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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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There I Wuz! (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: "The altimeter spins backwards in a blur, like a mad scientist's time travel clock."

So many of you have asked for more of my adventures in the sky, and I've found a cool way to do it! For the first time, here's a collection of aeronautical adventures from such publications as Airways Magazine,, Plane & Pilot magazine and my blog ( Also included are several unpublished works, guest stories from fellow pilot-authors, photos, links to videos and other gems.

Inside you'll find stories all the way back to when my feet first left terra firma in a hang glider as a daring (uh, make that foolish) young teen. From my extreme initiation as a young bush pilot in Alaska to fighting off hurricanes in the Caribbean, to an explosive decompression in a heavy airliner, I invite you to join me in the cockpit on an adventure spanning over three decades!

Eric Auxier is a captain with a major U.S. airline, with over 20,000 hours of flying in a career spanning well over three decades. He is the author of the 2013 Amazon Top 100 Breakthrough Novel, "The Last Bush Pilots," as well as the Young Adult spy series, "Code Name: Dodger." Mr. Auxier's popular blog, "Adventures of Cap'n Aux" ( is read by thousands worldwide.
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Home Gym Strong (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Work Out, Pig Out, the first book in the Home Gym Strong series from author Chad V. Holtkamp, is an often hilarious, warts-and-all look at his quest for health and fitness. Unlike most fitness books that only TELL you what to do, this book SHOWS you the reality, digging deep into the details of his daily life -- the good, the bad, the sometimes ugly -- holding up a mirror to our cultural obsession with exercise. 

With the Internet providing endless options, most people pinball from one program to another, never satisfied, always wanting to try the latest miracle breakthrough. Chad was no different.

Over the course of a year, he tried nearly a dozen diet and exercise plans from the likes of Dan John (40-Day Workout), Pavel Tsatsouline (Simple & Sinister), Lyle McDonald (Rapid Fat Loss), John Romaniello (Feast-Fast) and many more from a host of health and fitness experts. Of course, he couldn't help but tweak these programs, making modifications of his own along the way to help with losing fat while gaining muscle.

Most even let him eat his beloved gooey chocolate caramel almond ice cream.

Written in a monthly memoir style, you'll learn:
* Wanna lose fat fast? Read Chapter 1
* Want an alternative to boring cardio? Read Chapters 5, 6, 8
* Should you try keto? Read Chapter 12
* Wanna learn how to safely use kettlebells? Read Chapter 1
* Need a modern way to calculate your heart rate? Read Chapter 3
* How about examples of successful workout plans? Read Chapters 2, 3, 10, 11, 12
* Why should you SLOWLY assess your supplement tolerance? Read Chapter 7. WARNING!!! DO NOT SKIP THIS!!!
* How to work out around an injury? Read Chapter 1
* Should you hire an online coach? Read Chapters 6 & 7
* How to survive a 40-hour fast? Read Chapter 3
* How to diet and still enjoy gallons, quarts, and cups of yummy Ben & Jerry's or Blue Bunny ice cream? Read the whole book!
* Want mouth-watering descriptions of Club Med's Famous White Chocolate Bread, sinfully decadent cinnamon rolls, and a unique twist on old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies? Yep, just read the whole book!!!
In the end, you have to decide how much being in shape means to you, and at what cost. Until then, let Chad V. Holtkamp give you a few pointers from his yearlong journey of discovering just how far he'd go.

Scroll back up and buy Work Out, Pig Out now to find out all this and much, much more.
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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True Stories of Survival (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: A true story…

A harrowing plane crash took the lives of two people and plunged sixteen-year-old Autumn Veatch into the middle of the rugged Cascade Mountains. Injured, alone, and lost, she defies all odds to make it out alive.

This short story is a true account of a brave young woman's survival. Not only was Autumn the sole survivor of the crash, but she then hiked for nearly three days through some of the most unforgiving terrain in the country.

Find out what it takes to be a survivor.
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Tracking the Territories (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: During a year that saw the birth of Hulkamania, what was happening across the territories as the wrestling world transitioned and the territorial system began its slow decline? In this book, Liam Byrne aims to review a range of wrestling television from 1984 to see how each promotion responded to the continued encroachment of the WWF. Alongside WWF reviews, there is coverage of Georgia, Memphis, Mid-South and Mid-Atlantic as well as several others. Relive one of the most important years in the history of wrestling.

Volume One includes television reviews from January to March 1984.

Read about:
- Hulk Hogan winning the WWF Title.
- Sergeant Slaughter's face turn and feud with The Iron Sheik.
- The arrival of Piper's Pit.

- Mr Wrestling II and Magnum TA's feud.
- The debuts of the Midnight Express as well as the Rock and Roll Express.
- Bill Watts and Jim Cornette's epic confrontations.

- Jerry Lawler feuding with Joe LeDuc.
- JJ Dillon and Jimmy Hart fighting over who is the number one manager in the territory.
- The debuts of four (?) new Fabulous Ones.

- Dick Slater, NWA Champion?
- The crowning of a new Television champion.
- Jimmy Valiant's continued feud with Paul Jones and his army.

- Ted Dibiase getting the run around from Tommy Rich.
- The Road Warriors feuding with King Kong Bundy.
- Paul Ellering clashing with Ole Anderson.

