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release date: May 24, 2017
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The Little Books of Buddhism (8 Book Series)
From Book 1: The Little Book of Buddhist Meditation is designed to help you establish a regular meditation practice. It is based on the Buddha's original teachings. You will be guided step-by-step through establishing a posture, and basic meditation techniques like breath counting, sweeping, the practice of loving-kindness, walking meditation, and the use of "gathas", or short poems. There is also an explanation of chanting and how this can be used to establish the beginning of a sitting, to bring the mind into the present moment, and to reinforce the Buddha's teachings. There is also a description of what to do when problems occur, and how to establish a regular routine. This guide is intended to help you develop a sense of well-being, calm, serenity, and confidence, for a foundation that will serve you for many years to come.
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release date: Jun 14, 2016
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BUDDHISM: Buddhism for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (buddhism for beginners, zen, chakras, reiki, energy healing, spiritual awakening, mindfulness)

Discover why people like Russel Simmons Jr, Jennifer Aniston, Phil Jackson and Brad Pitt all incorporate the life-changing practice of Buddhism into their lives.

Bonus: Exclusive Gift Inside!

Mindfulness meditation is everywhere these days, from the therapy couch to the Google campus, from prisons to athletic events. But what are the origins of this surge in mindfulness? What kind of worldview and lifestyle went along with these ancient techniques of meditative training? And, beyond the questionable metaphysics and well-worn pop-psychology bromides, what is meditation actually for?

This book explores the Buddhist ideas behind the mindfulness techniques that have seen such a groundswell of popularity. It covers meditation not just as a body of techniques for relaxation and stress relief to accessorize our busy modern lives, but as part of a radical system of self-transformation that offers the possibility of profound liberation.

In this book, the Buddhist system and the ideas behind it are presented, not as a religion that's asking for your allegiance, but as a body of theory and practice geared towards fostering an an inner revolution.

Buddhism for beginners will teach you :

  • The worldview underpinning Buddhist meditation techniques, and what those techniques were actually intended for.

  • The principles that guide a life lived genuinely, gracefully, and compassionately.

  • What meditation is all about in the context of the Buddhist path, and how to get into the practice of working with your mind.

  • A surprising vision of the self, the mind, and the nature of human experience that can fundamentally alter the way you look at the world.

Don't hesitate. To start on a journey that could deeply transform how you relate to your world, scroll up and click the "Buy" button now!.

Check out some of the testimonials below:

"If I had the choice of being lectured about Buddhism or reading a book, I'd pick this specific book because it is so nicely written. It starts out pretty slow paced introducing a bunch of concepts related to Buddhism before moving towards meditation and the like. It sucked me in right away and I continued flipping page after page nonstop. Reading in a quiet room sure helped and I felt this great sense of calmness. It's pretty amazing!"

"If you are beginning to practice Buddhism or are contemplating doing so, this book is a great place to start. It is the perfect book to give to friends or family members who are not familiar with Buddhism but want to understand your newfound spirituality. This book was extremely easy for me to understand and I fully as though the concepts presented were something that I could begin to apply now and by my own unaided strength. I would recommend this book to anyone else who is curious about Buddhism regardless of whether or not you intend on making Buddhism part of your life."

release date: Mar 10, 2016
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An Introduction to the Way of the Buddha: Buddhism for Beginners

An Introduction to the Way of the Buddha: Buddhism for Beginners

Do you want to learn about Buddhism but don’t have the time? Are you confused about the Buddhist religion and don’t know where to start? Do you want to get a feel about the Buddhist religion before you take it further?

Look no further, this is the book for you!

This short book teaches you about Buddhism in 15 minutes. Here’s what you will learn in this book; you will learn about the Buddha, history of Buddha and Buddhism, teachings of Buddha, about Buddhist philosophy, the 3 universal truths, noble truths, sufferings, eight fold path, divisions of Buddhism, the 5 precepts, how to practice Buddhism and more.

Download your book today and learn Buddhism plain and simple.

