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release date: Oct 21, 2011
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Easy Memory Improvement Tips and Techniques for All Ages
This book consists of easy-to-use tips and techniques that anyone can use to improve their memory. The book describes how your memory works, gives tips for remembering names, and talks about how to handle "blocking" (when you can't remember something and have that feeling that it's on the tip of your tongue).
release date: Dec 19, 2015
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Ignite Your Life: Health and Fitness Advice For the One You Love
This book is for anyone who struggled with their weight, fitness, direction in life, or ability to achieve something important to them. I have struggled with all those things, and found some success at improving my life. This book shares what I learned.

Written in a workbook style to engage and assist you from the first chapter, Ignite Your Life helps you adjust your attitude, fix your broken processes, and improve your habits so that the benefits are immediately realized. Read this book, embrace its lessons, and you will improve your quality of life.

I truly hope that reading this book takes them one more step closer to their dreams. We all should remember that any step, no matter how small, taken toward realizing a dream is a step in the right direction.
release date: Sep 27, 2010
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It’s a winter’s day, perhaps the last day of an old man’s existence. Matt “Tug” Cutugno has lived a good life, that of a hard working family man. He has earned the right to a happy ending; he wants a pat on the back for a job well done. But just where is his reward? Tug’s wife and children are gone and his dreams of a future are now memories of his past – the war; getting married and raising a family; his days as a working man. His present is filled by winter barbeques of grilled kielbasa for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch and grilled zucchini and hot dogs for dinner. As he sits on his lawn chair in the snow-covered backyard of the home that he built himself, a menagerie of wonderful people visits this extraordinary everyman who is not searching for himself, but who is seeking the meaning of what he accomplished in this life.

And with each visit from his wife, his children, his friends and neighbors, his war time buddies, the story of this brave and unsentimental man unfolds so that the past and present merge into something that can be called the truth of an entire generation of men who fought in World War II.


“The Winter Barbeque is an exceptional work - a bittersweet journey of years, traversed in hours, while melting the boundaries between memory and reality.”

-- M.L. Martin
Editor-in-Chief, “The Hilltop Observer”

“The Winter Barbeque is an extraordinary and vivid memoir about the best that there is in a father. The author's honest and sympathetic style makes this an enormously rewarding work." 

-- D.S Lliteras, author of “Thieves of Golgotha” and “The Master of Secrets”


Matt Cutugno's plays have been produced in New York, Los Angeles, and in regional theaters. He is a frequent contributor to the short story anthology, “In Good Company,” and his essays have been featured in various literary publications. THE WINTER BARBEQUE is his first book. He lives in California with his wife Lily.
release date: May 22, 2018
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Contemporary Perspectives on Ageism (International Perspectives on Aging)
This open access book provides a comprehensive perspective on the concept of ageism, its origins, the manifestation and consequences of ageism, as well as ways to respond to and research ageism. The book represents a collaborative effort of researchers from over 20 countries and a variety of disciplines, including, psychology, sociology, gerontology, geriatrics, pharmacology, law, geography, design, engineering, policy and media studies. The contributors have collaborated to produce a truly stimulating and educating book on ageism which brings a clear overview of the state of the art in the field. The book serves as a catalyst to generate research, policy and public interest in the field of ageism and to reconstruct the image of old age and will be of interest to researchers and students in gerontology and geriatrics.
release date: May 04, 2018
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New Vision 2050: A Platinum Society (Science for Sustainable Societies)
This book presents the 'New Vision 2050,' which adds the concept of the “platinum society” to the “Vision 2050”.
The 20th century was a century in which energy led the development of material civilization, resulting in deletion of resources, global warming and climate change. What form should sustainable material and energy take to protect the Earth? The 'Vision 2050' was established 20 years ago as a model that we should pursue for the next half century. Fortunately, the world is on course for the Vision 2050.The 21st century will be a century in which we seek qualitative richness, with the Vision 2050 as the material basis. That is, a “platinum society” that has resource self-sufficiency and resource symbiosis, and where people remain active throughout their lives and have a wide range of choices and opportunities for free participation. Since the author presented the concept of 'Vision 2050' in 1999, the idea has been introduced in two books entitled Vision 2050: Roadmap for a Sustainable Earth (2008) and Beyond the Limits to Growth: New Ideas for Sustainability from Japan (2014). The latter includes a chapter that sheds light on the concept of a “platinum society”. In this publication, the author presents the 'New Vision 2050' in more detail.
release date: Jan 12, 2011
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When Someone you Care For is Sick: Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Guidance
Illness may rarely be easy; but it can become a time of growth. Friends, family and professionals no longer have to feel helpless at the bedside of a patient. When all understand the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs that arise at this time of life, they can assist effectively, with wisdom and care.

