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release date: Oct 17, 2018
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Woman of God (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Who Are You? Who did God create you to be and what is your purpose in life? Are you fulfilling God’s purpose or are you’re following the in crowd? How can you find your purpose in life? In this book Christy reveals how women can learn to love themselves and find their purpose in life. The love that they are searching for can only be found through Jesus Christ. How can you love someone when you don't even love yourself? As a result it talks about how women can build an inmate relationship with God and how to overcome life obstacles. Trusting God during hard times, overcoming molestation, overcoming fear, becoming the woman God created them to be, waiting for that Godly husband, and for single mothers. It reveals Christy's shocking life events and how she became the woman God created her to be. During hard times how she remains faithful to God and conquers life obstacles that comes her way?
release date: Oct 17, 2018
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Financial AF (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Sam is a millennial who’s gone through hell and back financially. After high school he went down a rabbit hole and his credit suffered because of it. He sent to collections on multiple occasions, was almost kicked out of if student housing several times, and a crap load of other terrible things at a young age. But instead of conceding defeat, and getting trapped in the endless cycle of debt, he pulled himself up by his bootstraps, and changed his life forever. And now, he’s ready to share EVERYTHING he’s learned along the way.

How To Be Financial AF is a funny, easy-to-read book, with the fundamental parts of finance. It has real-life advice, examples, and actionable tips we need to survive and strive financially.

This book is volume 1 of the Financial AF series, and it will cover how to:

Budget like a boss

Build credit history that lasts

Manage credit cards effectively

Actual understand taxes

Minimize your tax burden

And more!

Even more applicable is the detailed guide on how to get out of debt for good. For those of you struggling, or totally new to personal finance game, this book is the perfect place to start. Buy it for yourself, a high school or college graduate, or a loved one struggling with money.

“In this world, either you get educated, or you get screwed. The choice is yours.”

release date: Oct 17, 2018
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Money Moves (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Straightforward and blunt! This book gives high school and college students strategies to graduate college debt free. In the very first chapter, you will learn tips, tricks, and hacks on streamlining the scholarship application process. The remaining chapters reveal a plan of action on how to maintain a debt-free lifestyle. Combining the methods outlined in this book will save you thousands of dollars. Purchase your copy today and learn how to make #moneymoves. This is part I of the Money Moves Series.
release date: Oct 17, 2018
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LifeMONEY - Options for Newbies (4 Book Series)

Are you drowning in debt? Overwhelmed by the process of taking control of your finances? Think you need a million dollars to retire? Believe the "experts" and their scare tactics about the economy going to hell in a hand basket or Social Security dwindling to ashes?

Fear not. Get control of your finances NOW.

In this easy-to-follow guide, the author outlines in broad strokes the areas of your life that need some sprucing up, a bit of tidying up, getting rid of excess (debt) while boosting your confidence. You CAN get there from here (retirement)! No, you don't need a million bucks!

Instead of cowering in fear or throwing your hands up in despair and overwhelm, take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of wine, and go through this book. It's written in a friendly, accessible style, with easy-to-follow worksheets that will help jog your memory for any and all expenses and sources of income. By the end of this exercise, you will feel invigorated by the knowledge you have acquired about your own financial status, with an impetus to even further gains!
release date: Oct 17, 2018
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Business Success (7 Book Series)
From Book 1: Accounting is a foundational subject matter of business. You cannot be a student of business, run your own startup, or even have a somewhat coherent conversation with someone on the topic of business if you don't understand the basics of accounting. This is a must-read for everyone frankly. The good news is that Concise Reads has done it once again and is now offering Accounting in an easy to read, easy to understand concise read that can be read and understood within the span of a single day! Concise Reads is better than other accounting books because it’s short, it's to the point, it’s affordable, and it's written by the same person who brought you the popular titles on how to write a business plan, how to incorporate, operations management, and leadership principles. There is also no age limit for this reading. It would actually be a wonderful thing to gift this to anyone and everyone you care about to get them understanding the fundamentals of profits and losses, assets and liabilities, and the relationship to cash flows. Most Americans don’t even get to learn accounting by the time they finish college--just to put the potential impact in perspective.

The Concise Reads Business Success series is a collection of short reading material that highlights important concepts in business education that every student, business owner, and entrepreneur should know from accounting and incorporating, to building a robust business plan and managing operations. We hope you enjoy Peter's easy to read explanations. The affordable pricing makes this series available to anyone willing to learn and the concise aspect makes it so it does not take more than a single day to learn or a single weekend to master. Thank you for your interest and happy concise reading!

