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release date: Oct 15, 2017
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Poker Strategy: Every Calculation you'll ever need to know to win any small or large stakes tournament
This book is designed for poker players looking to gain a deeper understanding of poker strategy, and move beyond breaking-even. These strategies focus around micro, low, and some mid-level stakes, and is written for those who have a general comprehension of the game.

If you’re someone feeling lost at the tables, are trying to make sense of the current poker landscape, or are just ready to get an edge at the tables, this book is for you.

Drawing on over 14 years of experience, and over a million hands played, this book spends time breaking down the fundamentals, while helping you determine which style poker game is right for you.

After breaking down the basics, we begin discussing player profiles, ranges, position, as well as larger aspects of the game, like poker tells, current poker theories, and analytical software.

We also include section on poker philosophy and ongoing research, a vital topic for many successful pros and amateurs alike.

If you’re ready to turn your hobby into a career, or just want to see positive gains in your bankroll, “No Limit Holdem: Learn What It Takes To Win No Limits 'Em Poker” was written for you.
release date: Oct 16, 2017
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Javascript: Javascript Programming For Absolute Beginners: Ultimate Guide To Javascript Coding, Javascript Programs And Javascript Language (4)

☆★☆ Javascript: Javascript Programming For Absolute Beginners☆★☆

The best starter guide for javascript!

The fundamentals of javascript are often missed, however, this book's primary focus and emphasis is learning the essentials and to build from the ground up.

What You'lll Learn

  • The history of JavaScript and its uses

  • Setting Up Your Environment

  • The Vital Basics of HTML and CSS

  • Statements, Comments & Variables

  • How to properly use jQuery

  • String Operators

  • JavaScript Array Methods

  • Loops and Iteration

  • How To Use Functions

  • And much, much more!

  • Within this book you will learn various mechanisms of javascript programming: variables, conditional statements, and why learning these core principles lead to success.

    Once you gain knowledge of the fundamental building blocks of javascript you will gain confidence to tackle more complex topics down the road.

    Programming books can easily retail for 100s of dollars, why not start with an expert you can trust and for an affordable price?

    The immense value of this book cannot be understated, and this is a once in a life time opportunity for you to take advantage of and invest in yourself by empowering yourself with the right tools and knowledge for success.

    What are you waiting for?

    BONUS: Buy a paperback copy now and receive a FREE E-book via Kindle Matchbook

    Includes: 21 practice questions!

    Note* For best visual experience of diagrams it is highly recommend you purchases the paperback version for best image quality.

    ☆★☆ Grab your copy now!☆★☆

    release date: Aug 10, 2015
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    Minecraft: Battle of Legends Book 1 (An Unofficial Minecraft Book)


    Wanna see some nail biting, pulse racing action!! Don't wait. Grab this book!!

    This is the ultimate saga where 'Minecraft Ninja' & 'Minecraft Agent' series merge together. It is one of the rarest adventure that happened in the world of Minecraft.

    Get ready for jaw dropping, exhilarating, fast paced story with enough twist & turns to keep you interested till the end and on top of that this is just the beginning!!
    release date: Oct 04, 2017
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    History of the Super Nintendo: Ultimate Guide to the SNES Games & Hardware. (Console Gamer Magazine Book 2)
    The complete 'History of The Super Nintendo', dives head first behind the scenes and shows you how the console was conceived, the difficulties Nintendo faced as well as showcasing a complete list of hardware and software launched for the console. From development kits and prototypes, to the rarest games and software, this truly is a 'must have' in the collection of any retro gaming enthusiast. Learn the development stories behind classic retro video games such as 'Super Mario World', 'Star Fox', and the 'Donkey Kong' video game series and other exclusive hit titles. Join the author as he counts down his top 100 games for the system and rates all the best titles.

    This is the unofficial 'History of the Super Nintendo', for the gamers.

    - Brand new for 2017!
    - Introduction from the author.
    - Learn the development stories from top titles.
    - Beautifully designed book with 100's of images.
    - Complete hardware section.
    - Top 100 SNES games of all time.
    - Super Nintendo Classic/Mini feature.
    - 48 pages of content.

    This is the second book in the Console Gamer Magazine series. Also available: ' History of The Nintendo 64'

    Author: Brian C Byrne
    Language: English Only.
    Series: Console Gamer Magazine.
    Format: Digital & Print
    release date: Oct 16, 2017
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    Sega games collection - Master system history
    58th anniversary Sega Games Co - Master system special
    by Hearts and Minds Media
    58th anniversary Sega Games Co - Master system special
    Collection of my favorite open-wiki material on the Sega games company, with a special feature on the master system console hardware, impact and top 100 games by Retro Sanctuary
    You will get a PDF (4MB) file.
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    release date: Feb 15, 2015
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    Absolute App Inventor 2: Android Programming for all ages
    Learn to design/build Android mobile apps with No Coding Experience!

