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release date: Aug 30, 2006
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release date: Jan 01, 2002
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Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I
This biography focuses on the personality and achievements of Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth established a stable government, fought off invasion threats and sowed the seeds of an empire.
release date: Apr 01, 1994
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Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years
A dual memoir reflecting a century of life together traces the lives of sisters Sadie and Bessie Delany, the oldest surviving members of one of America's preeminent Black families.
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release date: Feb 01, 1995
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Crow Dog: Four Generations of Sioux Medicine Men
Documenting the voices of four generations of medicine men, a Native American saga of the Crow Dog family records an unbroken chain of historical events and celebrates Sioux history and culture.
release date: Jul 25, 2017
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Anne of Green Gables (BBC Children's Classics)

Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert have sent to the orphanage for a boy. So when a skinny, red-haired girl turns up, she is not quite what they had in mind. Anne Shirley soon sets the quiet island community of Avonlea talking of little else. With her incessant chatter and intense imagination, things are never dull with Anne—in fact, they are frequently fiery. But slowly the islanders realize that beneath the quicksilver tongue and the red-headed temper is a little girl with a heart of gold, who brings a much-needed warmth and vitality to the community. Since its publication in 1908, the story of Anne Shirley has touched a chord in the hearts of readers all over the world: ". . .old pioneers in the Australian bush, girls in India, missionaries in China, monks in remote monasteries, premiers of Great Britain, and red-headed people all over the world have written to me, telling me how they loved Anne," wrote L.M. Montgomery about her heroine. The infectious liveliness and charm of the novel emanates delightfully from this BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatization.

2 CDs. 2 hrs 24 mins.

release date: May 26, 2015
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My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family's Nazi Past

[Translated by Carolin Sommer]
[Read by Robin Miles]

The internationally bestselling memoir hailed as ''authentically shocking'' (Library Journal) and ''an important document -- proof that history never ends.'' (Profil)

When Jennifer Teege, a German-Nigerian woman, happened to pluck a library book from the shelf, she had no idea that her life would be irrevocably altered. Recognizing photos of her mother and grandmother in the book, she discovers a horrifying fact: her grandfather was Amon Goeth, the vicious Nazi commandant chillingly depicted by Ralph Fiennes in Schindler's List -- a man known and reviled the world over.

Although raised in an orphanage and eventually adopted, Teege had some contact with her biological mother and grandmother as a child. Yet neither revealed that Teege's grandfather was the Nazi ''butcher of Plaszow,'' executed for crimes against humanity in 1946. The more Teege reads about Amon Goeth, the more certain she becomes: if her grandfather had met her -- a black woman -- he would have killed her.

Teege's discovery sends her, at age thirty-eight, into a severe depression -- and on a quest to unearth and fully comprehend her family's haunted history. Her research takes her to Krakow -- to the sites of the Jewish ghetto her grandfather ''cleared'' in 1943 and the Plaszow concentration camp he then commanded -- and back to Israel, where she herself once attended college, learned fluent Hebrew, and formed lasting friendships. Teege struggles to reconnect with her estranged mother, Monika, and to accept that her beloved grandmother once lived in luxury as Amon Goeth's mistress at Plaszow.

Teege's story is cowritten by award-winning journalist Nikola Sellmair, who also contributes a second, interwoven narrative that draws on original interviews with Teege's family and friends and adds historical context. Ultimately, Teege's resolute search for the truth leads her, step by step, to the possibility of her own liberation.

release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Mary Queen Of Scots
A biography of Mary Queen of Scots which, when originally published in 1969, won the James Tait Black Memorial prize.
release date: Sep 15, 2014
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Finding Your Roots: The Official Companion to the PBS Series
[Read by Bill Andrew Quinn]

An illuminating exploration of who we are, how we lost track of our roots, and how we can find them again.

Who are we, and where do we come from? The fundamental drive to answer these questions is at the heart of Finding Your Roots, the companion book to the hit PBS documentary series. As Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. shows us, the tools of cutting-edge genomics and deep genealogical research now allow us to learn more about our roots, looking further back in time than ever before. Gates' investigations take on the personal and genealogical histories of more than twenty luminaries, including Congressman John Lewis, actor Robert Downey Jr., CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, former secretary of labor Linda Chavez, and comedian Margaret Cho. Interwoven with their moving stories of immigration, assimilation, strife, and success is practical information for amateur genealogists just beginning archival research on their own families' roots. Gates also details the advances in genetic research now available to the public. The result is an illuminating exploration of who we are, how we lost track of our roots, and how we can find them again.

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release date: Feb 01, 2013
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The Roosevelts: An American Saga
The story of the Roosevelts is usually seen as a tale of two presidents--Theodore and Franklin--separated by time and politics, and of two families--the Oyster Bay and Hyde Park branches--that had little to do with each other. Collier and Horowitz paint an explosive new portrait which offers a completely unique view of America's longest lasting and most powerful dynasty. In this brilliant biography, we are given a look inside a family divided--two branches involved in an epic battle for the family legacy. We see for the first time how the ideals of two presidents were passed on to members of later generations, ennobling some and crushing others. The Roosevelts is a rare look at what brought this exceptional group of people together and what drove them apart.
release date: Nov 03, 2011
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