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release date: Mar 25, 2013
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Huehuehtlahtolli. Testimonios de la antigua palabra (Biblioteca Americana) (Spanish Edition)
Estudio que representa un testimonio de la sabiduría de hombres y mujeres que vivieron hace siglos en el México indígena, conocidos como la antigua palabra huehuehtlahtolli. Con este vocablo se abarcaba un gran conjunto de discursos y enseñanzas que eran legado de la propia cultura.
release date: Dec 25, 2020
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To Be Israeli: The Heart of a Nation, the Soul of a People

In To Be Israeli, Yair Lapid offers his unique perspective on his equally unique homeland: its war-torn but inspiring history, prickly but warmhearted people, imperfect but spirited democracy. In a collection of insightful, poignant, and often humorous essays, Lapid takes on the topics that have shaped his country: the conflict with the Palestinians, anti-Semitism, terrorism, and the legacy of the Holocaust.

A popular newspaper columnist and TV host before he entered politics, Lapid for the first time shares with American readers the tough-minded but hopeful vision that won over so many voters, bringing a calm, levelheaded voice to topics usually dominated by vitriol and denunciation. A fervent secularist who attends synagogue, Lapid addresses hot-button issues such as the role of religion in Israeli society. A devoted father with a passion for history, Lapid also reflects on the personal and family milestones that reflect Israel’s differences from other countries, such as watching his oldest son join the army and seeing four generations attend the same Passover seder.

Lapid assesses his country’s greatest accomplishments and most horrific failures, its miraculous survival and the gathering threats it faces, the burdens of the past and reasons to think a bright future lies ahead.

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release date: Mar 10, 2020
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Ecology of Fear: Los Angeles and the Imagination of Disaster
A witty and engrossing look at Los Angeles' urban ecology and the city's place in America's cultural fantasies

Earthquakes. Wildfires. Floods. Drought. Tornadoes. Snakes in the sea, mountain lions, and a plague of bees. In this controversial tour de force of scholarship, unsparing vision, and inspired writing, Mike Davis, the author of City of Quartz, revisits Los Angeles as a Book of the Apocalypse theme park. By brilliantly juxtaposing L.A.'s fragile natural ecology with its disastrous environmental and social history, he compellingly shows a city deliberately put in harm's way by land developers, builders, and politicians, even as the incalculable toll of inevitable future catastrophe continues to accumulate.

Counterpointing L.A.'s central role in America's fantasy life--the city has been destroyed no less than 138 times in novels and films since 1909--with its wanton denial of its own real history, Davis creates a revelatory kaleidoscope of American fact, imagery, and sensibility. Drawing upon a vast array of sources, Ecology of Fear meticulously captures the nation's violent malaise and desperate social unease at the millennial end of "the American century." With savagely entertaining wit and compassionate rage, this book conducts a devastating reconnaissance of our all-too-likely urban future.
release date: Feb 04, 2020
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More Brilliant than the Sun
The classic work on the music of Afrofuturism, from jazz to jungle

More Brilliant than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction is one of the most extraordinary books on music ever written. Part manifesto for a militant posthumanism, part journey through the unacknowledged traditions of diasporic science fiction, this book finds the future shock in Afrofuturist sounds from jazz, dub and techno to funk, hip hop and jungle. By exploring the music of such musical luminaries as Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, Lee Perry, Dr Octagon, Parliament and Underground Resistance, theorist and artist Kodwo Eshun mobilises their concepts in order to open the possibilities of sonic fiction: the hitherto unexplored intersections between science fiction and organised sound. Situated between electronic music history, media theory, science fiction and Afrodiasporic studies, More Brilliant than the Sun is one of the key works to stake a claim for the generative possibilities of Afrofuturism. Much referenced since its original publication in 1998, but long unavailable, this new edition includes an introduction by Kodwo Eshun as well as texts by filmmaker John Akomfrah and producer Steve Goodman aka kode9.

From the Trade Paperback edition.
release date: Jan 02, 2020
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The Power of Ritual: How rituals soothe, excite, divide and unite us
Ritual is both the oldest and the most mysterious facet of large-scale human society. Before we ever learned to farm, we gathered together in great settlements to carve ceremonial monoliths, pillars of stone engraved with animals and abundance. Today, ritual permeates every area of human civilisation: work and play, sex and friendship, birth, death, conflict and justice. And yet it is obscure by its very nature, full of magical associations and peculiar connections. It structures the whole of society but resists explanation. Sometimes we don't even see it. Now a new generation of anthropologists, as comfortable in the neuroscience lab as they are in the field, is prising its secrets into the light. What we are learning will transform how you understand your life, your relationships and the deepest values of your society. Ritual is a technology: it can control us, but we can also control it.
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release date: Jan 01, 2020
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Civilized to Death: What Was Lost on the Way to Modernity
The New York Times bestselling coauthor of Sex at Dawn explores the ways in which “progress” has perverted the way we live: how we eat, learn, feel, mate, parent, communicate, work, and die.

Most of us have instinctive evidence the world is ending—balmy December days, face-to-face conversation replaced with heads-to-screens zomboidism, a world at constant war, a political system in disarray. We hear some myths and lies so frequently that they feel like truths: Civilization is humankind’s greatest accomplishment. Progress is undeniable. Count your blessings. You’re lucky to be alive here and now. Well, maybe we are and maybe we aren’t. Civilized to Death counters the idea that progress is inherently good, arguing that the “progress” defining our age is analogous to an advancing disease.

