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release date: Feb 28, 2017
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The Cruise of the Corwin: Journal of the Arctic Expedition of 1881 in Search of de Long and the Jeannette
John Muir relates the story of his 1881 voyage aboard the steamer Thomas Corwin, which set sail from San Francisco for arctic waters off the coast of Alaska in search of a ship tragically lost two years before.

John Muir (1838-1914) also known as "John of the Mountains", was a Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, glaciologist and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States. His letters, essays, and books of his adventures in nature, especially in the Sierra Nevada of California and Nevada, have been read by millions. His activism helped to preserve the Yosemite Valley, Sequoia National Park and other wilderness areas. The Sierra Club, which he founded, is a prominent American conservation organization. The 211-mile (340 km) John Muir Trail, a hiking trail in the Sierra Nevada, was named in his honor. Other such places include Muir Woods National Monument, Muir Beach, John Muir College, Mount Muir, Camp Muir and Muir Glacier. In Scotland, the John Muir Way, a 130-mile-long route, was named in honor of him.

In his later life, Muir devoted most of his time to the preservation of the Western forests. He petitioned the U.S. Congress for the National Park bill that was passed in 1890, establishing Yosemite National Park. The spiritual quality and enthusiasm toward nature expressed in his writings inspired readers, including presidents and congressmen, to take action to help preserve large nature areas. He is today referred to as the "Father of the National Parks" and the National Park Service has produced a short documentary about his life.

John Muir has been considered "an inspiration to both Scots and Americans". Muir's biographer, Steven J. Holmes, believes that Muir has become "one of the patron saints of twentieth-century American environmental activity," both political and recreational. As a result, his writings are commonly discussed in books and journals, and he is often quoted by nature photographers such as Ansel Adams. "Muir has profoundly shaped the very categories through which Americans understand and envision their relationships with the natural world," writes Holmes. Muir was noted for being an ecological thinker, political spokesman, and religious prophet, whose writings became a personal guide into nature for countless individuals, making his name "almost ubiquitous" in the modern environmental consciousness. According to author William Anderson, Muir exemplified "the archetype of our oneness with the earth", while biographer Donald Worster says he believed his mission was "...saving the American soul from total surrender to materialism." On April 21, 2013, the first ever John Muir Day was celebrated in Scotland, which marked the 175th anniversary of his birth, paying homage to the conservationist.
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release date: Mar 13, 2017
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Air Fryer Cookbook: 30 Day Meal Plan For Weight Loss: 117 Delicious Recipes For Your Air Fryer Suited For Weight Loss

Are you looking for a Air Fryer Cookbook suited for weight loss or even just a cookbook with unbelievably delicious recipes?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around the food. A mechanical fan circulates the hot air around the food at high speed. By circulating air up to 200 Celsius or 392 degrees fahrenheit this appliance fries several foods like potato chips, chicken, fish or pastries and it uses less oil than traditional fryer. Most air fryers come with adjustable temperature and timer knobs that allow for more precise cooking. 

The basic concept is exactly the idea that the name gives; the food is cooked using some really hot air. We will explain exactly how it works further on. Once you get an idea of all the benefits you will be dashing to get one for yourself as well. Although you won’t get the exact deep oil fry taste, nearly everyone who has bought these swear it is more than good enough. The healthier choice is always the better choice and when it promises you some delicious food, what’s not to like?

Here is a preview of what this book will offer:

  • Air Fryer And Its Benefits
  • How To Maintain Or Clean The Air Fryer
  • Things to avoid while using the air fryer
  • 30 – Day Weight Loss Meal Plan
  • 115 Air Fryer Recipes Suited For Weight Loss.

