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release date: Aug 17, 2017
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The Human Chronicles Saga (21 Book Series)
From Book 1: From international bestselling science fiction author T.R. Harris ... here is the FIRST BOOK in his epic Saga of Human Superiority throughout the galaxy. This is the book that started it all....

The Human Chronicles Saga - Series 1: Genesis

Book 1: The Fringe Worlds

Adam Cain is an Alien with an Attitude!

After all, what would you do if you were abducted by aliens and transported into a strange, new universe away from your home, your family -- everything familiar to you? Would it make you happy? Not likely!

Now imagine you're stronger, faster and more coordinated than every alien species you encounter. Would you start kicking some ass? Of course you would!

This is the story of Human Superiority in the galaxy, a gritty, realistic profile of a young Navy SEAL would doesn't like aliens very much -- and he makes them pay for the bad mood he's in.

As this excerpt explains:

Riyad stopped his story and narrowed his eyes. "You must to know by now, my friend, that we Humans have certain advantages over most of the creatures out here. In fact, as I understand it,you bested two Rigorians your first day on Nimor. That is no easy task."

"I didn't pick that fight--they challenged me!" Adam said in his defense.

"Oh, I'm not being critical; I'm just pointing out a fact. In the six years I have been out here, I have found creatures who are faster, stronger and tougher than we are. Some even exhibit remarkable intelligence and coordination. Yet none of these creatures combine all these traits into one being like we do. Out here, HUMANS ARE THE SUPERMEN. No, we can't fly, and we can certainly be killed by the weapons they possess. But none of the creatures I've encountered can stand against us in a fair fight."

The Fringe Worlds is the first in the Genesis Series of Adam Cain adventures under the banner of The Human Chronicles Saga.Full of adventure, space battles and exotic locales, the books are also laced with street-wise humor and an honest realism not often found in science fiction these days.

Try BOOK #1 - The Fringe Worlds. It's a quick and easy read, and is a great introduction into the characters and exotic universe of The Human Chronicles Saga.

The Human Chronicles Saga
is a MUST-READ for all fans of pure shoot-em-up science fiction adventure. Pick up the entire series today ... and find out why this thrill-a-minute collection of space opera novels is one of the bestselling sci-fi series on Amazon for five years running.

Be sure to check out all the novels by T.R.Harris....

The Human Chronicles Saga

Series 1: Genesis
The Fringe Worlds
Alien Assassin
The War of Pawns
The Tactics of Revenge
The Legend of Earth

Series 2: I Come From Earth
Cain's Crusaders
The Apex Predator
release date: Aug 17, 2017
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From Book 1: Hell on Wheels…
Werewolf Guardian, Damon Trahan lives by a Code: Protect the Pack with his life. Damon has experienced death and betrayal, now all he wants is the freedom of his Harley and the loyalty of the men he rides with, the only family he has left. Those are the things he knows and believes in. Love and the hurt that comes with it has no place in his world…Until he receives new orders: Rescue female werewolf, Ava Renfroe from a Pack of rogue wolves.
Hell on Heels…
Bartender Ava Renfroe is tired of Alpha males running her life. Being raised as the daughter of a Military General made her want independence more than air—and she has it! Until she’s kidnapped. Damon Trahan, her alpha male rescuer and bossy pain-in-the-ass, is exactly the kind of man she doesn’t want, but try telling that to her libido. His brooding good looks are panty-dropping hot. Too bad he’s bat-shit crazy and thinks he’s a werewolf. Worse, he claims she’s a werewolf too. But when Damon shifts in front of her, she begins to doubt everything she’s known to be true.
Hell to pay…
On the run from the rogues, Ava and Damon can’t ignore the red hot passion between them. But Damon knows it can’t last. Will he sacrifice everything he’s ever known to have the one thing he’s never meant to have? Or will the war between the Packs destroy them before love is given a chance?

release date: Aug 17, 2017
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The Origin of F.O.R.C.E. (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: The first scout ships of the Chrysallaman Empire made contact in 1947. Their mission was simple: find a suitable planet for colonization. Earth—HG-281—was the perfect target. Rich with land, minerals, and water, the blue planet could boast only of a primitive race of defenders known as Humans, bugs who could be easily squashed by the might of a single Chrysallaman’s mind. When one of the scout ships is unexpectedly brought down, the advance party is forced to return to their home planet 30 light-years away to report and regroup. In their wake, they left behind a broken ship, dead crew members, and a young alien boy who would grow to become one of Earth’s greatest assets—and her greatest ally.

