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release date: Sep 20, 2017
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The Billionaire's Witch (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Lydia Gold hopes she’s normal. She’s not. Soon, she will be inherited by one of the most powerful billionaires in the country – Richard Hargrave.

Richard has a secret – the same secret that flows through Lydia’s blood and that darkens the city streets of Fairchurch. Magic. He comes from a long line of practitioners, and he’s been charged since the day he was born with protecting the innocent. That duty comes at a cost – not to him. To Lydia.

From the day she is inherited and thrust into this dark world of magic and power, he will use her, for he has no choice. But Lydia will fight. It’s in her bones, pulsing in her heart, rattling in her soul – the need to battle. And though at first she directs that force at Richard, soon enough she will be drawn too far into this world, and importantly, far too close to him.

The Billionaire’s Witch is an urban fantasy series sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell’s The Frozen Witch.
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release date: Sep 20, 2017
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The Hundred Halls (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: There are exactly one hundred halls of magic to choose from. Ever since our parents were killed I knew exactly which hall was for me.

Aurelia "Aurie" Silverthorne is one of the best and brightest to ever apply to the Hundred Halls, the only magical university in the world. To be accepted, she must pass grueling trials that claim the lives of aspirants every year.

But more than her desire to practice magic is at stake.

Aurie's little sister has been courting powerful forces in hopes of protecting herself from the beings that killed their parents, but alliances come with complications. As things spiral out of control, and dangerous foes arise at every turn, Aurie knows the only way to protect her sister is to pass the trials—even if it means making a terrible sacrifice.
release date: Sep 20, 2017
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The Light Bringer (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

When Police Sergeant Alan Crane is on duty, who he "Protects and Serves" reaches far beyond the world of the living . . .

Sixteen people will die on Police Officer Alan Crane's watch. But while tragic and untimely death is no stranger to the jaded ex-Marine, his new-found supernatural ability to lead these people to their spiritual fates sends him on a sensational and scary saga that will ultimately answer: Why these sixteen? What do they have in common? And why has Alan been chosen to bring them to the light? 

meets The Ghost Whisperer in this mysterious story about sixteen lives inexplicably and suddenly extinguished and the man chosen to be their Light Bringer. 

"Superb! The Light Bringer displays an outstanding supernatural adventure that will pull you into a world beyond life itself and make you wonder if it's really a work of fiction. A chilling movement across the threshold that separates this world and the next, The Light Bringer bridges the gap between the light and darkness, goodness and evil that exist in this world and our life beyond."—Dr. Tom Hill, Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul.


release date: Sep 20, 2017
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The Alastair Stone Chronicles (11 Book Series)
From Book 1: "The magic is believable, the characters could be people you know, and the twists, turns and mysteries to be solved glue your eyes to the page. You will never forget these characters or their world." -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Hugo-nominated author of the Sime~Gen series and Star Trek Lives!

"I am reminded of Jim Butcher here..." -- Wulfstan, Amazon top 500 reviewer

"Somewhat reminiscent of the Dresden files but with its own distinct style." -- John W. Ranken, Amazon reviewer

"Tension throughout novel kept pulling me forward...I definitely want to see more from this author!" -- Shawna Reppert, award-winning author of fantasy and steampunk

It’s hard enough for Alastair Stone to keep his two lives—powerful mage and mundane Occult Studies professor—separate without an old friend asking him to take on a new apprentice. Especially after a university colleague wants him to investigate a massive old house for things that go bump in the night. Still, Stone figures it’s an easy job: just turn up, put on a little show, and announce that the house is clean.

Only it isn’t. A malevolent spirit is reawakening in the basement, imprisoned between dimensions and intent on escape. If it succeeds, countless people will die. Worse, a trio of dark mages want to help it break free so they can control it for their own sinister purposes. They’ll do whatever it takes—including seducing Stone’s young apprentice and using him against his master—to get what they’re after.

With time running out, Stone has to stay alive long enough to uncover the spirit’s secrets. But even if he does, he fears that his own power won’t be enough to send it back.
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release date: Sep 20, 2017
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Ascension (7 Book Series)
From Book 1: If you enjoyed the Shifted and the Bitten series you will love Ascension. Characters from both series join forces in the first book of this new series.
Book 1
Nadine Howland is about to make history. Alpha born females have always existed, but none have ever achieved the role of Pack Alpha in their own right. When an Ascension ceremony is held to announce the new Alphas of several packs, Barron Howland makes the unheard of decision to name his daughter, Nadine, his successor.
Nadine expected to be challenged. She expected that some Alpha males would object to a female in a position of power. What she hadn’t expected is finding her true mate in the process.
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release date: Sep 20, 2017
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Gods & Monsters (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:
The Fallen Queen (G&M 2)is AVAILABLE NOW!!!! 
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Gods & Monsters 
Book One 

The human race stands on the brink of extinction; the result of a plague the likes of which the world has never seen. When salvation comes, it isn't a miracle cure created by science or our government that saves us. 

No, our saviors are monsters. 

Jane appears to be nothing special. In fact, she's a sad sight to behold, afflicted by the sorrow of her tragic past and failing marriage. The young wife and mother of two finds herself just as terrified as every other soul when humanity faces doom. Yet, when hope seems lost, Jane does something even her estranged husband fails to--she fights. And she's not alone. 