The patient, too, benefits from learning new ways of approaching illness. This book opens new vistas, and shows one how to remain positive, mobilize inner resources and use this time of life to develop a deeper connection to others and to oneself.

During years of working as a psychologist, therapist and workshop leader with the seriously ill, their families and professional staff, Dr. Shoshanna realized that so little was known about how to handle the emotional and spiritual aspects of illness, change and loss. She saw what a huge difference it made when emotional, psychological, social and spiritual questions were handled sensitively, with wisdom and knowledge. She developed a unique program, the outcome of over 500 workshops she ran for patients, family, healthcare professionals, clergy and others, workshops given at hospitals, universities, guidance centers and in the community. Some of the places these workshops have been presented include Marymount College, Adelphi University, JFK Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, North Shore Child Guidance, Attitudinal Healing Center, Interfaith Seminary, and New York Zen Studies Society. The specially designed exercises in this book provide an integration of psychological, spiritual and practical principles. When these principles are applied, this time of life can become one of meaning, healing, and communication, rather than one of difficulty and despair.

Above all, this is practical work. During the course of this program family members and caregivers also learn about themselves. They discover the full spectrum of their own feelings, needs and responses. When we understand the dynamics of illness, loss and change and what it requires of us, we can then become truly available to others. In order to provide ongoing care and prevent burn out, everyone's situation must be addressed and balance attained for all.

Praise for Dr. Shoshanna’s other books:

“Dr. Shoshanna’s words are wonderful!”
--Marianne Williamson

“A powerful, potentially life-changing book.”
–Body & Soul

"Shoshanna has some insightful things to say about anger in the family, in the workplace, at God and at destiny. This book can change the way you view yourself and others. It will help you give up grudges, stop blaming others and playing the victim."
--Spirituality & Health

“Dr. Shoshanna challenges us to let go of fantasies, expectations, fears and anticipation so we can be fully present to life. Her wisdom is genuine and deeply considered. Her book is well worth reading.”
--Spiritual Parenting
release date: Oct 28, 2017
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Value for life. Respect for all life. (Humanity)
The value and respect for all life. To include artificial in the future?
by Hearts and Minds Media
The value and respect for all life. To include artificial in the future?
Respect for all life
We humans have big brains and advanced technology, but it does not mean we are superior and have dominance over nature. Sadly, we have taken it for granted that Earth and all its riches, including animals, were created for our benefit.
We, like all other life forms, are part of nature. We depend on one another for survival. Humans, like other forms of life, cannot live without a healthy environment. It is only right that we take care of nature.
“Any society which does not insist upon respect for all life must necessarily decay.” ~ Albert Einstein ~
"Let us develop respect for all living things. Let us try to replace violence and intolerance with understanding and compassion. And love." ~ Jane Goodall ~
"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction." ~ E. O. Wilson ~
Considering human beings and the sanctity of life in modern society.
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release date: Oct 16, 2017
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Children and the media vs kids and technology (Humanity)
Children and the media - kids and Technology combo - The need for limits
by Hearts and Minds Media
Kids and Technology - Nature vs Nurture?
How to keep screen time in check for kids' health and development
Bottom of Form
Edited by Hearts & Minds Media 2017
It seems these days that kids are operating electronic devices such as smartphones practically moments after being born. Just take a look around any local playgroup or playground: You’ll be likely to see kids as young as 2 or even younger clutching mom or dad’s phone to play games or view videos. When it comes to technology, kids are not only starting to use it at a younger age but are using it in more varied situations, both at home and at school.
Children and the Media
The media machine is changing daily utilising new technologies to stimulate, surprise and saturate not only older but the next generation on new methods of living and experiencing life. It is a force to be reckoned with, with the ability to influence actions and behaviour at least through modelling behaviour leading to desensitisation towards sex, violence with the verbal content of this new medium. The BBFC for example is the UK watchdog towards inappropriate content in film and TV which refrains from following its own standards of content rarely cutting or removing a film from the UK market (10 films only banned in the past 10 years; BBFC, 2017)
From the poem by Edmund Blake, Muggeridge quotes:
This Life's dim windows of the soul
Distorts the Heavens from Pole to Pole,
And leads you to believe a lie,
When you see with, not through, the eye.1
Television is the special target of Muggeridge's criticism. He contends that the tube induces us to "see with the eyes" to secular fantasy and dissuades us from "seeing through the eyes" to spiritual reality.
Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, and having convinced himself that he was too numerous, labored with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer. Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over--a weary, battered old brontosaurus--and became extinct.”
― Malcolm Muggeridge, Vintage Muggeridge: Religion and Society
“If God is dead, somebody is going to have to take his place. It will be megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, the clenched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner.”
― Malcolm Muggeridge
release date: Dec 31, 2014
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Aging With Health: The Secrets To Healthy Aging And Making The Best Of Your Golden Years. (Aging Book Series 1)

