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release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Coffee Table Philosophy (14 Book Series)
From Book 1: 101 Questions for Humanity - The supreme coffee table book for armchair philosophers. Designed to provoke, question, and challenge. Crack the cover open during big parties, small gatherings, or lonely nights on the couch. Once you taste one question, you'll want to devour them all.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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release date: Dec 12, 2017
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OCS (2 Book Series)
From Book 1: Amazon Best Seller - #1 in Astronomy, Astrophysics & Space Science, and Cosmology

"This book is a great intro to the topics of human civilizations throughout history, sustainability of our world, and astrobiology - covering the formation of life on Earth, the future of life, and explores the search for life elsewhere in the Universe." - Amazon review

Our Cosmic Story is a big picture view of our Universe and the potential it has for life and civilization. We start by briefly looking back at the story of Earth and its great civilizations, understand how life itself evolved Homo sapiens, review the challenges and risks that a species entails in developing a civilization and growing into a space-fairing entity, and then explore the makeup of the Universe to gain insight into the chance of other sentient creatures living elsewhere.

The quest to reach beyond the confines of our world is a natural consequence of being a very small part of a grand and dynamic Universe. Looking up at the sky instills within us some expectation that we are not alone, and we wonder if there is not something amazing happening out there somewhere. This sense of awe may not be exclusive to Earthlings; for in a galaxy truly far away, there could be creatures with similar musings as they peer towards our corner of the Universe. The idea that we share a common experience with others in the cosmos is something to keep in mind while reading this book.

Chapter Overview

Chapter 1: Setting the Stage for Life and Civilization
Chapter 2: Evolution and the Building Blocks of Life
Chapter 3: The Rise of Civilization on Earth
Chapter 4: The Engine of Modern Civilization
Chapter 5: A House of Cards: The Downfall of Civilization
Chapter 6: Exploring the Cosmos
Chapter 7: The Boundaries of Habitability (Habitable Zones)
Chapter 8: The Scale of Things
Chapter 9: Is Anybody Out There?

“The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean. From it we have learned most of what we know. Recently, we have waded a little out to sea, enough to dampen our toes or, at most, wet our ankles. The water seems inviting. The ocean calls.” - Carl Sagan
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Universum (Reihe in 3 Bänden)
Aus Band 1: Darf ich vorstellen: Das Universum. Auch bekannt als Kosmos, Weltall, Weltraum. Geboren vor 13,75 Milliarden Jahren. Heute etwa 92 Milliarden Lichtjahre groß und 10 hoch 53 Kilogramm schwer. Auf der Flucht. Knapp minus 270 Grad Celsius kalt. Leer. Elektrisch neutral. Ohne Mitte. Bevölkert von 100 Milliarden Galaxien aus 130 Trilliarden Sternen mit ungefähr ebenso vielen Planeten. Bestehend aus vier Prozent normaler Materie, 23 Prozent Dunkler Materie und 73 Prozent Dunkler Energie. Heimat von Schwarzen Löchern, Riesensternen, Pulsaren, Quasaren, Neutronensternem, Galaxienhaufen, Nebeln – aber auch von Planeten und deren Monden sowie von Lebewesen wie dem Menschen.

Woher kommt das Universum? Unter welchen Umständen vollzog sich seine Geburt, welche faszinierenden Prozesse spielen sich seitdem in ihm ab? Wann und wie wird es sterben? Was die Wissenschaft darüber weiß, hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren dramatisch verändert. Lassen Sie sich in eine Welt entführen, die alle Vorstellungen sprengt – den Kosmos, in dem Sie leben.

85.000 Anschläge. Mit 35 Bildern und Grafiken. Käufer der Kindle-Version erhalten auf Wunsch (siehe Impressum des eBooks) zusätzlich eine Ausgabe im PDF-Format zum Lesen am Computer, die noch weit mehr beeindruckende Fotos enthält. Geeignet für Leser ab etwa 14 Jahren.

Kapitel 1: Gestatten: Das Universum

Kapitel 2: Die Zeit vor der Zeit
Eine Welt aus Saiten
Schleifen über Schleifen
Wiedergeburt aus dem Nichts
Nichts als Theorien?

Kapitel 3: Der Urknall
Die Stunde 0
Die Physik beginnt
Die Welt – ein Fußball
Die ersten Teilchen
Alle Kräfte sind schon da
Die nächste Vernichtungswelle

Kapitel 4: Das klare All
Die ersten Leuchtfeuer
Sie sterben jung
Ein faszinierender Tod
Fragile Spiralen
Planeten im Abfall

Kapitel 5: Leben und Tod der Sterne
Zu klein: Braune Zwerge
Otto-Normal-Bürger des Weltalls: Rote Zwerge
Verwandte der Sonne: Hauptreihensterne
Die Zukunft der Sonne: Weiße Zwerge
Extrem dicht: Neutronensterne
Die Seltsamen: Quarksterne
Wo Raum und Zeit bedeutungslos sind: Schwarze Löcher
Noch seltsamer: Exotische Sterne
Wie groß können Sterne sein? Die Hyperriesen

