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release date: Oct 20, 2017
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Florida Butterflies (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Creating a vibrant and active Florida butterfly garden is easy.
This book is written by a hobbyist, conservationist and educator. It provides readers with a basic level of environmental education.
Entomology is made simple.
Each chapter contains specific action steps for the reader. Color photos allow the reader to see what plants are necessary and what caterpillars and butterflies they can expect to attract.
Most people think that planting flowers will attract butterflies. Read this brief book to discover why flowers aren’t the answer to butterfly conservation. With targeted actions, your Florida garden can have butterflies by the end of the week!
release date: Oct 20, 2017
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The F.A.S.T. Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: WARNING: This book is not recommended for people with heart conditions, those taking anti-anxiety medications, or people easily repulsed by ghastly levels of (purely necessary) violence and mayhem. Read at your own risk. The author takes no responsibility for nightmares, mental anxieties or phobias resulting from this book.

For everyone else, buckle-up because:

THOUSANDS are dying inside.

HIDDEN under the burning Arizona desert is the grandest ‘Science-City’ ever created, and all hell is breaking loose. Using stolen genetic research, terrorists are unleashing a devastating attack on the civilian scientists, on their families, on their children. No one is spared.

BARELY one hundred and fifty souls survive the first seven minutes. Injured and wounded, limping or carried, they are frantically battling from minute to minute for their very lives. The odds are stacked against them, but one thing is in their favor.

CAPTAIN Alexander Coleman is just minutes away, and he’s not coming alone. He commands a full platoon of Special Forces Marines. His estranged wife, Vanessa, and eight year old son, David, might still be alive in the besieged underground complex. The chance they both survived is slim, but that’s more than enough.

PURE HORROR awaits him, and a frantic race to control the most devastating weapons of mass-destruction ever created: Living weapons.

BUT ABOVE ALL, more important than anything else, Captain Alexander Coleman must save his family.

Special note: FAST has an active table of contents, is approximately 100,000 words, and displays seamlessly with Kindles and all other eBook reading devices.

About the Author:
Father of three, SHANE M BROWN was born in 1974 and writes from Brisbane, Australia. He attended James Cook University from 1991 to 1998, graduating with a Bachelor of Biological Science with majors in Zoology and Archaeology, a First Class Honors Degree in Underwater Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Environmental Management. In addition to FAST, his two other novels are titled PLAZA and MELT. His collection of short stories is titled AFTER. Before dedicating himself to full-time writing, Shane published multiple award winning and nationally short-listed stories. Most recently, one of these stories was optioned for a feature film. Currently Shane is working on the sequel to FAST and assisting in the development of the feature film.
release date: Oct 20, 2017
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Intuition (2 Book Series)
From Book 1:


Book of Intuition - an Introduction to the Power of Intuition

The power of intuition is strong. When acted upon it can alter not only individual lives but the course of history, the turn of events in business and help develop personal growth to innumerable heights. It is an inexplicable pull that defies logic, disrupts the status quo and delivers unexpected often exponential results. We often simply refer to it is gut feel.

As a young semiconductor engineer in Silicon Valley, Yama inexplicably felt a pull towards Canada. Born and raised in Japan, trained as an engineer and scientist, Canada had never appeared on his radar before, and yet, there it was, out of the blue, a sudden curiosity about a country which was foreign to him in more respects than one. He spent hours at the local library boning up on the country and ultimately visiting it before returning to Japan.

Yama is a space scientist, an engineer and, improbable as it may appear, a lifelong student of “the invisible world.” He now lectures on and holds international seminars on the power of intuition. This is his first book. Here he adroitly intertwines the visible with the invisible; with examples of intuitive powers that drove ancient generals to sacrifice in order to save; of dreams visited upon titans of industry that made the difference between success and defeat, and how by following his own intuitive signals he built a life on two seemingly opposing pillars: logic and intuition.

