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release date: May 01, 2001
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release date: Sep 23, 2018
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release date: Mar 21, 2016
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Scared Speechless: 9 Ways to Overcome Your Fears and Captivate Your Audience

Scared Speechless is coauthored by talent rep and 2015 Oscar® publicist Steve Rohr and Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri, a clinical psychologist who has appeared on The Doctors, Hollywood Exes, Workout, and Dr. Drew.

It really is true: What you say and how you say it speaks volumes about your professional promise and leadership potential. Whether it's giving an impromptu sales pitch or keynoting a major business conference, public speaking can make you or break you.

Scared Speechless takes a powerful and unique approach that sets it apart from other public-speaking guides. For the first time ever, the psychology behind our fears is used to explain and tame our anxiety. That's the science. Combine it with the art of organizing and delivering a spectacular speech, and you have the freshest, most entertaining, and effective public speaking book available. This easy-to-use book contains:

• Funny, accessible, and practical wisdom you can start using immediately.
• Real-world examples and humorous anecdotes.
• Advice that applies to every kind of speech in every kind of setting to every kind of audience.

Believe it or not, many screen legends still fear public speaking. Just because you've won an Oscar® doesn't make you immune to the jitters!

release date: Feb 14, 2017
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Write Better Right Now: The Reluctant Writer's Guide to Confident Communication and Self-Assured Style

In almost any career, you must know how to write—even if it’s not part of your job description. But if you are a reluctant writer, producing even the simplest memo may be a struggle.

Write Better Right Now is the springboard to get you ahead in any job, passion project, or situation that requires writing skills. No matter what you are called upon to do—blog posts, speeches, web content, press releases, or more—this step-by-step manual gives you the solid techniques you need to get the task done.

Write Better Right Now works because it is:

  • Short—It takes a concise approach, from first thoughts to final edits, and its “mix-and-match” structure means you only have to read the sections you need.
  • Practical—It is loaded with summations, short cuts, tips, cheat sheets, and hands-on exercises.
  • Solution-driven—Knowing where you’ve gone wrong is half the battle.
Write Better Right Now offers you the tools to identify your own problem patterns and choose the quickest and most appropriate fixes.

release date: Dec 29, 2005
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Audio Tape for Hot Topics 3
Audio Tapes provide complete readings to increase students' understanding of the material.
release date: Jan 09, 2017
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Culture Crossing: Discover the Key to Making Successful Connections in the New Global Era
In an era when people, money, and information are flowing faster than ever across international boundaries, we are all just one step away from a culture crash. It's a phenomenon that occurs when someone from one culture unintentionally confuses or offends someone from another culture. Today, culture crashes even occur on our home turf, where our workplaces and communities are diversifying at astonishing rates. Global business consultant Michael Landers offers a proven strategy for minimizing culture crashes to maximize our ability to seize new opportunities and build strong, profitable connections with anybody. Landers' methodology has succeeded over the past two decades with leading Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions in the United States and around the world.
release date: Jun 26, 2014
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Les Vacances Du Petit Nicolas - Audio CD (French Edition)
Très chouette réédition en format carré originel et en couverture cartonnée, Les vacances du Petit Nicolas sont le troisième volume de la collection intégrale du Petit Nicolas, rééditée pour la première fois en 14 volumes.
Avec humour et tendresse, Goscinny campe le Petit Nicolas en maillot bain. Bains-les-Mers et la pension de l hôtel Beau-Rivage sentent bon les souvenirs de vacances en famille si... apaisantes ! Et en quelques coups de crayon, Sempé donne toute la mesure de son talent en restituant joyeusement la poésie de l enfance.
release date: Sep 01, 2003
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My Fellow Americans: The Most Important Speeches of America's Presidents, from George Washington  to George W. Bush (Book & CD)
The history of the United States lives in the words of its presidents-words that heal, inspire and sometimes divide a nation and the world. My Fellow Americans brings to life two centuries of American history, as you read and hear the presidential speeches that defined our nation's most dramatic moments.

My Fellow Americans presents, in text and on two audio CDs, more than 40 of the greatest speeches from American presidents. Former White House chief speechwriter Michael Waldman introduces them, telling their dramatic stories and explaining their impact. In original essays, Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton describe the talks that influenced them the most. Included are captivating photographs, illustrations and handwritten manuscripts, including:

-Never-before-seen handwritten speech notes used by President Clinton
-The speech, announcing an attack on Cuba, that President Kennedy did not have to give during the Cuban missile crisis
-An actual photo of Lincoln at Gettysburg

And much more...

The accompanying audio CDs let you hear these great speeches as they happened-some recordings are more than 100 years old-and reenact speeches from before the dawn of recorded audio. We hear the voices of every president since Benjamin Harrison. Experience some of our greatest moments, such as "The Only Thing We Have to Fear, Is Fear Itself," "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You" and "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall." Hear Lyndon Johnson adopt "We Shall Overcome" for all Americans; John F. Kennedy proclaim "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" at the Berlin Wall; and a fascinating account by a man who saw and heard President Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address.

My Fellow Americans presents a fascinating journey through American history that can be shared with your family and friends, whether you're reliving the event, or hearing it together for the first time.
release date: Jun 19, 2021
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Georgie and the Noisy Ghost
CASSETTE TAPE, artwork and case in very good condition. Story is told on Side A and Story is told again on Side B with turn-the-page signals. NO Book included.
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release date: Apr 01, 1993
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Grammarchants: Cassette (Jazz Chants)
Grammarchants is a lively review of basic grammatical structures. Each unit opens with a "grammarchant" which presents a basic aspect of grammar, followed by a series of related chants that reinforce the structure. An answer key is included. An audio CD and Cassette features all of the chants.
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