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release date: Mar 11, 2013
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The Chosen (Rise of Cithria Book 1)
Part one of an epic six-part fantasy adventure!

Three kingdoms at war. Three stories of hope, sorrow, and sacrifice. Three groups of heroes, whose personal quests lead them to discover that a fourth kingdom, long forgotten, lies dormant. But no more. Unless these heroes, bitter enemies of each other, can put aside their enmity, then Cithria will rise again, and everyone else will fall into the abyss.

An epic fantasy series from Kris Kramer, Alistair McIntyre, and Patrick Underhill, founders of Catch the beginning of an innovative new sword and sorcery adventure with elves, dwarves, dragons, and much, much more. Visit for more details!
release date: May 01, 2018
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The Shadow of the Rogue: The Rogue's Gambit (The Rouge's Gambit Book 1)
Trapped in a VRMMO- Will Cassie and friends make it out alive? 

Hi, my name is Cassie James. I live with my parents in what's left of Seattle. For a twenty year old girl, I'm pretty typical. To pay for my gaming habit, I work at the local supermarket. While the job is really tedious, it's better than unemployment. 

Most nights you can find me plugged in. That's when I can get a moments peace from my parents drunken bickering. Still, my life was fairly boring, until I decided to try Odyssey Online! I'm super addicted to leveling Kira Nightwind, my Shadow Thief!

However, something's gone terribly wrong!

You see, an epic level NPC has grown self-aware. And Grymme is not a dragon to be trifled with! He has mind-napped over five-hundred people. Leaving them trapped in the game. He's also launched a massive offensive to take over Odyssey Online, one kingdom at a time. The only way to stop him, is to locate three legendary items. Each one containing an unlock that makes us players more powerful. The problem being Grymme has agents everywhere. And they are willing to do anything to win!

If that weren't enough, I'm developing a serious girl crush on Shauna, a very cute Elf healer. With the help of Leonidas the Paladin, Cairngorm the Wizard, and Yvir the Barbarian, we might just defeat Grymme and win our freedom!

Content Description: LitRPG, Role-Playing Game Fiction, LGBT Fantasy and Adventure

release date: Nov 10, 2017
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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A LitRPG Novella (King Arthur LitRGP Book 1)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is the second and a half book in the Camelot Overthrown LitRPG Series.

Instead of Sir Gorrow as the hero, we have Sir Gawain in this retelling of the tale of honour and loyalty where the knights of King Arthur encounter a powerful supernatural creature who seemingly can cheat death but at the same time end their lives forever.

The mysterious Green Knight steps out of the winter cold, with his green holly branch and his might fey axe. This axe has tremendous powers and can kill most creatures with one shot. The Green Knight says it will belong to whoever is brave enough to cut off his head.

Gawain is that man.

The Camelot series features stories of Sir Gorrow in addition to Arthurian legends of chivalry and knighthood retold as LitRPG stories where the heroes' courage and honor is tested time and again.

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release date: Jul 29, 2013
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Present Company (Flash Fiction / Short Story)
A master of the Dark Arts searches for his prized experiment. A commoner woman with a torn past seeks a new life. The story of death’s love and life’s fate, “Present Company” chronicles events preceding R.M. Prioleau’s novella, “The Necromancer’s Apprentice.”
release date: Jun 07, 2014
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Vicarious Fate (Flash Fiction / Short Story)
A master of the dark arts is on the verge of making a groundbreaking discovery about death and undeath. But after another failed attempt at proving this theory, he goes out to gather a key ingredient to try again. During his trip, however, he finds not only the ingredient, but an ideal test subject who is perhaps the key to unlocking a new discovery.

A story of betrayal, vengeance, and a twisting turn of events, "Vicarious Fate" chronicles events preceding R.M. Prioleau's award-winning novella, "The Necromancer’s Apprentice."
release date: Oct 01, 2011
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The Circle of Sorcerers: A Mages of Bloodmyr Novel: Book #1
When Laedron Telpist's sorcery training is interrupted by a knock on the door, what once seemed a proper profession must now be hidden. In a world where priests and mages vie for the limitless power of the elements and a new Grand Vicar has sworn death to all sorcerers, Laedron is tossed into a nightmare which would see his destruction at every turn.

From the home shores in western Sorbia, through the Cael'Brilland heartlands, and even across the seas to the great city of Azura, Laedron finds himself embracing old friends, consorting with unlikely allies, and confronting potent enemies. As he struggles to train himself in spellcraft, Laedron must face that he lives in a time when the utterance of a simple spell could be the signature on his death warrant.

# # #

81,000 words, 310 pages. Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
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release date: Sep 03, 2013
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Ren of Atikala (Kobolds Book 1)
I am Ren of Atikala. Kobold. Sorcerer. Warrior. I am many things and I have many stories to tell. This one is about my home.

Home. The word has a special resonance with us all. Great or humble, rich or poor, everyone cherishes their home and if deprived of it loses a piece of themselves.

I remember looking back at Atikala, its ceiling collapsed in, the homes of fifty thousand kobolds crushed under unimaginable tonnes of rock and dirt. I remembering the feeling of horror and denial that immediately set in. I wanted to reject that this had happened to me, to scream to the ceiling until the rock receded, until fate changed its mind and restored everything to the way it was. I thought that life could not be so cruel as to take everything I’d known in an instant.

Oh, how I now understand that life can be capricious indeed.

This is story of how I came to the surface of Drathari and unwillingly traded a life for a life.
release date: Mar 24, 2015
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The Pariahs
Two sellswords--a half-elf and a half-orc--find their war over before it even begins. But trouble is stirring on the home front, conflict which threatens more than just their lives.

A novella set in the world of Ren of Atikala. Part one of the The Pariahs series.
release date: Nov 19, 2014
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BattleTech: Silent-Reapers-Zyklus 1: Tödlicher Kontrakt (German Edition)
Die Söldner der Silent Reapers haben sich auf die Aufträge spezialisiert, die sonst niemand leisten kann - oder will. Kommandoeinsätze und Infiltrationen sind ihr täglich Brot und ein gutes Geschäft.

Doch ihr neuester Auftrag testet die Grenzen dessen, was die Silent Reapers zu tun bereit sind und ihr Auftraggeber scheint eigene Pläne zu verfolgen - die das Überleben der Reapers nicht einschließen.

ACHTUNG: Dieser Roman ist die erste Episode eines sechsteiligen Zyklus. Es gibt sowohl weitere Teile als kurze Ebooks, als auch einen Sammelband mit allen Episoden (gedruckt wie als Ebook).
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release date: Feb 18, 2016
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Creatività & Narrazione (Italian Edition)
Grazie a linguaggio e immaginazione il mondo in cui viviamo è ricco di significati. L'ipotesi centrale su cui poggia tutto questo libro è che la creatività narrativa sia un'attività intrinseca della mente umana. Se è così, come possono dei processi mentali spontanei diventare invenzione di una storia?Tutto questo libro costituisce una risposta a tale domanda. Per prima cosa viene affrontato il tema del potenziale creativo: l'idea di fondo è che il pensiero sia un'attività creativa. E che sia del tutto normale usare il linguaggio per esprimere questa creatività. In seconda battuta vengono esaminati alcuni modi per tradurre il potenziale creativo in narrazione. Il terzo step è il gioco di ruolo, inteso come momento di espressione creativa consapevole e comunitaria. L'ultima parte tratta le tecniche idonee a riadattare la narrazione creata in modo collaborativo, durante il gioco, in una forma letteraria. L'intento profondo di questo scritto è offrire un tributo al piacere di inventare.
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