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release date: Dec 14, 2017
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Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth: the Guide to Sustainable Shire Living (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: SAVE 20%! Buy all Four books of the Be a Hobbit series in ONE ebook, for only $7.99, instead of $9.96!

Our Earth is in peril. The continued survival of our own species is in question. Do today’s crises worry you? Do you really know the extent of what’s really happening around you? Or have you, like many, been afraid to examine these things too closely. Even if you knew what was wrong, would you be able to affect real change on such immense problems? Are you living like a Hobbit in the burning Shire? Is Saruman polluting your neighborhood? your city? your nation? Were you once a comfortable, respectable Hobbit only to be rudely awakened by orcs and evil wizards in your doorway? Will you ignore the portents of doom? Or are you brave enough to stare the Ringwraiths, dragons, orcs, Saurmans and Saurons of our planet in the eye, and fight back?

In Mordor is at the Door: Our Modern Burning Shire, part I of Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth, Steve Bivans examines the problems facing mankind and our planet today through the lens of Tolkien’s world and the War of the Ring. The similarities are all around you, and the struggle is indeed very real. Middle Earth faced destruction at the hands of Sauron and Saruman; our world is under attack from the metaphorical Two Towers: Ignorance & Fear, and Poverty & Greed. Saruman-ic, Corporate Capitalism threatens to control and poison our agriculture, education systems, governments, and our common property—both real and cultural. Worst of all, our sense of humanity and hospitality is being sapped and despoiled. If left to continue unabated, the modern Saurons and Sarumans will devour the basic resources essential to our survival: the water, soil, and the very air we breathe. Steve argues that we are living in Saruman’s smoking Shire and that just like Frodo and company, we can no longer rely on Gandalf, Gimli, and Legolas to bail us out; we modern Hobbits must do it ourselves.

Mordor is at the Door is not for the feint of heart, the weak-willed, the willfully ignorant, or the oblivious. The problems we face are serious and they are not a fantasy, or a game. Far from it. This is a real War of the Ring, and the stakes are as high as they can be: our survival as a species. If we lose, we lose it all; like the millions of failed species before, we’ll become dusty, fossil footnotes preserved in the crust of our ancient planet. If we win, we will create a world worth fighting for. But don’t despair like Denethor. Parts II, III, and IV will give you a roadmap to Mordor and back again, and show you how destroy your evil ‘Ring’, how to ‘Be’ a Hobbit, transform your existing home into a sustainable Hobbit-hole, and how to clean up your Shire, your neighborhood, your city, and your nation. Are you in? Will you Be a Hobbit, and Save the Earth?

release date: Dec 14, 2017
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The Natural Order School of Magic Series (4 Book Series)
From Book 1: Marked as a criminal, Tristan Fairholm is given a new chance at life when he is offered a place at a school of magic.

But nothing is as it seems.

As Tristan and his new friends race to save the school from an unknown vandal, they are unaware of the greatest danger of all - the school itself.

If you loved Harry Potter and Divergent, you won’t want to miss this new teen fantasy series!


"It’s like characters from my favorite series had been gathered into a book. "

"This book gave so many Harry Potter feels."

"The Natural Order has a raw, suspenseful energy running through it from beginning to end."


Tristan Fairholm has always liked fixing things. It makes up for everything in his life he can’t mend—his parents’ divorce, his father’s alcoholism, and his little brother’s weak heart. But when he kills his brother in a car accident, he destroys the only thing he truly cared for.

He has nearly given up when a mysterious woman appears and offers him a place at a school of magic. Along with fifteen other juvenile delinquents, Tristan is given a chance to escape penitentiary while he studies magic in the wild mountains of Canada.

As he learns to extract and shape raw magic, Tristan finds unexpected friendship in his fellow students, from lovable Rusty Lennox to mysterious, fey Amber Ashton. But when the school is threatened by a vandal who endangers the lives of everyone living there, Tristan learns that the magic they are harvesting is being put to a dark and dangerous use. While he races to uncover the vandal before his friends are harmed, Tristan must decide if his new friends and his freedom are more important than his morals.
release date: Dec 14, 2017
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The Pedestrian's Guidebook to Camping In Time (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Four and a half BILLION years in the making! A lost and found explorer's journal which will take you on a journey deep into the realities and dangers of Geological Time. With fully painted illustrations and maps of the Geological Periods you will be camping in, "The Pedestrian's Guidebook to Camping In Time" is a landmark event in the story of our planet. Book 1 of 3. Science Fiction / Science Fact / Science Education
release date: Dec 14, 2017
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The Erelong Trilogy (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: For fans of A. G. Riddle, Scott Sigler, and Ray Bradbury.

Bored with life as a farm hand, Storm accepts a request from a local astronomer to deliver a message. Little does he know his world will be blown apart when he reaches Canberra. Intercepted then befriended by a strange giant of a man ensconced under the nation's government buildings, he learns an awful truth--the world has months before it falls under the magnetic pull of the Dark Star, the invisible binary twin of the Sun.

Storm is told a pole shift is about to change the face of the planet. The powerful elites know this and plan to benefit from the knowledge they hide from the rest of the world. To survive the coming catastrophe, Storm, his family and his friends must negotiate the increasingly brutal security forces and the assassin teams acting for the elites. They know survival may be possible, so long as they are ready to fight...

