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release date: Dec 13, 2017
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STARGATE SG-1 STARGATE ATLANTIS Travelers' Tales (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Step through the gate...
From the early days of “Todd” the Wraith to Teal’c’s first experience of the SGC, from Atlantis’ past and future to good old-fashioned SG-1 adventures, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis: Far Horizons brings you a wealth of exciting stories from across the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies.
Whether you’re a fan of STARGATE SG-1 or STARGATE ATLANTIS, there’s something for everyone in our first anthology of Travelers’ Tales, with ten short stories from ten fantastic Stargate authors:
* Jo Graham
* Melissa Scott
* Peter J. Evans
* Amy Griswold
* Keith R.A. DeCandido
* Suzanne Wood
* Diana Dru Botsford
* Geonn Cannon
* Sabine C. Bauer
* Sally Malcolm
So step through the Stargate with us and see what’s waiting beyond the event horizon…
release date: Dec 13, 2017
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Saabrina (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Everyone says the first symptom of a midlife crisis is getting a fancy new car. Bob Foxen doesn't think Saabrina is what they had in mind.

Set in a utopian, Trek like universe, Saabrina, Book One in the Saabrina series, takes you on a galactic adventure with Bob and Saabrina, an AI equipped spaceship, to answer:

Can Bob, a middle-aged man, be the hero in his own life, with help from Saabrina?
Will trouble with a new enemy end Bob’s new partnership before it gets started, an end that might cost billions their lives?
Do the best chocolate croissants come from Paris or Peapack, New Jersey?
release date: Dec 13, 2017
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Dread Empire's Fall Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

All will must bend to the perfect truth of The Praxis

For millennia, the Shaa have subjugated the universe, forcing the myriad sentient races to bow to their joyless tyranny. But the Shaa will soon be no more. The dread empire is in its rapidly fading twilight, and with its impending fall comes the promise of a new galactic order . . . and bloody chaos.

A young Terran naval officer marked by his lowly birth, Lt. Gareth Martinez is the first to recognize the insidious plot of the Naxid -- the powerful, warlike insectoid society that was enslaved before all others -- to replace the masters’ despotic rule with their own. Barely escaping a swarming surprise attack, Martinez and Caroline Sula, a pilot whose beautiful face conceals a deadly secret, are now the last hope for freedom for every being who ever languished in Shaa chains -- as the interstellar battle begins against a merciless foe whose only perfect truth is annihilation.

release date: Dec 13, 2017
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The Guardian Chronicles: Ariel (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: When she is resurrected, Zara sets out to destroy the descendants of the witches that betrayed her. Ariel must decide between her own vendetta and hatred when her best friend is threatened.
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release date: Dec 13, 2017
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Time Patrol (9 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Hidden deep beneath the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the Time Patrol, a secret agency charged with protecting the world’s timeline from the evil forces who wish to alter it. When the Patrol disappears without a trace, only twelve short hours are left before all life on Earth ceases to exist.

Enter: the Nightstalkers. Summoned to find the Time Patrol, the Nightstalkers’ elite covert operatives begin to notice rifts in their own worlds. And when they realize one of their colleagues has vanished into thin air, the mission gets personal.

From battling krakens and Valkyries to breaching the mythical Bermuda Triangle, the Nightstalkers must risk everything to defeat the malicious forces manipulating time itself. But if they lose, it won’t just mean the end of the world—it will mean the total destruction of the past, the present, and the future.

Brimming with sci-fi action, Time Patrol continues bestselling author Bob Mayer’s pulse-pounding Nightstalkers series.

release date: Dec 13, 2017
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Forget the Zombies (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Forget the Alamo: A Post Apocalyptic Novella

Forget the Zombies Book 1

Grant is trapped in the Alamo, surrounded by 1,000 hungry zombies, a military strike is on its way, and he just ate his last Snicker’s bar. And that’s just the upside of his day.

When Grant was forced to land in San Antonio, he didn’t expect to be there for more than a day or two. That was until a strange viral outbreak started bringing the dead back to life and those reanimated dead started attacking the living.

