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release date: Aug 23, 2017
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Orphans of Albany Series (7 Book Series)
From Book 1:

American Mail order Brides of the West, historically inspired clean and wholesome Short story Romance.

From the Bestselling Author Katie Wyatt!

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When seven young girls are orphaned in tragic circumstances they are taken in by the nuns of Bethesda Orphanage. However, young girls don’t stay children for ever and one day they learn that they must leave the orphanage to make their own way in the world.

What exciting news is Louise given which may allow the girls the chance to stay together?

Can Louise’s plan really work? Should seven young ladies even dare to do such a thing?

And what happens when something unexpected turns all their hard work upside down?

Join the orphans of Albany in their trials and tribulations as they begin their journey into new lives and towards the hopes of romance and love.

Orphans of Albany Series

Book 1 An Uncertain Beginning

Book 2 The Way to His Heart

Book 3 A Delicate Touch

Book 4 Homespun

Book 5 A Musical Interlude

Book 6 Song of The Heart

Book 7 Twice as Nice

Book 8 Sweet Epiphany

....“a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”....

Katie Wyatt:

#1 Best Seller in New Release Romance
#1 Best Seller in 90 Minute Short Reads
#1 Best Seller in Western & Frontier Christian Romance
#1 Best Seller in Christian Westerns
#1 Best Seller in Historical
#1 Best Seller in Collections & Anthologies
#1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult
#1 Best Seller in Religion & Spirituality
#1 Best Seller in Children's Christian Books
#1 Best Seller in Frontier & Pioneer Western Fiction 

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Katie Wyatt’s Clean and Wholesome novel American mail order bride historical Western book romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

release date: Aug 23, 2017
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Meaningful Numbers (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: When a missionary visits Joshua Lowe’s church and makes a plea for one more to join the forty-person mission team, Joshua takes notice. He is no longer satisfied with his mundane life. Maybe a deeper commitment is what he’s been searching for. But then something—or someone, that is—pulls him back.

Melody Watkins is damaged. Past sins have paved a difficult road for her and her young daughter. Now she finally has a job and things are starting to look up. At least until her car breaks down. But then again that could be a blessing as well, because it has brought someone new into her life.

Melody’s secret past and Joshua’s potential future holds them back from growing closer. Many prayers will be offered to determine if their roads intersect or if Joshua will be the last of the forty.
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release date: Aug 23, 2017
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Cowboy Love (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Mitch Rutherford works the graveyard shift at a dairy farm within the prison work-release program. His only focus is on his upcoming release from prison, until he meets Emily Stuart, the farmer’s daughter just weeks before his release. Unwilling to compromise his release date or his friendship with Ethan Stuart; his boss and Emily’s father, Mitch struggles with his newfound faith and his growing friendship with Emily. When tragedy strikes the dairy farm, Mitch must work together with Emily to prevent her father’s business from collapsing. It is then that Mitch feels he cares for Emily more than he is willing to admit. Will Mitch risk everything just to win Emily's heart?
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release date: Aug 23, 2017
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The Wedding Dress (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: When Chloe believes the only reason she's still single is because she hasn't found her perfect wedding dress yet, she's just desperate enough to sit on a department store Santa's lap and ask him for it for Christmas.
After he gives her a set of instructions to follow in order to not only snag her perfect dress, but get the groom of her dreams too, her life suddenly seems to be just a little too good to be true.
Is it all because of Christmas magic, or is there more to the Christmas season?
release date: Aug 23, 2017
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Harts Crossing (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Angie Hunter left Hart’s Crossing for college and never looked back. So when her widowed mother needs care following surgery, Angie is more than ready to hire a nurse rather than return to her antiquated hometown. But when she is passed over for a promotion at work, an angry Angie quits and heads home anyway.

Francine Hunter is both excited and nervous about having her daughter home for the next two months. She sees this as her chance to make a new connection with her estranged daughter. Will she be able to nudge Angie toward faith without overdoing it? Or will Angie pack up and leave for a new job as soon as Francine has recovered?

"[Hatcher's] numerous fans will want this slim novel." — The Library Journal

The Hart's Crossing Series ...

In the charming town of Hart’s Crossing, neighbors still care about neighbors and visitors are offered a respite from fast-paced living as they observe the antics of its lovable residents.

A daughter returns home from the big city to care for her injured mother. Childhood sweethearts reconnect after decades apart. A single mom finds herself the target of her starry-eyed daughter’s matchmaking scheme. And a young couple struggles to find their own American dream in this wonderful collection of four novellas from bestselling author Robin Lee Hatcher.

