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release date: Apr 01, 2009
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Idioms and Idiomatic Phrases, Correlatives, and Collocations
Idioms are a very important aspect of the English Language. Idioms can be formed in many ways. For example, the word "man" has been used to form many idioms. The parts of the body have been used to form numerous idioms. The names of various animals and various objects have also been used to form idioms. Events and stories from Theology, History, Geography, Science, Mythology, Legend, Romance, Economics, Linguistics, Medicine, Law, Politics, Current Events, Sports, Mathematics, Biology, Philosophy and other subjects have been used in order to "create" this interesting branch of English - idioms. Not every item in this book is an idiom. Collocations, common sayings, proverbs and interesting expressions have all been embodied in this book. The aim is to help the student in every way possible to use English in an impressive and colorful manner. A section dealing with correlatives has been added to help readers better understand the formation of idioms.
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