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release date: May 28, 2017
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A Lesser Dark (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: There are a thousand ways to die in the desert—desperate outlaws, deadly predators, murderous elements, and betrayal. . .

Kaitar Besh, a veteran scout as legendary for his cynicism as his skills, is ordered to brave the deadly Shy'war-Anquai desert one last time. Escorting Leigh Enderi—a greenhorn Enforcer with a reputation as shady as his own—he soon realizes the ghosts of his past have come to haunt more than his nightmares.

When the mission breaks down in the wake of bitter hatred and mistrust, even Kaitar's fabled skills may not be enough to bring them home again. Stranded in the red wasteland without contact, food, or water, they uncover a betrayal that could bring all they hold dear crumbling to the dust. . . and tear down the wall of lies surrounding them.
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release date: May 28, 2017
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The Lost Star Tales (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Wil Litang was the competent, but not ambitious, first mate of the tramp freighter Lost Star. So, when its captain became too ill to make their usual voyage around Azminn's ring of planets, he accepted the job of acting captain with some reluctance. As it turned out, his reluctance was justified. The Lost Star had a mysterious and dangerous past – a past that had caught up with it. Litang and the crew of the Lost Star are soon driven from their comfortable orbit to some of the most dangerous places in the Nine Star Nebula, including the fabled Lost Star itself.

The Bright Black Sea is not your typical space opera. While it has space battles, it's not military SF. While it's a tale of mystery and danger, star empires are not falling, rebels are not fighting desperate battles for freedom, and the fate of the galaxy doesn't hang in the balance. And unlike many science fiction stories which are focused on ideas or a “What ifs?”, the Bright Black Sea is a character focused story, which takes early space opera motifs – space pirates, sentient robots, and rockets – and incorporates them into a modern, episodic novel set in a tiny nebula of nine stars, hundreds of planets and lawless asteroid belts.

For a different type of space adventure, join Captain Litang and the crew of the Lost Star to discover the wonders and dangers of the Nine Star Nebula.

The adventures and misadventures of Wil Litang continue in The Castaways of the Lost Star – the first “episode” of the planned companion volume, The Lost Star's Sea – a new take on the planetary romances of Edgar Rice Burroughs and his kin.
release date: May 28, 2017
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Tales of the GodKiller (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Jason Knight, elite assassin, has never turned down a contract. His record is perfect, as was his guarantee to terminate any target, no matter the difficulty. Now retired, he is approached by a mysterious woman with an offer of a ton of cash and the removal of horrific nightmares of his final job.
His target is God, and he has six days to fulfill it or Knight will be rewarded with a Hell beyond his imagination. As his search for God leads him further and further down the rabbit hole, he discovers that all may not be as it seems. Gods and demons may only be the tip of the iceberg as he suddenly finds himself between mankind and an apocalypse from heaven to hell and beyond.
Knightmare is the first of ten episodes in season one of the Tales of the GodKiller series, as Jason Knight attempts to unlock a global conspiracy which may lead to doom for everyone on Earth and the heavens above.
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release date: May 28, 2017
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Dick and Henry (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Dick Shannon can’t seem to catch a break. He’s a pilot, not a private investigator, but his employer, and his company assigned robot, HN-R3, seem to disagree. Dick stumbles through mystery after mystery, doing the dirty work for his company simply because no one else can.

Join Captain Dick Shannon and the harvest bot HN-R3, as they investigate some of the most unusual mysteries in inter-planetary history.

The Space Saga contains five unforgettable tales of deception, greed, and revenge. Watch as Dick attempts to outsmart a broken machine in Robot’s Bluff, as he searches for an answer to the Robot Wedding, and join him and HN-R3 in the search for the missing persons in The Headless Hover Biker.
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release date: May 28, 2017
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Kato's War (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Young Zara Sasake-Robbins is heir to the greatest corporate fortune the world has ever known. Her father Kato uses his great wealth to build a spaceship named Eternity that will take him, alone, on a one-way mission out of the Solar System--and out of Zara's life forever. When it's too late for Kato's ship to turn around, he learns that he will die, gasping for air, within a short time. Zara sees only one way to save him: she must pull off the greatest heist in history. If she can hijack the quarter trillion-dollar spaceship Dawn, belonging to Kato's arch enemy Seung Yi, she can reach him. She must steal the Dawn, and fly the enormous ship, alone, faster than humans have ever traveled before, to meet Kato. Can she reach him, and if she does, can they rekindle their love as father and daughter?
release date: May 28, 2017
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Dúranaki Chronicles (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: For thousands of years the Dúranaki have lived in relative obscurity, sheltered within their Twilight Forest on the far side of nearly impassible mountains.