And many more storylines, feuds and angles from the time period!
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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Football Grounds in Britain and Europe (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Over the years, I have seen more than a thousand football matches at locations across Britain and Europe, from grounds that were little more than park pitches to some of the world’s best stadia. This volume details my initial visit to the first hundred of these grounds, with background information about the home club in each case. The visits cover the period from the early 1960s to almost the turn of the Millennium, as I have relished being a spectator at the wonderful game.

The grounds included in this volume are:
2Preston North End
3Bolton Wanderers
5Queens Park Rangers
6Huddersfield Town
7Blackburn Rovers
10Sheffield United
11Carlisle United
12Coventry City
14Hull City
17Charlton Athletic
18Aston Villa
19Bristol City
20Birmingham City
22Cardiff City
23Leicester City
24Swindon Town
25Oxford United
26Oldham Athletic
27Manchester City
28Manchester United
33Leeds United
34Stafford Rangers
35West Bromwich Albion
36Wolverhampton Wanderers
37Stoke City
38Derby County
40Ipswich Town
42Stafford Rangers
43Tottenham Hotspur
44Borussia Monchengladbach
45Glasgow Rangers
46Crewe Alexandra
47Newcastle United
48Hampden Park
49Olympic Stadium Rome
50St Mirren
51Nottingham Forest
52Tranmere Rovers
53Brighton and Hove Albion
54Norwich City
56Crystal Palace
57Bradford City
59Parc des Princes Paris
60Swansea City
61Notts County
62Luton Town
64AS Roma
65Stockport County
66Sheffield Wednesday
67York City
69Heysel Stadium Brussels
70Lincoln City
71Wigan Athletic
75Squires Gate
76Blackpool Mechanics
77Blackpool Wren Rovers
78Shrewsbury Town
82Lytham St Annes
83Kirkham & Wesham
84Grimsby Town
85Lancashire FA Headquarters, Leyland
86Northampton Town
87White Moss Park Skelmersdale
88Scunthorpe United
89Stoke City
90Macclesfield Town
91Chester City
92Halifax Town
93Rotherham United
94Lancaster City
96Anchor Ground Darwen
97Port Vale
99Ayr United
100Queen of the South
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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Sports Trivia (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: The Great Book of Ice Hockey is a must for anyone who loves sports trivia. The book is a compendium of interesting facts and sport stories about the great game of ice hockey, with information about the early days before the National Hockey League (NHL) all the way to the stars of today. There are random facts about leagues, rules, coaches, players, and inside stories about the early days of the game.

The answers to hundreds of trivia questions lie in these pages. Learn about foreign leagues, junior hockey, and superstars like Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals, and of course “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky. You can find interesting facts about the builders of the game, including Maurice “Rocket” Richard and Coach Jack Adams, both of whom have NHL trophies named in their honor. You will meet scoring leaders, winning coaches, amazing goalies and ice hockey royalty.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of ice hockey, or if you’re just looking for answers to troublesome trivia questions in your latest game of Trivial Pursuit, The Great Book of Ice Hockey is the book for you. Presented in a clear and engaging manner, this collection of sports trivia will give fans of ice hockey a new and entertaining set of random facts to liven up a boring day or fill the time during intermission.
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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Every Breath is Gold (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: They call it the greatest sport on earth for a reason.
It just took me 26 years to figure out why.
In high school, my mission in life was to win a New York State Wrestling Championship.
I committed myself to a lifestyle. I made the sacrifices; I put in the time.
I had the hunger, the desire, and the determination, but I came up short.
For many years, after I graduated it seemed like I got nothing out of my six years of total dedication to the sport. I felt the trade-off of what I gave and what I got in return to this sport was way out of whack.
I hated wrestling for it.
I just could not comprehend or justify putting every ounce of your soul into trying to achieve something and getting nothing in return.
Until I had adversity in my life.
And slowly but surely, I started realizing how much the sport of wrestling actually has given back to me. Much more than I ever knew.
Dan Gable famously said, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easier.”
I would take it one step further and say, “Because I’ve wrestled, almost all things in life are possible.”
“6 Minutes Wrestling with Life” is much more than a wrestling book.
It is an inspirational book on life, love, loss, and belief.
You will never look at life the same way again.
Get ready to laugh, cry, smile and think.
Every Breath Is Gold Memoir Series
6 Minutes Wrestling with Life - Book 1
Again - Book 2
Your Soul Knows - Book 3
Synchronicity - Book 4 (To be Released)
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: "Are you telling me we have a dead Santa on our hands?"
It’s a Cowabunga Christmas in Corsario Cove for newlyweds, Kim and Brien. Surf’s up at the exclusive resort they’ve chosen as their honeymoon destination. The Sanctuary Resort and Spa at Corsario Cove has everything: a spectacular location with scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, luxurious accommodations, 5-star cuisine, spa services, and a staff that aims to anticipate and meet your every need.
A romantic midnight swim in the Club Level terrace pool changes everything when an unexpected guest drops in wearing a Santa Suit with a couple bullet holes in it! Who killed Santa? Kim and Brien are soon swept up in murder and mayhem trying to unravel the mystery.
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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The Oatmeal (Collections) (6 Book Series)
From Book 1:
In If My Dogs Were a Pair of Middle-Aged Men, Matthew Inman imagines, to hilarious effect, what life would be like if his dogs were a couple of old men running around his house. The result is a pitch-perfect gift for any dog owner.
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