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release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Finley Creek (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Ten years. Three months. Sixteen days. That was how long it had been since Gabby Kendall had felt safe. As a teenager, she’d witnessed the execution of four members of the Marshall family and been powerless to help. The case had remained unsolved—the killers were still out there.

And they knew who Gabby was. Where she lived. Who her friends were. They knew everything about her.

Elliot Marshall, Jr had never intended to take the position with the Finley Creek Texas State Police that his father had once filled. Sitting at the same desk his father had before he’d been killed brought it all rushing back.

Not just for Elliot.

For Gabby. For Gabby’s new best friend—a woman who’d known his family long ago, too. For the killers. He’d keep his late sister’s best friend out of harm’s way—no matter what the cost.

Gabby would gladly take his protection—but what would she do if the price of her safety was the woman who’d become her new best friend?

Or Elliot?

She couldn’t lose someone she loved like that ever again…
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release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Family of Fire (12 Book Series)
From Book 1: Needing a family of her own, Shaina Moore decides to become a mail order bride. Leaving New York she travels to the town of Viking, Montana, with the intention of marrying James Randall Jr.

James is shocked when a woman arrives claiming to be his bride. He never sent for Shaina, but due to his late stepmother's meddling, he is now responsible for her. However, James’s current situation demands that he take a wife, and he reluctantly decides to marry her for the good of his family.

But trouble is brewing in Viking, and Shaina seems to be at the center of it. Old secrets are in danger of coming out, and one man is willing to kill to keep those secrets hidden. Can James protect Shaina and stop this man from killing again?

***This book contains violent scenes which may be objectionable to some readers***
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release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Crawley Creek (8 Book Series)
From Book 1: Snowed in on a ranch in North Dakota, Lacy can’t resist Drannon’s cowboy charm.

She is a good girl, a smart girl, a logical girl. Vacation romances were never on the agenda. But from the moment Lacy Denvers’ locked eyes with the sexy ranch owner, Drannon Russo all of her good intentions flew out the window.

Drannon has one focus, making Crawley Creek Ranch a success. People depend on him, lives are at stake. He’d buried his dreams of a family of his own, knowing he had to keep his head in the game. Then Lacy arrives at his ranch.

Lacy and Drannon are soon caught up in a whirlwind of passion that leave them both thunderstruck. Their flirtatious dalliance is only the beginning, as the magic between them is lifechanging.

Will reality rear its ugly head when the snow melts, or will this city girl find her heart’s desire on North Dakota cattle Ranch?
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Corridors of Power (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: Much of Kenna's life has been relatively uncomplicated, largely because it has been blessedly unconstrained by the whims of kings or queens: the years she can barely remember before her first departure for France, the early years in France before Mary was sent to the convent and her ladies home, the years in Scotland before her mother’s death, her time at French court before her dalliance with Henry, the period between the plague and Francis’s descent into madness, and the time after she and Bash arrived in Scotland until Mary's return to rule in her own right.

But after Mary's return, Kenna's life once again becomes defined by royal commands and royal acts.
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Cutter's Creek (21 Book Series)
From Book 1: Jack Carlson spied for the union army for four, long years and what did he get for his trouble? Blindness. Battered by the war and lost without his sight, he seeks refuge in Cutter’s Creek, Montana. There he hopes to heal his bitter heart. But he’s going to need a lot more help than what he can come up with. His cousin, the local preacher, thinks so too and sends off for a mail-order bride for him, praying a wife will do the trick.
Willow Bennett has been in love with the same man all her life. As a young girl she followed Jack Carlson and his friends until they managed to out run her. As a young woman…well, a girl can dream, can’t she? Imagine her surprise when she becomes a mail-order bride and discovers Jack is her intended! That’s not the only surprise she gets in this story of forgiveness, hope and love.
That Healing Touch is the first book in a new series written by multiple authors. Enjoy these introductory novellas of sweet historical western romance, and get to know the folks in Cutter’s Creek, Montana!
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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A Gabriel Torrent Western (7 Book Series)
From Book 1: A stagecoach has arrived. The door opens and you find a man holding a book. That book is called “Preachers Corner: Gunfighter of the West Book 1,” and the owner tells you this is the latest western bestseller from Bruce G. Bennett. You are stuck in Cheyenne for the day—you sit down and you start to read.
Why is railroad magnate, Leonard Green, suddenly so interested in sleepy little Preacher’s Corner? Find out in this action packed story about the Wild West when it was really wild. Are Apaches behind burning out and murdering settlers or is some insidious plot afoot? It’s going to take cavalry Major Gabriel Torrent and a host of colloquial characters to figure out the puzzle. Throw in renegade Apaches and you have a great mix of Americana reminiscent of Zane Grey. Be there when the moment of truth is revealed in Preachers Corner.
Filled with action-packed drama, great gunfights and the writing of Bruce G. Bennett you will not be able to put down “Preachers Corner.” Stake your claim now, and spend your hours with one of the best western books of the year.
release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Mail Order Brides Out of Time (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: A surprise inheritance, a new start, and a stipulation that could break them. Can Anna and her sisters save their future or are they Out of Time? Find out in this sweet romance for FREE on KU and just $0.99 to own.

