get started.

How to get started as an Online Entrepreneur

Working online provides the freedom to live anywhere in the world and explore ever new cultures and regions. BUDGET TRAVEL: The Ultimate Guide covers many different forms of building a freelance business - even if you think you have no relevant skills…..

Also, advice on how to Start a TRAVEL BLOG as a BUSINESS and score discounts and free trips as well as a solid income for years to come.

Get Paid to Travel

If you are just starting out - or online entrepreneuship is not your thing - BUDGET TRAVEL: The Ultimate Guide provides a huge list of resources to find exciting jobs anywhere in the world.

Whether it is working in National Parks, on Cruise Ships or Yachts, as an Adventure Guide or English Teacher - or even for an NGO, you will find valuable information here on how to get started.

BUDGET TRAVEL: The Ultimate Guide covers all the tools you need to create amazing travel adventures for yourself and your family without spending a fortune and - if that’s your dream - the tools to become a long term traveller, free to go wherever you wish with sound strategies for financial sustenance that can keep you travelling for years to come.

Here is what you get in detail:

Part 1- Saving Money BIG Time!


- Airfare
- Travel Hacking - free flights, anyone…?
- Rental Cars
- Trains & Buses
- Cruiseship
- Awesome Trip Planning Tools


- Free Accommodation
- Discounts on Paid Accommodation

Part 2 - Get PAID to Travel! - How to Work Abroad

- Teaching English
- Work on a Cruise Ship or Private Yacht
- Jobs in the Tourism Industry
- Resorts
- Tour & Adventure Guide
- Jobs in the Outdoors
- National Park
- Farm Work
- Volunteering & NGOs
- International Job Sites

Part 3 - Become a Digital Nomad

- Running an online business from anywhere in the World

Part 4 - Awesome Resources

- Travel Insurance
- Jetlag & Surviving Long Distance Flights
- Researching Local Logistics
- Travel Apps
- Visa Help
- Safety (incl. women’s safety)

Are you ready to see the world? - and discover Budget Travel the stylish way?

….then DOWNLOAD NOW and start planning your dream travels TODAY!

Simply scroll to th
release date: Oct 07, 2016
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The Great Debt Deception: How You've Been Swindled By the Banks and Credit Card Companies, Why You Don't Owe Them a Penny and the Proven Process to Get Free From Your Debt

What If Everything You Were Taught To Believe About the Money System and Debt Turned Out To Be a Lie?

The reality of the banking system is that everything you were taught about debt is not true.

The simple fact is that you do not owe any money. The actual transaction of a “loan” that you gave them a promise to pay and the “lender” gave you the same amount of promises to pay (Federal Reserve Notes).

Therefore, the transaction was complete according to the “lender’s” accounting records.

Hear Jack McCaig tell his story of how he unraveled the great debt deception and created a process to get free of debt.

It is time to take back your power and this information can help you start that journey.
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release date: Mar 10, 2017
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Good-Bye, Mortgage: How (And Why) To Pay Off Your House In Seven Years Or Less
Wouldn’t it be great to pay off your mortgage years before it is due? How about paying it off in seven or fewer years?

Yes, that is possible – and yes, it is possible if you only make an average income and have never won the lottery or inherited money. How to pay off a mortgage early? In just about 3,000 words, this no-fluff mini-ebook provides you with the five steps to do just that. It includes sample number-crunching to show you just how much lenders rip off home buyers…as well as how much richer you could be in ten or twenty years after paying off your home loan.

Not only that, but also it shows how utterly and completely WRONG financial “experts” are when they advise people not to pay extra on their mortgage, and to invest the money instead.

This personal finance book is a quick read, but it has information critical to your financial future. BUT I WARN YOU OF THIS: If you are living in a fantasyland hoping for some magical formula to help you quickly pay off your mortgage, don’t bother with this book. There is no quick and easy way. Nothing of great value ever comes quickly and easily.

