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release date: Jan 19, 2018
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Smashwords Guides (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: The Smashwords Style Guide has helped indie authors produce and publish over 130,000 high-quality ebooks. 200,000 copies of the Smashwords Style Guide have downloaded!

This guide offers simple step-by-step instructions to create and format an ebook using Microsoft Word.

The Smashwords Style Guide is required reading for any author who wants to distribute their book via Smashwords to major ebook retailers such as the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and Diesel.

Authors and publishers who don't yet use Smashwords can still benefit from the Guide. It provides detailed information on how ebook formatting is different from print formatting, how to create a reflowable ebook, and it offers step by step illustrated instructions on how to tame the beast of Microsoft Word.



Welcome to Smashwords!
Do-it-yourself, or hire help?
Good formatting examples
What Smashwords publishes, what we don’t publish
Five common formatting mistakes to avoid
How Smashwords publishes books
How Smashwords distributes books
How ebook formatting is different from print formatting
How we convert your book into multiple ebook formats
The three secrets to ebook formatting
How to avoid (and fix) AutoVetter errors
Introduction to Meatgrinder conversion system
Your required source file
Understanding the different ebook formats



Making Word Behave
Step 1: Make a back up
Step 2: Activate Word’s Show/Hide
Step 3: Turn off Word’s “AutoCorrect” and “AutoFormat” features
Step 4: Eliminate text boxes
Step 5: The Nuclear Method

Step 6: Unify Manuscript around Normal paragraph style
Step 7: Managing and modifying paragraph styles, fonts
Step 7a. How to choose the best paragraph separation method (first line indent or block?)
Step 7b: How to implement your chosen paragraph separation method
Step 7b-a: How to define a proper first line indent
Step 7b-b: How to define trailing “after” space for block paragraphs
Step 7b-c: Special tips for poetry, cookbooks and learning materials
Step 7b-d: How to define proper line spacing
Step 8: Check your normalized text
Step 9: Why you should never use tabs or the space bar for indents
Step 10: Managing paragraph returns
Step 11: Managing hyperlinks
Step 12: Designating chapter breaks, page breaks, section breaks
Step 13: Working with images
Step 14: Text justification
Step 14a: Centering text
Step 15: Managing font sizes
Step 16: Style formatting, symbols and glyphs
Step 17: Headers and footers
Step 18: Margins, page sizes and indents
Step 19: Add the Heading style to your Chapter headers (optional)

Building Navigation
Step 20: Building navigation into the manuscript
Step 20a: Creating the NCX
Step 20b: Creating the linked Table of Contents
Step 20c: Advanced link building (Footnotes, Endnotes)
Step 20d: Troubleshooting and testing

Front Matter
Step 21: Front matter
Step 21a: Blurbs (optional)
Step 21b: Title and copyright page (required!)
Step 21c: Add a Smashwords license statement below copyright page

The End of Your Book
Step 22: The end of your book

Step 23: Preparing your cover image
Step 24: Review requi
release date: Jan 10, 2018
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Cryptocurrency: 13 More Coins to Watch with 10X Growth Potential in 2018

If you've been waiting for the chance to potentially turn a few hundred dollars into tens of thousands, this is it.


We may not see another investment opportunity like this for another 20 years.

Many top venture capitalists…

And over 80% of the world's largest banks...

Including central banks from China, Australia, and England – are planning to get their piece of the cryptocurrency pie.

But which coins to invest in? There are so many, it can be overwhelming.

In the past few months I’ve researched hundreds of coins, and boiled them down to 13 which I believe have huge profit producing potential in the next 12 months.