David and his companions are what our world has dismissed as mere legend. Their duty to the human race brings them across the country--and they all know it is no coincidence when they cross paths with Jane. 

As it happens, Jane is special. She's destined to be the very center of our world's fate. With her heart divided and monsters from every nightmare seeking her out, Jane will quickly learn the greatest war is the one within. 

So what will she do when they realize she's the greatest monster of them all?
Gods & Monsters is the first book of the Gods & Monsters trilogy, an emotional and epic tale of one woman's battle against true monsters while she endures her greatest fight--the war with her own inner-demon.  It's a story of loss, tragedy, war, good vs evil--a unique "love-triangle"--and supernatural beings like you've never seen them before.
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release date: Sep 20, 2017
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Dark Fey (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

In the mystical realm of Jyndari, a relationship blossoms between two unsuspecting, yet kindred souls.

Ayla, a Light-loving Guardian of Childfey, hides more than a few secrets — ones which isolate and set her apart from the rest. Yet Ayla’s veiled confidences entice one who lurks in the shadows. Silent and watchful, this dangerous presence knows all too well the secrets she wishes kept hidden.

The Darkness-revering Fey bids his time, waiting for the ideal moment to step away from the shadows and reveal himself to Ayla. But doing so will irrevocably alter the course of their lives, and shatter both their worlds.

Brimming with magic and mystery, beauty and enchantment, The Reviled is a fantasy novel like no other; an adventure for both mind and spirit.

release date: Sep 20, 2017
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Chaos of the Covenant (7 Book Series)
From Book 1: The most powerful starships ever constructed are gone. Thousands are dead. A fleet is in ruins. The attackers are unknown. The orders are clear: Recover the ships. Bury the bastards who stole them.

Lieutenant Abigail Cage never expected to find herself in Hell. As a Highly Specialized Operational Combatant, she was one of the most respected soldiers in the military. Now she's doing hard labor on the most miserable planet in the universe.

Not for long.

The Earth Republic is looking for the most dangerous individuals it can control. The best of the worst, and Abbey happens to be one of them. The deal is simple: Bring back the starships, earn your freedom. Try to run, you die. It's a suicide mission, but she has nothing to lose.

The only problem? There's a new threat in the galaxy. One with a power unlike anything anyone has ever seen. One that's been waiting for this moment for a very, very, long time. And they want Abbey, too.

Be careful what you wish for.

They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. They have no idea.
release date: Sep 20, 2017
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Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Wizard scouts are the elite, deep-recon forces of the Intergalactic Empire. They are a mix of technology and magic like abilities.
Richard has been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become one of these legendary soldiers. All he has to do is make it through the Wizard Scout Academy. But with a TAC officer who hates his guts, will he even be allowed to graduate. To make matters worse, the Empire has been attacked and soon finds itself in a major war. With heavy losses in the wizard scout corps, even the Academy cadets are starting to look good to the Empire’s High Command.
Just when Richard thinks things can’t get any worse, he is suddenly sent by ‘the One’ to help a beautiful elf priestess fight a demon and its army of undead. Wizard scouts may be the best of the best, but Richard is still a cadet in training. Will his skills and technology be enough to overcome dragons, demons, trolls, ghouls, and various undead from his worst nightmare? With only the aid of his battle computer, Nickelo, and the magic of an elf priestess, will his wizard scout abilities be enough to turn the tide?
With the fate of two galaxies riding in the balance, Richard is honor bound to do his best in spite of the odds. The question is, will his best be good enough?
release date: Sep 20, 2017
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Blood Memory (9 Book Series)
From Book 1:

The zombie apocalypse series readers are describing as "The Walking Dead at sea."

Haven’s crew find Jordan Grant half-dead floating at sea. With a six-year hole in his memory, he remembers nothing of the outbreak or the undead who have claimed the land as their own. He joins the crew in their daily struggle to survive in a harsh new world where every meal is live or die.

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I know what it’s like. It’s stressful trying out something new when you haven’t heard of it before. That’s why I offer the first book in the Blood Memory series for just 99 cents. Try it free before committing to purchasing Book Two or even the entire series!

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The Blood Memory series is perfect for Kindle Unlimited readers because every book is included in the Unlimited program. Get your copy and let yourself love this series. Which Kindle Unlimited readers is this series perfect for?

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What zombie books fans are saying:

“One of the best zombie killers series I’ve ever read! Grab this if you’re looking for your next favorite zombie killers series!”

“I read a lot dystopian science fiction best sellers, and this is amongst the best post apocalyptic survival fiction of 2017!”

“I’ve dreamed of being a zombie slayer… My worst nightmares never scared me like this series!”

“I couldn’t put it down until I got to the very end! The bit in the zombie town had me on the edge of my seat, and the bit when… Well, I don’t want to ruin it for you! Pick up your copy now. You won’t regret it!”

“Are you a fan of post apocalyptic survival fiction? Want to read some of the best zombie fiction of 2017? Then you won’t want to miss this!”

From the writer who brought you the post apocalyptic fiction Z-Minus and Flowers Vs. Zombies series comes this powerful first part in a new post apocalypse adventure.

***Blood Memory is also available as a post apocalyptic survival fiction Audible product. Make sure to check it out!***

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