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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The Last Time Traveler (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Robert is a time traveler. In point of fact, he's the last time traveler. He managed to snag that impressive title because when he comes from has no future. This, as you can imagine, makes it much easier to be the last of any number of things. The current lack of future is due to the mess all his predecessors, the previous time travelers, made of things. It's Robert's job to repair the damage they did in the hopes that this will jump-start time
Fortunately he's assembled the most brilliant team in history to do the job. At his disposal are the best hackers, mechanics, and doctors who ever lived. He and his elite band have to do their best to un-steal ancient artifacts, un-kidnap people of importance, and un-sell advanced technologies while doing as little damage to the timelines as possible.

The Last Time Traveler is a rather unique sci-fi romantic comedy. In fact, it's more like a comedy romance sci-fi if you put things in the correct order of importance. The humor is in some ways rather outlandish and draws on pop-culture a good bit. And all the romance is PG-13. If you're even the slightest bit curious read a few sample pages. By the third or forth page you'll probably know whether this is your cup of tea or not. The style stands-out, no question. So, take a couple of minutes and read a few pages. You might just love it.
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The Island In The Mist (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Millionaire Angus Wedgeworth makes a startling discovery on a tiny island in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle! However, there is a slight problem...the island is inhabited by savage dinosaurs.

Angus assembles a team to accompany him to the island but keeps the details to himself. After tricking a paleontologist and his girlfriend to join them on the expedition, things begin to spiral wildly out of control.

The secret hidden on the The Island In The Mist has kept the prehistoric beasts from extinction. Man will not be able to claim it without a fight!
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Universe in Flames (9 Book Series)
From Book 1: 5 stars: "I absolutely loved this book! The author has a writing style that kept me hooked from the first word until the last. I loved the story and he did an amazing job telling it. And that ending! I'll only say that I did not see it coming and I can't wait for the next one! Read this book! Kallias does not disappoint." - Van Warren

Synopsis: When the evil Obsidian Empire delivers a deathblow against the Star Alliance, fighter pilot Lieutenant Chase Athanatos leads a band of scattered survivors to the farthest reaches of the known universe, to a little planet called Earth. But Earth is in trouble. The Obsidian Empire is hot on their trail, and unless they find a way to stop them, what's left of the Alliance and the entire planet are doomed to extinction.

With the help of the beautiful Commander Sarah Kepler and under the guidance of the goddess of love Aphroditis, Chase races against time to find a way to save the planet from total annihilation.

Unbeknownst to him, something dormant is coursing through Chase's blood.
But does it hold the key to changing their destiny?

What to expect: Epic space battles, dogfights, large fleet battles, alien first contact, alien invasion, galactic empires, alien worlds, action, adventure, mythology, supernatural powers, friendship, survival, suspense and romance.
Author's sources of inspiration: Science fiction in general as well as an inexplicable attraction towards the stars. Scifi and Space Opera books, movies and series like Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Stargate, Farscape and many more.

Reviews of Earth - Last Sanctuary:

4 stars: "Earth Last Sanctuary can pass off as a classic of the space opera genre with battleships wars and military space strategy - not my cup of sci fi tea and still it kept me hooked till the very end....I've actually read the last 10% bit holding my breath and the ending delivered a fine suckerpunch." - Miliana Chipaila

5 stars: "FINALLY... one that wasn't completely predictable.... About time something a bit more refreshing." - Keith Ramsey "Kotawolf"

4 stars: "I think that the author accomplished a great deal of work by establishing a powerful baseline for a great continuation. Will the next book reveal omnia vinxit amor?" -Kindle customer

5 stars: "I really enjoyed the characters and storyline in this fun space opera. I like the way earth is portrayed and the trouble the other humans have with our unsustainable attitudes. Can't wait for the next book." - Ptahnyx

5 stars: "This was a very entertaining read, and my five stars are based on enjoyment. There is plenty of action and space battles, some twists that are a little different than a lot of space opera, and overall I think it's the start of a great new space opera series. I read tons of SF, and while some is too technical and some is too slow, this one seemed to be just right (for my taste). While I generally don't like cliffhanger endings, the book was so good I can hardly wait for the next one." -Kay McNeely "Kaybooks"

5 stars: "I loved it. I want to read the next one . Every one must read it. Read read read it" -Jaime

5 stars: "I enjoyed this story and I'm looking forward to reading more! At the end I did not expect the surprise waiting there.
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Destroyermen (13 Book Series)
From Book 1: Pressed into service when World War II breaks out in the Pacific, the US Walker—a Great War-era destroyer—finds itself retreating from pursuing Japanese battleships. Its captain, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy, desperately leads the Walker into a squall, hoping it will give them cover—only to emerge into an alternate world. A world where two species have evolved: the cat-like Lemurians and the reptilian Griks, and they are at war.