The same research used in previous books that brought news of:

Neo at $7.89, since up 1100%

Bitcoin Cash at $326, since up 1000%

Monero at $43.22, since up 800%

Golem at $0.26, since up 300%

IOTA at $0.92, since up 400%

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How you can buy your first Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin in under 15 minutes, with nearly no technical knowledge. If you’ve ever bought anything online, you can buy cryptocurrency - Page 23

  • An easy way to save up to $20 per transaction (this “no-brainer” strategy is almost always overlooked by new investors) - Page 27

  • Which Top 30 Coin you should 100% avoid (this scheme has been going on for far too long and everyone should be warned about it) - Page 98

  • A coin with transaction fees that are just a fraction of a penny and just partnered with a Fortune 500 company - Page 48

  • How to recognize market manipulation and avoid investing in coins that are a target of it - Page 95

  • A coin that pays you for your unused bandwidth (this one is a fantastic passive income opportunity) - Page 58

  • The coin with technology capable of processing 5 times more transactions per second than VISA (this one has already risen 400% in just 3 weeks, and shows no signs of slowing down) - Page 68

  • 5 golden rules to help you protect your investment - Page 102

  • What every investor should know about the Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash debate - Page 90

  • The coin disrupting a $3 billion industry - Page 63

Plus a free bonus report only available to Amazon customers!

But aren’t cryptocurrencies risky?

Like an investment, they carry a certain amount of risk.

And while nothing is guaranteed, you could be looking at 10, 20, even 25 times your money or more.

So, if you’re looking for your part of the most exciting financial market of this century, then order now to receive your book instantly.

release date: May 29, 2017
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Minimalism: The Path to an Organized, Stress-free and Decluttered Life
Minimalism Toolkit available for FREE - Look Inside!
Ever been stressed out by the clutter on your desk? Or when you’re trying to find an important document, or a specific outfit from a messy closet? The truth is – the more stuff we have, the more difficult it is to keep them organized. The more clutter and mess we end up with as a result can lead to a stressful day, and this stress can build up over time. This has to stop.

Minimalism: The Path to an Organized, Stress-free and Decluttered Life is my humble attempt to help you realize the benefits of incorporating a minimalist lifestyle in order to rid your life of excess in a systematic and strategic way. Here’s a quick overview of the book:

•The first section of this book highlights a brief history of minimalism and its origins. It also covers how the minimalist movement has evolved over time, what modern day minimalism looks like, and its benefits.
•The second section covers a wide range of strategies and techniques that you could use to declutter, get organized, and live in a stress-free and minimalist home.
•The last section highlights what a minimalist lifestyle could look like; it covers a wide range of topics including minimalism in money, health, relationships, and much more.

My goal, through this book, is to empower you to find joy in simplifying and to find happiness in fewer things that truly matter. To move towards a more organized, peaceful and decluttered life, read this book today!

PS. Join my VIP mailing list to receive a FREE copy of “The Minimalism Toolkit” which highlights the key strategies from the book. Sign up by clicking the link on the first page. Enjoy!
release date: Jan 02, 2018
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The Published Professional: How Self-Publishing Can Help Build Your Brand, Attract More Clients, And Increase Sales

Tap into a powerful resource and get ahead of the competition!

If you're in business, you should publish a book. Why? Publishing a book allows entrepreneurs like you to leverage your knowledge and experience in a way that enhances your brand and builds credibility with your audience.

The opportunities to build your brand, court clients and establish credibility and prestige in your chosen industry have increased immeasurably - all for a relatively small investment.

But how do you navigate the self-publishing process and not waste time, money and energy? Enter Rob Archangel and his team at Archangel Ink. His book, The Published Professional: How Self-Publishing Can Help Build Your Brand, Attract More Clients and Increase Sales, offers a no-nonsense collection of insights into the world of self-publishing to help you understand the immense potential of self-publishing and how it can benefit your business... in ways far beyond the royalties earned. Inside you'll also discover:

  • 20 reasons why you absolutely should write a book.

  • How publishing a book can provide distinct advantages in your content marketing efforts.

  • The benefits of "doubling down on your strengths" and enlisting professional help to address weaknesses.

  • Why inaction and failure to publish may cost more than making the investment.

  • Other nuggets of wisdom from someone who's experienced every side of publishing: the good, the bad and the ugly.

