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release date: Oct 11, 2018
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The First Halloween
Ever wonder where the festival of Halloween comes from? This book tells the story in a fun way for children, why we dress up, go trick or treating and cut out faces in pumpkins.
release date: Oct 06, 2018
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Books for Girls : The Mermaid's adventure: Save the mermaids (Tales, Friendship, Grow up, Books for Girls 9-12)
When the pretty pink fish tells the mermaid sisters about the strangers, Daisy and Azalea decide that it is time for more adventures. As always, they are excited and happy to start the new day with new adventures, especially when danger is involved.

Azalea does not know that this time the adventures will be more than she could imagine, while Daisy gets on the verge of despair, trying to save her sister.

Luckily, the pretty mermaid has a few good friends who can help her rescue her sister. But will their help be enough? Or will poor Azalea be gone forever?
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release date: Sep 24, 2018
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Daughter of the Mara (The Mara Chronicles Book 1)
“You are a creature of nightmares. The visions, the fits, the madness that these people have tried to treat: it is what you are.”

Jay knows she’s insane. After all, most people don’t have nightmares when they’re awake.

Locked away at thirteen for a crime she doesn’t remember committing, Jay has spent the last five years in a psychiatric hospital unable to distinguish between real life and her waking nightmares.

But then she meets Harvey and everything changes. Harvey breaks her out of the hospital, telling her that she isn’t crazy, that she is the living embodiment of a nightmare: a mara.

As Jay struggles to control the nightmares within her, she is faced with opponents outside her own mind: Harvey’s brother Edmund, whose affection for Jay seems too good to be true, the mother who abandoned her as a child, and an entire court of mara who want to kill her for merely existing.

In this dark YA fantasy, Jay is torn between the waking world and the realm of nightmares and must work to control her powers and achieve her destiny before forces darker than her own nightmares lock her away for good.

Fans of Leigh Bardugo and L.J. Smith will love this story of romance, madness, and nightmare fairies.

This book is for anyone who loves:
* A new spin on Norse and Viking legends
*Tales of dreams and nightmares
*Stories about madness and insanity
*Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Romance
* New Adult Paranormal Romance
* Magical Powers and Supernatural Creatures
*Psychological Thrillers
*Coming of age tales with a paranormal twist
*YA set in the Pacific Northwest
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release date: Jun 16, 2018
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Of Plagues, Ten: A Tapestry of Twisted Threads in Folio
Disinfectants, detergents, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and homicides – everything a human being needs to clear his or her lot and start fresh in life, clean and pure, and it all waits at the press of a finger. Some of us love a good disaster, but we watch from a safe distance and it always happens to someone else… somewhere else… never here. Never us.

Distended bellies and skeletal children are always the misfortune of others. Stop and wonder why. The preferred answer no doubt leaps easily to mind, but the truth is probably quite different, because pestilence comes in all shapes, forms and fashions.

Scratch a moment, since you itch, and listen to the incessant rasp of a gathering legion. It twitters. Of gnawing incisors and rapacious fangs; of chitinous exoskeletons and cellophane wings; of mutant monstrosities impossible to kill and of ancient evils never to be purged; of alien leviathans and endangered intellects kept in a multitude; of ravenous lunatics, and of raiding swarms; such twisted threads weave life’s strange tapestry. Of pests, here find a restive horde, and of plagues, ten.
release date: Jun 13, 2018
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Hada Ambriel | cuento de hadas para niños, niñas | para tu princesa: hermoso cuento de hadas, libro lleno de imágenes para la pequeña princesa (Spanish Edition)
Un cuento mágico con dibujos bellos. Leed a sus hijos- bonita historia de aventura a una hada hermosa del bosque. El cuento es lleno de dibujos colorados, que los niňos aman.
La hada Ambriel va como cado día al trabajo. Tiene que convertir cada gota de agua a rocío de la maňana para aguar las flores y los animales. Elige vestido más bonito y se va a trabajar. En el trabajo vive una aventura que no esperaba y también va a necesitar ayuda de sus amigos. Que aventura espera a la hada? Como va a parecer un día lleno de magia y hechizos?
release date: Jun 11, 2018
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My Perfect Mommy - amazing picture ebook story for little princess: Fairy tale for children, story for girls, for princess
A story full of beautiful pictures that tell the story. Read with your children the story of a perfect mom and her daughter, Amanda.
Amanda loves beautiful dresses and dressing up. Her mother is nice and she cares well about her daughter. The story is designed for children, toddlers, girls, kids and talks about a girl named Amanda who does not listen to her mother and she catch flu. How can she feel better and be healthy? Will her mommy help her feel health again? Why she did not listen her mother?
release date: May 22, 2018
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Rick Riordan Presents Free Sampler
Read for free the first two chapters of the Rick Riordan Presents launch titles: Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi, The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, and Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee.
release date: May 09, 2018
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Miist: Sneak Peek of the First Ten Chapters
Recipient of the Readers Choice Five Star Award and a Kids Pick Seal of Approval, Miist, with its humor and magic, is a bestselling middle grade fantasy adventure book for kids aged 9-12!

Root Karbunkulus has a few enemies:

The Finks because she rescued the children they had stolen.

The Aunts because how dare she quit scavenging for them.

And the Badges because they’re tired of arresting her all the time.

Her odds of surviving the streets of Shade Howl are dwindling daily. She could really use something decent this Birthday. Preferably an Ember Stamp that could bestow her with powerful magical abilities. But that’ll never happen because Birthday is a national holiday for all those born. Everyone. Young and old and in between. And that means her Starter Gift is exchanged from person to person all day long and she has no control over what her Ender Gift will be.

But something very strange happens to Root this Birthday. Somehow, she ends up with, not one but three Ender Gifts. Three! One is a tiny woman in a box with a decidedly fancy invitation to a decidedly official order called the Clade of Acquisitions. The second is a funny looking coin. And the third…
…is an Ember Stamp!

“Humor, heart and non-stop action! Read this fiercely original series and thank your lucky stars you did!” Book Buzz

release date: Apr 04, 2018
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release date: Jan 29, 2018
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Die Motte Udo reist ins Regenbogenland (German Edition)
Udo ist eine liebenswerte, bunte Motte, doch leider mag ihn zu Hause keiner. Die Glitzerkäfer finden ihn hässlich, die langbeinigen Kicherspinnen nennen ihn »Bröselkopf«, und nicht einmal die Stinkraupen wollen mit ihm spielen.
Udo hat die Mottennase gestrichen voll! Er beschließt fortzugehen, nimmt all seinen Mut zusammen und wagt sich in den finsteren Wald …
Was er auf seiner Reise erlebt, hätte er sich in seinen kühnsten Träumen nicht ausmalen können!

Begleite die kleine Motte bei ihrem spannenden Abenteuer!

Mit den Ideen von:

Emma Grau

Chiara Eichenberger

Fabienne Knöpke

Louisa Wachtendonk

Daniel Wachtendonk

Fabrizio Waldeck

Fynn Schnabel

Jetanio Ittermann
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