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release date: Aug 02, 2010
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Eat Lots of Colors: A Colorful Look at Healthy Nutrition for Children
"Eat Lots of Colors" is a light-hearted first look at the nutritional benefits of eating colorful foods (derived from naturally occurring phytonutrients in a rainbow of colors which they contain). Simply written and charmingly illustrated, it motivates young children to make healthy food choices. They learn that eating whole and "real" foods actually helps them feel good about themselves, their bodies and their capabilities. If you dream of your children saying, "Can I have carrots instead of potato chips?", pick up a copy of "Eat Lots of Colors." The book includes a chart that makes it fun for them to follow their weekly progress as they discover a world of new and healthy foods. Flesch-Kincaid grade level 1.54.
release date: Nov 01, 2011
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Maybe: A Little Zen for Little Ones

Based on an ancient and beloved Zen fable, this picture book tells the story of a wise girl who experiences a series of events that at first seem lucky—or unlucky—but then turn out to be quite the opposite. A bike disappears, but then she gets a new one; she hurts herself, but then enjoys a nice day at home. For each incident, what happened may have been based on luck—or perhaps the girl simply does not get caught up in the emotion of the moment, understanding she can never know what an event might lead to. The beautiful themes and messages of this unique story are made accessible and relevant here to today’s children.

release date: Feb 12, 2009
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Attack of the Chicken Nugget Man: A North Carolina EOG Adventure

This laugh-out-loud children's book is aligned with the Standard Course of Study for elementary school language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. It's an exciting story that teaches and references second through fifth grade skills, and even though it's 100% correlated to the third grade North Carolina curriculum, it's designed for elementary school readers in all states!

This breakthrough educational book tells the story of a struggling third-grader (Chris Robb) who desperately wants to pass the third grade End of Grade (EOG) standardized test. Chris's school is a very strange place and his teacher has the strangest name he has ever heard: Ms. Bubblebrain. Every character in the book has a unique personality trait. Smelly Sam stuffs random objects up his nose (sushi, socks, etc), the bus driver waves around his stinky shoe to get the kids to settle down, and the principal harbors an incomprehensible infatuation with strawberry milk. Meanwhile, a menacing Chicken Nugget Man appears to be sneaking into schools and causing all kinds of chaos. A task force is created to capture this mysterious creature. The country's smartest children will be chosen to join the effort because for some reason, no adult has ever seen the Chicken Nugget Man. Chris, who can barely remember his teacher's name, has the odds stacked against him when it comes to passing the North Carolina EOG test, but as the reader discovers, he might have a little help, and a little hope, after all.

The book has built-in Bloom's Taxonomy higher-order critical thinking questions that are written in kid-friendly language. A strong emphasis is placed on character education in the book and every time a character makes a poor choice, the narrator reminds readers of the consequences, encouraging them to suggest more responsible choices.

This delightful comedy makes learning fun and helps students in all states prepare for standardized tests.

Key educational features in the book:
NEW! Silly fill in the bubble questions at the end of most chapters to prepare students for standardized tests in a fun way!
Built-in comprehension questions
Math, science, social studies, language arts and reading concepts taught through a fun, fictional plot
Educational illustrations
Tricky words are labeled with images for ELLs and struggling readers
Officially leveled text
Full list of referenced educational standards/concepts in the back of the book
EOG question stems to help with standardized test prep
Math word problems
"Knowledge Nugget" educational fact boxes
Math skills, including: probability, fractions, geometry, graphing, decimals, and elapsed time
Social Studies skills, including: history, citizenship, leadership, and economics
Science skills, including: plant science, life cycles, pollination, astronomy, and life science
release date: Jun 16, 2021
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A Law of Attraction Book for Children "The S.T.A.R. Powered Twins Discover the Secret of Words" (1)
Dorothy A. Lecours introduces the reader to an engaging children's CONCEPT book. The S.T.A.R. POWERED TWINS are on an important mission to master "The Law of Attraction."

