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release date: Nov 24, 2017
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The Reunion Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: For mature readers - 18+ Recommended
Copyright © 2014 By Susan Cairns

Growing up, Aly Sawyer’s one goal was to keep her home life hidden. She managed to do this until her high school boyfriend decided to spill her secret to their graduating class after she refused to have sex with him. The day she received her diploma was the final day she saw those classmates.

Gray Andersen left his sheltered life as soon as the ink was dry on his diploma. He escaped to Chicago to go to college, and he stayed there until a family tragedy forced him to return home. It just so happened that he would also be home for his high school reunion. He wouldn’t have considered going if it wasn’t for his desire to see the one girl who had been a constant thought in his mind for more than ten years.

Aly’s meddling mother pushes her to face the music by attending the high school reunion. There, she comes face-to-face with the guy who could have changed her world after one kiss.

When Aly and Gray reconnect, the old spark between them immediately ignites. However, with his life in Chicago and hers in their hometown, will that spark be enough to keep them together? Or will their own decisions rip them apart?

The Reunion is book 1 in a 3 part Series.
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release date: Mar 09, 2011
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Letters from Wishing Rock: (a novel with recipes) (The Wishing Rock Series Book 1)
Letters from Wishing Rock (a novel with recipes) is the first book in the Wishing Rock series.

Letters from Wishing Rock is a 2013 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree.
"This signifies that this book is well worth a reader’s time and money!"

Awarded the Awesome Indies Seal of Approval by

"Puget Sound's quiet islands, Scotland's dazzling attractions, witty email exchanges, and free recipes - this book is practically designed to woo me. And it worked.... What it reminded me of most, actually, was the show "Northern Exposure," which I also loved." ~ Molly Ringle, author

"The author's wonderful sense of fun comes through her characters' predicaments and escapades." ~ Cathey Cone

"It was just what the doctor ordered, fresh, quirky, funny in places and seasoned with wisdom. Light without being frivolous, it follows the story of a woman trying to find someone to fill her desire for true love and family." ~ Tahlia Newland, author

"I laughed a lot while I read Wishing Rock. But even more than the laughter, I deeply appreciated the nuggets of wisdom and philosophy that are tucked within each chapter. When I came to the last page and laid the book down, I walked away with a renewed hope and a desire to live each of my days to the fullest." ~ Joanne Haagenson

"I just finished reading Letters from Wishing Rock: A Novel With Recipes by Pam Stucky, and loved it! So much fun, made me want to move to Wishing Rock. Delightful characters, Ruby, Erin Pip, Ed, Jake, Pip, Millie, and one of my favorites Gran to name a few will keep you entertained through the emails and texts to each other." ~ Kim in Kentucky

"I wish this series would have been around when I was younger and still trying to figure out what I wanted in a relationship and in life in general." ~ PLL (review of The Wishing Rock Theory of Life, second in the series

Letters from Wishing Rock is the first novel in the Wishing Rock series, followed by The Wishing Rock Theory of Life and The Tides of Wishing Rock.

What would happen if everyone in town lived in the same building? Ruby Parker is about to find out. Her fiancé has left her and she needs a fresh start, so she moves to Wishing Rock, Washington, a small town on Dogwinkle Island in the waters near Seattle, where she meets a quirky cast of characters who quickly become family. Letters between the neighbors and their friends chronicle the twists and turns of the characters’ daily lives. There’s Jake, a handsome and charming first-year medical student who catches Ruby’s eye from the start, despite his being over a decade younger. Millie, a Wishing Rock resident for forty years, runs the town’s library, post office, newsletter and grocery store, knows everyone and everything, and shares the history of the area with her playful wit. World traveler and psychic Alexandra bestows insight and wisdom with humor and compassion, and Ruby’s Gran heads to the United Kingdom, heeding her own advice to seize the day. And then there’s Ed; if something fun is going on, the grandson of the town’s founding father is likely at the center of it. Amidst all this action, Ruby manages to find passion and companionship, but will she be able to open her heart to love?

Online dating, a group trip to Scotland, a discussion about dogwinkles, a fateful hoedown, and friendships old and new, all interspersed with recipes from some of the town’s best cooks, make Wishing Rock come alive in this delightful and insightful look at life, love, relationships, and community.
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release date: Feb 24, 2015
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Only for Him
Grayson Ford and Emma Kinglsey--close since they were kids, opposites in every way. He's the stuff high school crushes are made of, Mister Popular, and captain of every team. She's artsy, cute, and not in his league, though fully aware of Summerland's "I Dream of Dating Grayson Ford" support group.

I can't say no. The girl's had my heart since before I knew it went missing.

He hides a life of hell. His father hates him, his mother's gone. Emma is his only savior, yet she doesn't know her power over him. She's the only girl he wants, the only one he could ever tell--though he won't.

I'm stronger, bigger, more of a man than he'll ever be, but because I ruined his life, I've taken his crap, his attacks, the vulgar nature of his existence.

Until she discovers Gray's embarrassment, his humiliation. Emma fights for him and for a chance. Theirs is a Cinderella story that she believes impossible. But as the layers peel back, it's just a guy who needs a girl in order to keep breathing.

My mind is already doodling Mrs. Grayson Ford in imaginary notebooks. He has no clue where my head is at... But, given that I didn't see what just happened coming, maybe I have no clue where his head is at either.