Here is a couple of recipes that this book offers:

  • Vegan Bacon Wrapped Mini Breakfast Burritos
  • Crispy Baby Corn Fritters
  • Chicken Wings with Sesame and Soy
  • Blackened Chicken with Kale and Avocado Salad
  • Grilled Fish Fillets with Pesto Sauce

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Get Your Copy Today

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release date: Jan 05, 2014
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Bittersweet Farm 1: Mounted
Last junior year. As the chance to qualify for the equitation finals seems increasingly more elusive at Bittersweet Farm, will the new trainer be the catalyst for success?
Lockie Malone finds that each sister is difficult in her own way and hurting for her own reasons. Talia can’t place over her sister and has been forcing herself to try. Greer is desperate for approval she can’t get.
With problems of his own, Lockie is committed to the job he was hired to do, but quickly realizes that teaching the young women how to ride isn’t nearly as important as teaching them how to live.
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release date: Nov 02, 2015
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Little Ornithologist (My First Field Guide Book 1)
With ten stunning photographs of birds, your little ornithologists can learn their colors while preparing for a bird watching expedition in your back yard!

This book, designed for young children, is the first in the My First Field Guide series. It captures the imagination with bright, colorful pictures and provides your budding ornithologists with basic facts, helping them feel closer to the birds they see in their yard.
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release date: Jan 10, 2014
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Muscle Myths: 50 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making (The Build Muscle, Get Lean, and Stay Healthy Series Book 3)
If you’ve ever felt lost in the sea of contradictory training and diet advice out there and you just want to know once and for all what works and what doesn’t—what’s scientifically true and what’s false—when it comes to building muscle and getting ripped, then you need to read this book.

Let me ask you a question. Do any of the following claims sound familiar?

“I have bad genetics—I’m a ‘hardgainer.’”

“You have to work your abs more to get a six-pack.”

“When doing cardio, you want your heart rate in the ‘fat burning zone.’”

“You have to do cardio for 20 minutes before your body starts burning fat.”

“Don’t eat at night if you want to lose weight.”

“Steroids make you look great.”

“I’m overweight because I have a slow metabolism.”

You’ve probably heard one or more of these statements before, and the sad truth is lies like these have ruined many people’s fitness ambitions. There are many, many more.

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of fitness pseudo-science and lies being pushed on us every day by bogus magazines and self-styled “gurus,” it’s becoming harder and harder to get in shape.

Muscle Myths was written to debunk the most commonplace and harmful gimmicks, fads, myths, and misinformation in the health and fitness industry.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in this book:

Why you don’t have to cut carbohydrates (carbs), or fat, or eat weird combinations of food to lose weight.

The truth about supplements and why 99% of them are a complete waste of money (and the few that are actually scientifically proven to work).

What it actually takes to “tone up”—and it’s not doing “shaping exercises” (these don’t exist) or doing a million reps every workout.

Why women shouldn’t be training differently than men if they want the lean, toned, and sexy type of body that they see in magazines, TV shows, and movies.

The scientific secrets of getting a six-pack. Forget 6-minute gimmicks, doing endless crunches, and hours of grueling cardio—it’s actually pretty easy when you know what you’re doing.

Training and diet methods that will completely shatter any perceived “genetic barriers” that you think are holding you back from building a muscular, lean physique that you love.

The proper way to stretch so you don’t sap your strength and risk injury. (Most people do this wrong and suffer the consequences without even realizing it.)

And much more.

With the information in this book, you can save the money, time, and frustration of buying into misleading diet plans and products that promise unattainable results. You can become your own personal trainer and start getting real results with your diet and exercise.

Scroll up and click the “Buy” button now to learn the no-BS truth of how to look good and feel great without having to endure tortuously restrictive diets or long, grueling exercise routines.
release date: Sep 28, 2016
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Workout: 33 Best Science-Based Workout Hacks: Simple Tricks To Gaining More Muscle By Training & Dieting More Efficiently (Workout Routines, Workout Books, ... For Beginners) (Bodybuilding Series Book 7)

Want To Know How To Create The Most Efficient Workout And Improve Your Nutrition Using Proven Science?

Then You Want To Read This Book!

It shows you how much more efficient and less time consuming your workout and dieting routine can be if you simply follow these workout hacks and diet strategies. You will be taking advantage of bodybuilding concepts, that will get you better results and save precious time. Some of these strategies have performed by bodybuilders for decades and are scientifically proven to work.

