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release date: Oct 18, 2017
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Coffee Table Philosophy (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: 101 Questions for Humanity - The supreme coffee table book for armchair philosophers. Designed to provoke, question, and challenge. Crack the cover open during big parties, small gatherings, or lonely nights on the couch. Once you taste one question, you'll want to devour them all.
release date: Jul 18, 2015
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30 Interactive Brainteasers to Warm up your Brain (Riddles & Brain teasers, puzzles, puzzles & games)

A Fun Mini Edition by Puzzleland!!!

"30 Interactive Brain teasers to Warm Up your Brain" is a mini edition by Puzzleland, containing 30 easy and short brain teasers to get your mind warmed up for the day!

This little fun book is ideal for teens and adults who look for some creative ways to spend their free time, entertain their mind or simply keep themselves busy while waiting in public locations!

The difficulty level of the brainteasers in this mini collection is appropriate for beginner teens or adults, and even for smart kids.

This book is specially formatted to provide clues, simply with a click, before providing the answer! You can ask for a clue before seeing the answer which is really great and makes the game a lot more fun!

Download your Copy and start having fun right away!
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release date: Jan 17, 2013
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Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer’s Edition – Sample Chapter
Welcome to this sample ebook chapter of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, readable on all devices but specifically formatted to be read on most smartphones! These selected features have been specifically designed for all ereading devices to give you a flavor of the full action-packed Gamer’s Edition 2013 available now in physical and ebook forms. The Gamer’s Edition is the ultimate guide to videogames, packed full of the most up-to-date news, achievements and developments in the gaming world, illustrated with the best and most exciting imagery from this year’s top titles. Complete with fascinating facts, figures and features on the most popular games, the latest edition also includes gameplay tips and hints, retro facts from classic games, and your favorite characters battling it out against each other in our new "Vs" feature. One of the features we’ve included here brings you the results of our readers' poll of the most visually stunning videogame graphics ever. As game graphics become ever more stylized, fast-moving and impressive, we guide you through a visual feast of the 50 titles you ranked as the very greatest. To participate in the poll for next year’s book, please visit We’d love to hear from you, and you could win yourself a prize!
release date: Aug 10, 2015
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Minecraft: Battle of Legends Book 1 (An Unofficial Minecraft Book)


Wanna see some nail biting, pulse racing action!! Don't wait. Grab this book!!

This is the ultimate saga where 'Minecraft Ninja' & 'Minecraft Agent' series merge together. It is one of the rarest adventure that happened in the world of Minecraft.

Get ready for jaw dropping, exhilarating, fast paced story with enough twist & turns to keep you interested till the end and on top of that this is just the beginning!!
release date: Jun 02, 2014
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101 Amazing Facts
Did you know that Shakespeare wrote the world’s first ever knock knock joke? How much of a ribbon worm’s own body can it eat and still survive if it gets a little hungry? What unusual lost property has been handed in on the London Underground? And what surprising kind of song is the American national anthem based on? This absolutely fascinating book contains over one hundred facts covering various categories such as war, music, TV & film, ancient civilizations, royalty and many more. So whether you want to know which pirate ate a man’s beating heart, or what Lennon and McCartney’s unfinished play was called, then this is the book for you.
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release date: Jan 12, 2014
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Funny Kids Jokes and Riddles: A Unique and Fun Game for Kids!
"This product is great for kids and is amazing entertainment for long car rides! Kids love it and the fact that it's interactive and can be played with a group makes it so much more than just a joke book! I would highly recommend this product to all families!"

"A must-have for elementary kids. They love riddles! A book of "clean" riddles and jokes that can be used by anyone!"

"Instead of just saying a random joke, this book makes joke telling structured and more fun. There is the game aspect that incentivizes people to think of an answer. The best part for those like myself who aren't good at figuring out jokes is how the questioner can guide the answerer to the key word that makes the joke. That teaches kids (and adults) to think creatively about different ways a word or phrase could be used."

This unique book combines the two things that kids love the most - jokes and games!

Structured as a game for two (but can be played with any number), players are asked 5 corny kids jokes per round and try to guess the correct answers. Points are awarded for guessing the correct answers, before and after a hint is provided!

This book includes twenty rounds of game play, totaling 200 jokes and riddles. All jokes are 100% clean and appropriate for people of all ages!

Game play works as follows:

Someone will read the first joke of the round to Player 1. If Player 1 correctly answers the joke, he or she is awarded 2 points and then moves on to the next joke.