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release date: Oct 17, 2018
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The Complete Trader (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Chapter 1: To Produce Consistent Results, You Need to Learn to Think Like a Pro
Chapter 2: The Psychological Complexities of Trading
Chapter 3: Analysis is Not the Key to Achieving Consistent Results
Chapter 4: The Mechanics of Price Movement - It's All About Order-Flow
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release date: Oct 17, 2018
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Grundwissen Gold (Reihe in 3 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Dieser Ratgeber richtet sich an all jene, die mit dem Gedanken spielen, in Edelmetalle zu investieren, aber gegenüber Gold und Silber bisher ein Unbehagen verspürten.
Dabei verkörpern Edelmetalle noch wahre Werte, während das Geld auf unseren Bankkonten kein echtes Zahlungsmittel darstellt!
Viele wissen es nicht, aber wenn wir einer Bank unser Geld anvertrauen, so erhalten wir gegenüber der Bank lediglich eine Forderung zur Bargeldauszahlung in Höhe unserer Geldeinlage.
Der Fall Zypern hat gezeigt: Die Sparer sind Gläubiger der Bank.

Echte Werte sehen anders aus!!!

Was liegt in Krisenzeiten also näher, als körperloses Geld in handfeste Edelmetalle zu verwandeln?
Bisher hat noch jede Goldmünze der Welt alle historischen Staatsgebilde und Papierwährungen überlebt.

Dieses E-Book gibt Ihnen wertvolle Tipps und hilfreiche Informationen, wie Sie zur perfekten Edelmetallanlage kommen.

Ein MUSS für alle Edelmetall-Neueinsteiger!

Aus dem Inhalt:

-Die Vor- und Nachteile von Silber und Gold
-Was kostet mich Gold und Silber genau?
-Die gängigste Gewichtsstückelung bei Münzeneinheiten
-Gewichtsstückelung der Barren
-Preise der Edelmetalle nach Gewichtsklassen
-Preisentwicklung von Gold und Silber
-Mögliche Rendite von Gold und Silber
-Die physische Goldanlage im Renditecheck
-Die physische Silberanlage im Renditecheck
-Das Tagesgeldkonto im Renditecheck
-Die verbriefte Goldanlage im Renditecheck
-Renditen nach Rangliste im Überblick
-Geeignete Edelmetallanlageformen im Überblick
-Die auflagenstärksten Gold-Anlagemünzen
-Weniger auflagenstarke Gold-Anlagemünzen
-Die auflagenstärksten Silber-Anlagemünzen
-Weniger auflagenstarke Silber-Anlagemünzen
-Kurzüberblick der Gedenkmünzen der BRD
-Anlagebeispiele von Sammlermünzen der BRD
-Die Vor- und Nachteile der BRD Sammler-/ Gedenkmünzen
-Auswahlkriterien der Anlagebarren
-Zertifizierte Barrenhersteller
-Edelmetall in Papierform (verbrieftes Edelmetall)
-Worauf beim Kauf von Gold und Silber Anlageprodukten zu achten ist
-Die emotionalen Kaufgründe im Kurzüberblick
-Die geeigneten Edelmetallanlagen nach Anlagehorizont
-Einkaufscheck zur Edelmetallanlage
-Kompaktübersicht der Einkaufsmöglichkeiten von Anlagegold/-silber
-Auswahl- und Echtheitskriterien für einige Edelmetallanlageklassen
-Die Feinheit der Edelmetalle
-Aufbewahrung der Edelmetalle

Ebenfalls erhältlich als ideale Ergänzung zu diesem E-Book:

Wissen was den Goldpreis bewegt - Eine universelle Marktanalyse zur Goldkursentwicklung

Reich und vermögend mit Gold - Eine praxisnahe Goldpreisanalyse für mehr Erfolg bei der Geldanlage
release date: Oct 17, 2018
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Megatrend Immobilien: Vermögensaufbau Durch Cleverness Und Erprobte Strategien (Reihe in 6 Bänden)
Aus Band 1:

Sind Immobilien Ihr Thema, aber Sie wissen nicht, wo Sie anfangen sollen bzw. wie Sie dies finanziell stemmen?

Falls dies Ihre zentralen Fragen sind, ist dies genau das richtige Buch für Ihren Einstieg in das Thema private Immobilieninvestments. Lernen Sie in diesem ersten Teil der 6-teiligen E-Book-Serie die Vorbereitung und den Aufbau Ihrer persönlichen Immobilienstrategie kennen. Immobilienprofi Thomas Knedel führt Sie ein in die Geheimnisse erfolgreicher Immobilieninvestoren und bespricht mit Ihnen unter anderem:

• Wie Sie auf einfache Art und Weise Ihre Ziele definieren, Risiken einschätzen und hiernach Ihre Strategie ausrichten

• Ihre Kreditwürdigkeit effektiv aufpolieren und sich spielend einfach auf jedes Bankgespräch vorbereiten

• Das Geldsystem mit drei einfachen Tricks zu Ihrem Freund machen 

• Wie es Ihnen gelingt, genau die richtige Immobilie für Ihre Strategie zu finden

• Wie Sie Immobilien durch kleine Kniffe wirkungsvoll aufwerten

Zahlreiche Beispiele und Kalkulationen aus der Praxis zeigen Newcomern und Fortgeschrittenen, worauf es wirklich ankommt. Umfangreiches Bonusmaterial mit Kalkulationstools sowie Checklisten reichern diese E-Book-Serie an.