Advanced technologies hide the intruder from space. Until the elites are safe in their sanctuaries they use distractions and chaos in an attempt to control the growing unrest, triggering global conflict and economic collapse. The world Storm once knew would never be the same again, but he is already adapting and changing...

Praise for Gerard O'Neill

"the writing style is often brilliant." - Mike Dixon, Readers' Favorite Preview

"plenty of gritty action throughout, with some engaging and well rounded characters... The author weaves a grand conspiracy." - Andy Lloyd, author of Ezekiel One

"a character driven story that is a roller coaster from beginning to end." - Brian's Book Blog

"Even being over 400 pages I read it in one day." - Ronovan Writes, Lit World Interviews

And the series continues...

release date: Dec 14, 2017
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Physische Geographie (Reihe in 2 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Die Geomorphologie beschäftigt sich mit der wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung der Formen der Erdoberfläche, dem Relief der festen Erde und seiner Entwicklung. Diese Einführung stellt folgendes Grundlagenwissen zur Verfügung: Grundlagen der Geomorphologie; Geologische Grundlagen, endogene Dynamik und Strukturformen; Minerale und Gesteine; Verwitterung; Gravitative Massenbewegungen, Fluvialmorphologie; Glaziale und periglaziale Formen und Prozesse; Äolische Formen und Prozesse; Litorale Formen und Prozesse; Karst; Geomorphologische Haupteinheiten Deutschlands. Das Buch bietet einen Überblick über die wesentliche Fachterminologie der Geomorphologie und macht Zusammenhänge klar. Als einfaches Lehr- und kompaktes Nachschlagewerk ist das Buch geeignet für Lernende der Oberstufe, Studierende der Geographie, Geologie und Umweltwissenschaften sowie für Lehramtsstudenten aller Schulstufen.
Die 1. Aufl. 2006 erschien unter dem Titel ›Geomorphologie‹. Bei der WBG erschien ergänzend der Titel ›Physische Geographie 2. Klima-, Hydro-, Boden-, Vegetationsgeographie‹.
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release date: Dec 14, 2017
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History: Fiction or Science? (22 Book Series)
From Book 1: NASA research of earth-moon mechanics of late astrophysicist Robert Newton leads Russian mathematicians to a breakthrough in the chronology of the world history that crowns 30 years of meticulous and extensive research. This research was actually an anecdotical byproduct of Russian-American competition in Moon exploration.'The The issue with Chronology' is the first volume in "History: Fiction or Science?" e-series, the fundamental oeuvre that exposes and expounds the numerous in-veracities of the traditional version of history.

The alternatives offered to classical history are stunning, unorthodox to the extent of being labeled heretical by virtually every scholar of history. In "The Issue with Chronology" we are reminded of when the contemporary chronological scale was created and by whom, with the culprits named as the XVI-XVII century clergy that was in charge of all matters historical in that age.

We also learn that the consensual model of history had prominent critics ever since its creation – among them such names as Sir Isaac Newton and Jean Hardouin, chief librarian of Louis XIV, the Sun King of France and collector of Louvre museum. The author dissects every historical age and analyzed the data from every source imaginable – Roman and Egyptian chronology take a good beating, and it goes rapidly downhill from there. Poggio Bracciolini and Petrarch take the blame for creating the legend of a mythical Classical age that never was.

The Biblical events are moved a lot closer to us historically, as well as geographically (the Biblical Jerusalem being identified with the mediaeval Constantinople, for instance). The New and the Old Testament swap their positions on the chronological scale, both exposed as referring to mediaeval events. Our perception of history begins to change dramatically even before we’re through with "The Issue with Chronology".

On one hand, Dr. Fomenko et al call everybody, historians including, to apply the Occam's razor to the world history. On the other, the scientists Dr. Fomenko et al are ready to recognize their alleged mistakes of New Chronology theory, to repent and to retract if and only if:

- radiocarbon dating methods or dendrochronology pass a rigorous anonymous 'black box' tests; - verifiable astronomic data refutes their results on solar eclipses;

- it is proven irrefutably that Robert Newton (NASA astrophysicist) was wrong calling 'ancient' Ptolemy the greatest con man in history in his 'Crime of Claudius Ptolemy';

The radiocarbon dating labs run their very costly tests only if the sample to be dated is accompanied with an idea of age pronounced by historians on basis of...subjective..mmm...gutfeeling. Radiocarbon labs happily bill for their fiddling and fine-tuning with C14 hardware to get the dates 'to order' of historians.

The first circular calibration curve was made by mid-fifties by Radiolab of Arizona Univesity with samples from 'Ancient' Egypt provided by the expedition of the same University. Circulus Vicious is perfect. Connect the dots!

PS : Prescient Saint Augustine warned: 'be wary of mathematicians, particularly when they speak the truth!'. That's why Jesuits took over control of Chronology in XVI cy when it was a part of mathematics. Now the mathematicians take it back. The New Chronology theory based on exact sciences says that all events that took place allegedly over 1300 years ago, as well as real persons who took part in them, are simply unknown to us.

Dr. Anatoly Fomenko is a Full Member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Full Member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences, Doctor
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