As a primitive society we humans honed our intuitive powers. It is the very essence of our survival. With continued progress and the introduction of technology, Yama believes that our intuitive powers are being silenced by all the external noise about us and that we are fast losing our ability to hear the faint whisper that is intuition. That is dangerous as we begin to depend on indoctrination rather than intuition.

In this book, Yama not only builds a case for the power of intuition, but tells us how we can reawaken this powerful natural ability we call intuition that is within each one of us.

release date: Oct 20, 2017
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release date: Oct 20, 2017
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Sanctuary Tales (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Whiskers and Bear were two of the best dogs in the world. They didn’t always listen or even try to listen, but they were loyal to a fault, and they were the best of friends. They hunted all of their food, and they protected our animal sanctuary with no regard for their own safety.
release date: Oct 20, 2017
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Scruffy Series (2 Book Series)
Scruffy was one of 3 pups born after her mother was abandoned by her owner when the old terraced street where they lived was bulldozed to make way for a new development. Scruffy alone survived, only to be lost to the lonely and dangerous life of a stray, before being found and put in the Tuesday cage of a big-city dog pound . . . where strays only get one week to live.

It was there that the author, Jack Stoneley, a reporter for a national newspaper, saw Scruffy and determined to find her an owner. Jack's story appeared on the day Scruffy was due for execution – and his paper’s millions of readers refused to let the little dog die. Phone lines were jammed as 10,000 people called to ‘Save Scruffy’. Even the Air Force wanted her as a mascot, and people travelled for miles to queue outside her cell. When it was all over, miner’s son Derrick Davies was the lucky winner.

Jack was so moved he wrote Scruffy: the Tuesday Dog based on her life, with the help of Derrick who tells how Scruffy marked his life forever. Dubbed a classic for catching a dog’s-eye view of the world, Warner Brothers even made a cartoon film of it for TV, which can now be seen in 6 parts on YouTube.

This is a tragic, touching, but ultimately joyful tale of a dog abandoned to the lonely life of a stray. You will read it again and again, marvelling that the canine characters are so real.

'Scruffy is a classic for perfectly catching a dog's-eye view of the world.' -- Library Journal

'A heart-warming story for dog lovers everywhere . . . Full of fun and love.' -- Book Review Service

Jack Stoneley, a reporter and later national newspaper editor who loved animals as much (and sometimes more) than he loved humans, is the author of a number of other books, including Jenny’s War, another true story, about a mother, Jenny Baines, who goes in search of her son who was shot down over Germany in the Second World War. Jenny’s War was made into a series for ITV, starring Dyan Cannon, Nigel Hawthorne, Robert Hardy Christopher Cazenove and Hugh Grant.
release date: Oct 20, 2017
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The Animal Kids’ Books Series (11 Book Series)
From Book 1:

Sea Turtles is the first in a series of books exploring the animal kingdom using both words and amazing pictures of animals.

The world of animals

Animals come in all shapes and sizes and include mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. And, whether we are talking about wild animals or their more familiar domestic counterparts, we are looking at a fascinating world that you can spend a lifetime exploring, and only scratch the surface.

Sea Turtles - Amazing Pictures and Animal Facts Everyone Should Know looks at what many people consider to be weird sea creatures. It would however perhaps be more accurate to describe them as prehistoric sea creatures, because they represent some of the oldest living creatures known today. The relatively small number of endangered sea turtles that share this planet with us today are the most amazing animals, and this book of animal facts and animal pictures contains a wealth of information about these intriguing air-breathing reptiles.

With an ancestry dating back to the early days of the dinosaurs here on earth, the book looks at the life of 7 of the world's oldest and most incredible creatures:

  • The king of the marine turtles - the leatherback sea turtle.
  • The stunningly beautiful hawksbill sea turtle.
  • The big-headed loggerhead sea turtle.
  • The grazing green sea turtle.
  • The heart-shaped olive Ridley sea turtle.
  • The Australian sea turtle - the flatback.
  • The baby of the marine turtles - the Kemp's Ridley.

