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release date: Oct 19, 2018
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The Legacy Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:
Evangeline is a woman with a wounded soul.

After facing a devastating tragedy, Evangeline Winters has lost the will to live. Unable to bear the pain of a shattered heart, she attempts the unthinkable. A year later the scars on her wrist have faded, but the wounds on Evangeline's soul remain, making living day to day a challenge where even breathing seems painful. She will soon learn; however, that hers is not the only life touched by grief, and her actions have unforeseen consequences.
Scott loves his wife. More than life itself, which is why he can no longer watch her drown in her suffering. In a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, he accepts a job half way across the country in hopes of starting over somewhere fresh with Evangeline, a new home in a new state, far away from the grief that haunts them both, and begs her to go with him. To his surprise, she reluctantly agrees. It is the least she can do for the man who never gave up on her, a man who loves her far more than she loves herself. What she does not realize is that Scott is not whom he seems. He is a man with many secrets. Secrets that very well may very well destroy them both. Because Scott has made a deal with an Angel for Evangeline's life, and the wheels of fate have begun to turn, leading her straight to Scott's new employers, the broodingly beautiful David Baptiste, and his rakish brother Victor. She is soon cast into a world that she never believed existed. A world of demons and Angels, where the power of freedom or destruction lies in her hands, where fate and desire vie for control of her life. A world where all she has to do to get the one thing she wants most in life is to say yes. For Evangeline, it may be a temptation too great to bear.

Whisper of Angels is the first novel in the Legacy Trilogy. The Second book, Temple of the Dove will be out later this Summer.

Whisper of Angels touches on subjects that might be distressing to some readers such as suicide and miscarriage.
release date: Oct 19, 2018
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The Birdmen of Beta Earth Series (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: “…intriguing…” “…well written…” “…moves at a good pace…”

Deelo Con, a disgraced war commander in the Daylon Empire, is the first to discover the Portal at the Battle of Wieese, but when he is sucked up into it, he emerges ten years later with his identity forgotten, odd and extraordinary magical powers, and no sense of loyalty. As his memories slowly come back, Deelo is pressed for the location of the Portal, because whoever encounters it gains the abilities to hurl stones from staffs, raise lava from the ground, and see beyond one's own eyes.

With the balance of Power in the Daylon Empire hanging precariously in the hands of Deelo's brother, the self-crowned emperor of the New Daylon Empire, Deelo must decide to whom he should lead to the Portal and grant these destructive powers, and whom he should leave to die.

But Deelo must act quickly and decisively, because the Portal goes both ways. The real invaders are coming, and they’re not just coming for the Daylon's territories: they're coming for their souls.

“The Portal is an intriguing action adventure with fully flushed out social and political systems, and a main character that struggles with moral decisions while forced into precarious positions. All the while, there are people being tortured and battles a plenty in search of The Portal, but is this religious icon a saving grace... or the "E"-day for everyone, an end to humanity as they know it.”

“For the sake of a good author's future please do download the book and email the author a few edits.”

-Heaven’s Fiction Review

release date: Oct 19, 2018
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Geoffrey and the Dragon (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: The Quest of the Golden Apple is something of a fairy tale or a traditional fantasy. Having a fair share of wonders and a fair bit of travel, it follows the adventure of Geoffrey and the Dragon.
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release date: Oct 19, 2018
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[まとめ買い] 輪廻と土竜


壮大な『十界』を舞台に、天魔との戦いを描いた『人間界管理人 六道メグル』。
『輪廻と土竜 篇』は、相棒モグラとの出会いと死を越えた親子愛をメインに、シリアスな現代社会の闇に切り込んでゆく。

【分  類】ミステリー・学校・恋愛・輪廻転生
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release date: Oct 19, 2018
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Fellowship of Fantasy (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: Here be dragons ... and selkies and griffins and maybe even a mermaid or two.

Twenty fantasy authors band together to bring you a collection of thrilling tales and magical monsters. Do you like to slay dragons? Or befriend them? Do you prefer to meet cephalopods as gigantic kraken or adorable tree octopuses?

Each story focuses around a fantastic creature from folklore or mythology, and they range from light and playful tales for the whole family to darker stories that may make you wish to leave the lights on. These stories carry the Fellowship of Fantasy seal of approval. While our monsters may be horrifying, you won't stumble into questionable content.

Perfect for the fantasy lover who can't get enough of mythical beasts.
release date: Oct 19, 2018
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Martin & James Case Files (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Find out if the top agent and his young protege can stop the masked killer

Martin & James are on the trail of Martin's greatest archnemesis - and must risk it all on a speeding train!

Martin, Headquarters top agent, and James, his trainee, are on their most dangerous mission. This time they are tracking an old nemesis, Victor, the masked assassin. Hot on his heels, Martin is determined not to lose his nemesis this time.

