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release date: Jan 12, 2017
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Melania Trump: The Slovenian Side of the Story
This book is a tribute to “good old times” from recent history that shaped everybody that grew up in this territory, including current USA’s first lady. It was written in the same way as my father and many others did build houses around Slovenia and/or ex-yugoslavia to provide shelters for their families. For my English writing debut I gathered few of my dearest friend following my father’s footsteps for successful construction. We are all from the part of Slovenian that is now gaining popularity due to mrs. Melania and do in my opinion have the necessary skills to “construct” this little “house”, including the audio narrated version, which is as part of this book our gift to readers and their friends. You can find the link for free download inside the book, enjoy getting to know us better.
release date: Mar 20, 2016
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The Middle Ages: A History From Beginning to End

Middle Ages

What do you think of when you consider the Middle Ages?
Knights in armor and damsels in distress?
Vikings plundering monasteries?
Religious dissenters burning at the stake?
The dead bodies piling up as war, famine, and plague devastated Europe?

Think again.

While all these are part of the tapestry of the medieval era, the threads of politics, personality and war, culture, religion, education and the arts are vastly more intricate and fascinating. Think Charlemagne, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc, Peter Abelard, Geoffrey Chaucer and a riveting cast of thousands. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Western Europe had to reinvent itself and redefine its philosophical parentage.

Inside you will read about...

✓ The Early Middle Ages
✓ Advancing to Empire with Charlemagne
✓ The High Middle Ages
✓ The Flowering of the Church
✓ Times of Change
✓ The Late Middle Ages
✓ The End and the Beginning

As the Christian Church filled the void left by the loss of Roman authority, nations would emerge out of blurred geographical boundaries and dynastic kings would evolve from warlords. Rome gets the glory, and the Renaissance gets the glamor, but they are bookends for the dynamic centuries that are known as the Middle Ages.
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release date: Aug 04, 2015
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True Crime: Chilling Investigations Of Some Of Our Histories Most Unfamiliar True Crime Stories (Serial Killers)

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Chilling Investigations Of Some Our Histories Most Unfamiliar True Crime Stories

Conviction is a very important part of providing justice. When a crime has been committed, it is essential for the perpetrator to be punished. In that way, although the family of the victims won’t always be able to make sense of what happened, they will still understand that nobody is above the law.

Publicizing the criminal’s modus operandi is sometimes good - the citizens will be well aware of their tactics and they can take better care of themselves. On the other hand, it can also be bad, because “would be” criminals and serial killers are also watching and they might like the idea. Such was the case of Eddie Seda.

Other than him, 4 others wreaked havoc in different places, at various times: There was the man who killed prostitutes in his own home (with his family in it), a man who claimed to have killed 600 hundred women when only 3 victims were verified, a father who brought his son to “hunt” some humans, and a husband who killed his wife when she learned of his lies.

How did they do it? And how did the law authorities catch them?

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • True Crime – What Drives a Killer to the Edge?
  • True Crime – A Day of Hunting in Leonia
  • True Crime – Kendall and His House of Horrors
  • True Crime – Try Harder: 2nd Zodiac
  • True Crime – The Prankster Killer
  • True Crime – Lori's Husband
  • Much, much more!

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    Love true crime cases and some of the most unfamiliar mysteries of our time? Then download this book now!

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release date: Sep 01, 2015
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Holocaust Rescuers: True Holocaust Survivor Stories Of The Liberators Of Auschwitz: Accounts Of The Holocaust Rescuers (World War 2 History)

True Holocaust Survivor Stories Of The Liberators Of Auschwitz: Accounts Of The Holocaust Rescuers

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Every so often, an event happens that yanks the reigns of the ever-churning machinery of time and stops the world in its tracks. The repercussions of such an event may send shock waves that can be felt in every nook and corner of our sphere.

These events and happenings will vary in the actual magnitude, but their lasting effect can be immeasurable in the manner they influence humanity till posterity. One such event for instance, was the Holocaust.

During the course of which a staggering 11 million unarmed and helpless men, women and children were slaughtered mercilessly by the Nazis and their collaborators. And the most shocking and brutal fact was that this number included more than 6 million Jews.

Suffice to say that the actions of the Nazis almost pushed the Jewish race to certain obliteration. The fundamental logic behind this inhuman eruption of atrocities was the unfounded and groundless notion of Aryan Supremacy. The Nazis believed that the Aryan race was the purest and the most superior race in the world.

