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release date: Sep 14, 2018
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Lean Six Sigma: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, and Lean Manufacturing, with Tools Included for Increased Efficiency and Higher Customer Satisfaction

If you want to increase profits, eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and develop a remarkable team, then keep reading...

Organizations face rising costs and increasing competition every day. With Lean Six Sigma you can combat these problems and grow your business.

Lean Six Sigma is an amazing methodology that’s geared to helping you boost the productivity of your organization while eliminating waste. The idea synthesizes two different concepts – Lean Enterprise or Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma – to give you an excellent idea of how your company is wasting money and resources – and what you can do to combat that.

This book addresses the different types of wastes and how Lean Six Sigma aims to tackle each, and then it’ll give you all the tools you need to start making an effective change in your organization.

In Lean Six Sigma: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, and Lean Manufacturing, with Tools Included for Increased Efficiency and Higher Customer Satisfaction, the following topics will be discussed:
  • Understanding Lean Thinking
  • The Basics of Six Sigma
  • What Is Lean Six Sigma?
  • Phases of Lean Six Sigma
  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • How to Get Top Management Support
  • Deployment Planning
  • Identifying, Prioritizing, and Selecting Projects
  • Value Addition and Waste
  • How to Create a Winning Team
  • Design for Lean Six Sigma
  • And many more topics that could help you increase profits, elimate waste, improve efficiency, and develop a remarkable team!
So what are you waiting for? Get access to this book now and start streamlining your company today!
release date: Dec 19, 2017
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The Particles of the Universe 2: Disrupted
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, our understanding of the elements that create the matter of the universe changed radically with the Periodic Table of Elements and the discovery of the proton. Before these discoveries, it was believed that atomic elements were unique. Gold, silver, iron and dozens of other elements are now attributed to a unique number of protons in an atomic nucleus. After its simplification, this newfound understanding of the atom led to significant advancements in new materials, electronics and eventually nuclear energy.

By the late 1900s and early 2000s, a new problem surfaced with the atom and the complex behavior of its components. This is referred to as the subatomic domain, which is the world that is smaller than the atom and the proton. Dozens and dozens of subatomic particles have been discovered, analogous to what was once the discovery of new elements. Billions of dollars, much of which is taxpayer funded, is spent on a science called particle physics that studies the strange behavior of these particles. This science is extremely important for our future as a civilization because unlocking the mysteries of particles is the key to understanding energy itself. Similar to the advancements that were made after the discovery of the proton in 1911, a revolution of new products awaits our entrepreneurs once the subatomic world can be rationalized like atomic elements were simplified.

The issue is that there is a lack of innovation that has been able to cross the bridge from the scientific community to the business ecosystem. How can products be developed when the scientific explanations for the subatomic world are dark matter, parallel universes and hidden dimensions? Meanwhile, our existence as a species in the next centuries will be challenged if we don’t find solutions to meet our energy needs.

An understanding of particles and energy requires a new explanation if we are to break this deadlock. It requires rolling back a key assumption in physics that has held for more than a century that is preventing progress. Particles and light are known to have wave properties of energy, yet an assumption in science is that there is no material in the universe to carry these waves - referred to as the aether. Could you imagine if scientists were asked to explain an ocean wave without water existing in the ocean?

The original Particles of the Universe was a call to action to renew efforts of a science based on the aether. Sufficient evidence exists for it and there is a reasonable explanation for why experiments fail to detect it. Five years later, this is the sequel to the hypothesis of a simpler universe of matter and forces. It is the proof to the hypothesis that an aether does exist and it logically explains the subatomic world of particles and photons and the forces that cause their motion. It is the proof that there is a fundamental particle, equivalent to the proton for elements. It is the proof that there is one set of laws for the universe regardless of size. This sequel is the proof and it is intended as a framework for the entrepreneur, bridging a new science to products that solve real-world problems.

The proof that is offered should be more than sufficient for a skeptic that needs to put the theory to a test. Rightfully so, it should be scrutinized and tested, as it makes bold claims that are counter to our understanding of particle physics today. This is not the first time that science has been challenged, nor will it be the last. Challenging and questioning the world in which we live is what leads to humankind’s progress.

Feb 2018 Update - Corrected nucleon stacking image for 4f element.
May 2018 Update - Corrected photon angle and length. Added electromagnetism equation.

