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release date: Sep 08, 2017
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Habits: The Mother Secret to Success (Habit,eliminate,wealth,prosperity)
Use these powerful Habit secrets to immediately eliminate bad habits and replace them with good ones

This book has actionable information on how to master the mother secret to success i.e. habits.
Have you ever wondered why a few people seem to be more successful than the rest of the world put together? The answer is not far-fetched; it is all about habits. Everything you have been able to achieve thus far in life and whatever you have not been able to achieve are directly linked to your choices decisions and actions.
And these choices decisions and actions are shaped by your habits, the small things that you do every day, even without giving much thought to them. Your habits could be positive or negative, and each habit produces results of its nature. Think about it; if you have a habit of saving and investing a certain percentage of your income, you can be sure that years to come, you will be financially free. And if you want to get more done, you MUST nurture habits that will ensure you maximize productivity, get rid of procrastination and ultimately create and follow goals that will enable you to realize the goals that you want to achieve.

This book will help you understand habits better,and you will learn how you can drop bad habits and pick up good ones in order to be more productive,have inner peace,and live a happy life.
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release date: Aug 31, 2017
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Age:Dynamic Aging (well-being,growing old,gracefully,long life)
Use these powerful aging techniques to slow down your aging process

Did you ever wonder whether the process of aging is a natural thing or whether your lifestyle plays a part in that awful feeling of getting older and finding mobility limiting? The fact is that more and more research is being done and books are being written about what happens to the human body if you look after it and redress the balance of life that people see as being a natural part of aging.

Indeed, you will find extraordinary people who are at their most active over 50 and that’s not by accident. These are people who have learned to listen to the needs of their bodies and have answered them by taking up the kind of activities that help their bodies to stay mobile, regardless of the kinds of illnesses that people of their age seem to be prone to.

It was interesting for me to study if the kinds of exercises that I use on older people would actually make a difference to the longevity and the dynamics of aging and I was very happy to find that the exercises and suggestions within this book worked wonders to help people to remain younger for longer. Not only that, but they actually reversed the process of aging for some people who took them up. You have to remember that in this day and age, older people are becoming more sedentary in their lifestyles and that in itself encourages the onset of ailments that they could have otherwise avoided.

This book will help you understand the aging process better,and you will learn how you can slow down your aging process in order for you to start aging gracefully,and live a happy life.As you already know,money cannot buy happiness.You need this book.
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release date: Jan 08, 2015
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Essential Oils For Beginners: Aromatherapy And Essential Oils: Aromatherapy Recipes for Weight loss, Allergies, Headaches & Well-Being (Aromatherapy, Essential ... Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil)

Essential Oils for Beginners: Aromatherapy Recipes for Weight Loss & Well-being!

Are You Ready To Learn How To Harness The Power Of Essential Oils To Improve Your Life? If So You've Come To The Right Place...

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Presenting Essential Oils for Beginners by an Amazon Best Selling Author

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Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn When You Download Your Copy Today...

  • What Are Essential Oils?

  • Some Precautions When Using Essential Oils

  • Essential Oils for Weight Loss

  • Aromatherapy for Wellbeing

  • Essential Oils for Skin and Hair Care

  • And Much, Much More!

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The Time For You To Improve The Quality Of Your Life With Essential Oils Is Now

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release date: Aug 06, 2014
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Raw Food Diet: Delicious Raw Food Diet Tips & Recipes to Revolutionize Your Health and (if desired) Start Losing Weight (Weight Loss, Clean Eating, Alkaline Diet Book 1)

Easy Raw Food Diet Recipes for Busy People- The Easiest Way to Create Vibrant Health to Look and Feel Amazing!

Do you like eating and hate calorie counting? What if I told you that you can lose weight, increase your energy levels and improve your overall health without having to give everything up? It’s as simple as enriching your diet with fresh, raw foods (and you don’t have to be perfect!).

Health does not have to be complicated!

Raw food lifestyle is very flexible... It means that it doesn’t matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, alkaline, gluten-free, or you don’t follow anything at all. You can always add more raw foods into your existing diet!

Plus…you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive superfood fads or herbs from the other side of the world...The solution is just in front of you and it’s not about following some crazy and restrictive fruit cult diet…

Here are just some of the benefits:

-Raw fruits and vegetables are an excellent sources of natural dietary fiber, hence the natural weight loss benefit
-Raw foods will nourish your body with tons of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for beautiful skin and hair
-You will improve your digestion
-You will stimulate natural healing
-You will supercharge your immune system

OK, I know what you’re thinking: 
“Right, sounds great. But how do I get used to eating raw foods? How do I make them tasty? How do I create new habits? How do I stick to it? What do I do to avoid sugar cravings? How can I eliminate processed foods? It’s HARD!”

