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release date: May 11, 2017
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Foundations of Quantum Theory: From Classical Concepts to Operator Algebras (Fundamental Theories of Physics)

This book studies the foundations of quantum theory through its relationship to classical physics. This idea goes back to the Copenhagen Interpretation (in the original version due to Bohr and Heisenberg), which the author relates to the mathematical formalism of operator algebras originally created by von Neumann. The book therefore includes comprehensive appendices on functional analysis and C*-algebras, as well as a briefer one on logic, category theory, and topos theory. Matters of foundational as well as mathematical interest that are covered in detail include symmetry (and its "spontaneous" breaking), the measurement problem, the Kochen-Specker, Free Will, and Bell Theorems, the Kadison-Singer conjecture, quantization, indistinguishable particles, the quantum theory of large systems, and quantum logic, the latter in connection with the topos approach to quantum theory.

This book is Open Access under a CC BY licence.

release date: Sep 02, 2016
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The Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (Fundamental Theories of Physics)

This book presents the deterministic view of quantum mechanics developed by Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft.

Dissatisfied with the uncomfortable gaps in the way conventional quantum mechanics meshes with the classical world, 't Hooft has revived the old hidden variable ideas, but now in a much more systematic way than usual. In this, quantum mechanics is viewed as a tool rather than a theory.

The author gives examples of models that are classical in essence, but can be analysed by the use of quantum techniques, and argues that even the Standard Model, together with gravitational interactions, might be viewed as a quantum mechanical approach to analysing a system that could be classical at its core. He shows how this approach, even though it is based on hidden variables, can be plausibly reconciled with Bell's theorem, and how the usual objections voiced against the idea of ‘superdeterminism' can be overcome, at least in principle.

This framework elegantly explains - and automatically cures - the problems of the wave function collapse and the measurement problem. Even the existence of an “arrow of time" can perhaps be explained in a more elegant way than usual. As well as reviewing the author’s earlier work in the field, the book also contains many new observations and calculations. It provides stimulating reading for all physicists working on the foundations of quantum theory.

release date: Jan 18, 2014
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Clarifying Concepts in Physics: New Ideas & Answers...
Clarifying Concepts in Physics: New ideas and answers, including Dark Matter, Higgs boson and neutrino's FTL travel.

With a fresh and easy to understand perspective, and with simple mathematical equations, Armando Bukele tackles many of the concepts and theories that have been baffling scientists and physicists in modern times: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the time before the Big Bang, the end of the Universe (and what comes next), Quantum Mechanics, Superpartners, String Theory, faster than light Neutrinos, and the Higgs Boson; just to mention some of the many topics included in this book. This groundbreaking book answers many of the questions that have been left unanswered... until now.

First ebook edition of the book that was printed and published on June 2012.
ISBN 978-99961-0-149-6
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release date: Feb 13, 2018
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Continuum (Philosophy for Heroes Book 2)
Discover the universe and find out how life emerged from "nothingness."

Being a hero means standing up against false heroes. To gain this ability we need to have a good grasp of the nature of the universe and our own mind. This book introduces you to the most current and most advanced topic in science to vaccinate you against mysticism. It is easy to read, stays away from complicated mathematical details, and introduces concepts from the ground up.

Becoming a hero requires deep insight---the type of investigation that the greatest minds throughout history have pondered. Philosophy for Heroes connects the wisdom of the ages with today’s real world.


What would lead a computer scientist and project manager to turn to philosophy for answers? Clemens Lode has a passion for solving problems by applying ideas from nature. In his examination into what could give lifeless machines a "heart," he found that the answer requires a holistic examination of the world.

With his book series Philosophy for Heroes, Lode bridges the gap between science, philosophy, psychology, and ultimately leadership. In this, the second of a four-book series, he takes the reader on a journey through topics on the forefront of science. What is the quantum theory and how can we interpret it? How did the universe come out of "nothingness" and how did life develop from non-living matter? What is the origin of our own creativity? Through addressing these questions and challenging popular myths, we can lay the groundwork for becoming modern-day heroes.

Table of Contents:

3. Physics
- An Introduction to Science
- Occam’s Razor
- Popular Science
- Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
- Development of Quantum Mechanics
- Copenhagen Interpretation
- Interpretations of the Quantum Theory
- Chaos Theory
- The Big Bang

4. Evolution
- Basics of Evolution
- Chemical Evolution
- Artificial Life
- The Origin of Life
- The Red Queen Hypothesis
- Evolution in the Head

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release date: Mar 15, 2018
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The Cosmic Web: Scientific Field Models and Literary Strategies in the Twentieth Century

From the central concept of the field—which depicts the world as a mutually interactive whole, with each part connected to every other part by an underlying field— have come models as diverse as quantum mathematics and Saussure’s theory of language. In The Cosmic Web, N. Katherine Hayles seeks to establish the scope of the field concept and to assess its importance for contemporary thought. She then explores the literary strategies that are attributable directly or indirectly to the new paradigm; among the texts at which she looks closely are Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Nabokov’s Ada, D. H. Lawrence’s early novels and essays, Borges’s fiction, and Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow.

