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release date: Sep 26, 2018
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Seattle Love Stories (Reihe in 3 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Die alleinerziehende Maxine weckt das Interesse des High Society-Schönlings Ashton Hunter, doch sie lässt ihn eiskalt abblitzen. Frustriert versucht er Maxine mit Geld zu ködern. Eine Beleidigung für die bodenständige Schönheit. Trotz finanzieller Schwierigkeiten möchte Maxine ihre Würde niemals aufgeben. Nur wie lange kann sie diesem skrupellosen Verführer widerstehen? Ashton scheint besessen von dem Wunsch, sie zu besitzen - und ihre Gegenwehr weckt seinen Jagdinstinkt erst recht ...
Teil 1 der „Liebe kann man nicht kaufen“-Trilogie.


Es folgen noch:
Teil 2. Liebe kann man nicht kaufen - Erfüllung (Mitte August)
Teil 3. Liebe kann man nicht kaufen - Vertrauen(Anfang/Mitte September)

Die Teile bauen aufeinander auf und sind nicht in sich abgeschlossen.
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release date: Sep 26, 2018
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Someone (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Lucy lost the only person she loved when she was fifteen, spending three years in juvenile hall after having her younger sister ripped from her arms.
She pulled herself up from nothing and thought she had the picture perfect life; until she walked in on her husband with another woman. Grief stricken, she drove away, only to get into an accident that stole two years of her life.
Upon awaking from a coma, she learns that she has once again lost the most important person in her life; her unborn daughter is now two and calling another woman “Mommy”. Heartbroken, her days are made brighter by the reappearance of her childhood crush.
Emmett has never forgotten the proud girl who would buy food with loose change. He was surprised when his new patient was his Lucy. But, when he begins to develop feelings beyond that of a physical therapist for a patient he keeps his distance, afraid that the feelings she seems to have developed for him aren’t genuine. After all, who could be attracted to the scarred, broken man he had become?
But, he can’t get her out of his mind and when she is released from the hospital he is determined to become a part of her life. He wants her to know that she can rely on him to catch her.
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release date: Sep 26, 2018
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Bastion Club (Reihe in 8 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Tristan Wemyss, Earl of Trentham, braucht dringend eine Ehefrau, um sein Erbe zu sichern. Seine Wahl fällt auf die bildschöne Nachbarstochter Leonora Carling. Doch die heißblütige Leonora denkt nicht daran, willenlos in seine Arme zu sinken, auch wenn es zwischen beiden heftig knistert. Erst als ihre Familie von Unbekannten bedroht wird, akzeptiert sie seine Hilfe – und lernt schon bald seine Qualitäten als Beschützer und erfahrener Verführer kennen …

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release date: Sep 26, 2018
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Christmas Chronicles (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:


It all started when Jeff Guinn was assigned to write a piece full of little-known facts about Christmas for his paper, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. A few months later, he received a call from a gentleman who told him that he showed the story to an important friend who didn’t think much of it. And who might that be? asked Jeff. The next thing he knew, he was whisked off to the North Pole to meet with this “very important friend,” and the rest is, well, as they say, history.

An enchanting holiday treasure, The Autobiography of Santa Claus combines solid historical fact with legend to deliver the definitive story of Santa Claus. And who better to lead us through seventeen centuries of Christmas magic than good ol’ Saint Nick himself? Families will delight in each chapter of this new Christmas classic—one per each cold December night leading up to Christmas!
release date: Sep 26, 2018
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Life Class Trilogy (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: In the spring of 1914, a group of students at the Slade School of Art have gathered for a life-drawing class. Paul Tarrant is easily distracted by an intriguing fellow student, Elinor Brooke, but watches from afar when a well-known painter catches her eye. After World War I begins, Paul tends to the dying soldiers from the front line as a Belgian Red Cross volunteer, but the longer he remains, the greater the distance between him and home becomes. By the time he returns, Paul must confront not only the overwhelming, perhaps impossible challenge of how to express all that he has seen and experienced, but also the fact that life, and love, will never be the same for him again.

From the Trade Paperback edition.
release date: Sep 26, 2018
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No Return (Reihe in 4 Bänden)
Aus Band 1:

**Bandboys in Love**
»Ich vergebe die goldene Krone an dieses Buch und erkläre das Buch hiermit zu meinem Herzensbuch 2017!« (Benny von »Bücherfarben«)

Sie sind die angesagtesten Jungs der gesamten Vereinigten Staaten. Wo auch immer sich die Boyband WrongTurn hinbewegt, folgen ihnen Mädchenkreischen, Liebesbotschaften und nicht selten sogar Heiratsanträge. Teil einer solchen Band zu sein, ist nicht immer leicht, aber das ist es nicht, was den 19-jährigen Songwriter Tony in letzter Zeit aus der Bahn wirft. Denn Tony ist verliebt. In einen Jungen. Und niemand auf der Welt darf es erfahren. Nicht seine Fans, nicht die strenge Bandmanagerin oder die ihnen auf Schritt und Tritt folgenden Reporter und schon gar nicht seine erzkatholischen Eltern. Aber vor allem nicht sein bester Freund und Bandleader Andrew…

//Alle Bände der Gay-Romance-Reihe: 
-- No Return 1: Geheime Gefühle 
-- No Return 2: Versteckte Liebe 
-- No Return 3: Gebrochene Herzen 
-- No Return 4: Gefährlicher Ruhm 
-- No Return 1 + 2: Die ersten beiden Bände der Rockstar-Romance-Reihe in einer E-Box!//

release date: Sep 26, 2018
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A Dream or Reality (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: A fantasy romance that begins in Chicago, IL, takes place in Dusken, and has them wondering…is it a dream or reality?