Grant, our reluctant hero, finds himself, along with a handful of survivors, trapped in the Alamo surrounded by a 1,000 zombies. They’re running out of food, water, and time as the military has announced that in 90 minutes they will drop bombs to decimate the city. And that just the start of their day.

What Readers Are Saying about Forget the Alamo:

"This book is pure action-filled zombie fun and well worth the read."

“The characters were relatable and the action, and their actions, mostly realistic.

Well worth the Kindle price - if you like zombie fiction, check this out.”

“It is as good as anything in print..nice mix of everything that makes a book work for me!!!”

R.J. Spears is an award winning author of horror, crime, and mystery fiction. His horror stories have appeared on websites such as The Horror Zine, Tales of the Zombie Wars, and Flashes in the Dark. The rest of the Forget the Zombies series is available on Amazon.

(NOTE: This edition has been revised and re-edited.)
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release date: Dec 13, 2017
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Liquid Cool (6 Book Series)
From Book 1:

A Cyberpunk Thriller To Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat!

Liquid Cool is the action-packed (and funny), cyberpunk detective series.

How Much is One Life Worth?

In the sci-fi/cyberpunk detective series, author Austin Dragon shows why you never want to meet a cyborg in a dark alley. Liquid Cool is a cross between Blade Runner and the Maltese Falcon. There is plenty of gritty action, suspense, thrills, and even a few laughs.

It’s cyberpunk reimagined—an ever-rainy world of colossal skyscrapers, hovercars, flashy neon streets, and futuristic mechanization. Metropolis isn’t a bad place, but it isn’t a good one either. Uber-governments and megacorporations fight for control of the fifty-million-plus super-city, but so does crime.

We meet Cruz, our private eye (and unlikely hero), in this super-city with a million victims and perpetrators. Watch out for tech-tricksters, analog hustlers, and digital gangsters—psychos, samurais, and cyborgs aplenty. Visitors have a way of becoming permanent attractions.

Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.

Get Your Copy of Liquid Cool Right Now.


“Lots of shooting, lots of crazy maniacs, lots of action and fun!”

“I loved this book. It takes place in the future, and what a weird future.”

“A funny, intelligent (and sometimes crazy) main character…playing detective”

“Cool and Smooth.”

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release date: Dec 13, 2017
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Frontiersmen - die Serie (Reihe in 6 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: An den Grenzen der bekannten Galaxie geht es rau zu: Seit Jahrzehnten beuten die Konzerne der Kernwelten-Union die Randwelten aus. Eine Revolte auf der Bergbaukolonie Higgins' Moon ist der Funke, der das Pulverfass entzündet ... und ein einziges Wort entfaltet seine verheerende Sprengkraft: Bürgerkrieg!

Mittendrin: John Donovan, Frontiersman - einer jener furchtlosen Frachterkapitäne, die ihren nicht immer ganz legalen Geschäften dort nachgehen, wo der Weltraum noch frei und wild ist. John und seine zusammengewürfelte Crew von Outcasts wollen nichts weniger, als in den Krieg zu ziehen. Doch nicht immer gelingt es einem, sich von Scherereien fernzuhalten - schon gar nicht, wenn es persönlich wird ...

Von "Star Trek"-Autor Bernd Perplies alias Wes Andrews: Das actionreiche Bürgerkriegsepos des SF-Western-Crossovers als digitale Serie! Science-Fiction-Pflichtlektüre für Space Cowboys!