This book is a compilation of the heroic and poignant stories of such individuals, based on the true accounts of survivors of the Holocaust, whose courage, valor and compassion truly transcended the boundaries imposed by the tyranny of men. I thank you for purchasing this book and hope that it helps you appreciate to the fullest extent, one of the most significant pages of human history.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Holocaust Rescuers – Witold Pilecki: The Good Volunteer
  • Holocaust Rescuers – Varian Fry: A Real-Life Captain America
  • Holocaust Rescuers – Nicholas George Winton: The Jewish Stockbroker
  • Holocaust Rescuers – Albert-Marie Edmond Guerrisse: The Good Doctor
  • Holocaust Rescuers – Nancy Wake: The White Mouse of France
  • Holocaust Rescuers – Oskar Schindler: The Good Industrialist
  • Much, much more!

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    If amazing survivor stories of the holocaust and World War 2 are what you love to delve into then grab this book now!

release date: May 14, 2017
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1000 Random Facts And Trivia, Volume 1 (Interesting Trivia and Funny Facts)
Second edition. Proofread by a professional editor on 17 October 2017.
Do you like intriguing, mysterious, and fun facts and trivia? If yes, this book is for you!
"1000 Random Facts And Trivia (Vol.1)" is the first book in the new series. It provides an incredible amount of absolutely random entertaining, eye-opening, funny, weird, unbelievable, surprising, and/or silly facts. There are exactly 1,000 facts in this book - I am not kidding! Many of them will blow your mind!

This book will help you to impress even the smartest and the most knowledgeable friends of yours. Use some of these interesting facts to start a conversation, to make a new friend, or to raise a laugh of someone you love. Impress people at party with all the cool facts from this book. If you got a pub quiz or trivia night to go to, you should also get this book. This is your chance to become popular and to win every time! This book is also family-friendly and safe for kids.

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release date: Apr 18, 2017
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Nikola Tesla: A Life From Beginning to End

Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla was a major figure in the world in which he lived. As the nineteenth century gave way to the twentieth, it was Tesla who would contribute to some of the world's most amazing inventions. It was Tesla's theories, patents, and experiments that would pave the way for the digital, wireless world we are so familiar with today.
Tesla didn't enjoy the high honors bestowed on so many of his contemporaries, yet he enjoyed the power of knowing that it was his inventions that were powering the world, literally.

Inside you will read about...

✓ Early Life
✓ Alternating Current and the Induction Motor
✓ Patents, Radio and X-rays
✓ Wardenclyffe Years
✓ Personal Life
✓ Later Years
✓ 10 Things You Never Knew About Nikola Tesla
And much more!

This book will take you through the life of Nikola Tesla. From his humble beginnings in Croatia to all he would accomplish as a citizen of the United States, Tesla shows how his imagination fueled his creativity and brought his inventions to life. See Nikola Tesla for what he truly was; an extraordinary visionary who sparked the world.
release date: Nov 06, 2017
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‫مقدمة إبن خلدون‬ (Arabic Edition)
المقدمة هو كتاب ألفه ابن خلدون سنة 1377م كمقدمة لمؤلفه الضخم الموسوم كتاب العبر (الاسم الكامل للكتاب هو كتاب العبر، وديوان المبتدأ والخبر في أيام العرب والعجم والبربر، ومن عاصرهم من ذوي السلطان الأكبر). وقد اعتبرت المقدمة لاحقاً مؤلفاً منفصلا ذي طابع موسوعي إذ يتناول فيه جميع ميادين المعرفة من الشريعة والتاريخ والجغرافيا والاقتصاد والعمران والاجتماع والسياسة والطب. وقد تناول فيه أحوال البشر واختلافات طبائعهم والبيئة وأثرها في الإنسان. كما تناول بالدراسة تطور الأمم والشعوب ونشوء الدولة وأسباب انهيارها مركزاً في تفسير ذلك على مفهوم العصبية. بهذا الكتاب سبق ابن خلدون غيره من المفكرين إلى العديد من الآراء والأفكار حتى اعتبر مؤسسا لعلم الاجتماع، سابقاً بذلك الفيلسوف الفرنسي أوغست كونت.
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release date: Jul 16, 2015
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At the Coalface: Part 1 of 3: The memoir of a pit nurse

A heart-warming story of a woman who devoted her life to helping others. This is the memoir of Joan, who started nursing in the 1940s and whose experiences took her into the Yorkshire mining pits and through the tumult of the 1984-85 miners’ strike.

Joan Hart always knew what she wanted to do with her life. Born in South Yorkshire in 1932, she started her nursing training when she was 16, the youngest age girls could do so at the time. She continued working after she married and her work took her to London and Doncaster, caring for children and miners.