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release date: Apr 19, 2017
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Collider Physics within the Standard Model: A Primer (Lecture Notes in Physics)
This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

With this graduate-level primer, the principles of the standard model of particle physics receive a particular skillful, personal and enduring exposition by one of the great contributors to the field. In 2013 the late Prof. Altarelli wrote: The discovery of the Higgs boson and the non-observation of new particles or exotic phenomena have made a big step towards completing the experimental confirmation of the standard model of fundamental particle interactions. It is thus a good moment for me to collect, update and improve my graduate lecture notes on quantum chromodynamics and the theory of electroweak interactions, with main focus on collider physics. I hope that these lectures can provide an introduction to the subject for the interested reader, assumed to be already familiar with quantum field theory and some basic facts in elementary particle physics as taught in undergraduate courses. “These lecture notes are a beautiful example of Guido’s unique pedagogical abilities and scientific vision”. From the Foreword by Gian Giudice
release date: Nov 23, 2017
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Las Mariposas Vuelan Libres: Un acercamiento innovador y radical a la evolución espiritual (Spanish Edition)
Cuando Nicolás Copérnico descubrió que la Tierra no era el centro del Universo, todo cambió. Cuando Frederick Miescher descubrió el ADN, todo cambió otra vez. Cuando los físicos cuánticos han descubierto que nuestro universo físico no es real, que es un holograma, todo…¡espera!, nada ha cambiado. Ahora “Las mariposas vuelan libres” ofrece un acceso nuevo y radical a la evolución espiritual.

Esta es la edición española de libro original en Inglés "Butterflies are Free to Fly: a New and Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution".
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release date: Dec 19, 2015
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The Cycle of the Infinite
Metaphysical Handbook for the Sublime Oddity of Creation
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by: Oris
release date: Aug 14, 2014
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Interaction of Information and Energy as the Primary Cause for origination of the Creative Activity of Self-Consciousness Focus and the Macrocosmos in whole (Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Book 1)
This book presents the beginning of an overall 20-volume information series titled “The Good News”, which consists of “Iissiidiology. Fundamentals”, “Commentaries to Fundamentals”, and author’s Song lyrics with a highly-spiritual content written to popular and all-loved melodies.
From the very beginning, the author pinpoints the reader’s attention upon fundamental notions of Iissiidiology starting from basic, axiomatic Conceptions. The book contains the newest interpretation of formation of the outer reality based on the Self-Consciousness’ Focus Dynamics as the main functional mechanism of the Macrocosmos’ Creative Activity. A detailed comparison of the author’s hypotheses with existing scientific conceptions allows to draw parallels with the current worldviews about nature, space, time, energy and to find the ways for their radical transformation and potential development.
In this volume, the author introduces the conceptual foundation necessary for an adequate understanding of all other Iissiidiology books of this series. Hierarchy of Self-Consciousness Levels, dimensional differentiation of manifestation Forms, classification of elementary (and other) particles as structural components of the Universal Plasmic-Differentiation Emission, information theory of the formation of Energy in the Macrocosmos are described in order to form necessary notions that will serve as the basis for further more complex iissiidiologic Categories: Universal Cosmic Laws and their Principles, Diapasons of Plasmic Forces, Evolutional and Involutional Branches of development, and many others. The first volume of Fundamentals is the required minimum for any reader who wants to thoroughly study iissiidiologic conceptions.
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release date: Aug 28, 2017
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Gravity & Electromagnetism Unified
Rev-2B. This is an Important Mathematical Discovery. No one has ever provided mathematical evidence that unifies gravity and electromagnetism. Note that the two classical equations of Newton's Gravity and Coulomb's Law have a similar form. Also note that when:

Limit (r) ---> 0, these 2 equations approach a singularity

This implies that our universe collapses to a single point for unification. This is both a mathematical and physical unification. Each reader must comprehend that our universe literally blinks, off and on, 1.1 trillion cycles each second (1.1 THz). See my related articles, including the blinking universe calculation and 1024-QAM for elementary particles. There are 3 mathematical approaches and 3 empirical sources that all conclude the same idea - our universe is blinking.

As Einstein once said, "Reality is merely an illusion..." - A blinking universe would certainly make his statement correct.

There is also an important mathematical distinction here. Note that I did not say these equations become infinite, nor did I state that division by zero is occurring. The two equations approach a limit, such that the difference between them becomes trivial. They become unified as they get closer to the singularity. Consider that the smallest distance that can be measured using current technology is about 10^-19 meters. Planck scale is about 10^-35 meters. Now consider these two equations at 10^ -10,000. The difference between them becomes trivial. And which equation approaches the singularity faster is immaterial, because they are getting closer together.

There is also a term, 1/r^2, in calculations for the strong force. This cannot be a mere coincidence. This simple math suggests that all of the fundamental forces collapse to a single point for unification.

The definition for unification according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary is: the act, process, or result of unifying : the state of being unified.

Clearly, this process is happening for these two equations as r approaches zero.

Some readers have criticized the issue of positive or negative charge. However, this is similar to a computer quantum bit that holds both a zero value and one, at the same time. #BlinkingUniverse
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