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release date: Oct 23, 2018
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The Persford Series (6 Book Series)
From Book 1: A secret from the past. An opportunity for blackmail. How far would you go to protect your reputation? Set against the backdrop of the pharmaceutical industry, Adverse Reaction explores the complex relationship between two main characters Matt Pearson and Brett Chandler who met at university and then went their separate ways. When their paths cross some years later each character is driven by their own personal crisis to take desperate measures. Other characters become embroiled in the power struggle with serious consequences. Matt's desire to prevent his secret being revealed unleashes a dramatic sequence of events.
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release date: Oct 23, 2018
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a Jim Money Story (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Jim Money just wants his money back from Chuck. Chuck refuses to pay it back, and when Chuck's hardened brothers show up, Jim is forced to back down as shots are fired as he narrowly escaped danger.

Jim calls his best friend Steve to go collect from Chuck. Meanwhile, Jessica explains to Jim that although she loves the money he makes from illegal gambling and hustling, she wants a normal life free of the dangers associated with his lifestyle. After spending years building his gambling empire, Jim is reluctant at first, but he thinks about it awhile and decides to take a gamble. Besides, he would have a loving wife, and a stable family life free of the criminal elements that haunt him. He realizes that he could have that with Jessica. But before Jim could tell her, she receives a phone call and shuts Jim out.


Jim receives a phone call from Carla, Steve's wife.

She insists that her husband and Jessica are having a fling. Jim denies that Jessica or Steve would do that to him, but he humors Carla. He picks her up and they go to Jessica's house. But when they arrive, they are greeted with a more sinister truth.

Will Jim Money get the wife and family life that he wants, or is he biting off more than he can chew?


Here are the other stories in chronological order:

Bon Appétit
On the Run
BUSTED: a Prequel to the Jim Money Stories

Contains profanity, sexual innuendo, and explicit violence. If you purchase this story, the author takes no responsibility for any subsequent vomiting, night sweats, or any offense taken to profanity, sexual innuendo, and explicit violence contained within this story. Read at your own risk!!!
release date: Oct 23, 2018
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Martin & James Case Files (4 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Find out if the top agent and his young protege can stop the masked killer

Martin & James are on the trail of Martin's greatest archnemesis - and must risk it all on a speeding train!

Martin, Headquarters top agent, and James, his trainee, are on their most dangerous mission. This time they are tracking an old nemesis, Victor, the masked assassin. Hot on his heels, Martin is determined not to lose his nemesis this time.

The chase leads them to a steam train as it begins its journey through the countryside. Now, they must find and capture this elusive spy before he can escape and unleash his master plan.

If you enjoy pulp fiction style stories in the vein of Robert L. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian or William Hodgson’s Carnacki the Ghost-Finder then you will enjoy this action adventure short story. Modern pulp fiction writers like Jim Beard are bringing back the style from Amazing Stories and Weird Tales, and S.A. Schneider has released another story to join this classic tradition.

Get Martin & James vs. The Masked Moss-Trooper and join the ranks of action, adventure readers

Exciting short stories

  • Thrillers like Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian
  • Engaging and otherworldly like H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories
  • Action like Lester Dent's Doc Savage
  • Spy mystery like The Shadow

˃˃˃ Pulp fiction stories for the modern thriller reader

These stories are tailored for the busy individual that still wants to read exciting fiction. Each story is a throwback to yesteryear. Short stories that would have been found in pulps like Amazing Stories and Weird Tales. The setting is also set as if it was written 100 years ago, and is exciting and fun to read to see how Martin and James handle each situation as they try to save the world.

Grab this short story before it's only available in the complete collection.

release date: Oct 23, 2018
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Geschichten einer Kriegerin (Reihe in 4 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Erde, Winter 2005/2006.

Mein Name ist Fiona und ich bin eine Kriegerin. Meine Aufgabe ist es, für das Gleichgewicht zu sorgen. Leider wurde nie genau definiert, was das Gleichgewicht eigentlich ist. Und wie ich eine Störung desselben erkenne. Oder was ich eigentlich tun soll, wenn ich eine solche Störung feststelle. Überhaupt ist meine Jobbeschreibung sehr kurz: Achte auf das Gleichgewicht.

Die Welt, in der ich lebe, ist komplex. Doch es gibt eine einfache Regel: Beherrsche die Illusion und du hast die Macht. Magie ist nichts anderes, als das Spiel mit dem Scheinbaren. Wer die Illusion manipulieren kann, hat die Kraft der Magie.