Follow along with GRACE and JACE on their exciting adventures as they EXPLORE the SECRET power of Positive Words. You'll LOVE their ability to use the MAGIC of GRATITUDE, and creating daily " I AM " Affirmations to make their DREAMS come true!

The Twins discover the power of POSITIVE words, thoughts, and actions that attract expanded goodness into their lives. Enjoy their process of becoming two very empowered children. Allow your child to be inspired to use the strategies developed in this book.

CHILDREN are the LIGHTS that BRIDGE Heaven and Earth. INSPIRE them to SHINE BRIGHTLY by learning the powerful CONCEPTS taught in this children's book.
release date: Sep 23, 2009
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Lefty Louie
Lefty Louie is about a left-handed boy living in a right-handed world. The story tells how sometimes being left-handed means that you need to learn to use items such as scissors and can openers in a right-handed way. He finds out many things, even belts, are designed for right-handed people! Louie is happy when his father takes him shopping for a left-handed baseball mitt and left-handed golf clubs. He is glad that he is left-handed, in fact, sometimes he finds it has its advantages. The story closes when a new girl named Lucy comes to his class. Louie doesn't really notice her until he realizes that she is also left-handed, and they become the best of friends. This book helps bring awareness to parents and to anyone involved with left-handed children of these small but important differences in their everyday lives. This understanding will help to make life a little easier for the left-handed child.
release date: Jul 28, 2009
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The Rock People (Mom's Choice Awards Recipient)
One day, while collecting rocks on the beach, a little girl named Nae-Nae discovers something amazing. It is a face on a rock gazing up at her. The more Nae-Nae looks, the more faces on rocks she finds. Through a family legend, Nae-Nae learns she's discovered the Rock People who are here to heal and protect the Earth.
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release date: Feb 01, 2011
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The Great Adventures of Larriot the Liger
Larriot is a young Liger (tiger & lion hybrid) who is living in a village of lions. After constantly being teased by the lion cubs for being different, he decides to run away in to the jungle to look for other Ligers like him. On his adventures through the jungle he comes across all kinds of bizarre and fascinating hybrid animals, such as Snizards, Peamingos, Girtles and more! At the end of his journey he realizes that being different is a wonderful thing and returns to his village with his head held high. First-time author and illustrator, Megan Meyer has employed a very unique illustration style, combining oil pastels, paper cut outs and computer graphics to create this heart warming, entertaining and beautifully illustrated children's book with a positive self esteem building message.
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release date: Oct 01, 2008
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The Amazing Alexander
Alex loves magic. Since he was a little tyke, his grandfather amazed him with card tricks, magic coloring books, floating fireballs, disappearing bottle-caps, and magic crystal balls - and now it's time for Alex to go to his first magic show. He is excited! Maybe he will even be chosen to come up on stage. When he arrives, however, a pair of mysterious eyes seem to be watching him from back stage and he nervously changes his mind; but fate steps in and takes him on a magical adventure with twists and turns and white tigers and gleaming, razor sharp blades designed to cut the victim in half - not quite what Alex had in mind! This is no ordinary picture book series. This is an extraordinary adventure that teaches the art and ethics of magic.

Each book includes a wonderful magic trick that the reader can do! The new trick Alex learns in each book, the reader will also learn. There are instructions in a secret section of this book, where Alex learns - and so does the reader - how to magically transform two one-dollar bills into a million-dollar bill.

release date: Jul 12, 2011
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My Alphabet Book The ABC
Help your child learn the alphabet with these fun creative rhymes and charming illustrations. Personalise your book by filling in the first letter of your name & your name in the blank spaces provided to create a page and rhyme of your very own. A colourful picture story book equally suitable to be read as a bed time story by an adult or featuring easy to read big letters for those learning to do it all by themselves. The ABC was never so much fun!
by: Danny C
release date: Nov 19, 2010
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English Alphabet In Colors
Learn shape of each letter, write English alphabet letters, color letters and objects starting with particular letter by alphabet activity worksheets. The book includes 52 black-and-white illustrations and 40 color illustrations, starting with the colors. Each page contains instructions how to write each letter, object beginning with that letter and a color sample.
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