This Book Covers The Three Most Important Aspects Of Bodybuilding:
- Workout tips that will improve your workout routine to help you gain more muscle and strength
- Tricks and strategies to optimize your nutrition
- Motivation hacks and more to stay focused

It Teaches You How To:
- Use Progressive Overload To Your Advantage
- Properly Go To Muscle Failure
- Breathe Correctly For More Strength
- Train Your Arms In Less Than 10 Minutes
- Trigger More Muscle Growth With One Simple Trick
- How To Make Fat Your Friend
- Stock Up On Healthy Snacks
- Find The Perfect Time Of The Day To Workout
- Find The Right Workout Partner
- Set Goals That Will Motivate You
- Make Your Own Fat Grips

...and much more!

Each Exercise In This Book Contains:
- step by step instructions on how to perform the exercise
- a picture / illustration
- details about the primary and secondary muscles involved
- safety tips
- and possible variations

Avoid simply copying friends at the gym! This ususally lead to injuries and long-term joint problems. To spare yourself such issues, you need to educate yourself on how to train correctly.

I promise you that if you follow these proven workout strategies, you will build more muscle and lose fat more efficiently and with less effort.

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Please Note: You Don't Need A Kindle to Read this e-Book. You can Download the Free Kindle Reader to Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

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release date: Nov 07, 2016
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Emergency Survival Program: A Survival Handbook Every Prepper Needs: (Prepper's Guide, Survival Guide, Alternative Medicine, Emergency)

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion.

Emergency Survival Program: A Survival Handbook Every Prepper Needs (FREE Bonus Included)

Part I - First Things You Must Know To Survive A Disaster: Learn How to Store Food and Water and Live Without Electricity and Gas

This book 'Survival Guide: First Things You Must Know to Survive a Disaster: Learn How to Store Food and Water and Live without Electricity and Gas' intends to guide you in disaster prepping. It helps you get started on taking necessary safety measures and allows you to get into mindset of preparedness and to be preemptive. It provides crucial survival tips on gathering, storing and safely consuming food and water in the time of a disaster. It contains a checklist of essentials to acquire and keep ready at all times. In addition, it encourages you to personalize your checklist. By reading this book, you will learn how to survive without electricity and gas. Moreover, it will help you put together a first aid box that will be handy before medical help can be accessed.

Part II - Survival Guide: How To Survive A Blackout And Don't Go Nuts

This book mainly covers everything you need to know about outages and how you need to deal with them sensibly. Simply explained ways to respond to a power shortage would enlighten your knowledge about how to react to it, maintain composure and pass it. This book further helps you identify key methods and approaches you can opt to survive power outage over an extended period. The insights mentioned in this quick, guide-format book will keep you at par with dealing with both longer and shorter version of power outages. Learn alternative ways to stay warm on those cold nights when your central heating is no more functional. These alternative methods discussed in this book are life savers.

Part III - Emergency Evacuations: Learn To Get Out Fast And Not Forget All Important Things

This book provides you firsthand information about everything you need to know and do about and during an evacuation. With the valuable do and don't to keep yourself and family members safe, this book is your go-to guide during any potential evacuation.

Part IV - Smart Prepping: Essentials All Beginners Preppers Should Know And Common Mistakes To Avoid

The world is full of risks of disaster. Wars, natural calamities, accidents and so many other unpredictable disasters are taking place in many parts of the world in an increasing frequency. To be a Prepper is to be prepared to face such kind of situations so that you increase your chances of survival while minimizing likely negative consequences.

Part V - Survival: Cook While Emergency: 23 Nutritious Delicious And Quick Recipes Made Of Your Emergency Food Supplies

Use these easy to follow recipes that do not take much to put together, but they will offer you and your loved ones meals that can help to keep you sustained through an emergency situation using the emergency food supplies.

Part VI - Situational Survival Guide: How To Defend Yourself In 10 Dangerous Situations And Stay Alive In Fatal Situations

Nowadays, safety is a major issue no matter in which corner of the world you are. The situation is worse in some countries compared to others but is not non-existent anywhere in the world. We all owe it to ourselves to be safe and care for our lives and focus on survival. Life is a gift and it should be treated that way.

Download your E book "Emergency Survival Program: A Survival Handbook Every Prepper Needs" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

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release date: Jan 06, 2014
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The No-BS Guide to Workout Supplements (The Build Muscle, Get Lean, and Stay Healthy Series)
If you want to know once and for all what is and isn’t worth your money when it comes to workout supplements…and the ridiculous tricks and ploys supplement companies use to convince you to waste your money on worthless junk…then you want to read this book.