The lizard-like aliens would be back, and in force. Mankind must prepare a strategy capable of defending against not only superior technology, but superior psychic ability and strength. It will take an elite group of military personnel, brilliant scientists, a sombrero-wearing alien, and another generation to plant the seeds that will grow into a World Wide Defense, the likes of which the Chrysallamans have never known.
release date: Aug 17, 2017
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Of Mice Not Men (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: In the near future, mankind has exhausted the last of their fossil fuels and a new energy crisis holds the world in its terrifying grip. In a desperate gamble, it turns to geothermal energy and taps the Yellowstone caldera. It's a success and the entirety of humanity benefits...for a time. Following the devastating eruption that ensues, mankind is forced to pick up the pieces of their shattered world and forms two factions.
The Developers, those of humanity set on stripping the Earth of it's remaining resources and leaving it behind to colonize first the moon, then the stars beyond.
The Harmonizers, stalwart defenders of what they believe to be humanity's one true home, dedicated to being more self-sufficient and eco-minded.
As it's been from the dawn of time when two groups can't agree, there is strife, chaos, and eventually war. From the ashes of the conflict later to be known as the Great Division, a new species shall rise to see the world that was not of their making.
It all begins here, in the first installment of the Of Mice Not Men universe.
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release date: Aug 17, 2017
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Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunters (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: **ATTENTION Readers: this is a new version of a previously published edition. The amazon purchasing history feature that lets you know if you have already purchased this book, may not work. Thank you.**

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF

In book one of the Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunters: Jagger Desantos, bounty hunter, takes on what he believes to be an easy case. A beautiful woman who has skipped bail. It should be a piece of cake. Get in, get the fugitive, bring them back, and get paid. Simple right? Except this case turns out to be anything but simple when the girl turns him inside out and upside down.

Daniela Martin works at a five star restaurant as a sous chef. It is the pinnacle of her career so far. Her real dream is to open her own restaurant and with every day that passes the dream is closer to becoming a reality. Life quickly changes for her when she is accused of a crime she didn’t commit, causing her to run for her life.

As danger surrounds them and their lives are threatened, they will have to find a way to trust one another. But can Jagger overcome the rules he has lived by in his bounty-hunting career and carry out his job, which requires him to turn Daniela over to the authority? Will Daniela be able to trust Jagger with not only her life, but with her heart?
release date: Aug 17, 2017
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WIND OF CHANGE (8 Book Series)
From Book 1: Earths highway to the future is slow. Countless wars. colonisation's, people being wiped out captured or murdered. Yet mankind still had the thought money brings power. Corporations seeking to dominate the world. Corrupt politicians, populations of dispossessed, starving, suffering the figures advancing, terrorist countries threatening to go to war or to submit to their individual organisation, as well in the 20th century. Space explorations had begun still in its infancy. The RACE had been watching for centuries. Earth never realised what's occurring.
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release date: Aug 17, 2017
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Commander Reilly (Reihe in 19 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Commander Reilly #1: Ferne Mission
Chronik der Sternenkrieger
Science Fiction Roman von Alfred Bekker

Der Umfang dieses Buchs entspricht 133 Taschenbuchseiten.

Im Jahr 2234 übernimmt Commander Willard J. Reilly das Kommando über die STERNENKRIEGER, ein Kampfschiff des Space Army Corps der Humanen Welten. Die Menschheit befindet sich im wenig später ausbrechenden ersten Krieg gegen die außerirdischen Qriid in einer Position hoffnungsloser Unterlegenheit. Dem ungehemmten Expansionsdrang des aggressiven Alien-Imperiums haben die Verteidiger der Menschheit wenig mehr entgegenzusetzen, als ihren Mut und ihre Entschlossenheit.

Alfred Bekker ist ein bekannter Autor von Fantasy-Romanen, Krimis und Jugendbüchern. Neben seinen großen Bucherfolgen schrieb er zahlreiche Romane für Spannungsserien wie Ren Dhark, Jerry Cotton, Cotton reloaded, Kommissar X, John Sinclair und Jessica Bannister. Er veröffentlichte auch unter den Namen Neal Chadwick, Henry Rohmer, Conny Walden, Sidney Gardner, Jonas Herlin, Adrian Leschek, John Devlin, Brian Carisi, Robert Gruber und Janet Farell.