Jessie Rossen, a simplistic freelance photographer, has a great job and a handsome fiancé, Walt Arbol Jr., who is the heir to Arbol Publishing. Hesitant to marry, she encounters a “Jamaican queen” the morning after their engagement party, given by the Arbols at their estate. The queen senses Jessie’s troubles and has just the cure for what ails her. Danger soon follows when a fire causes Jessie to be placed in a coma.

While comatose, she wakes as Jezamina and to Jezero, a protective warrior, after he finds her in the sea and takes her to Dusken, his home. Having no memory of her past, she must trust him in order to survive in his world, one that includes the Morlorns, Jezero’s worst enemy, and Vyrone, who wants her for himself.

As Jessie, she wakes again in the hospital with Walt hovering over her bed. But how can she explain to her fiancé that she’s in love with another man, one from a different world? Can Walt convince her that it’s only a dream?
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release date: Sep 26, 2018
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The Haneys (3 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Whether it’s repairing a home or taking care of clients’ other needs, Twin Cities handyman Sam Haney is in demand from his mostly female clientele. Despite Sam’s lothario reputation, love isn’t part of his portfolio. He’s built a lot of walls in his time, but the one that’s surrounded his heart ever since the death of his parents is his most solid yet.

Haley Cooper has had enough heartache for a lifetime. Her high school sweetheart up and moved to Indonesia—alone—just two weeks before their wedding. Her mother thinks it’s time for Haley to move on and contracts Sam to work on Haley’s wreck of a house—and anything else, if he’s got the notion.

Sparks fly and passion ignites. But Haley isn’t into Sam’s love-’em-and-leave-’em act. She wants something more. Fixing a house is one thing, but for this handyman, building a relationship will need a whole different set of skills.

release date: Sep 26, 2018
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Seven Deadlies MC (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: **Newly formatted for Kindle**
**Newly Edited**

An MC romance with a little comedy, a little violence, and the right amount of sexy.

Sinning never felt so good...

Rayna Claire is damaged.
She's on a one way road headed for self-destruction...until Fury shows up.
Rayna doesn't need much of anyone until he changes her mind; he's a walking-talking-contradiction that she just can't seem to quit.
After being kidnapped by a renegade MC, her entire world was torn apart, but Fury makes her feel human again.
Fury makes her feel safe.
He's not the kind of man to settle down, and Rayna knows that.
Even still, she can't keep her heart or her body from wanting anything he's willing to give her...

Fury isn't an easy man to love.
He's the Vice President of the Seven Deadlies MC, and he earned his patches the hard way.
After the death of his sister, he's still spiraling.
His club knows it, he knows it- Fury thinks his life is over, and he doesn't see any light at the end of the tunnel.
He's fighting to stay sane, and even that's beginning to lose its magic, until Rayna Claire practically falls into his lap.
She knows the same pain that he knows; she knows the same loss, too.
Rayna understands him.
She makes him ache for things he didn't know he could have.
Fury's not the kind of man to settle down, but Rayna makes him want to give her everything...

The Seven Deadlies novels are a series of, steamy romance novels, with happy endings!

Content warning: explicit love scenes, violence, vulgar language.

Intended for mature audiences.

(This is a fast-paced, dark romance with a happy ending! This is not your typical MC romance)
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release date: Sep 26, 2018
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The Cavanaughs (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens returns with a new series that captures the simmering desires and intrigues of early Victorians as only she can. Ryder Cavanaugh’s stepsiblings are determined to make their own marks in London society. Seeking fortune and passion, THE CAVANAUGHS will delight readers with their bold exploits.

An independent nobleman

Lord Randolph Cavanaugh is loyal and devoted—but only to family. To the rest of the world, he’s aloof and untouchable, a respected and driven entrepreneur. But Rand yearns for more in life, and when he travels to Buckinghamshire to review a recent investment, he discovers a passionate woman who will challenge his rigid self-control…

A determined lady

Felicia Throgmorton intends to keep her family afloat. For decades, her father was consumed by his inventions and now, months after his death, with their finances in ruins, her brother insists on continuing their father’s tinkering. Felicia is desperate to hold together what’s left of the estate. Then she discovers she must help persuade their latest investor that her father’s follies are a risk worth taking…

Together—the perfect team

Rand arrives at Throgmorton Hall to discover the invention on which he’s staked his reputation has exploded, the inventor is not who he expected and a fiercely intelligent woman now holds the key to his future success. But unflinching courage in the face of dismaying hurdles is a trait they share, and Rand and Felicia are forced to act together against ruthless foes to protect everything they hold dear.
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