    As of June 2014 there were more than 1.2 billion Android apps available in the Google Play Store. Consumers have downloaded apps a total of roughly 80 billion times. Google Play led the iOS App Store in downloads by approximately 45% in Q1 2014, up from 35% in the previous quarter.

    If you have a killer idea for a mobile app, want to get into this multi-billion dollar app market or just want to create mobile apps or just want to learn about mobile app, then this book aims to help you and will quickly get you started and will provide you the knowledge and the tools to get there.

    If you are new to programming or App Inventor, then this book will show you how to properly start-off designing and developing mobile apps and will then gradually take you through understanding more advanced concepts.

    If you have already used App Inventor, use this book to learn about optimization, DRY principle, design patterns and concepts that will teach you how to design & develop apps that will run more efficiently and to learn about concepts that have not been covered in other App Inventor books.

    The book covers good programming designs using DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) Principle by using App Inventor Procedures. The book also covers how to use proper abstraction and produce much cleaner code through use of App Inventor Advanced “Any Component”.

    All these concepts will be covered in a fully fledged such as SpaceWars gaming app and MyFAVs contact management apps. They will show you step-by-step design flow and bottom-top implementation using numerous figures with detailed step-by-step sequenced instruction.

    release date: May 20, 2013
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    Dragonvale: The Best Tips, Tricks, and Cheats! (Plus COMPLETE Breeding Guide)
    This guide is a MUST HAVE for beginning DragonVale players, DragonVale experts, as well as everyone in between!

    This DragonVale guide was designed by a team of super fans to be the ONLY book you'll need to dominate DragonVale!

    In this book you'll learn:
    • INSIDER DragonVale secrets, tips, and tricks. Be one of the very few to know these!
    • A COMPREHENSIVE breeding guide for beginner, intermediate, and advanced breeding combinations!
    • Breeding and incubation times as well as selling prices for ALL dragons!
    • How to win ALL dragon races!
    • Getting money fast and efficiently at low levels!
    • How to summon the LEGENDARY Kairos Dragon!
    ...and MUCH more!

    In addition, graphics of EVERY dragon are included in this guide!

    Take the first step towards DOMINATING DragonVale today by scrolling up and clicking the "buy now" button above!
    release date: Aug 30, 2016
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    Minecraft Adventures #1: It All Begins
    The first entry in the Minecraft Adventure series.
    A new player is born who has to learn this world with no knowledge of anything.
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    release date: Apr 22, 2015
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    Rise Of The Opal Overlords - Return Of Kraggon: Time Traveling Overlords! - Underworld Dragons - Sorcery!

    Kraggon was imprisoned by the Jasper Oracle for thousands of years.. Is finally free & seeking revenge!

    The Overlords are summoned and his wrath is unleashed on the Obsidian Knights. Will you join this epic battle?

    The Obsidian Knights Adventure Series will take you on a fantastical journey into realms only featured in your imagination! Maybe even a little beyond.

    Join our heroic adventurer, Cor’Vos as he finds himself plunged into adventure and danger, again! And magical creatures at every turn and chasm? Well there is only one way to found out.

    Scroll on up and pick up your copy today! And plunge yourself into a realm so intense you will think you are there!

    An exciting set of engaging tales, suitable for kids and adults alike!

    release date: Jun 05, 2009
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    The Civic Potential of Video Games (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning)

    This report focuses on the civic aspects of video game play among youth. According to a 2006 survey, 58 percent of young people aged 15 to 25 were civically "disengaged," meaning that they participated in fewer than two types of either electoral activities (defined as voting, campaigning, etc.) or civic activities (for example, volunteering). Kahne and his coauthors are interested in what role video games may or may not play in this disengagement.Until now, most research in the field has considered how video games relate to children's aggression and to academic learning. Digital media scholars suggest, however, that other social outcomes also deserve attention. For example, as games become more social, some scholars argue that they can be important spheres in which to foster civic development. Others disagree, suggesting that games, along with other forms of Internet involvement, may in fact take time away from civic and political engagement.

    Drawing on data from the 2006 survey, the authors examine the relationship between video game play and civic development. They call for further research on teen gaming experiences so that we can understand and promote civic engagement through video games.

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