The chase leads them to a steam train as it begins its journey through the countryside. Now, they must find and capture this elusive spy before he can escape and unleash his master plan.

If you enjoy pulp fiction style stories in the vein of Robert L. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian or William Hodgson’s Carnacki the Ghost-Finder then you will enjoy this action adventure short story. Modern pulp fiction writers like Jim Beard are bringing back the style from Amazing Stories and Weird Tales, and S.A. Schneider has released another story to join this classic tradition.

Get Martin & James vs. The Masked Moss-Trooper and join the ranks of action, adventure readers

Exciting short stories

  • Thrillers like Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian
  • Engaging and otherworldly like H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories
  • Action like Lester Dent's Doc Savage
  • Spy mystery like The Shadow

˃˃˃ Pulp fiction stories for the modern thriller reader

These stories are tailored for the busy individual that still wants to read exciting fiction. Each story is a throwback to yesteryear. Short stories that would have been found in pulps like Amazing Stories and Weird Tales. The setting is also set as if it was written 100 years ago, and is exciting and fun to read to see how Martin and James handle each situation as they try to save the world.

Grab this short story before it's only available in the complete collection.

release date: Oct 19, 2018
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Geschichten einer Kriegerin (Reihe in 4 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Erde, Winter 2005/2006.

Mein Name ist Fiona und ich bin eine Kriegerin. Meine Aufgabe ist es, für das Gleichgewicht zu sorgen. Leider wurde nie genau definiert, was das Gleichgewicht eigentlich ist. Und wie ich eine Störung desselben erkenne. Oder was ich eigentlich tun soll, wenn ich eine solche Störung feststelle. Überhaupt ist meine Jobbeschreibung sehr kurz: Achte auf das Gleichgewicht.

Die Welt, in der ich lebe, ist komplex. Doch es gibt eine einfache Regel: Beherrsche die Illusion und du hast die Macht. Magie ist nichts anderes, als das Spiel mit dem Scheinbaren. Wer die Illusion manipulieren kann, hat die Kraft der Magie.

Leider ist die Illusion verdammt real.

Im ersten Zyklus (Band 1 bis Band 6) muss ich genau das lernen. Natürlich passiert noch viel mehr, aber das ist die vermutlich wichtigste und schmerzhafteste Lektion.

Im zweiten Zyklus (Band 7 bis Band 11, ab 2018) komme ich mir vor wie ein Spielball der Götter. Doch ganz wehrlos bin ich nicht ...

Im dritten Zyklus (Band 12 bis Band 16, voraussichtlich ab 2020) holen mich die Schatten der Vergangenheit ein.

Im vierten Zyklus (Band 17 bis Band 21), zu dem bislang nur erste Ideen existieren, wird es aber um ein neues Leben gehen, in dem neben Katharina auch noch mein Sohn eine wichtige Rolle spielt.

Parallel zu der Hauptserie gibt es eine kostenlose E-Book-Serie, Geschichten einer Kriegerin, mit mehr oder weniger kurzen Episoden aus meinem Leben.

Und natürlich die Spin-Offs wie "Die Legende von Sarah und Thomas", die mit der Hauptserie eng verknüpft sind. Ganz abgesehen davon, dass Sarah eine Nervensäge hoch drei, aber trotzdem irgendwie ganz nett ist, diese Zicke.
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The Galactic Crusade (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: My name is Argo Herrero. I'm ready to enlist, sign the contract to serve for ten years under the ally ranks. Enlisting is the only way to free myself from the hands of the totalitarians, to fight for freedom itself. The allies assure me citizenship and a decent salary after ten years of service.

The Megachine are strong. Undefeated. Unrivaled. They have wiped out the ally drone force and are moving in for the final blow. First they took Europe, then Asia. With the help of the Chavistas, they conquered Latin America. The world is about to fall. I need to serve to fight for whatever freedom is left!
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release date: Oct 19, 2018
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Crystal Lake Shorts (7 Book Series)
From Book 1:

In Victorian London, a select group of writers, led by Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and Henry James held an informal Ghost Club, the price of entry to which was the telling of a story by each invited guest.

This is one of the tales.

Lost people are drawn to places where what ails them can be eased. If you have the will, the fortitude, you can peer into another life, where the dead are not gone, where you can see that they thrive and go on

Brian Mulrooney has been drawn to one such house to come to the aid of a bereft friend.

But will the house let him go?

The rest of these Supernatural tales can be found in William Meikle’s The Ghost Club collection, out now from Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

release date: Oct 19, 2018
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AngelStories Short Story Collection (5 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Good and evil battle in this unusual tale of supernatural conflict. First in the AngelStories short story collection from award-winning author Michael Lynes.

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