Preparation is the key. You just need a set of easy and proven recipes that you enjoy. And this is what you are just about to discover...It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle. It's a really fun game to play! Take what you like and reject the rest!

I am just about to show you exactly how to create:

-Amazing vegan raw smoothies (dairy-free, gluten free). I will even teach you how to make almond milk so that you can save money and keep your diet as natural as possible
-Exciting raw salads, soups and creams
-Vegan raw treats and desserts
-Interesting salad dressings and salsas
-More flavor by adding more spices and herbs (not to mention the healing benefits...)

As an additional option, you will also learn how to combine raw foods with cooked foods. It’s up to you if you want to go raw full-time or part-time. The raw lifestyle is very flexible.

So..get ready for…

+the little-known ways to help your body re-balance your pH- alkaline foods and the raw food diet go hand in hand..

Ready to take revolutionize your health?

Grab your copy today and help your body and mind feel great!

release date: Aug 15, 2015
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ESSENTIAL OILS FOR DEPRESSION: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Beating Depression, Anxiety & Stress With Essential Oil Remedies (Soap Making, Bath Bombs, ... Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil)

Essential Oils For Depression!

Are You Ready To Learn How To Get Out Of A Slump Or Overcome Anxiety? If So You've Come To The Right Place...

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Presenting Essential Oils for Depression by an Amazon Best Selling Aromatherapy Author

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Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn When You Download Your Copy Today...

  • What Are Essential Oils?

  • Some Precautions When Using Essential Oils

  • Essential Oils for Depression

  • Marvellous Essential Oil Recipes To Calm, Overcome & Conquer Anxiety And States Of Depression!

  • The Only Essential Oils I Use And Recommend (And What To Watch Out For!)

  • And Much, Much More!

  • be Sure To Download Your Bonus Content At The Rear Of The Book!

The Time For You To Improve The Quality Of Your Life & Happiness With Essential Oils Is Now

Download Your Copy Right Now!
release date: Mar 24, 2013
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Aging the Next Frontier. How the Boomers Will Transform Aging
The Boomers are coming of age. If history is indicative, Boomers will transform how we think about aging. Aging becomes the next frontier in the continuing and emerging cultural transformation that intensified in the sixties and continued to the present day. Underlying this transformation is a struggle between “old” and “new” thinking, opportunism and progress, self interest and generativity, stagnation and growth. Will those aging stagnate (kick back, retreat to aging enclaves, enjoy the golden years, become commoditized, or pitied) or will aging generate value and leave a legacy (generativity)?
Longevity, healthspan, technology and a new understanding of time and the dying process creates a tipping or inflection point. There are certain dynamics including the size of the Boomer population, which will change not only aging, but the entire developmental process.
The work examines cynicism as the most prevalent dis-ease of the times and“ old” thinking. Cynicism operates in an opportunistic culture. It is a failure of nerve. Cynicism manifests itself in ageism. The result is the morbid idea of aging that portrays aging citizens as immobilized by depression, narrowed by anger, and alienated from their calling and role as elders. With ageism, a cynical culture emphasized deficits, limitations, short failings and inevitable decline.
An alternative vision envisions Boomers aging in a more favorable and progressive way. This “new” thinking accepts disjunction (current reality) and chaos as the grist and energy from which the life emerges. It accepts the emerging demographics and perceives a different reality emerging in which progress is possible. The process is dialectic inducing tension and movement. We represent it as a struggle and James’ “moral equivalent of war”. Current reality represents the status quo. Nature emerges, moves and evolves.
Aging becomes time that we become increasingly concerned with aspects of living that many have held in abeyance. Those aging benefit from experience has a responsibility to share and generate value. Generativity becomes prominent. The desire for generativity engages us in praxis, civility, grace, success and compassion and moves us toward conjunction.
In affirming progress, aging is the time for generativity. It is a capacity we develop to generate outcomes and makes the world and us better. It is the struggle against stagnation. It occurs when we begin to see that there is more to living than just possession, prestige, position and privilege that are manifestations of unbridled will and power. In aging generativity emerges as the key component (part) of the way that we live and the way we transform it. We move away from obliging, conforming, going along and submitting. We gain as it were nerve and courage. Generativity nourishes and sustains a culture without taking away from others or us.
As the Boomers literally coming of age they will transform the culture. Demographics will accelerate the transformational process. Boomers will work to change what is “old”, harmful and not fair. The struggle is to liberate us from stagnation, which is both a developmental and societal dead end and perpetuates cynicism. In this effort, we see those aging to be “seasoned” more than senior – having both the time, experience and size to effect real change in the “culture”. The struggle begins with eliminating ageism as a manifestation of cynicism and the “old”. Eventually, generativity becomes for those aging the higher purpose. From it emerge meaning, purpose and direction. Aging represent the last and final frontier for Boomers in the American cultural transformation.
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release date: Jun 10, 2014
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Essential Oils for Weight Loss: All You Need to Know about Aromatherapy to Lose Massive Weight and Feel Amazing (Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Weight Loss Book 3)

Essential Oils for Weight Loss- The Practical and All Natural Solutions that Work

A Truly Holistic Approach to Guarantee Your Weight Loss and Wellness Success!