Leider ist die Illusion verdammt real.

Im ersten Zyklus (Band 1 bis Band 6) muss ich genau das lernen. Natürlich passiert noch viel mehr, aber das ist die vermutlich wichtigste und schmerzhafteste Lektion.

Im zweiten Zyklus (Band 7 bis Band 11, ab 2018) komme ich mir vor wie ein Spielball der Götter. Doch ganz wehrlos bin ich nicht ...

Im dritten Zyklus (Band 12 bis Band 16, voraussichtlich ab 2020) holen mich die Schatten der Vergangenheit ein.

Im vierten Zyklus (Band 17 bis Band 21), zu dem bislang nur erste Ideen existieren, wird es aber um ein neues Leben gehen, in dem neben Katharina auch noch mein Sohn eine wichtige Rolle spielt.

Parallel zu der Hauptserie gibt es eine kostenlose E-Book-Serie, Geschichten einer Kriegerin, mit mehr oder weniger kurzen Episoden aus meinem Leben.

Und natürlich die Spin-Offs wie "Die Legende von Sarah und Thomas", die mit der Hauptserie eng verknüpft sind. Ganz abgesehen davon, dass Sarah eine Nervensäge hoch drei, aber trotzdem irgendwie ganz nett ist, diese Zicke.
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release date: Oct 23, 2018
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Max & Carla Adventure (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: WARNING - Although this story was written 20 years ago, the intelligent reader will be shocked at the reality of this book, considering criminal activity, terrorist plots and present-day events.
Max Fortune becomes ensnared with a global, criminal empire when he saves the life of Carla Day as she escapes the clutches of a drug lord in Naples.
Bedazzled by the glamour and excitement of her adrenaline fuelled lifestyle, their romance blossoms and Carla’s guardian and owner of ‘The Organisation’ believes the steadying influence of Max will keep her out of trouble. He employs Max as a trouble shooter for the business. As a result, Max & Carla become embroiled in a series of gripping missions that culminate in the discovery of an environmental disaster, described as an Extinction Event.
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release date: Oct 23, 2018
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Invasion Series (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:

When a powerful new Caliphate unites the Islamic world, it casts its vengeful westwards, to Europe, where economic and political chaos has left its nations divided and weakened. 

As a million-strong army masses on Europe's borders, encrypted messages flash across the continent, the signal for thousands of heavily armed sleeper teams to mobilise and move quietly into position... 

When a massive truck bomb obliterates Whitehall and an airliner is shot from the sky over London, Prime Minister Harry Beecham is ordered to escape the city and head west, to a secret government complex buried deep beneath the English countryside. 

As the invasion gathers pace and England buckles before the military onslaught, Harry and his team quickly realise that sanctuary must lie elsewhere, far to the north, where remaining British forces have gathered along an ancient border to await the final battle for survival.

What Amazon readers are saying:

★★★★★ ‘One hell of a story.’

★★★★★ ‘Five stars from beginning to end.’

★★★★★ ‘Invasion fiction at its best.’

★★★★★ ‘A military thriller that will leave you breathless.’

★★★★★ ‘Alden's tale is compulsive reading.’

Download your free copy today and discover a writer you can’t put down!

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release date: Oct 23, 2018
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Crystal Lake Shorts (7 Book Series)
From Book 1:

In Victorian London, a select group of writers, led by Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and Henry James held an informal Ghost Club, the price of entry to which was the telling of a story by each invited guest.

This is one of the tales.

Lost people are drawn to places where what ails them can be eased. If you have the will, the fortitude, you can peer into another life, where the dead are not gone, where you can see that they thrive and go on

Brian Mulrooney has been drawn to one such house to come to the aid of a bereft friend.

But will the house let him go?

The rest of these Supernatural tales can be found in William Meikle’s The Ghost Club collection, out now from Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

release date: Oct 23, 2018
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DS Penny Britain (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: A gripping crime thriller with all the twists and turns you expect from John Day.
The chance discovery of human remains in the concrete foundations of a building and its identity, seem to lead the police nowhere. However, it is the precursor to the most dangerous case DS Penny Britain has so far faced. It starts with her investigating the kidnapping of a high-profile woman Lawyer. It leads Penny along a trail of destruction and murder to an unimaginable conclusion.
At the same time, a spate of serial killings point to a murderer seeking rough justice. The forensically aware perpetrator, toys with the police, leaving the ritual amputation of a finger as the only link. Unbeknown to Penny, she is under threat from a cunning adversary, determined to destroy everything she loves and has worked for.
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