Kapitel 6: Die Planeten
Unsere Heimat: Das Sonnensystem
Leben spendend: Die Sonne
Der Sonnennächste: Merkur
Der erdähnlichste: Die Venus
Der blaue Planet: Die Erde
Der rote Planet: Der Mars
Der Unvollendete: Der Asteroidengürtel
Hält alles zusammen: Der Jupiter
Der Herr der Ringe: Der Saturn
Der Eisige: Der Uranus
Noch ein blauer Planet: Der Neptun
Ganz weit draußen: Der Kuipergürtel
Der Abfallhaufen: Die Oortsche Wolke
Die Außerirdischen: Die Exoplaneten
Die Einzelgänger: Die Planemos

Kapitel 7: Das Ende des Universums
Tod durch Erfrieren
Tod durch Zerreißen
Tod durch Zerquetschen
Tod durch Zerstrahlen
Tod durch Zerfallen
Tod durch Einfrieren
Jeder nur ein Kreuz!
Die künftige Biografie des Universums

Über den Autor: Matthias Matting, geboren 1966, ist Physiker und Journalist. Für sein Buch "Reise nach Fukushima" erhielt er den 2011 erstmals ausgeschriebenen eBook-Preis "" in der Kategorie Sachbuch.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Steps to Space (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: It seems like a routine tourist trip, taking wealthy guests to the luxury hotel in orbit. But Danish engineers Marius and Abby do not look like tourists, in their plain coveralls. The rich industrialist and his family seem to fit the part better. But everyone on this trip has other plans in mind, plans that will lead to the next big step in humanity’s spread beyond our home planet.

This book, set only fifteen years in the future and involving only realistic technology, is founded on the belief that humanity's future in space depends on proper engineering. Inspired the the engineering cooperative Copenhagen Suborbitals, the author hopes it will encourage young people to become engineers and scientists.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Hoax Trilogy (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Paul Gillebaard's brilliant debut novel of the HOAX TRILOGY is a magnificent tale of seemingly doing the impossible, sending an American back to the

China claims the moon landings never happened and that they have proof. Losing worldwide prestige is not an option for the United States. America must prove they won the space race of the 60s.
CIA agent and former NASA candidate Peter Novak, son of a U.S. moonwalker, is selected to fly a mission back to the moon against UN sanctions to set the record straight. With no manned rocket close to flying, America must figure out how to get their man into deep space undetected and without international help.
Restoring his father’s good name and the reputation of his country on a one-way ticket to lunar orbit sounds crazy—but its Peter’s only chance to break free of Earth’s atmosphere and fulfill his dream as an astronaut. Peter enlists a former space rival as his unlikely co-pilot, and the two battle to outwit China’s efforts to sabotage the operation and beat the Chinese back to the moon.

America is thrust into a race back to the moon--And this time it’s personal.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Knights of Sidonia (Issues) (15 Book Series)
"CORE EXPOSED" Outer space, the far future. A lone seed ship, the Sidonia, plies the void, ten centuries since the obliteration of the solar system. The massive, nearly indestructible, yet barely sentient alien life forms that destroyed humanity's home world continue to pose an existential threat. Nagate Tanikaze has only known life in the vessel's bowels deep below the sparkling strata where humans have achieved photosynthesis and new genders. Not long after he emerges from the Underground, however, the youth is bequeathed a treasured legacy by the spaceship's coolheaded female captain.
release date: Dec 12, 2017
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Alien Escapades (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: The complete Alien Escapades Series (Books 1 - 5) is now AVAILABLE as a box set on Kindle or as a single paperback book!

Amelia Donovan is an OBGYN extraordinaire, TV aficionado, and the resident cat lady of her apartment. Amelia has had a really bad day. She just found out her smarmy would-be perfect boyfriend has been banging everything that walks and her dream of a free treatment women's facility has been crushed all on her 30th birthday! All she wants to do is maybe curl up on the couch with a bottle of wine and her cat, Captain James. But Amelia's day just went from bad to worse… She’s been accidentally taken by an alien with funky eyes and shes pretty sure Captain James peed on her shoe.......sigh what’s a girl to do?

This book contains mature themes and language, only suitable for ages 18+!

release date: Dec 12, 2017
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TED Books Box Set: The Science Mind (3 Book Series)
From Book 1: Allergies, asthma, obesity, acne: these are just a few of the conditions that may be caused—and someday cured—by the microscopic life inside us. The key is to understand how this groundbreaking science influences your health, mood, and more.

In just the last few years, scientists have shown how the microscopic life within our bodies— particularly within our intestines—has an astonishing impact on our lives. Your health, mood, sleep patterns, eating preferences—even your likelihood of getting bitten by mosquitoes—can be traced in part to the tiny creatures that live on and inside of us.

In Follow Your Gut, pioneering scientist Rob Knight pairs with award-winning science journalist Brendan Buhler to explain—with good humor and easy-to-grasp examples—why these new findings matter to everyone. They lead a detailed tour of the previously unseen world inside our bodies, calling out the diseases and conditions believed to be most directly impacted by them.

With a practical eye toward deeper knowledge and better decisions, they also explore the known effects of antibiotics, probiotics, diet choice and even birth method on our children’s lifelong health. Ultimately, this pioneering book explains how to learn about your own microbiome and take steps toward understanding and improving your health, using the latest research as a guide.
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