Frachterkapitän John Donovan erhält einen dringend benötigten Auftrag: Er soll Vorräte und Ersatzteile nach Higgins' Moon bringen - ausgerechnet zu jener Bergbaukolonie, von der sein Crewmitglied Harold Piccoli einst vor unmenschlichen Arbeitsbedingungen floh. Dort angekommen, gerät der Frontiersman in einen Konflikt, der ihm mehrere Kragenweiten zu groß ist ... wie, verdammt, kommt er da nur wieder raus? Und was hat es eigentlich mit seiner Fracht auf sich?

eBooks von beBEYOND - fremde Welten und fantastische Reisen.
release date: Dec 13, 2017
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Ring of Fire anthologies (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Return to the Alternate Universe of 1632 and 1633 as the Top Writers of Alternate History and Military SF Join Forces in the Shared-Universe Volume of the Year

The battle between democracy and tyranny is joined, and the American Revolution has begun over a century ahead of schedule. A cosmic accident has shifted a modern West Virginia town back through time and space to land it and its twentieth century technology in Germany in the middle of the Thirty Years War. History must take a new course as American freedom and democracy battle against the squabbling despots of seventeenth-century Europe.

Continuing the story begun in the hit novels 1632 and 1633, the New York Times best-selling creator of Honor Harrington, David Weber, the best-selling fantasy star Mercedes Lackey, space adventure author K. D. Wentworth, Dave Freer, co-author of the hit novels Rats, Bats & Vats and Pyramid Scheme (both Baen), and Eric Flint himself combine their considerable talents in a shared-universe volume that will be a must-have for every reader of 1632 and 1633.

At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

"[Eric Flints 1632 is] a rich complex alternate history with great characters and vivid action. A great read and an excellent book." -David Drake

[1633 is] thoughtful and exciting . . . highly recommended. . . ." -Publishers Weekly

"[Readers] of Flint's 1632 will see its strengths in its sequel right from the beginning . . . The same formidable historiography, wit . . . intelligently ferocious women, and mouth-watering displays of alternate technology are again on view . . . [many readers] will turn every page and cry for more, which the authors intend to provide." -Booklist

". . . Weber and Flint take historic speculation to a new level in a tale [1633] that combines accurate historical research with bold leaps of the imagination. Fans of alternate history and military sf should enjoy this rousing tale of adventure and intrigue." -Library Journal

Eric Flint is the author of the New York Times best seller 1634: The Galileo Affair (with Andrew Dennis)—a novel in his top-selling "Ring of  Fire" alternate  history series. His first novel for Baen, Mother of Demons, was picked by Science Fiction Chronicle as a best novel of the year. His 1632, which launched the Ring of Fire series, won widespread critical praise, as from Publishers Weekly, which called him "an SF author of particular note, one who can entertain and edify in equal, and major measure." A longtime labor union activist with a master's degree in history, he currently resides in northwest Indiana with his wife Lucille.
release date: Dec 13, 2017
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Star Wars - Legends (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: “The Sith always betray one another. . . . I’m sure you’ll learn that soon enough.”

The overthrow of the Republic is complete. The Separatist forces have been smashed, the Jedi Council nearly decimated, and the rest of the Order all but destroyed. Now absolute power rests in the iron fist of Darth Sidious–the cunning Sith lord better known as the former Senator, now Emperor, Palpatine. But more remains to be done. Pockets of resistance in the galaxy must still be defeated and missing Jedi accounted for . . . and dealt with. These crucial tasks fall to the Emperor’s ruthless enforcer, Darth Vader. In turn, the Dark Lord has groomed a lethal apprentice entrusted with a top-secret mission: to comb the galaxy and dispatch the last of his masters’ enemies, thereby punctuating the dark side’s victory with the Jedi’s doom.

Since childhood, Vader’s nameless agent has known only the cold, mercenary creed of the Sith. His past is a void; his present, the carrying out of his deadly orders. But his future beckons like a glistening black jewel with the ultimate promise: to stand beside the only father he has ever known, with the galaxy at their feet. It is a destiny he can realize only by rising to the greatest challenge of his discipleship: destroying Emperor Palpatine.

The apprentice’s journeys will take him across the far reaches of the galaxy, from the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk to the junkyard planet of Raxus Prime. On these missions, the young Sith acolyte will forge an unlikely alliance with a ruined Jedi Master seeking redemption and wrestle with forbidden feelings for his beautiful comrade, Juno Eclipse. And he will be tested as never before–by shattering revelations that strike at the very heart of all he believes and stir within him long-forgotten hopes of reclaiming his name . . . and changing his destiny.

Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!
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