Let me ask you question.

Do you really believe half of the crap supplement companies claim these days?

•Pump your muscles full of 13,432 milligrams of advanced, muscle-building compounds guaranteed to make you bigger, leaner, and stronger!

•Tap into the power of this anabolic substrate and unlock your true muscle-building genetic potential.

•The powerful lipolytic enzymes in our patent-pending proprietary blend literally melt the fat off your body. Getting shredded has never been so easy!

•Thanks to the perfect balance of micronized amino acids, your muscles get exactly what they need to rapidly recover, grow, and smash each and every workout.

The marketing hype only gets more and more ridiculous. Who can we believe? Are all supplements a waste of money?

This book was written to set the record straight on what works and why, and what doesn’t.

And it’s not just one author’s opinion—it is based solely on peer-reviewed, published studies on each and every type of supplement reviewed. This book contains over 80 scientific citations, so you can verify all the conclusions and advice for yourself.

Here’s a sample of some of the things you’re going to learn when you read this book:

•The “conspiracy” between the supplement companies and the workout magazines to keep you forever spinning your wheels in the gym, buying their products.

•The 9 principles of proper nutrition that enables you to maintain a lean, strong physique without having to count every calorie or obsess over everything you eat.

•Which types of protein supplements are best for building muscle, and which are overhyped and overpriced.

•Which supplements have actually been scientifically proven to help with muscle growth, and which have been debunked but still are pushed in advertisements every day.

•Why you don’t need to slam down amino acid drinks every day to build muscle, and the one circumstance where using such a product is actually recommended (and why!).

•The real truth about testosterone and growth hormone boosters. Do any of them work? Are they worth it? Find out.

•And more…

The bottom line is if you’re spending money on workout supplements or just want to know the secrets of this industry and its many products, then you want to read this book.


With this book you'll also get a free 41-page bonus report from the author called "12 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making."

In this free bonus report, you're going to learn the truth behind 12 of the most common health & fitness myths out there that ruin people's efforts to get fit.

If you've ever wondered about things like if your genetics are holding you back…if eating carbohydrates actually makes you fat…if skipping breakfast is unhealthy...what it really takes to “get toned”… then you need to read this report.

Scroll up and click the "Buy" button now and learn what the supplement companies don’t want you know about what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to get the most out of your supplementation routine!
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release date: Feb 26, 2017
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Jim Bridger: The Grand Old Man of the Rockies
James Felix Bridger (1804-1881) was among the foremost mountain men, trappers, scouts and guides who explored and trapped the Western United States during the decades of 1820–1850, as well as mediating between native tribes and encroaching whites. He was of English ancestry, and his family had been in North America since the early colonial period.

Jim Bridger had a strong constitution that allowed him to survive the extreme conditions he encountered walking the Rocky Mountains from what would become southern Colorado to the Canada–US border. He had conversational knowledge of French, Spanish and several native languages. He would come to know many of the major European American explorers of the early west, including Kit Carson, George Armstrong Custer, Hugh Glass, John Frémont, Joseph Meek, and John Sutter. Bridger was a young contemporary of British and American pathfinders including Peter Skene Ogden, Jedediah Smith, and William Sublette. In 1830, Smith and his associates sold their fur company to Bridger and his associates naming it the Rocky Mountain Fur Company. Bridger was part of the second generation of mountain men and pathfinders who explored the American West that followed the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804.

release date: Apr 30, 2016
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Naturism: The Freedom, Excitement, And Joy Of Living Your Life To The Fullest (Benefits Of Nudism, The Freedom Of Being Naked, Stress Relieving)

Learn The Benefits Of Naturism

This book will introduce you to the naturist lifestyle and offer ideas for getting started on becoming a naturist. If there is one thing that can dramatically change your perspective on joy in life, there is no question the answer is naturism! Today, get this book for just $2.99!
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • The concept of naturism

  • Misunderstandings about naturism

  • The benefits to embracing naturism

  • Destinations and activity ideas

Download your copy today!
Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99!
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