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release date: Feb 01, 1994
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Essays on English Law and the American Experience (Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures, published for the University of Texas at Arlington by Texas A&M University Press)
The roots of American jurisprudence in English common law are generally recognized. This provocative volume examines how English legal forms and principles have been transformed and shaped by a people who cherished the Anglo-American legal connection but were determined to alter the law to suit particular political, social, and economic circumstances.

The authors, writing from a variety of perspectives, explore the nexus between social forces and the nexus between social forces and the relatively autonomous legal system. They describe how the details of society and social organization (such as collective values, political culture, and ideology) interact with the ideas and structures of law to shape legal forms, habits, practices, and outcomes.

Through their studies of the notion of sanctuary, the development of fencing law on the Great Plains, the shaping of the American law of treason, the British origins of the Texas workers’ compensation system, the Americanization of Blackstone, and the meaning of common law in the United States, these scholars not only show the ongoing historical influence of English law and legal history after the American Revolution but also demonstrate the current vitality of comparative legal history as a discipline.

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release date: Mar 01, 1988
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Citizen Cohn
Based on interviews with family, colleagues, and friends, this biography offers a comprehensive portrait of Roy Cohn, his ideological passions, personal life, and patterns of power and money
release date: Jul 31, 1981
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How to Stand Up for Your Rights and Win
A well-known attorney shows how to assume a winning attitude and use his proven tactics in a variety of common situations from the insignificant--arguing with the cleaner over a ruined suit--to the important--contesting a divorce or libel suit
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release date: Aug 24, 1995
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Patterns of American Jurisprudence
This unique study offers a comprehensive analysis of American jurisprudence from its emergence in the later stages of the nineteenth century to the present day. The author argues that it is a mistake to view American jurisprudence as a collection of movements and schools which have emerged in opposition to each other. By offering a highly original analysis of legal formalism, legal realism, policy science, process jurisprudence, law and economics, and critical legal studies, he demonstrates that American jurisprudence has evolved as a collection of themes which reflect broader American intellectual and cultural concerns.
release date: May 01, 1995
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The Legal Process: Basic Problems in the Making and Application of Law (University Casebook Series)
Hart & Sacks' The Legal Process: Basic Problems in the Making and Application of Law provides detailed information on the making and application of law. The casebook provides the tools for fast, easy, on-point research. Part of the University Casebook Series; , it includes selected cases designed to illustrate the development of a body of law on a particular subject. Text and explanatory materials designed for law study accompany the cases.
release date: Sep 01, 2006
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The Path of the Law (Little Books of Wisdom)
The Path of the Law is the single most important essay about law ever written. The perfect gift for anyone who ever entered law school, it defines the responsibilities of the legal profession from one of law's greatest practitioners.
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release date: Jan 03, 2004
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Legal History: A European Perspective

R.C. Van Caenegem is one of the few legal historians to have crossed national boundaries successfully. His knowledge of the various codes and customs of the European Continent in general and the Low Countries in particular enables him to bring a fresh eye to the English Common law. Four of these nine essays have not been published in English before.

release date: May 01, 1983
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release date: Sep 16, 1996
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Blackstone's Commentaries: With Notes of Reference to the Constitution and Laws, of the Federal Government of the United States, and of the Commonwealth of Virginia : In Five
5 vols. Originally published: Philadelphia: William Young Birch and Abraham Small, 1803. The American Blackstone. A monumental work of continuing relevance,
this reprint edition is prefaced by a new critical introduction
by Paul Finkelman
President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law and Public Policy, Albany Law School
and David Cobin
Professor, Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul Minnesota
Tucker s Blackstone is a key resource for understanding how Americans viewed
English common law in the years following the adoption of the Constitution
and the Bill of Rights. Based on his lectures at the College of William and
Mary, Tucker interprets Blackstone s often antidemocratic viewpoint in an
American context. A strong proponent of the First Amendment, he elaborates
a theory of free speech that is more expansive than in the English tradition.
More recently, Tucker s Blackstone has been cited in numerous constitutional
cases by the U.S. Supreme Court relating to original intent. Reprint of the
rare sole edition.
release date: Jan 01, 1999
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A Dictionary of Basic Law Terms (Black's Law Dictionary Series)
The first title in the Black's Handbook Series, this handbook includes the most common key words and phrases with accurate and clear definitions. An essential guide to legal literacy for students, journalists, businesspeople, politicians--anyone who wants to be an informed citizen. This handbook includes accurate, brief, clear definitions to over 1,000 key legal words and phrases. Helpful extras include the full U.S. Constitution and lists of basic law books.
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