Celebrating family, faith, and forgiveness, Home to Hart’s Crossing will warm your heart and soothe your spirit.

What reviewers are saying about the Hart's Crossing Series ...

Legacy Lane …
"Legacy Lane is warm, cozy, and filled with charm."
~ Kristin Billebeck

Veterans Way …
"An endearing love story."
~ Liz Curtis Higgs

Diamond Place …
"I want to move to Hart's Crossing."
~ Gayle Roper

Sweet Dreams Drive …
Robin Lee Hatcher can touch the heart like no other writer.
~ Colleen Coble
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release date: Aug 23, 2017
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Amish Cooking Class (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:
Join a class of unlikely Ohioans who take cooking lessons at Lyle and Heidi Troyer’s Amish farm. A woman engaged to marry, an expectant mother estranged from her family, a widowed mom seeking to simplify, a Vietnam vet who camps on the Troyer’s farm, and an Amish widower make up the mismatched lot of students. But Heidi’s cooking lessons soon turn to life lessons as they each share the challenges they are facing. Is this what God had in mind when Heidi got the idea for cooking classes?
release date: Aug 23, 2017
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Abigail Eaton’s Mail Order Bride Agency For Widows & Widowers (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: “Please no, we have nowhere to go!”
Abigail Eaton knows what it’s like to lose a husband. Although she has been left well off financially, she’s lonely and at loose ends with her children and grandchildren living in other places. When she encounters Emma a young widow with two small children who are being thrown out of their home, she realizes that not everyone is as fortunate as she is. Abigail is moved to offer assistance.

Taking in Emma and her children gives Abigail a new purpose in her life. When she learns more about the desperate situation that many young widows have been left in, she resolves to do what she can to help. She soon takes in Theresa and her three children. If anything their plight is even worse than Emma’s was.

This book tells the story of Abigail Eaton and how she comes to start her mail order bride agency for widows and widowers. In other books, you will meet many other young widows as well as the widowers who answer Abigail’s ad.

Mrs. Abigail is a sweet clean inspirational mail order bride story. It is Book 1 in the Abigail Eaton’s Mail Order Bride Agency For Widows & Widowers.

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release date: Aug 23, 2017
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Sword and Spirit Series (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Ciara of Tir Maic is living a lie. She's an imposter. For most of her young life she's hidden a secret that means death if it’s discovered. Although she is studying to become a druidess, she doubts the power of the gods she is to serve and dares to hope there is more to the universe than the spirits of fire and water she has been taught to worship from her childhood.

In 5th century Ireland, druids were the priests and prophets, physicians, and teachers. The ancient gods needed to be appeased constantly and woe to the man who unknowingly offended them. When Patrick brought the Gospel to Ireland the idea of one God was revolutionary. Even more so was the notion of a God who sought His people and longed to do good for them.

It is a historical fact that the High King's druid received a prophecy about a strange man who would come from across the sea, bringing knowledge of a foreign God who would displace their own pagan gods.

One day in a dream, Ciara receives what she thinks is a line of poetry. But it’s the work of the Holy Spirit, who has given her the same first line of the druid's prophecy about Patrick.

What would it have been like to live in a nation hearing the Gospel for the first time? Did the Holy Spirit breathe an intimation of the momentous event coming? I think He did, and that is Ciara's story.
release date: Aug 23, 2017
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The Waves Trilogy (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: This is not your average EMP story. Enemies of America use unique weapons that destroy one-third of the U.S. population in just a few short hours.

Journey with Sandi, an average conservative mom, who clings to God and her guns to protect all those she loves.

With little time to prepare, most families have only a week's supply of food. Preppers have a bunker. Sandi doesn't have a bunker.

Adventure with this housewife, as she struggles against danger, adversity, and lawlessness to survive a new normal.

The question that keeps her up at night?
"Will America return to its foundations or become a by-word among nations?"
release date: Aug 23, 2017
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Rose River (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: By all normal standards Kandice Fiers had a good life. She was successful in business and financially well off. Most important of all, she was happy. Or so she thought. Her opinion on that was significantly changed when she got news that put everything into perspective.
Suddenly at a crossroads about the life she had lived and what she had missed out on, she wound up in the one place she hadn’t been for years--Rose River Township.
Among the people she knew as friends and family, she found the thing that she needed the most at that point in time.
Hope--and it came in more than one form.
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