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release date: Sep 08, 2017
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HomeMade Author: A Pessimist's Guide to Self Publishing: Episode 5: What I Learned From Agents and Copywriting (The Pessimist's Guide to Self Publishing)

5 years of failure, success, and painfully learning lessons along the way. Agents? Copywriting? How to ACTUALLY make money writing.

Short 30-minute guides containing insights and references to the resources you'll need to succeed time and time again in the massive world of self-publishing. Updated weekly so the information is always relevant.

Optimism is incredibly overexploited in the publishing industry, and you don't need people telling you "If this guy can do it you can!" What you need is someone like me who's not afraid to tell you the truth.

You need to adopt realistic goals and realistic expectations when it comes to this business, or you'll end up penniless and even worse - heartbroken.

I know. I've been there, and I'm going to help you avoid it with every new issue in this quick-read series.

These are proven methods I have used and refined after spending thousands of dollars trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. In my last two promotions, I got 16,000 downloads and very recently 11,000.

In this book you'll learn:

- Many, many, lessons I learned from rejections and one on one agent workshops.
- High Concept Ideas, a definitive guide to comprehension
- Copywriting and how to actually start getting work as a writer
- Resources for education, or to jump right in. All that it requires is a little self-motivation (and that’s a massive thing)

If you are a self-published author and the world of marketing seems infinite and confusing to you, you will benefit from this book.

If you are about to publish your first (or 50th) novel and are currently investing in marketing for your novel, you NEED this book.

I've learned from the mistakes you (hopefully) haven't had the chance to make yet. So hear me out, even if you are a successful author everyone can benefit from seeing real world results from individual vendors on Amazon. I will provide that to you, in a new edition every week either for free or $0.99.

In every issue:
- Specific point by point guides into the many different aspects of the self-publishing world.
- Weekly promotion results (where I test a random promotional campaign on its own and report its EXACT results, so you know what to expect if you choose to use them yourself.)
- Resources and links to help shape your career and improve sales.
- The "Pessimist meter." which analyzes a different book promotion strategy every week.
- Advice on how to stay self-motivated through the "drag" periods.
- Entertaining and engaging content (sometimes)

I can't promise you'll make money off your fiction, but I can promise that I can get you thousands of downloads and it doesn't have to cost thousands to get there.

So take a moment of time, download this book, and keep it as a reference at the very least. This is all carefully collected and tested information, and the results are published to serve you and us as a community, in the hope that we can all keep constantly improving.

Good luck in your self-publishing endeavors! There will be many more issues to come. Now please, buy this book and inform yourself so you can protect and build what matters to you - your career - your books.

Get Episode 2 for only $0.99

release date: Jun 14, 2014
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A Catalog of Inspirational Books
Have you been looking for some new books of inspiration…books that can teach you how to exchange a weakness in your life, for a greater strength that can only be found through Jesus Christ? Would you like to know how you can find God to be a closer friend than your circumstance? “A Catalog of Inspirational Books,” by Author Diane K Chamberlain, will lead you directly to some great books of inspiration; such as “You Are Not Alone in a Lonely World”… “Inspirational Quotes from Above”…“Time Alone with God” and “Words from the Heart”…and let’s not forget the devotion books, along with her memoir… “Baby Steps: A Journey with God through a Lifetime of Pain and Heartache.” Check it out's free!
release date: Jan 31, 2012
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Penguin Classics: A Complete Annotated Listing
A Complete Annotated Listing
  • More than 1,500 titles in print
  • Authoritative introductions and notes by leading academics and contemporary authors
  • Up-to-date translations from award-winning translators
  • Readers guides and other resources available online
  • Penguin Classics on air online radio programs
release date: Mar 10, 2012
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Romantic Love Poems: Poetry Collection of Adoration and Praise (RomanceClass Romantic Self-Help Series Book 3)
Love is all around us. Whether it is a profound love for a higher being, a dedicated love to a spouse or partner, a tender love for children and family members, or a loyal love for friends, we all share in the splendors of love. We can feel a love for nature on witnessing a spectacular sunrise or a tear-inducing sunset. We can be stunned by love when we hold a newborn child in our arms.

These 80 love poems span the centuries, from the earliest in 43 the latest poems written only a few decades ago. Love is universal. All humans have felt love, have thrilled in it, have agonized in it, and have been moved by its power. By reading the love poetry from century to century, we realize just how universal this feeling is, and how powerful it can be.

Love poetry can be perfect for love letters, for meditation, for wedding ceremonies, for reading on a sunny afternoon beneath a willow tree.

I'm always eager to hear of new love poems to add to this collection. If you have a favorite poet, please let me know!