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release date: Jun 21, 2016
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The Little Book of the Life of the Buddha (The Little Books on Buddhism 3)
In the centuries that followed the Buddha’s death there were many fanciful and mythologized accounts of his life. Unfortunately these stories gained traction, and even today movies and television programs are often based on these accounts. The Little Book of the Life of the Buddha goes back to the original sources in order to reconstruct his life from the oldest material. This helps answer important questions about the nature of the Buddha and his quest for Awakening.
Despite some assertions that there is little biographical information about the life of the Buddha, quite the opposite is true. In fact, a major hurdle for any biographer of the Buddha is the enormous amount of information that is scattered throughout the thousands of pages of canonical literature. This information is enhanced by some extraordinary research and archeology from the past 200 years.
But this is not simply a scholastic biography. The important question is, “What can I learn from the life of the Buddha?” How does it help me become a better person, and a better meditator? How can I learn from the many inspirational people in the Buddha’s life? The Little Book of the Life of the Buddha looks at the often subtle lessons in his teaching. This brings us closer to understanding the man and his Dharma, and how it helps us become happier, wiser, more useful people.
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release date: Feb 07, 2017
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Foundations of Buddhism
The Great Gotama gave to the world a complete Teaching of the perfect construction of life. Each attempt to make a god of the great revolutionist, leads to absurdity.
Previous to Gotama there was, of course, a whole succession of those who bore the common welfare, but their teachings crumbled to dust in the course of millenniums. Therefore the Teaching of Gotama should be accepted as the first teaching of the laws of matter and the evolution of the world.
Contemporary understanding of the community permits a wondrous bridge from Gotama Buddha up to the present time. We pronounce this formula neither for extolling nor for demeaning, but as an evident and immutable fact.
The law of fearlessness, the law of the renunciation of property, the law of the evaluation of labor, the law of the dignity of human personality, beyond castes and outer distinctions, the law of true knowledge, the law of love based upon self-knowledge, make of the covenants of the Teachers a continuous rainbow of the joy of humanity.
Let us construct the foundations of Buddhism in its manifested covenants. The simple Teaching, equal in beauty to the Cosmos, will dispel every suggestion of idolatry, unworthy of the great Teacher of men.
Knowledge was the leading path of all great Teachers. Knowledge will permit a free and vital approach to the great Teaching, as vitally real as is great Matter itself.
We shall not introduce the latest complexities; we shall speak briefly about those foundations that cannot be denied.
Joy to all peoples! Joy to all those who labor!
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release date: Sep 01, 2014
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Buddha: A Short Biography (+ Famous Buddha Quotes)
The AMAZON #1 Bestseller

#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > History > Religion > Buddhism

A short biography of the Buddha.

Also includes several pages of famous quotes attributed to Buddha.

From the author of the cult-classic BIG SOUND TEMPLE

'Absolutely engaging... There is so much mystery here...' Joanna Daneman (USA), #1 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER

'The ending is extraordinary... Read this novel!' Bob Buchanan

'This book is that fresh new approach we are always looking for. I really cannot recommend this book too highly... Five stars simply aren't enough...' Lloyd Tackitt (Bestselling author of the EDEN series)

'A cracking novel... Well worth checking out...' Scott Pack, Head Publisher, HARPERCOLLINS

'This book is surprisingly powerful... It builds to a gripping conclusion...' Tahlia Newland, Bestselling author /

'The characters who drive the plot - Hiro's uncle, the unscrupulous and unforgiving moneylender; Sakura, Hiro's ersatz girlfriend; Wendy, a motherly English tutor from New York; and Bad Boy, a schoolyard bully turned gangster... How skillfully this book has been written!... A pleasure to read and absolutely recommended...'

'Ben Stevens is a fascinating writer... It is a charming marriage of Japanese and English that makes this story sing...' Grady Harp (Los Angeles, CA United States) (#5 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER) (VINE VOICE) (TOP 100 REVIEWER) (REAL NAME)

From the Bestselling author of THE ENNIN MYSTERIES.

AMAZON / Goodreads / Web reviews

'By the second chapter I was ensconced in a far-away land and culture in a way that I have rarely, if ever, been.... Five stars simply aren't enough... Well done, Mr Stevens, well done...' Lloyd Tackitt

'I loved loved loved this book...' Beth Zuschlag

'Lose yourself in Hiro's world... Heartily recommended...' Ghengiz Jones

'Just incredible... Finished reading as dawn was breaking, and couldn't stop thinking about this book for quite some time afterward... It truly has that effect...' Readers Best

'This is a touching story... I really enjoyed it...' Joanna Danemann

'A fast-paced and often witty read. Also very informative on Japanese culture...' Anna Loxton

'I can't say much about the end... Essentially, it shows what turns an ordinary man into a hero... The story builds to a gripping conclusion... Well done, Mr Stevens...' Awesome Indies

'A unique story about people with heart...' Gail Watkins

'This book had a way of popping back into consciousness long after I'd closed it....' Tahlia Newland, Bestselling author

'One of the most startingly original books I think I have ever read... An extremely talented writer - you need to read this now!...' TJK

'l really enjoyed this book... I would like to read a sequel...' Pam Metropolis

'The ending is extraordinary... Read this novel!' Bob Buchanan

'A writing style that will engage every sensitive reader and likely encourage reading the entire book at one sitting...' Grady Harp

'Why am I writing a review for Big Sound Temple? Simple: it seems a more practical way to get people to read the book than standing on a street corner screaming at people to GO BUY THIS BOOK. That's really what I want to do. It is that good...' Amazon Junky

'Clever and inventive... Original in the writing style... Well fleshed out with plenty of character description and interesting plot lines...' William

'An interesting biographical novel set in Japan... A good book...' Thomas Caper

'A good story wrapped around a look at Japanese culture...' Paul Mattera
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release date: Sep 11, 2011
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Common or Garden Dharma. Essays in Contemporary Buddhism, Vol. I
A number of shorter works that I have written over the years for which I never signed off the electronic rights - mostly because they didn't exist then! Some started out as academic articles and have been rewritten to appeal to a broader audience. Others were written in a popular style, but were tucked away in newsletters that were not archived or on defunct web sites.

Buddhism vs myth
Compassion for the Earth
The pope and Buddhism
Asian reactions to HIV/AIDS
Buddhism in South Africa
An outsider's view of Christianity
Where are all those black Buddhists, then?
Being well, well-being, being a well being
Peaceful Mind, Mindful of Peace
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