What if you had a working business card that could do far more than just tell someone your name, your title and how they could contact you? That's the potential self-publishing a book offers to entrepreneurs just like you. Build your brand, increase your sales and move a step ahead of your competition. Check out The Published Professional today!

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release date: Jan 07, 2018
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Knockout Procrastinating For Good: Break The Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Time Management, Productivity, Success And Your Inner Procrastinator - OVERCOME LAZINESS - INSTANTLY

Are you are constantly putting things off? Do you struggle with completing projects or specific tasks? Are you fed up with the stress, guilt and overwhelm that comes with procrastination?

Do you feel like you are not living up to your full potential? Or do you just want conquer those lazy feelings, get things done and achieve success in your life?

Procrastination is a problem that almost everybody in the world faces at one point or another. Some people learn how to overcome it by forming good habits and others suffer for years by constantly putting things off. In fact, 20% of Americans identify themselves as chronic procrastinators and admit that it begins to destroy their self-confidence, relationships, health, and finances.

This program was created to walk you through the steps necessary to break free from the shackles of procrastination and skyrocket your accomplishments to levels you never thought possible.

“Knockout Procrastinating For Good” also contains routines, protocols, dietary tips, recipes and suggestions for strengthening your mind and body in order to tap into the Yin and Yang power of balance. And achieving the kind of balance you'll discover in this book is the true secret to health, personal and business success.

Are you ready to undo years and years of bad habits in just hours and finally make your dreams a reality?

What Will Knockout Procrastinating give you?

  • Discover the real reasons you procrastinate...and how to overcome them

  •  Learn why too much information is a BAD thing

  • Take action on a task -- even when you're not in the mood to do it.

  • The mental trick that turns saying "No" into a blessing...for you AND for the other person

  • How to reframe ALL your negative thoughts

  • The secret to less stress, more positive outlooks and experiencing real excitement in life

  • How living in the here and now is critical to your success...and what to do about it

  • Complete daily tasks, quickly and easily with a simple time-management technique

  • Organize your life so you're not buried in paperwork or your to-do list.

  • The secret to getting better sleep and how to experience the power that good sleep unleashes

  • How to tap into self awareness to change how people see you and how you see yourself

  • Simple routines to keep your mind awake and focused.

    And so much more

    The Bottom Line:

    You don't have to be controlled by procrastination. You can overcome it by forming a few habits that spur you into taking action. The program will work whether you’re a failing student, aspiring entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, or just someone who’s constantly struggling for motivation – know that by following the information in Knockout Procrastinating For Good, you can overcome procrastination.

    More importantly, you can finally realize your potential, go after your dreams, and enjoy life without constantly feeling guilty or stressed out.

    Procrastination will destroy your dreams if you let it.

    Don't Waste Any More Time...Take Action Now! This book is priced at a ridiculous discount only to get our first set of readers. When we have enough readers the price will go up.

    Click "Buy Now" to lock your discounted price, or you risk coming back at a later date or even a few minutes from now to see the price go up.

  • release date: Jan 06, 2018
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    Bookkeeping and Accounting: The Ultimate Guide to Basic Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting Principles for Small Business

    3 comprehensive manuscripts in 1 book

    • Bookkeeping: The Ultimate Guide to Bookkeeping for Small Business
    • Accounting: The Ultimate Guide to Accounting for Beginners – Learn the Basic Accounting Principles
    • Accounting: An Essential Guide to Learning Accounting Quickly
    The first part of this book is intended for people who want to know something about the fundamentals of bookkeeping without necessarily becoming a certified bookkeeper. Many people are in this position; small business owners, employers, employees, business owners, stockholders, investors, and many, many more. Most of these folks do not need a deep understanding of bookkeeping; they just need to learn what bookkeeping is and how they should be using it. Just as important, they need to understand what bookkeepers and accountants are talking about in their reports. They must learn the vocabulary and the most important terms. If you are one of those, you have found the right book for you.