However, if you have a realistic view of life and would like to pay off your mortgage years before it is due, but can’t wrap your mind around how you might do so, you need this book.
release date: Dec 09, 2016
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How to Use the Power of Visualization to Program Your Mind for Success: The Mental Movie Method

#1 Bestseller in Personal Development Books, Self Help Books, and Motivation Books

Professional athletes and Olympic competitors know this secret. Top performing sales people know this secret. Celebrity personal trainers know this secret. Russian scientists know this secret.  

Are YOU using this "secret" to create the life of your dreams? 

The secret I'm talking about is the power of visualization. Once you learn how to use it and practice it, you'll be able to unleash the hidden talents, potential, and genius your subconscious mind possesses... in just minutes a day. 

Interested? Well keep reading...

Visualization, autosuggestion, and affirmations have been scientifically proven to boost human potential, allowing you to achieve your goals and create the life of your dreams. The "ancients" have known about the power of the mind and now modern science backs up what people have known for centuries

Learning how to visualize your ideal outcome is one of the most powerful, life-changing, potent skills you can ever have. It allows you to convince your subconscious mind that you have already acheived your goal so that it uses your talents, focuses your abilities, and highlights opportunities so that you can achieve any goal and have the life of your dreams.

It's no exaggeration to say that spending a few minutes a day learning the "mental movie method" will reap benefits for decades to come. 

In this short book, you will discover how to ruthlessly pursue your goals by imagining it as having already been accomplished. You will see, hear, touch, smell and taste it vividly and passionately. You will feel excited, hopeful, thankful, and powerful.  

In this book, you'll discover simpleactionable, quick steps you can take to maximize your visualize your ideal outcome and how to deal with the inevitable contingencies life throws your way. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why This Book is Short & Sweet - No Fluff
  • What Happened When I ACTUALLY Got Focused
  • How to Turbo-Charge Your Results
  • What is the Mental Movie Method?
  • The 2 Most Debilitating Myths About Success
  • Success is Specific Comfortable
  • Failure Happens
  • Take Control - Failure is Not Fatal
  • Master Your Mindset
  • The Better Solution - The Mental Movie Method
  • The "Secret" to the Mental Movie Method
  • How to Benefit From the Mental Movie Method
  • 5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Mental Movie
  • Using Your Mental Movie to Achieve Momentum
  • Sample Mental Movie Script
  • The "Jack Canfield" Mental Movie Script
  • Here's What To Do Next

This is a scientifically proven, research-backed way to develop, harness, and unleash the power of your mind. 

Buy this book today!

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release date: Mar 22, 2013
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Can I Borrow Yes you can - A Guide To Declutter Your Finances How To Borrow, Save And Invest For Your Future
“Can I Borrow Yes you can - A Guide To Declutter Your Finances” is a book which outlines the best methods that one can use to clear up any debt that you currently have and place yourself in a better position to handle finances. It also outlines some of the major borrowing options and gives a bit of detail on each one.
The thing is that a lot of us do not realize how financial clutter can have an effect on us. It makes us stressed, tired and depressed. Through this guide one will be able to do the right planning to set aside the time that is needed to go through the items bit by bit and gradually free yourself of the financial clutter that you have accumulated over a period of time.

Things are to be taken one step at a time or it can all become very confusing. Even when it is assumed that all the information about a particular strategy is assimilated the avenue for learning should not be closed as new aspects come up all the time. it is all about planning properly and learning how to manage the finances effectively for the long term..

About the Author: Darren Wiley has not only lived the life of someone who has had his finances out of control but also went on to get the necessary certification to be able to help others who are currently having problems keeping their finances in check as well. Truth be told, it is not a very arduous task to keep abreast of one’s finances. The challenge comes in when things are allowed to accumulate and then there is a big pile of bills and other things to sort all at one time.

The aim that Darren has through this book is to guide the lost to a viable solution. It really is all about clearly the clutter in the financial aspect of one’s life and then creating some sort of system to promote saving and also to ensure that the bills are paid on time.

Darren is also aware that not a lot of individuals like to speak about much less mention anything about finances but he has made put all his advice in a manner that it is easily understood by anyone that should opt to read this book. With proper planning you will be able to get those financial challenges sorted out, get your credit score in order and be able to borrow again if necessary.
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