Only for Him. Only series, Volume One.
All novellas in the series are available now!
release date: Jan 19, 2014
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Winters Heat (Titan Book 1)
First Book in Titan Series by New York Times Bestselling Author

After putting her life on the line to protect classified intelligence, military psychologist Mia Kensington is on a cross-country road trip from hell with an intrusive save-the-day hero. Uninterested in his white knight act, she’d rather take her chances without the ruggedly handsome, cold-blooded operative who boasts an alpha complex and too many guns.

Colby Winters, former Navy SEAL and an elite member of The Titan Group, has a single objective on his black ops mission: recover a document important to national security. It was supposed to be an easy in-and-out operation. But now, by any means necessary becomes a survival mantra when he faces off with a stunning woman he can’t leave behind.

When Titan’s safe houses are compromised, Colby stashes Mia at his home, exposing his secret—he’s the adoptive father of an orphaned baby girl. Too soon, danger arrives and Mia lands in the hands of a sadistic cartel king with a taste for torture. As hours bleed into fear-drenched days, Colby races across the globe and through a firestorm of bullets to save the woman he can’t live without.
release date: May 25, 2015
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Last Play: Book 1 Last Play Romance Series (A Bachelor Billionaire Companion) (The Last Play Series)
Enjoy this sweet romance by Taylor Hart.

Roman Young, quarterback for the Dallas Destroyers, doesn’t expect to get a gun shoved in his face by the beautiful red head, Katie Winters, when he arrives to sell the Inn he inherited from his uncle in Wolfe Creek, Utah. But, he’s not surprised, either. It’s the way his life has been lately. Just ask the tabloids that have happily reported his shattered knee, his wife's affair, and the car accident.

Unfortunately, Katie is wearing a wedding ring. Not that he noticed. He doesn’t know why he doesn’t tell her about the fact he’s selling the Inn, even after she shoves a list of supply demands into his chest and rambles on and on about all the projects they have to do.

When he discovers her husband passed away a year ago, and her seven-year-old son asks him to come to dinner and movie night, things start to change. Or did they start to change when Katie took him sledding? Or when all he could think about was kissing her? Now he has to make a choice—keep ignoring the truth—or try one Last Play.

All of the Last Play Stories are stand alone books, but there is cross over with the characters in this Romance Series and in Almost Everything (Part of the Destination Billionaire Romances) and in The Unfinished Groom (Part of the Bachelor Billionaire Romances).
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release date: Aug 30, 2015
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Shattered Perfection (The Perfection Series Book 1)
**This is Book One of Four in a continuing series.**

Mimi Bishop found the man of her dreams when she met Vance Ashcroft in a chance encounter. During their whirlwind courtship, they learn they share a sparkling and dynamic chemistry, filled with humor, happiness and steamy sensuality. Their relationship is effortless and blossoms into a passionate love. Soon Mimi is living her happily ever after with Vance as his wife until his behavior mysteriously begins to change.

Vance grows cold, then hostile, finally becoming violent one fateful night. Her perfect life completely falls apart and her heart is shattered. As Mimi attempts to move on with a life that doesn’t include Vance, powerful memories of their love haunt her. Just when she thinks she can put her life back together, she learns a devastating secret that will change everything.
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release date: Jan 02, 2017
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What happens in this house is a dark tale of three close siblings. Joy, Jasmine and Jackson all endured some of the most twisted and wickedest things inside of their home. Growing up in a small town in the south by the name of Canton, Mississippi. There was a saying that kept the secrets hidden for years. When sudden death comes upon their father Jack. The three siblings reunite and all of the dark secrets finally comes to the light. The old saying goes What happens in this house stays in this house.
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release date: Dec 12, 2015
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METAMORPHOSIS (Wisehouse Classics Edition)
THE METAMORPHOSIS (German: Die Verwandlung, also sometimes translated as The Transformation) is a novella by Franz Kafka, first published in 1915. It has been called one of the seminal works of fiction of the 20th century and is studied in colleges and universities across the Western world.

The story begins with a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, waking to find himself trans¬formed (metamorphosed) into a large, monstrous insect-like creature. The cause of Gregor's transformation is never revealed, and Kafka himself never gave an explanation. The rest of Kafka's novella deals with Gregor's attempts to adjust to his new condition as he deals with being burdensome to his parents and sister, who are repelled by the horrible, verminous creature Gregor has become.
release date: Feb 11, 2016
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The Trial (Wisehouse Classics Edition)
THE TRIAL is a novel written by Franz Kafka from 1914 to 1915 and published in 1925. One of his best-known works, it tells the story of a man arrested and prosecuted by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime revealed neither to him nor to the reader. Heavily influenced by Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov, Kafka even went so far as to call Dostoevsky a blood relative. Like Kafka's other novels, The Trial was never completed, although it does include a chapter which brings the story to an end.

After Kafka's death in 1924 his friend and literary executor Max Brod edited the text for publication by Verlag Die Schmiede. The original manuscript is held at the Museum of Modern Literature, Marbach am Neckar, Germany. The first English language translation, by Willa and Edwin Muir, was published in 1937. In 1999, the book was listed in Le Monde's 100 Books of the Century and as No. 2 of the Best German Novels of the Twentieth Century. (more on:
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