    As an added bonus, part 1 contains a section for business taxes. Included is also a step-by-step guide to preparing W-2 forms and the information needed for those.

    Here are just some of the questions and topics discussed within part 1 of this book:

    • Bookkeeping Basics
    • What’s New in Bookkeeping for Small Business?
    • Managing Assets, Liabilities and Owner’s Equity
    • Using Ledgers and Journals to Track Business Activity
    • Bookkeeping When You Have Employees
    • Depreciation
    • Adjusting Entries
    • Making Sense out of the Financial Statements
    • Taxes for Small Businesses
    • Small Business Checklist
    • Bookkeeping Tips for Your Small Business
    • And Much, Much More

    Here are just some of the topics that are discussed within part 2 of this book:

    • Accounting is Different From Bookkeeping
    • Understanding the Vocabulary
    • Accounting Reports: The Income Statement
    • The Balance Sheet
    • The Cash Flow Statement
    • The Accounting Equation
    • The CPA and Public Accounting
    • Jobs in Accounting: Financial Accounting
    • Tax Accounting
    • Accounting Consultants
    • Forensic Accounting
    • Personal Accounting
    • Measures and Ratios
    • Accounting Software
    • And Much, Much More

    Just a few of the topics discussed within part 3 of this book includes:

    • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
    • The Accounting Equation
    • Cash Method Vs Accrual Method
    • Double-Entry Accounting
    • Financial Statements
    • Making Adjusting Entries
    • Completing the Accounting Cycle
    • Special Journals
    • Accounts Receivables
    • Liabilities and Payroll
    • Current and Long-term Assets
    • Owner’s Equity
    • Income Statement
    • Statement of Cash Flows
    • Financial Ratios
    • And Much, Much More

    So, what are you waiting for? Start your learning now by downloading this magnificent book!

    release date: Nov 24, 2014
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    Bad Habits No More: 25 Steps to Break Any Bad Habit

    LEARN:: How to Break Bad Habits and Build Powerful, Positive Routines

    Do you: Often snack on junk food, watch too much T.V., spend too much money or binge eat? Wish you could stop smoking or drinking excessively? Have a small (but annoying) habit you'd like to break?

    We all have a specific bad habit we'd like to break. Odds are, you've tried in the past and maybe you were successful for a few days. Then something unexpected came up where you slipped for a day or two. One mistake snowballs into a series of setbacks. Eventually you give up on the idea of making a habit change simply because it's too difficult to do.

    The interesting thing? We've all experienced this pattern at some point in our lives. Fortunately there's a quick fix: Make a plan for breaking that habit and follow it on a daily basis.

    RIGHT NOW:: Pick a Bad Habit, Make a Plan and Start Today!

    It doesn't matter if you've failed with your habit efforts in the past. It doesn't mean you're lazy or weak-willed. It means you didn't have the right tools for making a lasting habit change.

    What you need is a strategy for identifying your worst habits and learning how to overcome them. That solution is a book called: "Bad Habits No More: 25 Steps to Break ANY Bad Habit."

    Bad Habits No More: 25 Steps to Break ANY Bad Habit

    With this book you will learn:
    • Why "Willpower" is a Dangerous Word for Changing Routines

    • The *One Thing* People Get Wrong with Building Habits (Step #2)

    • A 3-Step Process for Identifying the "Why" Behind Your Bad Habit (Step #9)

    • Why Cold-Turkey Solutions Rarely Work (Step #6)

    • How Certain Locations can Short-Curcuit Your Efforts (Step #19)

    • The "What-The-Hell Effect" and How it Causes Binge Behaviors (Step #21)

    • How a 30-Day Challenge is the First Step to Permanent Habit Change (Step #3)

    • The Best Tools & Apps to Track Your New Habits (Steps #15 & #17)

    You don't have to be controlled by bad habits. You can break them by following a step-by-step blueprint.

    Would You Like To Know More?