After a lifetime spent studying the animal kingdom at first hand as she has traveled the globe, Ann Lawrence brings the world of these marine creatures to life with some of the most amazing pictures you will find anywhere.

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Please note that this Kindle version of the book includes a free downloadable Sea Turtles Quiz book (in PDF format). Details of how to download your copy of the Sea Turtles Quiz can be found inside the Kindle book.

release date: Oct 20, 2017
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Unlikely Friends Series (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Alone, broke, with only the street smarts gleaned from her addict parents, sixteen-year-old Leah Grace huddled in an abandoned trailer. Now that she had escaped, how to survive? How to reach her secret and impossible dream? Comfort, answers, and healing arrive on four hooves, four paws, two flippers and a fluked tail. Join her journey where misfit friends redeem each other with a language universally known.
Look for Book 2 of Unlikely Friends Series : Unlikely Redemption (
release date: Oct 20, 2017
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Timmerbergs ABC (Reihe in 4 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Die schönsten Geschichten liegen hinter der Gefahr. Direkt dahinter.

Wie hoch ist das Risiko, von einer herunterfallenden Kokosnuss erschlagen zu werden? Wie krault der Urlauber gegen die Strömung zum Strand zurück? Was tut man, wenn man von einem Hunderudel überfallen wird? Und warum sollte man den nächsten Flieger nach Hause nehmen, wenn man im Ausland Zahnschmerzen bekommt?
Weltenbummler Helge Timmerberg verrät seine besten Tipps und Tricks von A wie Anfängerfehler bis Z wie Zahnarzt. Dieses Buch gehört in jede Reisetasche, denn man sollte nicht eher aus dem Flieger steigen, ehe man es durchgelesen hat, sicher ist sicher ...
Illustriert vom besten deutschen Comic-Künstler 2002, Peter Puck.
release date: Oct 20, 2017
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Darwin als Kirchenvater (Reihe in 10 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Das Programm der Darwin-Gespräche lautet: Sesquiistik. Zwischen Monismus und Dualismus angesiedelt sollte die Evolutionslehre zur Prima Philosophia für unsere Zeit aufsteigen!
Auf den Thron einer ersten Philosophie wollen heutzutage viele Schriftsteller die Evolutionslehre setzen, sie meinen, mit einer solchen Philosophie das Ende von Geist und Religion verkünden zu können. Ihr Fehler ist der Monismus, mit dem sie Zufall und Notwendigkeit als ein volles Wissensprinzip ansehen. Für den Darwinismus des 19. Jahrhunderts würde ihr monistisches Urteil zutreffen. Charles Darwin lag zwar goldrichtig mit seiner Abstammungslehre und mit dem ‚Kampf ums Überleben‘, nur hat er seine Lehre damals nicht richtig verstehen können. Der Zufall in der Mutation ist eben ein Nichtwissen.
Auch der Dualismus auf der anderen Seite, der eine doppelte Kodierung der Wirklichkeit annimmt, leistet nicht das Gewünschte, da seine reklamierte Eigenständigkeit des Geistes immer in der Gefahr steht, als Epiphänomen verdrängt zu werden. Erst in der Mitte zwischen Monismus und Dualismus vollbringt die Sesquiistik die Verbindung von Geist und Natur.
Der Wandel der Physik gibt uns zu Anfang des 21. Jahrhunderts die Möglichkeit an die Hand, die Evolutionslehre als das zu verstehen, was sie ist, als Vorbereitung für die Erkenntnis der Freiheit. Was Darwin jetzt zu verkünden hat, lautet: Freiheit in der Natur ist möglich und wahrscheinlich, denn Freiheit ist das Schattenspiel von Zufall und Notwendigkeit.
Nach Platonismus, Aristotelismus und Kantianismus haben wir hier in der Evolutionslehre eine Prima Philosophia vorliegen, an welche die Theologie besser als an die vorigen Gestalten anknüpfen kann. Der Darwin des 21. Jahrhunderts bereitet der Theologie einen neuen Frühling und verkündet ihn in eigener Person in diesen Gesprächen.
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