You are just about to discover why essential oils really do work as natural weight loss stimulants, and how they can help you create a new, healthier version of yourself.

Essential oils have a range of healing properties for the body and mind and should be a part of everyone’s daily lifestyle whether you want to lose weight or not...

Even if you have the best diet and fitness plan around, with essential oils it's much easier to:
-prevent emotional eating
-detoxify your body
-achieve a healthy pH balance
-reduce cellulite and stretch marks
-increase your energy levels
-reduce muscle pain and tension
-ease stress
- fight insomnia (if you don’t get enough sleep or don’t sleep well, you are more prone to uncontrolled sugar cravings)
+ help you "think healthy" add to your overall wellbeing...

Allow yourself to build up a strong health and weight loss foundation with essential oils...

You see...Essential oils are multifunctional and work not only for your body, but also for your mind, spirit and emotions. There is no need to splurge and spend tons of money on the latest supplements. You can create dozens of treatments with just one single essential oil (or more if you want to blend them) and this book will teach you just that

I used to be a victim of emotional eating. I would return home from work and stuff myself with whatever food I could get hold of (mindless eating) just to feel better. It was like a drug, a harmful drug! But feeling better was only temporary and it did not support my wellness, fitness and weight loss goals. It took me many years to master the area of healthy solutions and living. It was thanks to aromatherapy and essential oils that I realized that I can choose healthier and more sustainable alternatives to fight stress and re-connect with myself. From there, things started to change.

Essential oils & aromatherapy became my lifestyle and this is what I am going to teach you today through this book....

Use essential oils to maximize your weight loss results and give yourself the immense luxurious spa experience inexpensively at the same time!
release date: Jan 10, 2016
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The 40 Best Quick and Easy Juice Recipes: - for Better Health, Weight Loss and Delight (The Personal Detox Coach's Simple Guides to healthy Living Series Book 2)
This is a simple guide to juicing which can be used for improving health, losing weight or just for providing new and inspired juice recipes for those who would like new juice ideas.
An easy to read guide with 40 healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juice recipes.
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release date: Oct 07, 2014
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Desk Exercises: How to Exercise at Work
What if?
- you could fight against Sitting Disease with very simple exercises?
- exercises that you can do at work?
- you could easily burn up enough calories each day at work to start dropping pound after pound each week?

Specially designed desk exercises for the office worker to do:
- without working up a sweat...
- without attracting the attention of your cranky boss...
- without having to eat tasteless health food...
- without having to buy expensive equipment...

Find out about simple things you can do throughout your workday that will burn calories and combat some of the illness's associated with sitting for long periods of time.

By using the tools and tips in this new book "Desk Exercises - How to Exercise at Work" you will be well on your way to losing weight and becoming healthier all while still being on the clock.

release date: May 30, 2017
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Alkaline Diet For Beginners: Alkaline Recipes To Lose Weight And Regain Your Life With Easy Alkaline Diet Cookbook
The Alkaline Diet Made Easy, Exciting, Doable, and Fun!

Effective, 100% natural solutions to feel amazing and start losing weight. Without feeling deprived. Once and for all.

  • Have you ever been told that the alkaline diet is hard to follow?

  • Have you ever been told that the alkaline foods are fad?

Well, you have been lied to…

It’s not about eating less. It’s about eating right. The alkaline diet is a holistic tool that helps you achieve wellness and health by supporting your body’s natural healing system.

The Best Part? It's Easy:

-Most ingredients are really easy, everyday and “common sense” ingredients that are easy to find at your local grocery store or supermarket.
-You don’t need to be a good cook or a qualified chef to learn those simple and delicious recipes.
-You don’t need any fancy kitchen equipment to get started on the alkaline recipes contained in this plant based cookbook!

If you want to prepare fast, delicious and healthy meals and follow your Alkaline Diet then this recipe book is for you....

Luckily, you will not have to wrack your brain to come up with these seemingly endless possibilities; there are recipes right in this book that you can refer to in order to ease the process of choosing what to make for dinner.

Get this book now & enjoy the benefits for yourself!

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