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release date: Oct 23, 2017
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Fellowship of Fantasy (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Here be dragons ... and selkies and griffins and maybe even a mermaid or two.

Twenty fantasy authors band together to bring you a collection of thrilling tales and magical monsters. Do you like to slay dragons? Or befriend them? Do you prefer to meet cephalopods as gigantic kraken or adorable tree octopuses?

Each story focuses around a fantastic creature from folklore or mythology, and they range from light and playful tales for the whole family to darker stories that may make you wish to leave the lights on. These stories carry the Fellowship of Fantasy seal of approval. While our monsters may be horrifying, you won't stumble into questionable content.

Perfect for the fantasy lover who can't get enough of mythical beasts.
release date: Oct 23, 2017
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Dragon City (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Ten year old friends Alex and Sapphire discover something strange on the city bus map – a street that existed for only one year. As they set out to solve the mystery, they encounter the possibility of another world, another dimension perhaps, lurking in a vacant lot, but they are not the only ones on the trail. Who will discover the truth, and who will pay the price required by the witchcraft of positive thinking? (cover photo by
release date: Oct 23, 2017
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The Moorehead Manor Series (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: A young adult horror series at its best!

Three teenagers stumble into a haunted mansion that traps them in a deadly nightmare. In order to escape alive, they must uncover the house's dark secrets of murder and prejudice.

*** and, just arrived, the sequel to Moorehead Manor - In the House of the Vodouisant
release date: Oct 23, 2017
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The Book of Jerrick (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Indie B.R.A.G Medallion honouree 2015

Michael Ware unknowingly finds himself on the brink of war. Officially the first child born at the turn of the millennium, Michael has inherited a gift that will one day force him to choose between the sorcerers of the Elder Council and the psychics of the Inquisition. When Michael leaves home for the exclusive Braxton Academy, he discovers that the truth depends on your point of view, and that comfort and opulence come at a heavy price.

Inquisitor is a thought provoking mixture of history and legend, in a twist on the modern world. Its gentle humour and dark scenes will appeal to readers of all ages, but especially to those looking for somewhere to escape to.

For more information on the author, please see below.

You can find out more at:

*Book contains infrequent use of mild language and fantasy violence.
release date: Oct 23, 2017
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Paradox child (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Copyright Jane Yates June 2013, this is the Re-edited version by the marvellous Mr Chris Keppie June 2014
This version updated March 2015
Set in the 1980’s most of the drama for this time travelling adventure is set in the Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford UK.

Lilly's family has an extraordinary secret, one they have kept for four generations. Lilly's proud to be different and special. At Halloween she's happy to stay at home and cast spells with her mum and her Grandmother rather than go out trick or treating like the other kids. At 12 years old, she thinks she knows it all.

But then Lilly becomes unsettled by odd events, like seeing the sinister man in the white shoes staring at her while she walks the dogs, and then local children start to go missing. When her mum doesn't come back from one of her regular night-time jaunts, Lilly's Grandmother thinks it's time to tell her the whole story. Lilly has second thoughts about whether her family's secret is a blessing, or a curse...
release date: Oct 16, 2011
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CLOCKWISE: A young adult time travel romance. (The Clockwise Series Book 1)

Praise for CLOCKWISE: "Completely original!"

"It's funnier than heck, great for all ages, and full of surprises."

"Oh I absolutely loved Clockwise!"

A teenage time traveler accidentally takes her secret crush back in time. Awkward.

Casey Donovan has issues: hair, height and uncontrollable trips to the 19th century! And now this --she's accidentally taken Nate Mackenzie, the cutest boy in the school, back in time. Awkward.

Protocol pressures her to tell their 1860 hosts that he is her brother, and when Casey finds she has a handsome, wealthy (and unwanted) suitor, something changes in Nate. Are those romantic sparks or is it just "brotherly" protectiveness?

When they return to the present, things go back to the way they were before: Casey parked on the bottom of the rung of the social ladder and Nate perched high on the very top. Except this time her heart is broken. Plus, her best friend is mad, her parents are split up, and her younger brother gets escorted home by the police. The only thing that could make life worse is if, by some strange twist of fate, she took Nate back to the past again.

Which of course, she does.

What readers are saying:

"What a fun read! Author Elle Strauss successfully combines adventure, time travel and romance all in one book. This isn't your typical sci-fi, time travel book" 

"This is a light-hearted time-travel. Part adventure, some disaster, a dash of comedy and an edge of romance." 

