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release date: Apr 01, 2017
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Rising Wolf, the White Blackfoot: Hugh Monroe's Story of His First Year on the Plains
"One of the greatest pleasures of my long life on the plains was my intimate friendship with Hugh Monroe, or Rising Wolf, whose tale of his first experiences upon the Saskatchewan-Missouri River plains is set forth in Rising Wolf just as I had it from him before the lodge fires of the long ago."

James Willard Schultz, or Apikuni, (1859-1947) was a noted author, explorer, Glacier National Park guide, fur trader and historian of the Blackfoot Indians. He operated a fur trading post at Carroll, Montana  and lived among the Pikuni tribe during the period 1880-82. He was given the name Apikuni by the Pikuni chief, Running Crane. Apikuni in Blackfoot means "Spotted Robe." Schultz is most noted for his 37 books, most about Blackfoot life, and for his contributions to the naming of prominent features in Glacier National Park.
release date: Apr 26, 2017
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Edge Rushers: An Analytical Look at the Best Pass Rushers in the 2017 NFL Draft
Edge Rushers: An Analytical Look at the Best Pass Rushers in the 2017NFL Draft uses advanced metrics along with good old-fashioned tape study to quantify the best edge rushers of the last decade and predict which college stars share the same traits. The author has been following the NFL Draft for over 30 years and brings a unique insight into rating one of the most important positions in the modern day NFL.
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release date: Apr 17, 2017
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Golf Swing: Beginner Lessons
The golf swing is one of the most essential elements in the game of golf, establishing how successful you will actually be. However, many players have the tendency to look at the golf swing from a general point of view, without actually understanding the science behind it. We wanted to create a book that sheds light on the subject, allowing beginner-level golf players to discover everything there is to know about the ever-important golf swing.
Here is a preview of what you will discover in the book…
•Basic information about the golf swing – this is particularly useful if you are just diving into the world of golf
•Golf swing tips for beginners – these tips are going to help you improve your overall performance
•How is the golf swing evaluated by professionals – this kind of evaluation can provide useful information regarding your current performance
•Golf swing technique – there are certain steps that you have to follow, in order to improve your technique
•Golf swing analysis – how you can analyze the golf swing on your own and use the information obtained to make better shots
•Golf simulators – technology behind these, advantages and additional information you might find out to be useful
•Swing aids – these can be of tremendous help, especially at the beginning
•And much more…
Use this book as your faithful guide on the golf swing, at basic level, and do not hesitate to put everything you will find in here, into practice. If you have friends or family members who share a similar interest, do not hesitate to recommend this book to them as well. And, remember, when it comes to the golf swing, there is always room for improvement.
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release date: Jul 04, 2016
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SEAL Survival Guide: Active Shooter and Survival Medicine Excerpt
From Cade Courtley’s SEAL Survival Guide, an excerpt of his sections on active shooter scenarios and basic survival medicine.

Think and act like a Navy SEAL, and you can survive anything. The world is a dangerous place. You can live scared—or be prepared.

“We never thought it would happen to us.” It's difficult to imagine encountering an active shooter situation, but the reality is that modern life is unpredictable and dangerous. Don’t live in fear or rely on luck. Learn the SEAL mindset: Be prepared, feel confident, and know exactly how to escape a life-threatening situation such as a mass shooting.

Former Navy SEAL and preeminent American survivalist Cade Courtley delivers step-by-step instructions anyone can master in the illustrated, user-friendly SEAL Survival Guide. Don’t be taken by surprise. Fight back, protect yourself, and beat the odds. Check out this excerpt and then purchase the essential manual no one in the twenty-first century should be without.
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release date: Mar 29, 2016
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Wooden Lure Making 101: Make Your First Handmade Lures Deadly Effective!
Essential Reading For Anyone Taking Up Wooden Lure Making: Even A Novice With Minimal Tools Can Turn A Lump Of Wood Into A Highly Effective Fishing Lure!

What usually follows is a rapid improvement in the size and number of fish caught as he develops an intimate understanding of lures and simultaneously creates a box full of deadly baits.

In this eBook internationally renowned wooden lure making authority Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall takes the mystery out of custom wooden lure making. In a simple, matter of fact way, the Doc breaks down the complex task of designing and making your own lures into basics that anyone can follow.

Written for those who are new to the craft of lure making, this ebook will get you started on the path to success no matter what style of lure you plan to make

From choosing the right wood and basic components to hand shaping, assembling and custom painting lures, you'll find a surprising wealth of information packed into this title. It's all the important stuff and none of the fluff!

Why waste precious fishing time and money on trial and error? One read of this ebook will have you knocking out killer lures from your first attempts!
release date: Apr 21, 2017
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RV Hacks For Beginners Kindle Edition Kindle Edition


RV: RV Living Full Time for Beginners DIY Hacks for Motorhome Living

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Have you ever considered living full time in an RV, or wanted to hit the road for a couple months in an RV? If you have than this is the perfect book for you. You'll discover the essential DIY hacks all new people need to learn before you go on your first major RV experience.

You might have some doubts about buying or renting your first RV, watch your fears disappear after educating yourself with this guide on the do's and don'ts when it comes to your RV. You'll be well prepared with this book and your first trip will be a breeze. It's time to pack up, and let's hit the road for the journey of a lifetime.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Before You Live the Motorhome Life...
  • Questions to ask Yourself
  • RV Hacks for Proper Insulation
  • Prepare the Materials
  • RV Hacks for the Kitchen
  • RV Storage Hacks Using Velcro, Hooks, Brackets, Etc.
  • RV Hacks for Proper Illumination
  • RV Hacks Against Pests Like Ticks, Flies, Mice, Wasps
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

And get a FREE BONUS BOOK Survival Guide: Beginners Bushcraft Guide To Survive In Your Outdoor Adventures

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release date: Jan 06, 2014
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The No-BS Guide to Workout Supplements (The Build Muscle, Get Lean, and Stay Healthy Series)
If you want to know once and for all what is and isn’t worth your money when it comes to workout supplements…and the ridiculous tricks and ploys supplement companies use to convince you to waste your money on worthless junk…then you want to read this book.