Aging With Health

Making the Best of the Golden Years

This is volume 1 in a series of 5 Aging books.

If you want to understand aging with health and want to know the secrets of anti-aging, aging well, and aging gracefully and strong, then you're about to discover and understand the benefits of aging with health in this new Kindle book "Aging With Health - The Secrets To Healthy Aging And Making The Best Of Your Golden Years". This book gives you the answers to important questions and challenges every person over 50 faces.

Golden Years or Tarnished Tin? The choice is ultimately yours. Understanding and acknowledging there are numerous factors outside our influence that impact the lives we lead, we must also see there are an equal number of variables we can control for our good. Aging With Health is a guide intended for people over 50 years of age. There is an array of unique challenges that face our aging population, leading some into avenues of depression, unhappiness, loneliness and despair. Solutions exist, helping hands are available, and we each have an inner strength, capable of far more than you might realize.

Health tutor, Kristy Clark, has written this guide to put you on a path to a healthy future. The concepts and ideas will stimulate and motivate the reader to see past the troubles of aging, while accepting and overcoming the challenges as they come. There is an energy and vitality to life that need not be lost. Learn the secrets to maintaining a youthful attitude and outlook, as well as techniques for keeping your body and mind toned.

Growing old does not necessarily mean growing feeble, or being incapacitated by common age-related disorders. Healthy choices today and a positive mental attitude can make a difference, but you have to start… you need to take control today and put your feet on the path to aging gracefully, with vibrant mental and physical health.

Here Is A Brief Content Overview:

  • Anti-aging physical activities.
  • Why a positive attitude makes a difference.
  • Dietary impact.
  • Keeping your brain active at any age.
  • Sleep and sleep deprivation.
  • And much, much more!
Download your copy today!

Stay Active – Stay Smart – Stay Positive – Stay Happy!
The choice is yours; downloading this book is a step in the right direction.

So, if you're serious about wanting to learn and understand aging with health, then you need to buy a copy of this inspiring and highly educational book "Aging With Health - The Secrets To Healthy Aging And Making The Best Of Your Golden Years" right now and start improving your well being today!

Take action today and download this book now! Don't miss this great opportunity!!!

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release date: Mar 29, 2018
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Retirement Home? Ageing Migrant Workers in France and the Question of Return (IMISCOE Research Series)
This open access book offers new insights into the ageing-migration nexus and the nature of home. Documenting the hidden world of France’s migrant worker hostels, it explores why older North and West African men continue to live past retirement age in this sub-standard housing. Conventional wisdom holds that at retirement labour migrants ought to instead return to their families in home countries, where their French pensions would have far greater purchasing power.
This paradox is the point of departure for a book which transports readers from the banlieues of Paris to the banks of the Senegal River and the villages of the Anti-Atlas. In intimate ethnographic detail, the author brings to life the experiences of these older labour migrants by sharing in the life of the hostels as a resident, by observing at close quarters the men's family life on the other side of the Mediterranean as a guest in their homes, and even by accompanying them in their travels by bus, sea, and air. The monograph evaluates several theories of migration against rich qualitative data gathered from multiple methods: biographical narrative and semi-structured interviews, participant observation, and archival research. In the process, it offers a thoughtful contribution to broader debates on what it means for migrants to belong and achieve inclusion in society.
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