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release date: Apr 01, 2016
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Solar Energy: The Physics and Engineering of Photovoltaic Conversion, Technologies and Systems
This comprehensive textbook takes you through everything you need to know about solar energy from the physics of photovoltaic (PV) cells through to the design of PV systems for real-life applications. Solar Energy is an invaluable reference for researchers, industrial engineers and designers working in solar energy generation. The book is also ideal for university and third-level physics or engineering courses on solar photovoltaics, with exercises to check students' understanding and reinforce learning. It is the perfect companion to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Solar Energy (DelftX, ET.3034TU) presented by co-author Arno Smets. The course is available in English on the nonprofit open source platform, and in Arabic on Over 100,000 students have already registered for these MOOCs.
release date: Mar 05, 2015
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Solar Power Demystified: The Beginners Guide To Solar Power, Energy Independence And Lower Bills
The book 'Solar Power Demystified: The Beginners Guide To Solar Power, Energy Independence And Lower Bills’ introduces you to the world of solar electric panels and systems.

It reveals you the reasons why photovoltaic solar panels are continuing to gain worldwide popularity and are becoming more important as a source of renewable energy.

You can see the question “To go or not to go solar?” discussed in its practical aspects.
Furthermore you are advised what kind of solar electric system you need and how to evaluate whether your home is ‘solar-ready’ or not

You are also introduced to the basics of photovoltaics and to the main types of solar electric systems and their components.

The book is intended to provide basic information to everyone who makes first steps in the world of photovoltaics and needs the matter explained in an easy-to-understand and straightforward way.
The book exposes:

  • Photovoltaics in the world of renewable energy

  • Advantages of photovoltaics in a summary

  • Why are photovoltaics continuing to gain worldwide popularity?

  • Why is the cost of photovoltaics decreasing?

  • Drawbacks of photovoltaics

  • What are the main applications of solar electric systems?

  • To go or not to go solar – that is the question!

  • Some issues to consider before going solar

  • Why would you need a solar electric system?

  • Don’t go solar before reading this!

  • What kind of solar electric system do you need?

  • How big solar electric system do you need?

  • How to finance the cost of your solar electric system?

  • Financial incentives

  • Is your building solar-ready?

  • How to assess your location for solar resource?

  • Why the condition of your roof does matter

  • Free solar panels

  • Solar power for business owners

  • Energy efficiency above all

  • How to improve the energy efficiency of your building

  • The basics of solar power

  • Solar electric systems

  • Grid-connected solar electric systems

  • Stand-alone (off-grid) solar electric systems

  • Advantages and drawbacks of stand-alone systems

  • Why are off-grid systems attractive?

  • Main applications of stand-alone solar electric systems

  • Selecting your solar vendor

  • What to be careful about

Grab the book and get started saving money on electricity and becoming energy independent now!
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release date: Sep 01, 2016
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Investments: The Easy Guide to Building Wealth with Agricultural Business for Beginners
***Investments: The Easy Guide to Building Wealth with Agricultural Business for Beginners***

No matter what your plan is for your agribusiness, the key to your success lies in creating a strong foundation that will support your business into the future.
Creating a profitable agricultural business not only builds wealth for you and your family. It also has the potential to build wealth for the surrounding community.
If you’re ready to leave the corporate rat-race and take the leap into being your own boss, agribusiness is an excellent option. Of course, there is some work and risk involved in getting started, but the rewards can certainly outweigh the risks.

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*Business: How to Quickly Make Real Money - Effective Methods to Make More Money: Easy and Proven Business Strategies for Beginners to Earn Even More Money in Your Spare Time.
*Finance: Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Cyber Heist - Beginners Guide to Help Protect Against Online Theft in the Cyber World.
*Money: Small Business Opportunities - Money Making Ideas - Start Your Own Business for Beginners - Escape the Rat Race and Be Your Own Boss.
release date: Feb 12, 2015
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release date: Nov 24, 2017
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Fuel Storage For Survival: 15 Step-By-Step Lessons On How To Store Diesel, Gasoline, Propane and Kerosene For Disaster Preparedness

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion.

Fuel Storage For Survival: (FREE Bonus Included)

15 Step-By-Step Lessons On How To Store Diesel, Gasoline, Propane and Kerosene For Disaster Preparedness

For those that are interested in survival and planning ahead for disaster, the most frequent things to top their lists are food, water, and shelter. And while these are obviously important provisions to make, they forget a fourth resource that could prove just as important; fuel. The importance of having an adequate supply of fuel during an emergency can not be underestimated.