When Anna and her sisters arrived in Manning they thought their troubles were over. Finding out they had been left a ranch had filled the girls with joy. Yet the reality is a little different. It is run down, with no ranch hands, and no water. Still the girls are determined to make the most of their situation. That is until they hear the last part of the will.

Waiting for them is a final stipulation. They have just four months for all of them to marry or they will forfeit their inheritance!
With the cattle failing Anna knows the wedding plans will have to wait. She sets off to tackle their neighbor. The man who has diverted the water away from their ranch.

Leon Rudkin Gaines, is handsome, arrogant, and stubborn. He knows that the ranch will fail and the cattle will die. This way he is saving them all a lot of effort. If he buys out the ranch then it will be best for everyone. Only he didn’t bank on Anna’s stubbornness and beauty. It looks like he could lose more than he bargained for if his plan backfires.

Find out if Leon and Anna can ever work together to save the ranch and more in this clean and inspirational historical
western romance that is suitable for all ages.
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release date: Jun 28, 2017
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Three Rivers Express (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: The Express took men and rode them hard across the West. That adventuring spirit belonged to men full of life, ready for whatever met them on the trail, everything, except for love.

Ransom McCain was the last man hired to ride for the Three Rivers station, but he was chosen to take the first ride west because he could think on his feet. Tensions are high because there are people determined to make the express fail, and little does Ransom know that he would fall for a woman caught in the crossfire.

Delia Burroughs is a young woman with plenty of heart and the strength of spirit to help her family survive in the West. But one by one they’ve left until it’s just Delia and her father. His grief and struggles may make it impossible for her to leave and make a family of her own. When she met Ransom, she knew she’d found a man she could love, but forces are determined to take her new home from her and perhaps her chance at real love.

Ransom and Delia will have to decide if what’s happening between them is something they want to fight for, or will they let themselves be pulled apart by the danger they’re both facing.

The Three Rivers Express Series is a set of Sweet Western Historical Romance which will be written alternately by Reina Torres and Nan O’Berry

Starting with the Spring of 1860 when the Pony Express began their service of mail delivery between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California, each of the Three Rivers Express books will take on a new season and a different rider.

Spring 1860 - “Always, Ransom” by: Reina Torres
Summer 1860 - “Always, Clay” by: Nan O'Berry
Fall 1860 - “Always, Wyeth” by: Reina Torres
Winter 1860 - “Always, Stone” by: Nan O'Berry

Ride the trails with our intrepid heroes and heartwarming heroines of the town of Three Rivers, Wyoming
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release date: Jun 28, 2017
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The Family Affair Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
This is a clean mail order bride story with 12 FREE BONUS STORIES Included!

Lucy Barnes’ life wasn’t going to plan. Two years on since she left the orphanage and the pressure to get married was all consuming. Her sister in law Penny had meant well with her matchmaking, but Lucy had failed to impress any of her potential suitors. Now with an ultimatum, she is desperate to find a husband and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Jake seemed a good and kind man, right from the first time she saw his ad. The kind of man that she could spend her life with and raise a family. But just when she falls head over heels in love, her past comes back to haunt her.
No one is more shocked than Lucy with the news. Can Jake come to terms with his own past in time to save their relationship or will Lucy’s dreams of wedded bliss become little more than a dim and distant fantasy?

This is a standalone story with no cliffhangers and a Happy-Ever-After ending.
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release date: Jun 28, 2017
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The Gallaghers of Montana (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: Dr. Jack Gallagher, one of Marietta, Montana's most eligible bachelors, hasn't been serious about a woman since his wife died five years ago. He's been content to date occasionally, practice medicine and raise his teenage daughter.

Then happily divorced former fashion model, Maya Parrish, moves back to Marietta, with her own teenaged daughter in tow forcing Jack to rethink his casual dates only rule. Maya, Jack's high school girlfriend and almost fiancée, may have broken his heart the night of their high school graduation, but the moment Jack and Maya meet again, all the sizzle and sparks, and then some, come rushing back.

Maya is ready to give love a second try. Jack isn't sure he can take that chance again. He knows how quickly happiness can be ripped away, leaving heartbreak in its place. Can a mad, passionate affair last or will it burn itself out as quickly as it began?

The Gallaghers of Montana Series
Book 1: Sing Me Back Home
Book 2: Love Me, Cowgirl
Book 3: The Doctor's Christmas Proposal
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