If Player 1 does not know or incorrectly answers the joke, the reader will then read the answer to the joke; however, the reader will say the word “BLANK” in place of the underlined word highlighted in BLUE. Player 1 can then use the context clues in the answer to try to guess the missing word. If Player 1 correctly guesses the missing word, he or she is awarded 1 point and then moves on to the next joke.

If Player 1 still cannot correctly answer the joke, he or she is not awarded any points for that joke and then moves on to the next joke.

After Player 1 has gone through their five questions, Player 2 will be read their five questions for the round. Whichever player has more points at the end of the round is the champion!

As an example of game play:

Reader: “What do you get from a pampered cow?”
Player 1: “Spoiled milk!”
< 2 points are awarded to Player 1 >

– OR –

Reader: “What do you get from a pampered cow?”
Player 1: “I don’t know”.
Reader: “BLANK milk.”
Player 1: “Spoiled milk!”
< 1 point is awarded to Player 1 >

– OR –

Reader: “What do you get from a pampered cow?”
Player 1: “I don’t know” (or incorrect answer)
Reader: “BLANK milk.”
Player 1: “I still don’t know” (or incorrect answer)
< No points are awarded to Player 1 >

In addition to being FUN, this interactive game is also educational for kids, as they must try to use the context clues in the hint to guess the missing word of the answer.

I hope you all enjoy playing this game of jokes as much as I did making it!
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release date: Jul 07, 2017
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Chess: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners – A comprehensive and simplified introduction to the game of chess (openings, tactics, strategy)

The truth about Chess

From the outside, chess seems like a complicated and esoteric game that only a few people with special abilities can play. This is not true. In fact, chess is accessible and can be played by anyone with a brain, a pair of eyes, and imagination.

The ultimate illustrated guide for beginners

If you've never played the game of chess or are still discovering it, this book is for you. It is a basic and comprehensive guide that will introduce you to the game and teach you everything you need to know, from the setup of a chess board to the delivery of checkmate. It is filled with advice for beginners, basic tactics, strategies, and diagrams to help you visualize every step of your progress.

The start of a lifelong King's hunt

The objective of this book is not to make you a chess master. That is an accomplishment that takes decades of research, regular practice, and a tremendous amount of talent. The goal here is for you to become a decent chess player. After reading this book, you will be able to play games with anyone, practice regularly, and sharpen your chess muscles until you reach a decent level of play. The more you'll play, the better you'll get. But it all starts with the basics which you will acquire in this book.

So don't hesitate. If you've always wanted to learn to play chess, now is the time. Just scroll up and grab your copy now!

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by: Eric Z
release date: Oct 02, 2017
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Eye Benders Aliens and Mandalas (Eye Benders, Aliens, Ufos, Mandalas, Pyramids, and Optical Illusions by Eric Z Book 1)

Eye Benders, Aliens, Pyramids, Impossible Objects, Mandalas, and Optical Illusions: this book has them all in RaZor Sharp pictures!

  • There's also a free coloring page included!

Scroll up and GRAB a copy today!

GO TO for a complete preview of the designs!
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release date: Mar 25, 2016
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A is for Animals!: Coloring Books for Kids (Art Book Series)
IMPORTANT - KINDLE & EBOOK edition of this coloring book is an ART BOOK and is NOT intended to be used as an APPLICATION that is capable of coloring on any device.

THIS BOOK IS A PREVIEW – The sole purpose of this preview is to show the designs that are available in the physical copy of the book. Learning about animals at an early age promotes an awareness of how important they are for society to survive. This coloring book introduces animals to your little ones. Coloring is an enjoyable experience that will make children experience learning themselves. It is also an activity that is widely recommended for its ability to feature necessary like skills like confidence, patience, focus and relaxation.
release date: Nov 30, 2010
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Simple Word Find - Sports Edition (formatted for Kindle)
**Your purchase helps a cancer survivor pay for medical bills. WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.

A collection of word find/search puzzles specifically formatted for the Kindle. The puzzles are all themed towards sports topics

This is a collection of 16 word search puzzles. Each is broken down into 3 pages. 1. The puzzle grid with no word list, just a subject heading for the puzzle. 2. The puzzle grid with word list to check your work or make the puzzle easier. 3. The puzzle grid with answer key.

This game runs completely on your Kindle with no need for wireless connection to the Internet.
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