If, for example, you had to leave your home base of operations in a hurry, and you have an empty gas tank in your vehicle, that stack of 24 pack water in your basement is not going to be of much benefit for you. You also might just might need fuel to run a generator, and other electrical equipment. This book discusses all of the ways in which fuel can be obtained, stored, and used during a crisis. Through 15 easy steps that anyone can understand, you will be able to prepare yourself and your fuel needs during for any emergency.

In this book you will learn how you can:

  • Store gas, diesel, kerosene and propane

  • How to make the best use of fuel

  • Conduct proper maintenance

  • And more!

Download your E book "Fuel Storage For Survival: 15 Step-By-Step Lessons On How To Store Diesel, Gasoline, Propane and Kerosene For Disaster Preparedness" by scrolling up and clicking
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release date: Feb 12, 2013
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The Working Chicken: Learn everything you need to know to become a backyard egg and meat producer in 30 minutes or less!
A short, sweet, and self-sufficient guide to keeping chickens as part of a rural or urban homestead.

Learn everything you need to know to get started on your poultry adventure with these quick answers to your frequently asked questions. The Working Chicken begins by helping you choose the perfect flock for your family, then explains how to feed and house your new pets. Finally, the book's permaculture twist ensures that your chickens will not only be happy and healthy, they'll also keep your family healthy too.

Now with a bonus picture book to inspire the next-generation of chicken lovers!
release date: Mar 03, 2018
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Stop Coding: Learn to test automate without coding and get that automation testing job
The world is changing, A few short years ago a manual tester would run tests against software to check that the requirements had been satisfied. Fast forward to today and businesses want fast test execution, Continuous Integration with little to no human intervention.

Stop Coding is a step-by-step guide into the new way of automated testing, using ground-breaking tools like Katalon Studio, a tool that allows you to test automate without coding.

Easy-to-follow, eye-opening and comprehensive, Stop Coding will let you in on the processes and frameworks you should master, useful tips to make you the most eligible candidate in a job interview and all the little details that will lead you to the automation testing job.

Get first-hand experience from Ajamo Adams who entered the automation arena by curbing the coding challenge and delve into the mysteries of pro standard testing WITHOUT coding!

With free katalon studio training courses, intеrviеw рrераrаtiоnѕ and аdviсе, including information on what уоu should and ѕhоuldn‘t do in the interview process. Rеѕоurсеѕ on working in an agile environment, real intеrviеw ԛuеѕtiоnѕ with answers and everything else needed to get that automation testing job.
release date: Jun 30, 2015
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Woodworking: Smash it A to Z! - Best Beginners Guide to Master Woodworking & Create Shocking Projects At Home (Woodworking, Woodworking Projects, Woodworking Plans, Woodworking For Beginners)

Woodworking: Smash it A to Z !

The Best Beginners Guide to Master Woodworking & Create Shocking Projects At Home !

Woodworking involves creating works of art, although these works of art may not be as delicate as a painting or other art piece. When thinking of woodworking, imagine that you have a beautiful log before you, and you can transform this log into something that is a wonderful and beautiful form of art. By observation, wood products are seen everywhere these days and If you want to enhance the appearance of a room in your home, for instance, then there is no doubt you should include an authentic piece that has been made of wood.

If you want to identify a piece made through woodworking, also known as a wood craft, you are likely to see one when you are visiting malls, offices, museums and even people’s homes. There is significant demand for woodworking products. Transforming an otherwise meaningless piece of wood and turning it into a beautiful artwork is what fuels the passion of the woodworker. Not only is it a fulfilling hobby, it can also be a profitable side business.

Some people face a challenge when learning about woodworking because they are unable to focus on what draws their interests in this field. Having a perspective that is too broad will lead to a potential woodworker being discouraged, frustrated and soon giving up. It doesn’t help when a beginner takes on projects that are too difficult or tries to work with inadequate tools. Being ill prepared can cause one to make the wrong decision that woodworking is not their best choice. This guide will help you avoid making these mistakes to ensure that you become a successful woodworker.

What You're Going to Learn:

  • The First Steps in Woodworking
  • Choosing The Right Wood
  • Creating Your Woodworking Space
  • Measuring Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Shaping Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Safety Tools
  • Wood Working Safety Tips
  • Wood Working Plans Tips
  • Best Techniques to Calculate Board Feet
  • ...And Much More!

So, Are You Ready Smash it at Woodworking ?!

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