Ejected from his homeland, T'vance assumes a western name and explores a world few Dúranaki ever see. He soon finds himself in the middle of a conflict that threatens not only the strange land he visits, but casts a spectre of doom even on his own homeland.

Five short stories chronicle his journeys.
release date: May 28, 2017
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Omega Six Five (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Earth is dead, her inhabitants and their descendants spread throughout the galaxy.

On the far edge of civilization, millions of miles from help, a penal mining colony sits nearly forgotten, inhabitants of a cold, dark world that is valued for only one thing: the ore that it produces.

A pirate captain plans a lucrative heist. A Fleet Navy Captain makes a decision born of love and desperation. And a young Fleet Marine Lieutenant fights against a corrupt prison warden.

But amidst these conflicting interests and opportunist schemes, something far more sinister has awakened on the planet's surface. An evil that has taken human lives before, and has the power to make the dead rise and feast upon the living.

At the very limit of the galaxy, something deadly has awakened, and threatens the continued existence of mankind itself.

Book One: Omega Six Five: Awakening
Book Two: Omega Six Five: Outbreak
Book Three: Omega Six Five: Survival (Coming Soon!)

Note: This is one installment of a series of short serial works. Each installment is approximately 30,000 words and must be read in sequence.
release date: May 28, 2017
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The Last Spartan (2 Book Series)

As a former Spec-Ops warrior, Spartan has found that the skills given to him by the Coalition government are well suited to his new occupation. After retrieving a lucrative bounty, Spartan returns to Terran space and finds that one of his oldest friends has been murdered. Vowing to track down the killer, he soon becomes the unwilling pawn in an interstellar power struggle between two old rivals, his former Omega Squadron Commander and the President of the Coalition.

When Spartan is forced to kill his mentor in self-defense, he is arrested by Galactic Marshals and detained. But when the Marshals kill a Federal Agent and pin the murder on him, he is forced to flee Earth with a small group of friends. Now the hunter becomes the hunted.

Spartan finds that having a bounty placed on his head to be troublesome as he evades the authorities, tracks down his old commander and struggles to clear his name. Unknown to all, an ancient evil has awakened and has plans of its own for mankind and they include death, destruction and chaos. Are the skills Iaido ‘Achilles’ Spartan gained over the years enough to save the day and clear his name?

The Last Spartan: Different Paths is the first book in a Sci Fi adventure novel series following a genetically engineered super-soldier on his quest for redemption and discovery of his purpose since leaving the service. Typically a loner, Iaido ‘Achilles’ Spartan learns the bittersweet truth that that no man is an island and nothing is more valuable than friendship. He might have been designed to be nothing more than a killer but in the end, he chooses to walk a different path. Carpe diem.
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release date: May 28, 2017
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Lacuna Short Stories (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: "Faith isn't faith until it's all you're holding on to."
- Toralii Proverb

Hundreds of years before the Toralii attacked Earth, destroying the cities of Beijing, Tehran and Sydney, before they developed the voidwarp technology and destroyed their homeworld, they warred amongst themselves.

The hills of the occupied Kaater Mountains were home to thousands of prisoners.

Including Tami.

A 1900 word story set in the Lacuna universe suitable to read as a stand-alone story.

Parts of the Lacuna universe:
  • Lacuna
  • Lacuna: The Sands of Karathi
  • Lacuna: The Spectre of Oblivion
  • Lacuna: The Ashes of Humanity (new release!)
  • Lacuna: The Prelude to Eternity (coming soon!)
Don't miss these short stories set in the Lacuna universe:
  • Magnet
  • Magnet: Special Mission
  • Magnet: Marauder
  • Magnet: Scarecrow
  • Magnet Omnibus I (new release!)
  • Imperfect
  • Faith
release date: Apr 30, 2013
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The Devil's Concubine (The Devil of Ponong series #1)
QuiTai, ruthless concubine of Levapur’s mysterious crime lord, the Devil, receives an unexpected invitation to cocktails with disgraced Thampurian Kyam Zul. She doesn’t trust Kyam enough to drink anything he pours, and won’t help him no matter how hard he begs – or threatens. But when QuiTai’s ex-lover is murdered, Kyam is the only one who knows the name of the killer, and he won’t tell QuiTai unless she helps him first.

The torpid back alleyways of Levapur’s tropical colony hide more than lovers. There are things with claws, beings with venomous fangs, and spies lurking in the jungle.

Most of them want to keep their secrets.

One of them wants QuiTai dead.

(This is the first book in Jill Braden's critically acclaimed "Devil of Ponong" series. It is a complete, full-length novel, with no cliffhanger.)
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