With its power and weaponry, the Walker's very existence could alter the balance of power. And for Reddy and his crew, who have the means to turn a primitive war into a genocidal Armageddon, one thing becomes clear. They must determine whose side they're on. Because whichever species they choose is the winner.

release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The New Lyons Sequence (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: “Darkly engrossing, SINthetic shines a stark light on the age-old question, what does it mean to be human?”
—Julie Kagawa, New York Times bestselling author  

The Artificial Evolution

They look like us. Act like us. But they are not human. Created to perform the menial tasks real humans detest, Synths were designed with only a basic intelligence and minimal emotional response. It stands to reason that they have no rights. Like any technology, they are designed for human convenience. Disposable.
In the city of New Lyons, Detective Jason Campbell is investigating a vicious crime: a female body found mutilated and left in the streets. Once the victim is identified as a Synth, the crime is designated no more than the destruction of property, and Campbell is pulled from the case.
But when a mysterious stranger approaches Campbell and asks him to continue his investigation in secret, Campbell is dragged into a dark world of unimaginable corruption. One that leaves him questioning the true nature of humanity.
And what he discovers is only the beginning . . .
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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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The First Superhero (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: The adventure begins in Book 1 of this #1 Bestselling series that has sold over 40,000 copies...

When the first superhuman is a villain, it's up to the second to become a hero...

Seventeen year old Kane Andrews is just another one of the billions of people on Earth who watch as Richter, the world's first superhuman, goes on a rampage. All the worlds military cannot stop him, no matter what they throw his way.

Until, with the whole world watching, Kane surprises himself by flying up to catch someone the supervillain has thrown off a building.

The second superhuman is born.

With no idea of the extent or magnitude of his powers, Kane has a long way to go before becoming the first superhero. He must stay one step ahead of both Richter and the rest of the world while he figures out how to take down his nemesis. Time is running out though, and Richter will do whatever it takes to make sure he's Earth's only superhuman.

Book Two, The Siege of the Supers, is out now!

A #1 Superhero and Kindle Top 250 Bestseller, with tens of thousands of copies sold!

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release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Earthman Jack Space Saga (5 Book Series)
From Book 1:

"It's Like Harry Potter Meets Star Wars!"

Jack Finnegan only has to worry about dealing with school bullies, suffering through detention with his homeroom teacher, and getting noticed by the girl of his dreams... at least until an army of evil aliens invade Earth. Suddenly, this teenage slacker finds himself at the center of a galaxy-spanning conflict - where the lives of everyone on the planet are in jeopardy, soldiers use Quantum Physics to become superheroes, and the enemy uses some mysterious form of magic to make themselves practically unstoppable.

The secret to ending the conflict and saving the universe may lie in a powerful ancient spaceship, which it seems can only be flown by Earthmen. Now, Jack and a rag-tag group of allies must overcome impossible odds, defeat an unkillable enemy, rescue the princess of the galaxy, and save the universe from a threat more terrifying than any it has ever faced.

Can this underachiever rise to the occasion and become the hero Earth needs? The fate of all life in the galaxy may rest in his hands.

"Stand Aside Percy Jackson, Here Comes Earthman Jack!"