Let me ask you question.

Do you really believe half of the crap supplement companies claim these days?

•Pump your muscles full of 13,432 milligrams of advanced, muscle-building compounds guaranteed to make you bigger, leaner, and stronger!

•Tap into the power of this anabolic substrate and unlock your true muscle-building genetic potential.

•The powerful lipolytic enzymes in our patent-pending proprietary blend literally melt the fat off your body. Getting shredded has never been so easy!

•Thanks to the perfect balance of micronized amino acids, your muscles get exactly what they need to rapidly recover, grow, and smash each and every workout.

The marketing hype only gets more and more ridiculous. Who can we believe? Are all supplements a waste of money?

This book was written to set the record straight on what works and why, and what doesn’t.

And it’s not just one author’s opinion—it is based solely on peer-reviewed, published studies on each and every type of supplement reviewed. This book contains over 80 scientific citations, so you can verify all the conclusions and advice for yourself.

Here’s a sample of some of the things you’re going to learn when you read this book:

•The “conspiracy” between the supplement companies and the workout magazines to keep you forever spinning your wheels in the gym, buying their products.

•The 9 principles of proper nutrition that enables you to maintain a lean, strong physique without having to count every calorie or obsess over everything you eat.

•Which types of protein supplements are best for building muscle, and which are overhyped and overpriced.

•Which supplements have actually been scientifically proven to help with muscle growth, and which have been debunked but still are pushed in advertisements every day.

•Why you don’t need to slam down amino acid drinks every day to build muscle, and the one circumstance where using such a product is actually recommended (and why!).

•The real truth about testosterone and growth hormone boosters. Do any of them work? Are they worth it? Find out.

•And more…

The bottom line is if you’re spending money on workout supplements or just want to know the secrets of this industry and its many products, then you want to read this book.


With this book you'll also get a free 41-page bonus report from the author called "12 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making."

In this free bonus report, you're going to learn the truth behind 12 of the most common health & fitness myths out there that ruin people's efforts to get fit.

If you've ever wondered about things like if your genetics are holding you back…if eating carbohydrates actually makes you fat…if skipping breakfast is unhealthy...what it really takes to “get toned”… then you need to read this report.

Scroll up and click the "Buy" button now and learn what the supplement companies don’t want you know about what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to get the most out of your supplementation routine!
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release date: Jan 10, 2014
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Muscle Myths: 50 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making (The Build Muscle, Get Lean, and Stay Healthy Series Book 3)
If you’ve ever felt lost in the sea of contradictory training and diet advice out there and you just want to know once and for all what works and what doesn’t—what’s scientifically true and what’s false—when it comes to building muscle and getting ripped, then you need to read this book.

Let me ask you a question. Do any of the following claims sound familiar?

“I have bad genetics—I’m a ‘hardgainer.’”

“You have to work your abs more to get a six-pack.”

“When doing cardio, you want your heart rate in the ‘fat burning zone.’”

“You have to do cardio for 20 minutes before your body starts burning fat.”

“Don’t eat at night if you want to lose weight.”

“Steroids make you look great.”

“I’m overweight because I have a slow metabolism.”

You’ve probably heard one or more of these statements before, and the sad truth is lies like these have ruined many people’s fitness ambitions. There are many, many more.

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of fitness pseudo-science and lies being pushed on us every day by bogus magazines and self-styled “gurus,” it’s becoming harder and harder to get in shape.

Muscle Myths was written to debunk the most commonplace and harmful gimmicks, fads, myths, and misinformation in the health and fitness industry.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in this book:

Why you don’t have to cut carbohydrates (carbs), or fat, or eat weird combinations of food to lose weight.

The truth about supplements and why 99% of them are a complete waste of money (and the few that are actually scientifically proven to work).

What it actually takes to “tone up”—and it’s not doing “shaping exercises” (these don’t exist) or doing a million reps every workout.

Why women shouldn’t be training differently than men if they want the lean, toned, and sexy type of body that they see in magazines, TV shows, and movies.

The scientific secrets of getting a six-pack. Forget 6-minute gimmicks, doing endless crunches, and hours of grueling cardio—it’s actually pretty easy when you know what you’re doing.

Training and diet methods that will completely shatter any perceived “genetic barriers” that you think are holding you back from building a muscular, lean physique that you love.

The proper way to stretch so you don’t sap your strength and risk injury. (Most people do this wrong and suffer the consequences without even realizing it.)

And much more.

With the information in this book, you can save the money, time, and frustration of buying into misleading diet plans and products that promise unattainable results. You can become your own personal trainer and start getting real results with your diet and exercise.

Scroll up and click the “Buy” button now to learn the no-BS truth of how to look good and feel great without having to endure tortuously restrictive diets or long, grueling exercise routines.
release date: Nov 12, 2013
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Must Have AR-15 Upgrades
Ebook about the best and the most popular AR-15 upgrades.
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release date: Feb 18, 2017
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Wife Defeats Husband: Five Females Who Can Kick Their Husband's Butt
How would you feel if you could make your husband tap out in a rear naked choke hold? How would you feel if your wife could apply a nasty scissor lock hold and make you beg for mercy? This book profiles five very tough, strong, capable women who can and do defeat their husband! See how they got started, how the men react to their defeat and how it makes the women feel to hear the words "I give up". If you like strong women, then this book is for YOU! A very rare and extremely exciting look into the lives of Female-Dominated marriages!
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