    Download now and take that first step to breaking that specific habit.

    Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Now button.
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    release date: Jan 01, 2018
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    How to Overcome Procrastination and Get Stuff Done: Stop Laziness and Perfectionism with These Powerful Life Strategies (Become Proactive)
    “Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.”—Mason Cooley

    “My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.”– Charles Dickens

    Living in an active world, you will realize that once you are done with something, there is another task waiting for you. So putting off task will only result to a piled-up work that needs to be done. By trying to avoid stress for the meantime, you automatically open the window for stress.

    Among the triggers for procrastination include lack of a healthy self-esteem or the feeling of inadequacy about self or the required skills to get a certain job done. This book concisely breaks down different ways you can overcome procrastination and build your life upon new motivation and tactics. Getting things done have never been this easy!

    You will find out that dealing with procrastination does not require as much effort as the world thinks. You will begin to experiences new form of willpower and control over your mood, motivations, and your entire goals. You will develop a new habit of finishing things and also motivate your team to reach the same level of improvement, creating a win-win work process.

    Things you will learn:
    .How to get things done, right now
    .Understanding the triggers of procrastination
    .Handling the triggers of procrastination
    .Working on your emotional response to circumstances
    .Staying motivated even when everything goes dim
    .How to save time, relax and still get things done
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    release date: Mar 17, 2016
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    Stress: 12 Secret Steps to Banish Stress for a Lifetime of Happiness, Peacefulness and Blissfulness

    It sucks to have meaningless, painful and stressful days!

    Imagine if you could get rid of all the stress in your life and live a relaxing, peaceful and happy life that you’ve always wanted in 12 secret steps that are presented to you in easy-to-follow baby steps.

    This book is definitely not the “just don’t think about it” or “you can do it!” type of books that are not only inefficient, but also useless.

    What you will find in this book is absolutely practical and useful techniques to destress your stressed mind, all in the form of 12 simple steps.


    Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll discover:

  • The importance of awareness. It determines whether or not you are stressed!
  • 3 of the best lessons to becoming more positive
  • Relaxation techniques that will definitely calm your mind and soothe your soul
  • Top tips of time management and you’ll never have to be stressed out for a lack of time anymore
  • The No-Nos for your diet if you want to have a stress-free mind

  • The power of rejection and how to use it wisely and carefully. You’ll be so much more accomplished and fulfilled!
  • The Art of Assertiveness. It cures the stressful minds of most people!
  • And really, so much more

    The Morale of the Story?

    If you truly want to live a stress-free life that is distant from all the worries and anxiety of your daily lives, this book is for you. It is finally time to learn how to get rid of all the inner voice and stressfulness that we bring upon our self!

    ‘The best time to grow a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW!”

    Grab a copy today by clicking on the ‘BUY NOW’ button at the top of the page

    P.S. If you truly want to know the secrets to be stress-free, get this book today!

    P.P.S. This is a NO-RISK investment in yourself. If you truly feel that the small amount that you are paying is too much, you can always ask for a refund in 7 days!  

  • release date: Jan 08, 2018
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    Summary of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

    Get your CompanionReads Summary of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People today and read it in less than 30 minutes!

    Attention: This is a supplementary guide meant to enhance your reading experience of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. It is not the original book nor is it intended to replace the original book. You may purchase the original book here:

    In this fast guide, you'll be taken by the hand through a summary and analysis of

    1. The main points made by the author
    2. An organized chapter by chapter synopsis
    3. References to noteworthy people mentioned
    4. The author's most important tips, websites, books, and tools

    Most CompanionReads may be read in 30 minutes.

    This book is meant for anyone who is interested in enhancing their reading experience. It will give you deeper insight, fresher perspectives, and help you squeeze more enjoyment out of your book. Perfect for a quick refresh on the main ideas or when you want to use it as a topic of conversation at your next meeting.

    Enjoy this edition instantly on your Kindle device!

    Now available in paperback, digital, and audio editions.

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