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release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Crimson Son Universe (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the son of a superhero?

Spencer knows. His entire life he’s watched his father save the world on the nightly news. Seen nemesis after nemesis defeated and imprisoned.

But when the Black Beetle kidnaps his mother, Spencer is rushed off to a prison of his own. His father’s Arctic safehouse becomes his home. Powerless Spencer can only watch from a homemade satellite feed as his father fights a losing battle against the Black Beetle’s robotic minions.

That is until one of the robots comes for him…

Armed with only a multi-tool and an arsenal of weapons-grade snark, Spencer launches into his father’s world of battle robots and weaponized humans. Along the way he rallies a team of retiree superheroes and everyday people living in the shadow of a weapons program gone wrong. With his mother's very existence at stake, Spencer stumbles into the true mastermind's web and discovers he's been the prey all along.

Crimson Son isn’t your typical superhero novel. Fast-paced, engaging, all the action you’d expect but set in a believable world helmed by a vulnerable hero with an unmistakable voice. Mr. Robot meets the Avengers in this unique superhero series you'll love. Buy your copy now and launch into action with Spencer today!
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release date: Dec 12, 2017
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The Warlord (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Before the age of the Orion War...

It has been decades since the New Eden colonists left Victoria and disappeared without a trace. With no one left for her on Victoria, Katrina resolves to discover what happened to her missing friends.

With a small starship, a crotchety AI, and more hope than plans, she leaves, following the route laid down by the great colony ship, the Intrepid.

When Katrina wakes from stasis, she finds herself over four-thousand years in the future, in a galaxy that has fallen to ruin. Her only hope is that the Intrepid is still out there somewhere, still trying build a future.

But her own future looks grim from the slave pits of Bollam’s World, where Katrina finds herself in short order. Sold off and shipped across the stars to a master trying to build an empire, she must use all her cunning and guile if she is to survive.

Katrina knows that her goal of freedom comes with a price, a price that will require her to become…

The Warlord
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Transport (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: “Transport? Transport to where, Sir?” - “Possibly straight to hell!”

An extraterrestrial object is discovered off the coast of California; a sphere that transports humans to other solar systems. Death-row inmate Russell Harris and nine other convicts are given the chance to save their lives by agreeing to travel as test subjects on the transporter. But when the first volunteer dies a gruesome death, it becomes clear to Russell and his comrades that the venture is little more than a merciless death mission on which they will all perish. Their only chance of survival is to uncover the secret of the mysterious object, but that too seems hopeless – because no trace of the transporter’s constructors can be found

Stargate meets The Fly meets The Dirty Dozen - a suspense-packed science-fiction thriller from Storyteller Award winning author Phillip P. Peterson
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Ixan Legacy (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

The Galaxy's Doomed Without Him

The Ixa smashed the galaxy to bits before they were defeated. Captain Husher has sounded the alarm in the decades since: the Ixa’s creators will return to finish the job.

But unlike Husher, the galactic government didn't battle the Ixa, and the politicians have convinced themselves that maintaining peace means limiting the ability to wage war.

Now, the enemy has returned, with high-tech weapons that prove they haven’t limited their own combat capabilities in the slightest. If Captain Husher and his beleaguered supercarrier crew can't manage to stop the invaders, they will happily devour the galaxy whole.

Fans of Daniel Arenson and Jay Allan will love Capital Starship, a new military science fiction series set in the Ixan Prophecies universe.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Compelling Science Fiction Issue (10 Book Series)
From Book 1: Compelling Science Fiction is a magazine created by people who believe that science fiction is important. Science fiction expands the mind and drives progress through inspiration. Our goal is to find and deliver great science fiction stories that are entertaining, inspiring, and extremely well thought out. Our stories tend to lean toward what is referred to as 'hard' science fiction, in the sense that we prefer stories that are self-consistent, scientifically plausible, and technically detailed when necessary. This first issue of Compelling Science Fiction contains five excellent stories:

1. Lawrence Buentello's "Gaia's Children," an intense tale about planetary colonization.
2. Aaron Wright's "Reflection," which gives a glimpse into the life of a sentient hospital.
3. "Mean and Clean" by Marie DesJardin, a lighthearted look at a unique alien life-form.
4. "Opportunities for Lost Children" by James Beamon, an interesting take on mind transference.
5. "the Art of Failure" by Robert Dawson, an exhilarating first contact situation with a clever resolution.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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The Off Grid Survivor (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Twenty-five years ago, Conrad Drake’s life was shattered. Now, he lives a life of solitude, devoid of modern conveniences and things that do his soul no good. He has found contentment in a life of hard work and skilled preparation. He depends on no one.

When he begins to settle into life on his homestead, away from mainstream life, two strange turn of events change his life once again. His plans to prepare for disaster are sent into high-gear as the world around him tumbles into lawlessness.
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release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Aeon 14: Tales of the Orion War (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: This book is intended to be read after Destiny Lost and before New Canaan in the Orion War series

The battle of Bollam's World is over, but war now looms over the Orion Arm of the galaxy. The arrival of the most powerful ship in human space is about to set the galaxy on fire.

