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by: Chloe L
release date: Oct 04, 2018
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A Maid of Honor
A simple and sweet guide for the Maid of Honor. Looking for some tips and tricks? Don't know where to begin? START HERE :)
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release date: Apr 27, 2012
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How To Shoot Weddings Like A Pro! (On Target Photo Training Book 21)

Eventually one of your friends is going to ask you to "take a few pictures" at their wedding. Do YOU know what to do?

Note: This e-book is NOT about taking pretty pictures!

This book is about what pictures you need TO TAKE! There are shot lists covering every situation you are ever likely to encounter - PLUS cautions you need to take before the wedding to ensure everything goes well.
It only takes about an hour to go through the whole thing - and the next time you take photos at a wedding, you'll consider it one of the best hours you've ever spent.
Check out the Table Of Contents...
  • Warning

  • Mental Preparation

  • Equipment

  • Wedding Phases

  • Engagement Photo Session

  • The Bride Getting Ready

  • The Groom and Groomsmen

  • The Ceremony

  • Special Shots

  • The Reception

  • Final Thoughts

  • Other Books By Dan Eitreim

  • This is a book that covers details that most of the other wedding books skim over or skip completely.

    Get YOUR copy today. Eventually, you are going to need it.

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    release date: Aug 10, 2015
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    Officiating Weddings: Start a Profitable Business Marrying Couples
    This book will walk you through all the steps needed to establish yourself as a reputable, well paid, and in-demand Officiant, including:

    •Guidance on how to establish your business
    •Ideas for advertising your services
    •Advice on pricing your services and getting paid
    •Guidance for meeting with your clients
    •Instructions for conducting the rehearsal
    •Guidance on how to officiate the wedding ceremony
    •Steps to becoming ordained
    •Clear information on offering pre-marital counseling
    •Ideas for following up with couples after the ceremony
    release date: Nov 29, 2015
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    5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget: A guide on how to utilize your wedding expenses in exchange for the ultimate romantic getaway (Travel Planning Book for Engaged Couples)
    Free video training - get the step-by-step system I use to help couples receive a $15,000 USD worth honeymoon using frequent flyer points and hotel reward points, and how you and your fiancé can do it too -> (just copy and paste into your browser)

    5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget is the book that can help you and your fiancé achieve the honeymoon experience of a lifetime, from flying business class to places such as Bali and Maldives to staying at 5 star hotels in London or Paris, by spending only a fraction of your estimated honeymoon travel budget using frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points. This book is written to resolve your compromise between style and budget for your upcoming honeymoon in a concise and easy to read manner.

    Simply incorporate the honeymoon scheduling into the early stages of your wedding planning, and you can take advantage of the credit card sign up offers, earn hundreds of thousands of miles and points, and not pay for (almost) any of your honeymoon costs.

    I used 5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget a little while ago to help my close friends, Cedric and Cecilia, plan their honeymoon. By benefiting over $15,000USD value of business class flights and upscale hotel rooms, they were blown away by how useful frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points were. All they had to do was include their romantic getaway research to the overall wedding plan.

    My friends and clients trust me with their travel and honeymoon planning for good reason. I give them the best plan to save money and also travel in style, especially in their honeymoon planning. In return, they value my award travel advice dearly. I appreciate every last one of their success stories, and I want to help you do the same.

    What Miles and Points Have Done for Me, My Friends, and Clients:

    - Helped couples like Cedric and Cecilia get business class flights and 5 star hotel rooms on their honeymoon
    - Travel first class (that is worth over $10,000 USD) from U.S. to Hong Kong for only $5
    - Clients flew all the world using the points accrual tactics I consulted on. Countries include Iceland, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and many more
    - Stayed at 5-star hotels such as Intercontinental, Venetian, Hilton Resorts and others for $20 or less
    - Saved over $200,000 USD for all my clients combined (to date)


    It’s all about planning early. Research for the credit cards with sign on bonus. Get the cards. Meet the spending. Redeem the miles and points for travel.

    Let me repeat the headline again: By simply incorporating honeymoon scheduling into the early stages of your wedding planning, you can take advantage of the credit card sign up offers, earn hundreds and thousands of miles and points, and not pay for (almost) any of your honeymoon costs.

    Download the ebook to find out how! I promise that if you follow this how to guide, you will be able to extract thousands and thousands of travel dollars for your honeymoon. And you’ll also get access to my video training course “Your 5 Star Honeymoon” for free, so that you can position yourself to great success in your honeymoon planning, and start your marriage with a great vacation!

    Keep those points coming!
    release date: Feb 20, 2016
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    Hats for Weddings and Special Occasions: How to Choose, Wear and Look Fabulous
    During my long career advising ladies regarding how to choose a hat for a special occasion, the most common statement I heard was “I don’t think I suit a hat, but need to wear one for an occasion, and I need lots of help as I don’t know where to start!” If you ever thought this, you are not alone, and this book has been written particularly with you in mind.
    The reason ladies thought they could not wear a special occasion hat was because they did not know which style would suit them best and tried hats that did not suit their features. There are so many different styles of hat that there is bound to be something for you, just take my advice into account and you should find it.
    There are many special occasions in people’s lives when they are called upon to wear a hat.
    A beautiful hat completes an outfit and greatly enhances it. The right hat makes you feel on top of the world and you will know when you have found it, you will look at yourself in the mirror, wearing your special outfit with your new hat, and your make-up and hair done to perfection, and you will think, “Wow”, is that really me? I look and feel wonderful in this!” When you get that feeling, you know you have found your hat.
    This book is a guide to help you choose the right hat for your features and figure, for your outfit and to suit the occasion.
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