"Oh I absolutely loved Clockwise! It was such a fun, interesting and cute read and I was cheering and laughing all the way. I love how this book was a fun and CLEAN book. " 

release date: Nov 30, 2013
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Fledgling (The Shapeshifter Chronicles Book 1)
2010 FINALIST - Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Contest
2013 NOMINEE - eFestival of Words

What People Are Saying-

"A very solid written book with descriptions that allow you to perfectly see the scene in the writer's mind and feel the emotions of the characters as they move through their story. The characters were believable along with even the paranormal aspects. The plot was deep enough to very much satisfy my mind and kept me guessing as to exactly how it would end."
- Stacy Eaton, Author of International Best Selling "My Blood Runs Blue" Series

"It was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to reading future books Brown writes in the series. Having a congenital heart defect myself, I definitely identified with Ana, and everything she was going through with her heart problem. Brown definitely has a good sense of what adolescents facing such problems must go through on a daily basis."
- Andrea Buginsky, Author of The Chosen

"Fledgling is a very well rounded story bringing contemporary issues to the paranormal table. It had me reading for hours with its wonderful characters and enchanting world-building. This is on my 'to read often' pile and have done so at least three times!"
-Fangs, Claws and Demon Blog

Book Description:

Set apart from other eighteen year olds, Ana Hughes knows she is different. A life threatening heart condition smothers her future and she yearns to feel normal. Her hopes are pinned on a fresh start in a remote town far from her native Colorado. Among the locker filled hallways in Clark Bend High, Ana keeps to the shadows, not wanting to draw attention to her violet tinged lips and wilted silhouette. And she almost succeeds, until she meets Chance Morgan.

Struggling to keep up appearances, she soon suspects Chance is hiding something as well. His animal-like senses, miraculous healing ability and peculiar reaction to her Thunderbird necklace compels Ana to question if there’s more to the stories about his Navajo ancestry. Without any other explanation, she fears he is playing tricks on her. But the truth may prove too much for Ana’s delicate heart…

A special code is provided at the back of the book, for 'the lost chapter' from Fledgling. Be sure to check it out.

Suggested reading age- 13 years old and up
It is recommended that parents participate in book selections to decide whether a book is appropriate for their children.

release date: Sep 26, 2017
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The Darkslayer: Brutal Beginnings
A menace in the sweltering jungles has been swallowing up the peaceful people and they need a hero that will make the evil ones pay...

The massive City of Bone, ruled by the maligned Royals, is where the fate of the world rests on a pair of unlikely heroes named Venir and Melegal. To the dismay of the city born rogue, Melegal, Venir, wielding a mystic war axe, sets out on a one-man crusade against the insidious race of fiends, called the underlings. Venturing deep into the wasteland's jungles Venir discovers that the underlings have destroyed a village, slain their people and kidnapped their woman and children. Donning the mantel of power, the ultimate hunter of the Outlands sets out on one of the bloodiest rescues missions of all time.
The Darkslayer: Brutal Beginnings is a sword and sorcery/fantasy short story that serves as a quick introduction to a much larger fantasy setting in the world called Bish. Set in a harsh climate with two blistering suns, created by a bored immortal, The Darkslayer brings to light everything a fan of science fiction fantasy could hope for, including the full buffet of monsters and races such as giants, dragons, dwarves, orcs, ogres, underlings and worst of all god-like beings that are unpredictable.
Give this action packed short story a try, that is only a taste of two full lengths series that are over16 books and one million words long.
#1 Bestselling Free Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories/Fantasy & Magic/Sword and Sorcery
#1 Free Kindle Short Reads/One Hour Science Fiction and Fantasy/Teen & Young Adult/Literature and Fiction
release date: May 27, 2013
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Benjamin Dragon - Awakening (The Chronicles of Benjamin Dragon Book 1)

USA TODAY & AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR • ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING VOICES IN FICTION • C. G. Cooper is back with an adventure that is sure to keep kids and adults reading late into the night.

A bully thrown without a touch...
A girl saved from certain death...
Who is this boy named Benjamin Dragon?

What would you do if you found out you had special powers? Find out what Benjamin does when he's given the chance to snatch life out of the greedy jaws of death itself. 
release date: Oct 16, 2015
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Fatal Heir
"I don't think destiny is meant to be kind. It is a cruel master."

Donald Baines sees ghosts.
Nobody believes him, except for the mysterious stranger who shows up to save his life every time he's in danger. And nobody believes him about the stranger, either.

When Don is arrested for crimes he didn't commit - including treason - he finally learns the truth about his identity. He is Izayik Delaren, the long-lost heir to the throne of Aldrin.

But Aldrin is infested with the undead. And the current king will do anything to keep Izayik from reclaiming his throne. With danger lurking around every corner, Izayik must turn to the past in order to save the future of his people...

Or die trying.
1 - 10 of 608 results

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