Enjoy this treasury of love poems!
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release date: Oct 07, 2013
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Éditions MultiMondes, 25 ans de savoir en action (French Edition)
La curiosité est sans doute la plus importante qualité humaine, car c’est elle qui, de tout temps, a poussé les humains à se servir de leur intelligence pour comprendre, s’exprimer et apprendre. Mettre à la portée du plus grand nombre de « curieux » possible les connaissances qui nous semblaient les plus porteuses d’avenir a été notre principale motivation pour choisir, préparer et publier les quelque 300 livres parus à l’enseigne des Éditions MultiMondes, depuis leur création, le 15 juillet 1988.
Vingt-cinq ans plus tard, de nombreuses branches porteuses de milliers de feuilles se sont déployées dans l’arbre de la connaissance que nous avons planté et qui a grandi au fil des années. La diversité des sujets présentés étonne. Elle témoigne de l’explosion des connaissances et des compétences – et de leur diffusion – à la fin du dernier siècle et au début de l’actuel.
Un arbre a toujours des racines, souvent aussi considérables que ses branches. Les connaissances véhiculées par les livres des Éditions MultiMondes ne sont pas des connaissances de type encyclopédique : elles sont transmises par des auteurs – tous des compétences dans leur domaine – qui se donnent beaucoup de peine pour partager avec leurs lecteurs leur passion du savoir et du savoir-faire. Ces auteurs ont aussi leurs racines au Québec, principalement, et c’est le savoir d’ici que les Éditions MultiMondes ont d’abord voulu transmettre.
Le présent ouvrage présente des extraits d’une cinquantaine de titres – des récents comme des anciens –, histoire de vous montrer à quel point notre forêt est diversifiée et aussi, de vous intéresser à l’un ou l’autre des sujets traités. Il y en a pour toute la famille ! Quand on s’appelle MultiMondes, on ne se reconnaît pas de limites !
Et il n’y a pas de limites non plus à la reconnaissance que nous portons à nos lecteurs, à nos auteurs et à tous ceux et celles qui nous ont apporté leur soutien au cours de ce merveilleux quart de siècle.
release date: Mar 11, 2017
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Rio Book (Portuguese Edition)
O Rio Book é um rico painel da cidade, com o melhor da cultura, gastronomia, esporte, entretenimento, pontos turísticos, serviços e comércio. Uma bela publicação de arte, fundamental para o Rio de Janeiro e seus amantes e admiradores, sejam visitantes ou moradores. A edição digital leva o Rio de Janeiro por todo o Brasil e pelo mundo, apresentando a programação da cidade, seus eventos e prazeres.
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release date: Oct 09, 2014
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Catalogue Flammarion 2014 : rentrée des essais (French Edition)
Bernard Maris – Houellebecq économiste
Christophe Guilluy – La France périphérique, comment on a sacrifié les classes populaires
Frédéric Denhez – Cessons de ruiner notre sol
Martin Blaser — La Santé par les microbes
Malcolm Gladwell – Nos points faibles sont nos meilleurs atouts, La loi David & Goliath
Jacques Julliard, Jean-Claude Michéa — La Gauche et le peuple
Amartya Sen & Jean Drèze — Splendeur de l’Inde ?, partager les fruits du développement
Philippe Descola – La Composition des mondes
Élie Barnavi – Dix thèses sur la guerre
Jean Lebrun, Isaure Pisani-Ferry – Les Grands Débats qui ont fait la France
Laurent Vidal – Ils ont rêvé d'un autre monde
Graham Robb – Sur les sentiers ignorés du monde celte
Götz Aly – Les Anormaux
Richard Overy – Sous les bombes, Nouvelle histoire de la guerre aérienne
Stephen Greenblatt — Will le Magnifique
John Eliot Gardiner – Musique au château du ciel, Un portrait de Jean-Sébastien Bach
Laure Hillerin – La Comtesse Greffulhe, l’ombre des Guermantes
Antoine Compagnon — Baudelaire, l’irréductible
Yann Dall'aglio – Vies, sentences et doctrines des sages imaginaires, une irrésistible histoire de la philosophie en 14 pastiches
Luc Ferry – Sagesses d'hier et d'aujourd'hui
Alexandre Lacroix – Comment vivre lorsqu'on ne croit en rien
Frédéric Worms – Penser à quelqu'un
Aristote – Œuvres complètes
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release date: Jul 31, 2013
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Rentrée littéraire Flammarion 2013 (French Edition)
Retrouvez dans ce dossier les extraits des ouvrages proposés par les Editions Flammarion et Arthaud pour la rentrée littéraire 2013.

Editions Flammarion :
Hélène Grémillon (La garçonnière), Sabri Louatah (Les sauvages, tome 3), Sandra Lucbert (Mobiles), Pierre Mérot (Toute la noirceur du monde), Dominique Noguez (Une année qui commence bien), Thomas B. Reverdy (Les évaporés), Laurent Seksik (Le cas Eduard Einstein), Troy Blacklaws (Un monde beau, fou et cruel), Melania G. Mazzucco (La longue attente de l'ange), Charlotte Roche (Petites morts).

Editions Arthaud :
Alain Blottière (Mon île au trésor)
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