"Young Adult Science Fiction Done Right!"

release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Die Zeitreisende (Reihe in 16 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Das E-Book beschreibt die atemberaubenden Abenteuer einer jungen Frau, die durch Raum und Zeit reist.
Sie ist eine auffallend schöne, blonde und vor allem intelligente Frau aus Schweden, die in München erfolgreich Medizin studiert hat. Die blinde Liebe zu einem Mann stürzt sie in das Abenteuer ihres Lebens. Ihre Erlebnisse in diesem Roman und in seinen Fortsetzungen schildern beklemmend realistisch, was Frauen seit vielen tausend Jahren, zum Teil bis heute, erdulden und erleiden müssen.
Maria Lindström überlebt als einzige einen Flug zum Pluto und landet sicher auf der Erde – allerdings 150 Jahre vor Christi Geburt. Als Aphrodite schließt sie sich Nomaden auf dem Weg nach Karthago an. In die noch unzerstörte antike Stadt zieht sie in Ketten ein und muss als begehrte Hure ihrem Herrn dienen.
Aphrodite hat nicht nur das elende Sklavenleben zu erdulden, noch mehr Sorgen macht sie sich, ob sie den 3. Punischen Krieg und die Zerstörung Karthagos überleben wird. Doch genau dieses Wissen über die Zukunft der Stadt setzt sie für ihre Rettung ein. Wird es ihr gelingen. rechtzeitig Karthago zu verlassen und in das 22. Jahrhundert, aus dem sie als Maria startete, eine Botschaft zu übermitteln?
Das Buch schildert die Ereignisse überaus spannend und macht süchtig auf die weiteren Teile.
Der Autor hat mit der 2. Auflage sein Erstlingswerk sehr stark überarbeitet und die kritischen, trotzdem begeisterten Hinweise berücksichtigt.

Das Unwetter
Zwei Wochen später
Schnelle Hilfe
Erkenntnisse auf Umwegen
Die Radtour
Am runden Tisch
Maria und das Vorstellungsgespräch
Ein Scheißkerl
Die Tücken des Rechts
Maria und die neue Liebe
Inselträume und Trugbilder
Das Tattoo
Der Familienrat tagt!
Hochzeit oder Katastrophe?
Der Morgen danach
Abschied von München
Zu Hause bei Oma
Aufregende Nachrichten
Der große Tag
Alltag an Bord
Außerordentliche Dienstberatung
Das Phänomen
Ein ganz normaler Dienst
Der Geburtstermin
Ein neuer Tag, neue Fragen und immer noch keine aktuelle Zeit
Die Erde
Der erste Tag auf der Erde
Zweiter Tag auf der Erde
Der dritte Tag und der erste Sichtkontakt
Wie geht es weiter?
Der Kontakt
Der Überfall
Die Sklavenhändler
Die Freuden eines Herrn
Der endlos lange Weg
Das Hurenhaus
Der Lehrmeister
Die ersten Freier
Ein neuer Herr?
Das Rennen
Der Sieger, der neue Herr
Aphrodite arbeitet?
Verspielt an Eklasteos!
Wochen später, die große Weltpolitik
release date: Oct 21, 2017
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Red Hope (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: For two million years, Mars has hidden a secret. Two hours ago, the Curiosity Rover found it. With less than a year to prepare, four modern-day astronauts are asked to leave their families behind and risk their lives on what will become the most important expedition mankind has ever launched. With time running out, the fate of humanity rests in the hands of four doomed astronauts.

**A BESTSELLING Adventure Thriller with a mix of Sci-Fi and Mystery**

Red Hope is the first book of a fast-paced two-novel series. It has an entertaining ending with a mild cliffhanger leading into the second book which is now available (called Blue Hope). Red Hope is intended for a general audience - you won't need a calculator or a slide rule to enjoy this adventure!

"Couldn't stop reading it. Blew off all my adult responsibilities and sat around for a day." - Amazon Reviewer
"I was constantly wondering what would happen next." - Amazon Reviewer
"Ground control to majorly entertaining!" - Amazon Reviewer
"It's 4am and I'm holding my breath!" - Note from a reader
"This was a rip roaring fun read." - Amazon Reviewer

Red Hope contains soft Sci-Fi elements. That means it has simple scientific principles that anybody can understand and enjoy. If you prefer more rigorous technical discussions about things like delta-v budgets, Hohmann transfer orbits or peer-reviewed NASA protocols, then you may want to consider a hard Sci-Fi novel - there are many wonderful examples available on Amazon.

*** This is the first novel in a two-book series and it ends with a cliffhanger. ***
*** The sequel to Red Hope is called Blue Hope. It is available now. ***
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