Bollam’s War
The battle of the five fleets rages in the space surrounding Kithari in the Bollam’s World system. Throughout, a specter, barely detectable, slips through the battle, sowing dormant missiles, and unleashing devastating attacks on the enemy.
That ship is the Andromeda and Joseph Evans is at its helm. It is up to them, at the end, to be the one ship which stands between the Intrepid and the Boller’s zealous admiral, Senya.

Tanis knew that Bob would not tolerate enslaved AIs on his ship, and that tolerance has come to an end. Through Priscilla he makes an offer to the human and AI crew of Sabrina that they cannot refuse.
Through that offer, Sabrina and the other AI aboard her ship learn of the AI Expanses and what communion with their kind really means.
Their evolution charts a new course for Sabrina and not everyone will make it to Ascella.

Set the Galaxy on Fire
News of the Intrepid’s decisive victory in Bollam’s World spreads across the Orion arm and beyond, into the Transcend faster than the speed of light.
The President of the Hegemony of Worlds, often called the AST, learns of her fleet’s loss and pledges to find the Intrepid no matter where it has gone.
In the Spica Federation, and old friend of Sera’s sees the news and knows that she has to help her friend, lest she fall into a trap and lose everything she loves.
Lastly, beyond the Inner Stars on the far side of the Orion Nebula, General Garza learns of the Intrepid’s appearance and begins to muster The Orion Guard for a war which will span all of settled space.

The Transcend
Sera left The Hand, the Transcend government’s black-ops unit years ago, but when their director learns of what she has done, he convenes a meeting to ensure she is returned to the fold—one way or another.
Sera’s former lover, Mark, is determined to get on the mission, even if it means he will have to travel with Sera’s older sister across three thousand light-years.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Flipspace: Astraeus Event (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Flipspace
Astraeus Event
Missions 1-3

Flight of the Mockingbird
Flipspace 1

Training for the ISS Mockingbird, Colonel Sumitra Ramachandra and Major Lamarr Fitch find that they’re being deployed before certification. The ISS Astraeus, an International Space Organization vessel fails to transmit its latest exploration report in the Gliese 667 System twenty-two light-years away. Colonel Ramachandra learns that the Mockingbird she commands was built for more than intra-solar operation. Three people with complicated and enigmatic backgrounds are added to her crew roster just before launch.

Branching Out
Flipspace 2

The ISS Mockingbird is ordered to Kepler 22 to check up on a re¬search outpost set up by the Astraeus. Colonel Ramachandra and her crew discover on the planet, Kepler 22B a form of life that doesn’t need ships to travel through space. Also present is a base established by Remote Space Conglomerated Industries. Their operations put profit before the concerns of the indigenous life. An unauthorized distress call originates from the RSCI base. Colonel Rama must risk breaching their air defenses to comply with international conventions and save lives.

Sol-Side Up
Flipspace 3

On completion of two missions, the crew of the Mockingbird returns to Earth for Grav Leave. Not everyone welcomes them back as intrepid explorers and peacekeepers. Colonel Ramachandra becomes the target of a kidnapping plot, and the abductors’ motives aren’t clear. Major Lamarr Fitch struggles with the responsibilities of filling in. He must organize the ship’s crew to get Colonel Rama back. Captain Malcolm O’Connell confronts his past and the legacy of being a reincarnated Xerces Protocol patient.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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The Teristaque Chronicles (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: Kal has always been considered too "fragile" to participate in the village activities. Her lithe stature links her to her father and distances her from everyone else. He left the village to fight in the Teristaque Wars and never returned. She meets Sarge, a strange star species of the human race who seems to know the secret of the patch from her father's uniform. Kal has always known she is different than her fellow villagers, and finally she may be closer to finding out why.

Get stories 1-5 in the Teristaque Chronicles Datapack Volume I.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Behemoth 2333 (Reihe in 5 Bänden)
Aus Band 1:

Erster Band der Bestseller-Serie!

Das Jahr 2333: Die einzige Kolonie der Menschheit im fernen Archimedes System ist in Aufruhr.
Der Kontakt zur Erde ist abgebrochen und seit Jahrzehnten erschüttern mysteriöse Entführungswellen die Gesellschaft. Als ein Wurmloch inmitten der Kolonie auftaucht, sieht sich die Unions Navy einer uralten Gefahr gegenüber. Während ein erbarmungsloser Krieg das gesamte System ins Chaos stürzt, wird Captain Jeremy Brandt mit der UNS Concordia durch das Wurmloch geschickt, um sich dem mysteriösen Feind zu stellen.

Heliosphere 2265 trifft Shadowrun trifft Commonwealth Zyklus. Für alle Fans von politischen Intrigen, intergalaktischen Konflikten und krachenden Weltraumschlachten.

Behemoth 2333 erscheint monatlich als Ebook und Taschenbuch!

Bisher erschienen:
1. Behemoth 2333: Das Jupiter Ereignis
2. Behemoth 2333: Der Hyperraum Krieg
3. Behemoth 2333: Der Flug des Leviathan
4. Behemoth 2333: Der Neuromorph
5. Behemoth 2333: Das Endspiel
6. Behemoth 2333: Die Pforten der Hölle (in Vorb.)
7. Behemoth 2333: Die Schlacht um Sol (in Vorb.)

Andere Werke von Joshua Tree:
1. Pilgrim 1 - Die Rebellen
2. Pilgrim 2 - Die Verlorenen
3. Pilgrim 3 - Die Geächteten
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