Prehistoric life, of course, was not without serious dangers and disadvantages. Many babies died in infancy. A broken bone, infected wound, snakebite, or difficult pregnancy could be life-threatening. But ultimately, Ryan argues, were these pre-civilized dangers more murderous than modern scourges, such as car accidents, cancers, cardiovascular disease, and a technologically prolonged dying process? At a time when our ecology, our society, and our own sense of selves feels increasingly imperiled, an accurate understanding of our species’ long prelude to civilization is vital to a clear sense of the ultimate value of civilization—and its costs. In Civilized to Death, Ryan makes the claim that we should start looking backwards to find our way into a better future.
release date: Aug 08, 2019
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Struggles for Hindu Sacred Space in the Netherlands: Anguish and Absence (Bloomsbury Studies in Religion, Space and Place)

This book asks us to consider what is absent, rather than what is present, when studying religions. Priya Swamy argues that absent religious spaces are in themselves abstract locations that painfully memorialize feelings of shame, oppression and marginalisation. She shows that these 'traumas of absence' – the complex, entwined and emotional responses to absent spaces – can be articulated through mob violence and destruction, but also anticolonial struggles or human rights issues.

This study focusses on the absence of temples across the global Hindu diaspora, taking the tumultuous narrative of the Devi Dhaam community in Amsterdam Southeast as an ethnographic case study to detail the over thirty year struggle to build a Hindu temple in a neighbourhood of vibrant mosques and churches. In 2010, their makeshift space was pulled away from them, provoking tears among elderly devotees, rage among board members and utter devastation in the wider community. Leaving their goddess with no place to live, devotees feared for the dangerous repercussions that would follow from uprooting a divine presence from its home.

By exploring the ways in which the trauma of absent religious spaces has become a formative aspect of localised but also globalised Hindu identity, this book rethinks the way that empty lots, piles of rubble and abandoned buildings around the world are themselves powerful monuments to the trauma of absent temple spaces that mobilise campaigns for Hindu spaces.

release date: Oct 07, 2018
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Participatory Surveillance: Sharing our Life Online
Pursuing current new trajectories in surveillance studies, this book explores, analyses and develops the concept of ’participatory surveillance’, challenging dominant approaches that emphasise organisations, power relations and notions of ’Big Brother’ in order to focus instead on the activities of individuals. With close attention to the on-line practices of users of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Foursquare, Participatory Surveillance offers an understanding of surveillance that makes room for practices that support, expand and facilitate everyday activities and social interactions as peer- or self-surveillance. By critically addressing the ’worstcase scenarios’ often envisaged with regard to surveillance and social media, Participatory Surveillance provides new concepts that unfold the empowering, playful and productive aspects of surveillance practices. In this manner, it enables us better to comprehend the reasons for which so many people engage in social media practices that are often characterized as invading privacy, or subject to exploitation at the hands of commercial corporations. Combining surveillance and social media theory, this book explores the manner in which today’s web culture is connected to surveillance practices, thus providing an alternative framework within which to think about surveillance and revealing surveillance to be constituted less by an unpleasant, dominating gaze, than by a form of active participation for everyday social interaction.
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release date: Jul 31, 2019
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Die Kriegsflotten der griechischen Städte im römischen Herrschaftsbereich (2.–1. Jahrhundert v. Chr.) (Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur und Geschichte) (German Edition)

Mit der Erkenntnis, dass die griechische Polis im Hellenismus keineswegs einen Niedergang erlebte, sondern als staatliche Einheit politisch und sozial vital blieb, ist in den letzten Jahren auch die militärische Organisation dieser Staaten stärker in den Blickpunkt der Forschung gerückt. Dabei wurden allerdings die Kriegsflotten der hellenistischen Städte bislang nicht systematisch betrachtet.
Die Arbeit untersucht dieses Thema auf Basis der epigraphischen Zeugnisse, die hierzu besonders für das 2. und 1. Jahrhundert v. Chr. eine breite Quellenbasis zur Verfügung stellen, in deren Mittelpunkt die Inselrepublik Rhodos steht. Ein Quellenband erschließt diesen bislang für Nicht-Spezialisten nicht leicht zugänglichen Bestand.
Die weit verbreiteten Zeugnisse zeigen, dass viele Poleis bis in die späte Republik Kriegsschiffe unterhielten. Das bietet nicht nur aufgrund der damit verbundenen komplexen Infrastruktur und hohen Kosten einen Gradmesser für die militärische Leistungsbereitschaft dieser Gemeinwesen, sondern beleuchtet auch einen bislang wenig untersuchten Aspekt der Eingliederung der Polis in den Herrschaftsverband des Imperium Romanum.

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release date: Jul 30, 2019
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Widerstandsfähigkeit der Wertschöpfungsketten der produzierenden Unternehmen in Deutschland: Lernerfolge aus der Wirtschafts-/Finanzkrise 2008/2009 (ifaa-Edition) (German Edition)
Dieses Buch stellt die Widerstandsfähigkeit von Organisationen und Wertschöpfungsketten in den Mittelpunkt. Zugrunde liegt eine umfassende Analyse von zahlreichen Unternehmen, um deren Handlungs- und Reaktionsweise in Krisenzeiten zu erfahren. Die Studie erarbeitet Erfolgsfaktoren zur Stärkung der Widerstandsfähigkeit von Supply-Chains. 
Mit dem Buch erhalten Praktiker eine Herangehensweise zur Stärkung der Krisenfestigkeit des Unternehmens und der gesamten Supply-Chain. Wissenschaftler finden ein methodisch fundiertes Modell für die bislang in der Forschung noch nicht umfassend erforschte Wertschöpfungskettenresilienz.
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