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release date: Oct 15, 2018
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Star Legions: The Terran Wars (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: An apocalyptic war looms, and few believe it is a war that can be won. As Terran colonies evacuate, the mighty Laconians stand alone against the merciless Median Empire. They will never surrender, and their new King, Agesilaus, has a scheme that could transform the fortunes of all Terrans.

As leader of the most powerful of the Terran states, he plans the unthinkable. Inspired by the valour and adventures of the infamous Ten Thousand mercenaries, he launches a pre-emptive strike against the Empire. Agesilaus and his twin sister, the warrior princess Kyniska, will lead the attack, and they will not stop until their enemies are brought to their knees.

Little do they know that the God King and his trusted warlords are mustering powerful legions from deep inside the Empire. Soon thousands of Median foot soldiers, hordes of monstrous Taochi warriors, and even large numbers of deadly fighting machines from the Robotic Domains are preparing for war. As the Terrans launch their battle of liberation, the God King puts his own deadly plan into action.

The Terran Wars by Michael G. Thomas is a thrilling military science fiction series that retells the greatest stories of the ancient Greek world. Heroes like Xenophon, Agesilaus, Lysander and the warriors of Athens, Thebes, and Sparta clash with the unstoppable might of the Persian Empire in futuristic combat among the stars!
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release date: Oct 15, 2018
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A Cauldron of Stars (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: One maverick crew against the Cluster's deadliest criminal organization...

Mike Starrunner, captain of an independent space freighter, is no stranger to trouble. But things get hotter than he bargained for when he lands on a planet occupied by Travellers. These grisly space pirates have a reputation so dire, even aliens won’t mess with them.

But even aliens aren't as badass as Shifters.

Mike and his crew are Shifters--alt-humans with the ability to Shift into animal form. When they impulsively rescue three of the Travellers' victims, they stumble on a deadly plot that spans the Cluster—and it's focused like a laser beam on their homeworld.

From deep space to the slums of Shiftertown, the chase is on.

To untangle the mystery in time, Mike will have to outwit not only the Travellers but the kingpin of his own crime-ridden Shifter community, while staying one step ahead of the police. If he fails, the Travellers will take his planet … and his beloved daughter.

Join the crew of the St. Clare as they struggle to put the clues together, battle murderous criminals, and above all, hang onto their humanity. If you’re a fan of Firefly or The Expanse, you’ll love this interstellar adventure set in a cluster of stars far, far away, in a future where we’ve colonized the stars and even altered our own DNA, but remain all too human.

Lethal Cargo is the first book of A Cauldron of Stars, a new space opera thriller series from New York Times bestselling sci-fi author Felix R. Savage. It contains swearing, sex, spaceships, unapologetic badassery, shapeshifting wolves, tigers, bears, lions, and one very large snake. You have been warned!

release date: Oct 15, 2018
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The SPOOK & GOON Space Adventures (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

In the year 2035, Earth's long-secret space force faces an ominous threat.

An invading armada from a faraway ice planet triggers a sensor beacon at the edge of the Sol System. The Federated Union calls on the agents of SPOOK & GOON to stop them at any cost.

GOON Major Jock Saunders is an expert at brute force, coming in loud, and blowing things up. SPOOK Agent Dom Wagner is more about finesse, lurking in the shadows, watching and planning his strikes with care.

Thrown together on an op to save Earth, they must put aside their long-held rivalry and distrust to carry out their mission.

Special Liaison Desire Wilhelm, a wickedly intelligent and charismatic beauty with a unique gift, is assigned to the team to bridge the gap between the two rivals.

This fast-paced, light-hearted sci-fi novel features humor, romance, fast ships, large furry creatures, Alien beings, asteroids, with a special appearance by polymuciligans. Oh, and did we mention fast ships?

Buy Invasion of the Frorees today and join the fun with the first book in The SPOOK & GOON Space Adventures series.

Stay tuned for:
Book 2 - Escape of the Glitter Princess coming late September 2018.
Book 3 - Attack of the Mutant Miners coming October 2018.

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release date: Oct 15, 2018
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The Legacy Fleet (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: The year is 2650
75 years ago, an alien fleet attacked Earth.
Without warning. Without mercy.
We were not prepared.
Hundreds of millions perished. Dozens of cities burned.
We nearly lost everything.

Then, the aliens abruptly left.

We rebuilt. We armed ourselves. We swore: never again.
But the aliens never came back.

Until now.

With overwhelming force the aliens have returned, striking deep into our territory, sending Earth into a panic. Our new technology is useless. Our new ships burn like straw. All our careful preparations are wasted.

Now, only one man, one crew, and the oldest starship in the fleet stand between the Earth and certain destruction:

release date: Oct 15, 2018
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Space Rogues (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

"This was pure Flash Gordon space opera stuff, and the author kept the story moving at a fast pace with characters the reader will love." - Pulp Den

Fans of Farscape and Killjoys will love the crew of the Ghost.

Wil Calder was an astronaut testing Earth’s first Faster Than Light engine in an experimental space pod when he ended up stranded on the opposite side of the solar system. Even if NASA could come to get him, they didn’t know where to look.