Thomas Knedel ist Bestsellerautor und bereits seit 1998 privater Immobilieninvestor. Zudem weiß er aus seiner beruflichen Praxis aus dem Immobilien- und Baumanagement genau wovon er spricht. Neuerdings veranstaltet er zudem Online-Kurse, Workshops und Privatcoachings für (angehende) Privatinvestoren.

Ihr persönlicher Einstieg in das Thema Immobilien mit System und Anleitung

Wenn Sie diesen ersten Teil der E-Book-Reihe gelesen haben, werden Sie den Einstieg in private Immobilien-Investments spielend leicht meistern.

Markus Westmann (selbständiger Webdesigner) sagt: 

"Das Strategie-Buch von Thomas Knedel ist wirklich großartig! Zunächst war mir gar nicht klar, wie ich konkret mit Immobilien-Investments anfangen sollte. Mit den Anleitungen, gerade für den Start, von Herrn Knedel habe ich bereits erste Bankkontakte aufgebaut sowie erste vielversprechende Immobilienangebote erhalten. Der Autor erläutert gerade die etwas verborgenen Bankthemen äußert anschaulich und behält immer die direkte Umsetzung im Auge. Auch seine vielen Tipps & Tricks zeigen, dass er definitiv ein tiefes Wissen hat von dem, was er macht. Vielen Dank für dieses wirklich informative Buch." 

Zögern Sie daher nicht und sehen Sie sich diese Anleitung für den Start in die Immobilienwelt genau an, denn davon bin ich überzeugt: das ist der Einstieg in eine neue Welt! 

In den weiteren E-Books dieser Serie lesen Sie unter anderen:

Teil 2: Immobilien finden, kaufen und verkaufen 

Teil 3: Immobilien vor dem Kauf effektiv Prüfen 

Teil 4: Immobilien intelligent finanzieren 

Teil 5: Vollständige Immobilien-Kalkulation mit Finanzierung und Steuern 

Teil 6: Immobilien verwalten und steuern 

Starten Sie noch heute: Scrollen Sie gleich jetzt nach oben und klicken Sie auf den „kaufen“ – Button!

release date: Oct 17, 2018
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60 Minute Financial Solutions (5 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Retirement is looming. Do you know your safe withdrawal rate?

Applying a simple rule to a complex financial situation is just asking for trouble. When retirement is approaching, it's important to determine the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from savings without running out. Financial experts will tell you the oversimplified rule of thumb: 4%.

Too many people follow the advice without asking further questions. Unfortunately, few financial experts truly understand the complexity of safe withdrawal rates and how practical solutions work. Do you really want to risk your lifestyle and financial security on your adviser's guess?

Author and financial coach Todd R. Tresidder has helped thousands of people take the right path to retirement. His latest book, The 4% Rule and Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement, dives deep into the subject to provide you with a definitive, one-stop solution. It's a must-have if you're planning to tap investments in retirement or earlier.

In this book, you'll learn:

  • How not knowing the limitations of the 4% rule can make you go broke
  • How to know the exact amount you can withdraw while still living comfortably
  • How to create a dynamic model that accurately calculates your safe withdrawal rate
  • How to leapfrog past the 4% rule using the latest research

If you need a better understanding of fixed withdrawal strategies, then you must look toward this no-nonsense, eye-opening, and empowering book. It's time to go beyond the rule of thumb. Tresidder's book is pure insight, and it'll help you make more informed decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

Buy the book to secure your post-retirement lifestyle today!

release date: Oct 17, 2018
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Warren Buffett's 3 Favorite Books (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Did you know Warren Buffett, the world’s wealthiest stock investor, is quoted as saying three books have shaped his investment philosophy? For more than half a century, he used the information provided in these three books to go from nothing – to a massive $39 billion net worth. The three books that gave him this wisdom are: The Wealth of Nations (pub. 1776) by Adam Smith, Security Analysis (pub. 1934) by Benjamin Graham, and The Intelligent Investor (pub. 1949), also by Benjamin Graham.
In fact, Benjamin Graham was Buffett’s professor at Columbia and the most influential financial advisor he ever had.
So, have you ever tried reading Graham’s books? Many might agree the books are as exciting as listening to Ben Stein read the 30th page of The Wall Street Journal.
It is time we fixed that. Instead of keeping these billion-dollar secrets hidden behind thousands of pages of financial jargon, I wrote one simple guide – Warren Buffett’s Three Favorite Books.
If you’re looking for a guide that explains how the wealthy really think and buy assets, you’re in the right place. This isn’t a get-rich-quick book. Instead, this is where your investing techniques take a turn in the road. This book will teach you how to accumulate assets and become very wealthy over decades of wise decisions and proper asset valuation. The best part about the book is the methods are taught in an easy-to-follow and understandable scenario for all to enjoy!
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