Außerdem in der Serie "Chronik der Sternenkrieger"

Commander Reilly 1: Ferne Mission (Handlungszeit 2234)
Commander Reilly 2: Raumschiff STERNENKRIEGER im Einsatz
Commander Reilly 3: Commander im Niemandsland
Commander Reilly 4: Das Niemandsland der Galaxis
Commander Reilly 5: Commander der drei Sonnen
Commander Reilly 6: Kampf um drei Sonnen
Commander Reilly 7: Commander im Sternenkrieg
Commander Reilly 8: Kosmischer Krisenherd

Terrifors Geschichte: Ein Space Army Corps Roman (Handlungszeit 2238)
Erstes Kommando: Extra-Roman (Handlungszeit 2242)
Erster Offizier: Extra-Roman (Handlungszeit 2246)
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 1 Captain auf der Brücke (Handlungszeit 2250)
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 2 Sieben Monde
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 3 Prototyp
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 4 Heiliges Imperium
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 5 Der Wega-Krieg
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 6 Zwischen allen Fronten
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 7 Höllenplanet
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 8 Wahre Marsianer
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 9 Überfall der Naarash
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 10 Der Palast
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 11 Angriff auf Alpha
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 12 Hinter dem Wurmloch
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 13 Letzte Chance
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 14 Dunkle Welten

release date: Aug 17, 2017
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The Elements Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Readers say AQUA has "the adventure of Hunger Games, the scope of Maze Runner, and the heart of The Selection," all under one ocean!

12 years to prepare for one chance to succeed...

Being afraid of failure is normal, but no one fears success except eighteen-year-old Jazwyn Ripley, who has worked her entire life for a chance to become more than the scant apprenticeships in the Seaboard North stacks can offer. It's all too clear that at the bottom, there's nowhere to go but down. Only the best can begin career training at Gaia Sur, the elite academy on the ocean floor, but when Jazz begins receiving cryptic messages from past Gaia cadets originating from within the earth's core, she and her friends discover that the road to everything they've ever wanted now leads somewhere they never intended to go.

The State estimates the atmosphere will only sustain a handful of generations before overcrowding, air quality, and economic hardship make it nearly impossible to survive, let alone thrive in an ever-shrinking topside world. Government buildings and the global elite have already relocated four miles underwater where Gaia Sur has led the way in biodesign, omnicoding, astronavigation, and diplomacy careers, just to name a few of the futures available to those who have what it takes to make a difference for themselves and their families. For everyone else, the Seaboarder working class, the Tinkerers, the Fishers, the Fringe, even the domed Skyboard mountain pseudo-elite, time is running out. Fifteen students will beat the odds only to find themselves in over their heads with one way out: going deeper.

Fast-paced, character driven, and full of plot twists you'll never see coming, take a deep breath and get ready to dive into AQUA, the first book in The Elements series.

TERRA: Book Two available now!
release date: Aug 17, 2017
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Blue Masked Hero (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Nick McGuire has always felt invisible. The morning after his fifteenth birthday, he actually becomes invisible. And he can move things with his mind. He’s got no clue where these powers came from or what to do with them. Until he saves a guy from an accident and realizes he can use them for good. With the help of his best friend, Maddie, he becomes the Blue Masked Hero.

Being a superhero isn’t as easy as Nick thought. Sure he gets the girl, but he hides things from his parents, can’t keep up with his schoolwork, and is pretending to be someone he’s not. And when his true identity is publicized by someone he trusts, his family is put at risk.

Is it time to hang up the mask or can Nick pull it together before he loses everyone he holds dear?
release date: Aug 17, 2017
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Space Team (7 Book Series)
From Book 1: The galaxy just called for help. Unfortunately, it dialed the wrong number.

Small-time conman, Cal Carver, is having a bad day. Imprisoned and forced to share a cell with a cannibalistic serial killer, Cal thinks things can't possibly get any worse.

He is wrong.

It’s not until two-thirds of the human race is wiped out and Cal is mistakenly abducted by aliens that his day really starts to go downhill.

Whisked across the galaxy, Cal is thrown into a team of some of the sector's most notorious villains and scumbags. Their mission should be simple enough, but as one screw-up leads to another, they find themselves in a frantic battle to save an entire alien civilization - and its god - from total annihilation.

Featuring epic space battles, alien gangsters, and several thousand flying Tobey Maguires, Space Team is the first book in the internationally bestselling series by award-winning author, Barry J. Hutchison, and is perfect for fans of Hitchhiker's Guide and Guardians of the Galaxy.
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