But that was years ago.

Now, Wil is a lonely intergalactic outlaw and smuggler, looking for a crew, because space is lonely and boring. He’s got a ship, now he needs some friends or at least people to work with, maybe boss around a little.

What he isn’t looking for, is a plot that would destabilize the entire Galactic Commonwealth. A scheme he and his new crew aren't remotely qualified to stop, but who looks at qualifications these days? They can’t just turn their backs on the galaxy, can they?

Between epic space battles, a quest for redemption and a daring heist, the crew uncovers a dangerous secret.

If you tried to cross the Buck Rogers TV Show from the early 80's with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, you'd come close to the rollicking good fun of this classic space opera.

Join the crew of the Ghost on the first of many fantastic adventures.

release date: Oct 15, 2018
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Deuces Wild (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: All Slap ever wanted was his ranch and family. The gangster Lyssel destroyed all that, leaving only charred remains. Tristan wanted nothing; he had no expectations from life and trusted no one. When the cowboy and space pirate meet, they discover they are hunted by a common enemy: Lyssel. Able only to trust each other against this gangster and his mob, the two are forced to work together. But how can two such total opposites ever make their alliance work?
release date: Oct 15, 2018
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Daughters of Persephone (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Princess-in-exile, Aja Bokinan, is the Thousand Year Empress. While her family has remained in forced isolation for nearly thirty years, women throughout the empire have been banned from public life. Females have no legal standing and they have become little better than property. The restoration of the monarchy is their only hope. Revolution threatens the male dominated Coalition. Resistance forces expect the Princess to be the salvation of the empire. The ruling generals fear she will be its destruction. 
Kyr Aram, is a smuggler and secret Resistance sympathizer. He must find a way to protect the Princess from both the general who plans her assassination and a traitor on his own ship who wishes to see her dead. Kyr believes she is no more than valuable cargo. With the Thousand Year Empress, he gets more than he bargained for.

release date: Oct 15, 2018
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Centauri Bliss (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Quinn doesn't have much to his name but a broken down old freighter, even keeping it fueled is a constant struggle on the edges of civilized space where jobs are scarce and honest ones non-existent.

With the death of the Emperor civilized space begins to dissolve into squabbling factions fighting for control and beautiful new passengers aboard Quinn's ship all bring their own load of problems and opportunities.

WARNING: This book has explicit sex, nudity, murder and a lot of crime. There is polyamory, a hot alien, a cheerful robot, a kick-ass lawyer, a xeno-archaeologist in a snazzy hat. It is a harem, and the male main character gets it on with all these girls. It is also space fantasy, there is a dollop of magic and hard science does not apply. You should probably take very little of it seriously.
release date: Oct 15, 2018
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The Pendragon Legacy (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: “A sexy, exciting futuristic series.”

Legend, love, and honor collide . . .

For Lucan Roarke, failure is not an option. If he fails, Earth perishes. Ancient clues have led him to the planet Pendragon, the last known resting place of the mythical Holy Grail—Earth’s last chance.

Lady Cael, high priestess and the only dragonshaper on her world, is destined to live a life untouched by love and mate. When she agrees to aid Lucan in his desperate search, she must fight the passionate attraction growing between them. She’s been less than truthful, and if they succeed in recovering the Grail, she will be honor bound to betray Lucan. And Earth.

When Cael finally admits the terrifying truth, she shatters Lucan and threatens his mission. To save humanity, he must make a catastrophic choice.

Will he choose honor or love?

Susan Kearney, a native of New Jersey, writes full time and has sold books to the industries' top publishing houses — Grand Central, Tor, Simon & Schuster, Harlequin, Bell Bridge Books, Berkley, Leisure, Red Sage, and Kensington. As an award winning author, Kearney earned a Business Degree from the University of Michigan. Kearney's knowledge and experience spans throughout the romance genre, and her fifty plus books include contemporary, romantic suspense, historical, futuristic, science fiction, and paranormal novels. She resides in a suburb of Tampa—with her husband, kids, and Boston terrier. Currently she's plotting her way through her 54th work of fiction.
release date: Oct 15, 2018
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The Bygone Wars (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: *** Please note-- "The Bygone Wars" series is the same as "The Tribes of the Hakahei". It has been rearranged and repackaged. If you have already read The Tribes of the Hakahei, don't buy this book. (Well, you can if you like, just don't say you weren't warned)***

After years in the army, then more years backpacking around the world, Kim thinks she's seen just about everything there is to see. But she has to admit to being a little bit surprised when the giant bats started dropping bombs. And then the aliens came.

There she was, wondering what a medieval hotdog might have been filled with, and five minutes later she was battling ugly, leathery-skinned aliens, beating them over the head with a historically accurate mace. And if that wasn't strange enough, she was shown a portal to another world, with the same war being fought on the other side.

Kim knows the information she holds could be vital, but she doesn't like authority all that much, and it doesn't like her either. So, when the leaders of the Earth's defenses test her friendship one time too many she sets out to end the war on her own.

Well, just her, an elf, a giant and a dwarf who may well be completely nuts.
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