When she took a job as a pit nurse in Doncaster in 1974, she found that in order to be accepted by the men under her care, she would have to become one of them. Most of the time rejecting a traditional nurse’s uniform and donning a baggy miner’s suit, pit boots, a hardhat and a headlamp, Joan resolved always to go down to injured miners and bring them out of the pit herself.

Over 15 years Joan grew to know the miners not only as a nurse, but as a confidante and friend. She tended to injured miners underground, rescued men trapped in the pits, and provided support for them and their families during the bitter miners’ strike which stretched from March 1984 to 1985.

Moving and uplifting, this is a story of one woman’s life, marriage and work; it is guaranteed to make readers laugh, cry, and smile.

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release date: Feb 06, 2018
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AP World History Prep Plus 2018-2019: 3 Practice Tests + Study Plans + Targeted Review & Practice + Online (Kaplan Test Prep)
Exam changes recently announced by the College Board, which affect the AP World History exam, will not take place until the May 2020 exam. In the meantime, this book is the most current and fully aligned with exams given in 2018 and 2019.

Kaplan is currently planning the next edition of the book, which will reflect the new exam changes. Look for the new book in the fall of the 2019–2020 school year.

Kaplan's AP World History Prep Plus 2018-2019 gives you concise review of the most-tested content to quickly build your skills and confidence. With bite-sized, test-like practice sets and customizable study plans, our guide fits your schedule.

Personalized Prep. Realistic Practice.
  • Three full-length practice exams and an online test scoring tool to convert your raw score into a 1–5 scaled score
  • Pre- and post-quizzes in each chapter so you can monitor your progress
  • Customizable study plans tailored to your individual goals and prep time
  • Focused content review on the essential concepts to help you make the most of your study time
  • Online quizzes for additional practice
  • Test-taking strategies designed specifically for AP World History
Expert Guidance
  • We know the test—our AP experts make sure our practice questions and study materials are true to the exam
  • We know students—every explanation is written to help you learn, and our tips on the exam structure and question formats will help you avoid surprises on Test Day
  • We invented test prep—Kaplan ( has been helping students for 80 years, and more than 95% of our students get into their top-choice schools
by: M. Stow
release date: Mar 19, 2016
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Walter Mepham: Born March 14, 1898 Killed November 30, 1917, Cambrai, France.
New! Photo's and short story 2016: Then There was Will.
Walter Mepham: born 14th March 1894 killed 30th November 1917 Cambrai France: The Battle of Cambrai 1917, and the life of Walter and his family.
With references to the works and words of Conan Doyle, Bertrand Russell, and Winston Churchill, through the true lives of two brothers and their family in the First World War. Walter's family, from Napoleonic Times in Kent and Sussex, England, to London, and to France and to the Western Front, 1917.

Walter and his brother Harry Arthur, along with their father Mark Henry Mepham, fought with 'the other ranks' the 'poor bloody infantry' and only Harry survived to tell this story; and through him, to continue their history to the present day. The first decades of the 21st century; a hundred years since the start of the first world war where Walter and his father were killed; two hundred years since the Napoleonic Wars split Europe in bloodshed; seventy since the end of the second world war, Walter, and his brother Harry's family survive.

With his brother Harry Arthur, at the commencement of the new 21st century, the Cambrai Memorial at Louverval, remembrance is made. The title and subtitle of this book are taken from the back of the postcard pictured bearing Walter's image before joining-up in 1916, and at nineteen years old enough to be sent to the Western Front; killed Cambrai 30th November 1917. Born 14th March 1894 killed 30th November 1917, this is Walter, and Harry Arthur's re-imagined by their distant cousin, the author Malcolm Stow.

This is not an ordinary story. What Walter did, to be killed for his family, and country, was not remarkable. What Harry, and their mother Caroline Mepham (nee Wells) conspired to do, was treason, treachery, a capital crime throughout the first world war: desertion from post. Refusal. Conscientious Objection, and then to abscond from the field of duty.

What both brothers did was for their country was to save their family from extinction. Harry by surviving. Walter By dying. And then, by remaining alive The family story continued...

From the Battles of Waterloo 1815 with Walter and Harry's great grandfather to Cambrai, 1917; then through family relationships to 2017 from the new battlegrounds of Europe and the World, recounted with personal credence, with a passion for lasting peace.

New with photo-pictures (permissions requested) and added postscript.
Short Story: Then There Was Will 2016.And then there was will. Rode The Six Hundred.#

M.Stow 2016.
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